Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including (but not limited to) a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources. Virtualization is usually the creation of a system that executes separate from the underlying hardware resources, or the creation of an entire desktop for systems located elsewhere, similar to thin clients.


The above screenshot shows that the Power BI refresh (both manual and scheduled) failed due to invalid credentials.  We have tried changing credentials and other properties but to no effect.

As you can tell, the two connections are represented by shared paths to Excel spreadsheets.  And, these spreadsheets pull data from a SQL view successfully.

This virtual machine from which this screenshot was taken pulls data from the box that has a personal gateway installed.  But, the virtual machine itself does not have a personal gateway installed.

What is the remedy for this?

Thank you!

Software Engineer
Backup issue - Veeam - Requirement to restart teh RPC service.

One of my Exchange servers and a web server is failing to back up. Error:

Failed to prepare guest for hot backup. Error: RPC function call failed. Function name: ISsnapshot in progress) Target machine x.x.x.x. RPC error, The RPC server is unavailable. Code 1722. Error: RPC function call failed. Function name: (ISSnapshotinprogress). Target machine x.x.x.x. RPC error. The ROC server is unavailable. Code 1722

I need to restart the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) as a means to troubleshoot this error. Should I do this out of hours? Will it have a knock on effect on the users if I do it within office hours?
hi how can i add my app zone in my linux
zonei what like this
I have new Centos 8 VM created within Virtualbox.  I'm trying to understand how to define a new port, get it listening so that it can accept a telnet request from the host system.

I'm new to networking.  So far I've added a new port to the firewall but when I do netstat it doesn't show anything which I guess it means it is not listening.

Can anyone help please.
Please see attached text file for detailed description of process and failure(s)

I have rebuilt the VM from scratch twice and some of the promo failures vary but in the end the promo scripts just lose dns in one way or another. OTOH none of my physical machines are having any problems with this & I can create, promote and demote a dc on a physical machine with no problems of any kind.

Totally at a loss of how to get this to work.
I have a Hyper V environment using Windows 2016 Std as the host with 512GB of ram, four RAID 10 configurations with 10GB NICs. Roughly 4-5 workstations/servers OSes in 2 of the RAID 10 locations. This VM server that's having the issue is just a file server set with 32GB of ram, using one of the 10G NICs and 4 virtual processors, plenty of power. Other server VMs are getting 300-400/MBs read/write using crystaldiskmark with the same or even less resources. This server is getting 20-30/MBs. I noticed it when the backups started to take much longer for this server. What's interesting is that I would copy a 4GB file from the C: to the D: and it'll start the copy around 400-500/MBs then around 30% it drops to under 10/MBs and crawls.Tried that to bypass any issues with the network. I wish there were some differences in my set up here but so far I can't find any. Other servers are on the same NIC, same RAID, same OS, same updates applied, One's a file server and the other is a print server. Both Windows Server 2012 Std. I'm stumped, if anyone has any insight on where I could look, I'd appreciate the help.
Dear Experts,

I want to migrate a VM from Windows hypervisor to VM ware. Basicllly this is a Autodesk CAD machine and  has a SQL DB, it contains really very important data.

What would be the best practice to migrate whole machine?

Is there any data loss possibilities?

How to deal  with Licensing, I have SA for Windows license and SQL DB?

The size of the Database is around 1TB. Please suggest me, I need same replica.
got a server 2012 as Hyperv
got few virtual machines running in it
got windows server backup , backing up while server
was going good, but in recent times I started getting a error whenever I try to access the windows server backup-

“”” blbmmc.dll- mmc decected an error ina snapin and will unload it.  “””

because of this backups failing everyday, how do I fix it ??  
note: backup going to an external harddisk. I tried different harddisk , still same issue.
windows update is up to date. no pending updates.
What would be a good SAN recommendation to back-end (3) Dell R440 servers running VMware or Hyper-V?  Solution is not only for running VM load, but disk backups and Azure copy. 80tb would cover storage load that includes double growth.  And what would be best connectivity option for them?
I am in the process of demoting a 2008 DC and upgrading a 2008 R2 DC.  I'm also going to add a 2016 VM DC to the mix.  I've already been able to show that everything seems to work while the 2008 DC is shutdown. Only have one system (Spiceworks server) that's finicky and super slow during that time.

My plan is as follows:

1. In-place upgrade 2008 R2 DC to 2012 R2
2. Demote 2008 DC
3. Setup my RODC 2016 DC
4. Finally promote my DFL/FFL to 2012 R2

I've done ton's of research and am keeping my fingers crossed that my users will be able to login after I demote the old 2008 DC.  It's difficult to know how 70 PCs will react.  Question for all is, do you have a better plan or things I should look out for during this process.  I guess the worst-case scenario is I have to restore my 2008 DC from backup and figure out what the problem is before I try again.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Got in this morning and had a slew of emails that the ESXi Server went down late yesterday.

Our IT guy connected a console to the host and sure enough, PSOD.

System has been up for 75 days

I was able to extract the vkernal log from the core dump..

Error is ---
@Bluescreen: Spin Count exceeded - possible deadlock with pcpu 48

vmkwarning log has:
 vmx-thread-5 vpn 0x600bc9e5 status: "Invalid address (bad00026)
 vmx-thread-6 Lali-box: vpn 0x600bca07 status: "Invalid address (bad00026)

Checking the ESXi Logs and events, it shows a VM running and with the error

In the Event Log in vCenter, i see several events repeating with a red X  
  The user world daemon for Kali-box could not fault in a page.
  The virtual machine is terminated as further progress is impossible

I don't think it is a hardware issue (CPU, RAM, Disk)?
I have a Hyper-V VM with Server 2016 and added the role for AD.
I added my first user and tried to connect but that the AD Domain Controller could not be contacted.
... an error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location..... DNS name does not exist. BTW my domain name is AGHSRV.LOCAL    
Not sure if using local is good or not??

So in my VM under the DNS section is error id 4013 ,  The DNS server is waiting for Active Directory Domain Services to signal that the initial synchronization of the directory has been completed.

I'm not sure if this error is playing into it or not.
Can one migrate / export virtual machines / servers from oVirt to VMWare?

oVirt -

Step 5.5 of shows how to do a FRESH install Google Chrome each time I start my Windows Sandbox.

Does anyone have a QUICK way to load a "SANDBOX" without having to reinstall the software I want on my "SANDBOX" each time I am scanning a file for viruses/etc ?

 1. start "SANDBOX"
 2. scan file via Symantec AntiVirus installed on "SANDBOX"
 3. if Symantec does not find a virus, then open Word/Excel/etc file on "SANDBOX"

I have problems with clients updates to Windows 10 1909.
I understand that in order to be able to do so the clients PC must have the latest updates of the Servicing Stack Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64-based Systems.

I checked my WSUS server and i have about 100 Client failed to install that update.
If I decline this update, all other updates are install successfully, but the client don't get the 1909 Upgrade.

I tried to solve it on one of the clients, and failed.

The test client is VM, Windows 10 1903.
The WSUS server is 2012 R2.
Does any one have any clue about it?  

Thank  You

right now setup some CentOS linux VM using Windows 10 hyper V manger , as I want to test setup standalone and 3 nodes oracle RAC as test system, UAT system, is it possilbe using hyper V linux VM?

any guide on how to setup both:
1)standalone oracle 12c/18c/19c/20c on a single nodes linux ?
2) 3 x nodes Oracle RAC based on 3 x VM node?

as RAC depends on a shared SAN, is it also possible to set it up in Hyper -v ?

just configured the linux VM in windows 10 pro using hyper V, but I find out that the DHCP setting the linux box got is not configured in the way I want.

where can I configure that IP address range for the DHCP network configuration ?

and how can I verify that my windows 10 can connect to the linux box ? MUST using putty or winscp ?
hi am not able to see my linux desktop after connecting with vnc

Hope you will help or at least point me out to the right direction.

I'm using Veeam 9.5 update 4b with 5 Esxi host with Vcenter etc. I have installed Veeam on a dedicated Physical server (Windows 2019). The Disk to Disk part working absolutely fine but the problem is Disk to Cloud. I'm using Azure BLOB storage. Azure repository been crated and configured in Veeam. Also, created the SOBR (Scale Out Backup Repository).  As a testing purpose i have changed the "Restore Points to keep on disk' is set to 3. Also, set the "Move backup files older than 2 days'. Unfortunately even after 3 days the backups aren't uploaded to Azure container.

Any idea what could be the issue here?
We have a serer that currently has 3 pretty decent size drives that are on the same datastore and DBA is reporting performance issues and wanted to start with basics and I'm thinking that we separate the disk to different datastores to see if any change and curious what your opinion on the matter would be?

VMware does not really seem to have a great opinion on it and not 100% this is a straightforward answer but wanted to at least begin the dialogue.

VMware 6.5
Storage is VNX block with multiple mixed raid arrays and fast caching enabled
Windows Server 2012
SQL 2012 Enterprise sp4

We received a folder containing an OVF of a Solaris 10 VM from a customer.

We deployed the OVF to our vSphere 6.5 system.

The VM boots and then displays a govt logo that has an accept button.

The issue is we cannot access the Solaris VM window to click on the accept button.

I can move the pointer arrow around the screen and even highlight the logo text, but cannot activate the screen to click on the accept button,

Is there some settings that need to be adjusted for a Solaris VM to function in VMware
I'm taking over a backup system that was managed by what appears to be SOMEWHAT trained monkey who didn't think that servers that weren't in the main domain needed domain credentials (Our company has several AD Domains - main, prod, dmz and etc.) He also didn't use any logic when creating jobs = the same job would be backing up machines from various domains at the same time regardless of the VM type... in general it's a mass.

For starters, I'd like to use power shell to get all vms in all the jobs that use .\Administrator as the backup credential... but when I use Get-VBRJobObject, even with the FL flag, I can't see the credentialss used:

PS C:\Users\davidsadm> Get-VBRJob |Get-VBRJobObject -Name "CTRACK" |fl

Id                  : 32584000-6a3c-4042-9540-8ebfaec4e0c9
ObjectId            : 42d7e0ed-f0f1-48ac-96ff-3eded31ee9a1
Object              : Name: CTRACK
TypeDisplayName     : Virtual Machine
Filter              :
Role                : EInclude
Name                : CTRACK
Type                : Include
Location            : <redacted>\<redacted>\Prod-Cluster\CTRACK
OrderNo             : 23
ApproxSizeString    : 20.7 GB
Info                : Veeam.Backup.Model.CDbObjectInJobInfo
JobId               : 7e1d7c34-8f92-4e1a-a806-93ba2868fc10
IsFolder            : False
IsIncluded          : True
IsVssChild          : False
IsExcludeDisksChild : False
IsExcluded          : False
IsExtended          : False
PolicyType          : None
VssOptions          : 

Open in new window

We need to purchase a license for SQL Server 2016 Standard edition to be installed on a new VM running on Vmware 6.5.

The pricing model is a little confusing as it is per core, but will be on a esxi vmware host - but i assume it will be looked at for the number of cores i assign it within vSphere.

Please assist in understanding the true cost (server license or server license plus CAL?) of creating a new VM with that version, one SQL instance with multiple databases.

Dear EE,

I want to implement Azure Policy on every subscription (we have 6 subscriptions under 1 parent subscription) so that no one can complete the VM creation without completing TAGS at least 3 TAGS.

So to create the VM one should need to enter the detail of TAGs.

1) Created_By:
2) Created_For:
3) Server_Discription:

Above TAGs should be mandatory to create VM. Without these entries, in TAGs no one should create VM.

how to increase resolution is xrandr - s 1200x1600 am in linux ubuntu






Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including (but not limited to) a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources. Virtualization is usually the creation of a system that executes separate from the underlying hardware resources, or the creation of an entire desktop for systems located elsewhere, similar to thin clients.