Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including (but not limited to) a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources. Virtualization is usually the creation of a system that executes separate from the underlying hardware resources, or the creation of an entire desktop for systems located elsewhere, similar to thin clients.

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Hello ,

We have a strange behaviour on our server, 2012r2 Virtual machine joined to domain.
All users a connecting with RDP.
Every minutes we have a new connection from to 3389 that triggers the following events on the RemoteDesktopServices-RDPCoreTS, Module remoteFX
ID 141 Perfcounter started with ID 127 (for example)
ID 65 Connection session created
ID 131 Seever accepted a new TCP connection from
ID 103 Deconnection code 0
ID 102 Server finisehed principal connection with the client.
All the event are infromationals, no warnings or errors.
All this events are made in one seconds.

Nothing strange on the security event viewer.
Firewall is on, external RDP port is changed.

Do you have an idea form where this behaviour can come ?

Many thanks for you help.
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I'm trying to virtualize a Windows 7 HP that's a GPT partition table.  When I load the virtual disk I get a blinking cursor.  Booting with Windows 7 disc and running the command prompt allows to me see what's going on with diskpart: volume 4 has no drive letter and has converted to a RAW filesystem.  When I try assigning it a drive letter, it does so successfully but then gives me the error that it's corrupted and unreadable when I try changing directories.

I used Disk2VHD and have it set as a first-gen HyperV.  Are there any recommendations you can make?

A Veeam Backup temporary snaphsot was left last time when a backup job is fail. Should I click "Delete All" to remove it ? Will there be any impact to the production environment ?

Vmware CBT and Backup.

to make  a simple scenario . Let's say you back up VMs with Veeam  (Full backup). when the back up is completed  ,let 's say the transferred data to the backup storage is 100 Terabytes
if after the full is completed , you will decide to run the same full another time. will this backup also be 100 Terabytes or smaller, considering CBT effect ?

Thank you
I have created a 2 node cluster and added 1gb quorum disk but when I am stimulating failure on primary node, it is not coming up on secondary node also validation is showing MPIO failure on my disk 0 which is c drive (not configured for clustering).
I have written a script in powerful to update VMtools. Its working fine but at times VMtools updation fails with error as  vix = 21009. I already have try catch block in place and first condition is to check if server is pinging or not. If it does not ping, error message is caught in a text file. If a server has successfull ping, the try block code executes to update VMtools. I am using
-Noreboot and -RunasSync in the script but it does not catch vix =21009 error.

Can someone help?.
Dear Techmates,

Can any one suggest the best Monitoring & Reporting Tool (Ex:vRops) for VIO-VMware Integrated OpenStack .

In a Hyper-v environment I have a VM (we'll call it B, Host is A).  A cannot ping B and B cannot ping A.  3 other VMs work fine. If I remove the network adapter from B and reboot, then shutdown and add the adapter back it will work for a minute or two then quit. No Firewalls are turned on. No Anti-virus involved. Event log looks clean. I want to back up the files from B to a hard drive on A and it won't work because of this issue. B is a server with MAS accounting software on it so its not just easy to create a new VM but I can if necessary.
I am cloning a VM in 6 via a powershell/Powercli script.

VMWare clone doesnt generate a new MAC address on the cloned vm and retains the original MAC,  what command can I use on my cloning script to generate a new MAC for the vNic?
Hi All,

Used disk2vhd to convert an 2003 server. The conversion went well, i choose vhd as an option. Now I'm trying to attache the hard drive to a Hyper-v Server 2016 and getting the error below. I moved the vhd file to suggested location, checked permission but nothing. Have a feeling it has to do with a compatability issue with server 2016 and vhd files. Any help appreciated.

Error Attaching VHD file
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is it possible to create a template with out vcenter , I dont see the option if I log right into the ESXi , my vcenter is removed and broken and I want to see if there is a way to create a templae from a VM but do not see the option
I have a 2012 R2 Standard Virtual Machine that Remote Desktop Services fails with error Your Computer can't connect to the remote computer because your computer or device did not pass the Network Access Protection requirements set by your administrator.  I am using Certify the web SSL Manager for the Certificates. If I open Remote Desktop Gateway Manager > Properties > SSL Certificate and import the Cert i created with Certify everything works no errors  when we connect to remote apps. The problem is when the server is rebooted the Certificate gets removed and i get the error so i have to re import the certificate every time the server is rebooted. I also have the same cert in the bindings of the Default Web Site for Https.
I licensed my below setup so I could run 4 HyperVs on each physical server

If one of my PHYSICAL servers dies can I restore 2 Windows Server 2016 HyperVs backups onto the remaining PHYSICAL server without having licensing issues since I have enough LOCAL storage to support all 4 HyperVs on one PHYSICAL server ?

 ** 2 PHYSICAL "16 core licensed" Windows Server 2016 servers via OEM licensing, not OpenBusiness/etc
      ** each hosting 2 Windows Server 2016 HyperVs
      ** each using LOCAL storage
Hello Experts,

On a Windows Server 2012 standered x64 host for a our for our 2008 R2 Servers i am getting a error on the backups.  it says "The component ServerName(Online) was skipped during the snapshot and will not be available for recovery.  Error: The writer experienced a non-transient error.  if the backup process is retired, the error is likely to reoccur.  Any suggestions on this issue?

Thank you,

Dear Experts, we tested this concept: but did not see the difference in backup speed.

Test1: We backed up a Mail Exchange server (VM) with VM snapshot:

Test2: With Storage backup

but the result was not so different

I believed Test2 should have quicker time (based on the article's suggestion)? Could you please explain and suggest? Many thanks as always!

Environment: Vsphere 6.5, Veeam B&R 9.5 update3, Win Standard 2012, MS Exchange 2016
How to recover start VM guest from incompleted snapshort removed
Can any update me on server backup solution:

Which backup is solution is best to go with:
Veritas backup exec, Veeam Availability Suite and Rubrik.

We have VM server + physical server also.
Hi Experts,

       I am working on an web application (wagtail cms) like django-cms, which is in aws ubuntu.  Its backend is postgres, with elastic search few modules reactjs and nodejs.
The application is deployed in docker containers.  uwsgi is the upstream server for nginx.

      I get lots of errors with npm build, i am not able to run the application.  sometimes ports are not accessible. postgres is using 5432, elasticsearch is 9200. react is rendering on 9009. I get lots of dependencies error.    At what situation I have to use dockers?  sometimes I get errors in nginx configuration. could please tell what is good practice for npm build, run deploy.  

    What is the best way to architect the development and test environment?

    Will I be able access the postgresql, elastic search and nginx in linux ubuntu on aws with cms source code and contents on windows local pc?   or having the copy of postgresql, elastic search, cms contents and nginx all on a windows pc as development environment environment.   Elastic search has huge data.  and how to deploy the application on dockers in linux environment.

    What is the best way to have a development environment?  what is best test environment

   could you please tell me on how elastic search data is stored on postgres and what is network host setting in elastic search how it accessed from outside application.

    Could you please throw light on how to create development and test environment.

with …
Dear Experts, how can we check the files which have been deleted inside a SAN storage? Last week, our system is only have 3.9 TB free but after the weekends, it increased to 10 TB strangely. Can you help please?

- Vsphere 6.5
- SAN MSA HP 2040
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I have been requested to move  some VMware VMs  to a New Host. Vmotion not an option as incompatibility  between the 2 hosts is an issue.
The VMs are located on a NFS  mount disk.  It is possible  dismount the  NFS mount and Mount it on the new Host. Will this work ?
What are some of the pit falls of this move.

The old Host is running  Vmware 5.5  on HP Prolient 380 G5   and the new host is Vmware 6.5 HP prolient DL380 G7
I have an issue with SAN Storage and Hyper-V, i run my Virtual Machine on IDE Controller and as per MIcrosoft VM SQL best Practice they informed its better to run the VM on Hyper-V SCASI controller now when i tried to move from IDE to SCASI the VM not booting and windows not start.

Hyper-V Windows 2012 (not R2)

What should i do?
Need help determining the problem with a VM in VMWARE not processing correctly.  See attached screenshot of error.  I use VMWARE for virtualization.
VMware 5.5 hosts intermittently losing connectivity to Dell data store using fibre channel
1) how much bandwidth will use by each user:-
-to access a virtual desktop
-to access a virtual application

2) How many users can use a server machine at same time by creating sessions.

3) what the configuration of a server required for 1000 desktop Users and how much cost difference between citrix setup for 100 user and normal physical desktops.

4) Is the web based applications can be access by application provided by citrix app virtualization.

5) The vm's which were created using machine cataloge can use the ram and hdd dynamically.
I have  2 win server 2012 R2 server cluster and 3 VM server on this.

I am not able activate windows by using  slmgr /ipk DBGBW-NPF86-BJVTX-K3WKJ-MTB6V command.

1 Server has been activated but remaining 2 not.






Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including (but not limited to) a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources. Virtualization is usually the creation of a system that executes separate from the underlying hardware resources, or the creation of an entire desktop for systems located elsewhere, similar to thin clients.