Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including (but not limited to) a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources. Virtualization is usually the creation of a system that executes separate from the underlying hardware resources, or the creation of an entire desktop for systems located elsewhere, similar to thin clients.

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I deleted a volume on my storage without unmounting it in vSphere.  Now it no longer shows on my storage, but it does show in vSphere.  How can I remove it from my vSphere environment because I cannot delete or unmount the volume in vSphere (it gives an error if I try because the volume doesn't exist any longer).
Trying to setup veeam free to schedule backups from a hyperv server.
If I run it manually from veeam UI it works fine.

I'm using this script:

Add-PSSnapin VeeamPSSnapin
$vms = "adminws"
$netcreds = Get-VBRCredentials -Name "bknas\vmbackups"
foreach($vmname in $vms){
	$vm = Find-VBRHvEntity -Name $vmname
	Start-VBRZip -Folder "Y:\vms" -Entity $vm -Compression 5 -DisableQuiesce -NetworkCredentials $netcreds

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It looks like it's trying to backup, however, it never writes a file, and it returns this:

EventNotifier                : Veeam.Backup.Core.CEventNotifier
BottleneckManager            : CJobBottleneckManager
Info                         : Veeam.Backup.Model.CBackupSessionInfo
Progress                     : Veeam.Backup.Model.CBackupProgressData
StartupMode                  : Normal
JobSourceType                : HyperV
CurrentPointId               : 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
OriginalSessionId            : 73e8e2fd-7784-4df8-adc5-ed13ca85782d
IsFullMode                   : True
IsRetryMode                  : False
IsRecheckRetry               : False
IsQuickBackup                : False
IsVeeamZip                   : True
IsPlannedFailover            : False
IsReplicaFromBackup          : False
IsAdHocBackup                : False
PostActivity                 : AskService
Name                         : adminws_2018-02-21T223729 (Active Full)
OrigJobName                  : adminws_2018-02-21T223729
BackupStats                  : 

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2 Ultium LTO6 standalone tape drives are connected via the HBA card separately to this backup server with Veeam Backup and replication version 9.5. This backup server is setup with MS Windows 2008 R2 64-bit. In Device Manager, both HBA cards and tape drives were detected with correct details. See the attached screenshot. However, in the Veeam console > backup infrastructure, I saw only 1 tape drive. Please see the 2nd attachment. Any thing gone wrong with the setup? How to get the second drive detected and use in veeam console?

Thanks in advance.
Install Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 but fails to backup any vm guest. The error message is "Not enough licenses". However, the license file has been updated properly inside veeam

Any idea ?

Hi again all,

I am new to the virtualization world, and am learning new things everyday.  Today i came across cloning and how to clone virtual Machine and how to create a template and all.

My simple question (out of curiosity)  is for the people with real life experience, what commands do you usually run in a new cloned machine under the run once configuration option ? And suppose am using a windows, when and where are the commands being run?

Thanks in advance!
we need to do high level risk assessment of a VDI (vmware horizon view). E.g. identify potential risks and then look how the design/management/monitoring mitigates against those. The main risks we could think of were the obvious - availability & acceptable performance etc, but am keen to know what kind of risks you would suggest are assessed with such a technology, and the common mitigating controls you would seek assurances on.
I had this question after viewing Global.Licenses privilege on the vCenter Server.

I am having this exact same issue however I am using the administrator account that is the superuser.  Any ideas?

1) Have a 2016 OS running hyperv manager, the Windows 2016 OS has no configurations are on it. It is not a DC for example. Not yet anyway.
2) Have added a virtual Windows 2008 R2 server taken from an actual real physical server into hyperv manager within 2016 OS.
3) Have setup the 2016 OS with a static ip that is in the same scope as the 2008R2 server's static ip address.
4) At this stage neither will talk to each other i.e. ping, this is because the 2008R2 server isn't seeing the virtual network adapter of the 2016 OS.

I've not used hyperv manager where i've added a virtual server from an actual physical server before. Normally, if creating a new virtual server on an OS it doesn't pose a problem. What is the way around this please for them to talk to each other?
Hi all,

Am running a lab setup on a server that has 32GiB of ram and 2x intel xeon @ 2.44Ghz, plus my laptop that am basically using the navigate through the ESXI.
Am currently running the 60days free trailer version on my server of the ESXI 6.5, and i have made 2 VM's on my ESXI host, the first one being a windows server 2016 with the active directory enabled and configured and the second VM is a windows server that is connected to the domain but with Vcenter running.

Each of the servers is running on 16Gig of ram and 8VCpu's.

The main problem am currently facing is that i can't open the Vcenter from my web browser (on my laptop), the only way to open is from the Windwos server that am using for the Vcenter (local host) and i had to install google chrome and adobe flash player to be able to open it from the server, another thing i would like to mention is, Yes there is communication between the server and the my machinethe connection is done. before i choose, but after choosing how to access the Vsphere , the connection is lost or dropped, am not sure why.after i choose vSphere Web Client (Flash)Please help me!
We are currently running vCenter 5.5 on Windows Server 2012.  We are looking to prepare for upgrading off 5.5 but what to change the IP address.  While we have a few things tat are integrated to vCenter, the question is what are the implications and problems of changing the IP of the vCenter Server VM.

What things need to be address?  Hosts need reconnected, affects of distributed switches?
I am interested in running a 2016 windows domain controller on a physical server and then having an exchange server 2016 on a virtual machine on the same physical server, are there any issues with this?
Hello, I am search for a VDI solution so we can "host internally".  I want to avoid replacing all the desktop hardware and I want to support a remote office.  The main application will NOT run over a WAN.

Is HyperV the best solution?

The main application will run on windows server 2016, with MS SQL and integrates to MS Office.
Having problems replacing a faulty drive in a Dell Poweredge T410. The Server is running VM ware with two server 2008 r2. I have tried to just hot swap the drive and it did not rebuild. Do I need a third party tool to rebuild the faulty drive. When booting up the server is shows Virtual Disk degraded status.
Hi, I have a Server 2016 built on a VM. When I ping the host name I get an incorrect ip address (which is my existing server in another VM). I read somewhere it was due to Credentials Manager. Tried removing it but still same. I flushed the dns but still the same. I even removed the server from domain and added it back. I also tried to map the folder on this server using hostname but unable to locate it but when I use ip it can locate. Not sure what else to try.
I had this question after viewing VM - Virtual machine disks consolidation needed.

Hey everyone (ok mostly Andrew, haha).  I've recently come onboard at my current company as their IT Manager and have never once seen Disk Consolidation is needed in my 12+ years as an IT Professional...until now.  

Due to some very poor decisions by the previous IT Manager, we have a VM that has been locking up during Veeam 12-hour backups as the utility attempts to delete the snapshot it created for the backup.  I've been on the phone with VMware a total of 7-8 hours trying to figure out the issue and they finally isolated it to a couple of rogue snapshot vmdk files that were never removed (dating back to October of last year).  

Below are the details, with some modifications to file names and such to protect our identity.  :)
VMware thinks the main issue is the "713.4G Oct 18 20:44 ProblemVM-000001-sesparse.vmdk" on the first datastore listed below.  They said it appears someone manually diverted the delta file so it could not be written to the base disk.

VMware ESXi 6.5.0 build-4564106
VMware ESXi 6.5.0 GA

VM :

[CML Datastore 02]   - 558GB
[Host VMData] ProblemVM.domain.com_1-000001.vmdk                - 3.2TB
[CML Datastore 07_ProblemVM] ProblemVM/ProblemVM-000008.vmdk           - 3.8TB…
Good afternoon,

I have a client that wants to change the access password of his Vcenter Server and the contignecia, in both vcenter he has SRM configured, and to authenticate in the SRM he uses the user administrator@vsphere.local, along with his password.

When changing the access password to the Vcenter, would it also change automatically in the SRM?
What would be a good terminology be for your host servers and storage area network? 'Infrastructure' seems quite vague and presumably could include other network equiptment. We want assurances on the documentation of this key area of the network but was after a term that could be used to describe the hosts and storage - any inspiration most welcome.
We are trying to find out how to redirect Onedrive/Box/Dropbox to a shared network folder. We've done some research and if it's possible it seems to be done with a lot of "hacks" to make it work.

Has anyone done this successfully?
HyperV VM Refuses to Power up Following a Power Loss in HyperV Cluter.

I am getting event IDs 21502, 1069.1205, and 1254. Looks like some config file got corrupted, can I just remove the config file? Tried rebooting one of the hosts in the cluster but that didnt do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Our Windows 2012 R2 Virtual server that is set up as a PrintServer has been completely losing printers.  e.g. printers that were in the printers are now gone.  

The server is a Hyper-V

In my 20 years I have never seen this happen.

Any help will be appreciated.
Hi Veeam experts

is it safe to reboot Vcenter if we have Veeam backup job running  even if the snapshot already taken

another question

in my setup

i am using NFS share as repository and physical server a proxy and VM as Veeam backup server

the question

is it safe to reboot Veeam backup server if some jobs still running

kindly advice
Hi veeam experts

I am new to veeam

We ha e exchange 2010 sp 3 with DAG co figured

Now we are using EMC networker to backup exchange and networker after finishing backup the logs for exchange data bases will be saved and removed from exchange servers

 Y question how veeam will remove the logs if he use only snapshots agent less

I don't find anything in veeam doc talk about exchange data logs

We cannot let it expand for ever

Kindly advice
Guest VM cannot connect to my Host machine's Wifi adapter. Using VM Workstation version 14. Using bridged networking, but in the VM, it shows the NIC as a physical NIC rather than Wifi. My host machine is using a Wifi NIC . The VM NIC shows it as no connection. How do I pass network connectivity to the guest VM if my host machine is usning a Wifi adapter?  Both machines are Windows 10 Home edition.
What is the recommended topology for a two site configuration for VMware vCenter and Site Recovery Manager?  Would there be any issues with all services (PSC, vCenter, & SRM) all residing on a single VM at each site?  Should each service be installed a separate VM (3 servers per site) or can I combine at least two of these services into a single VM (2 servers per site)?  If I am able to bundle two services into a single VM, which services can we safely bundle together?

Our environment is not too large, about 25-30 VM's in total.  I am trying to determine if I would be able to reduce disk space by bundling services into fewer VM's, but am unsure if that would cause any issues.

Thank you in advance!
Do anyone have a step-by-step instruction as for how to deploy vmware tool to the VMs using Update Manager?






Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including (but not limited to) a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources. Virtualization is usually the creation of a system that executes separate from the underlying hardware resources, or the creation of an entire desktop for systems located elsewhere, similar to thin clients.