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Visual Basic is Microsoft’s event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) for its Component Object Model (COM) pro...

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Troubleshooting Question

sub total listview

I vb6 how would i total these values in a listview?  When po and item are equal and there is no …
Troubleshooting Question

Counter on ADODC control in VB6

I have an adodc connection on my VB6 form.  Its connected to my SQL server but I want the caption on …
Troubleshooting Question

how to send whatsapp message from vb6 application

i have developed small vb6 application. i want to send text messages through vb6 application to user …
Troubleshooting Question

2 list boxes vb6

Anybody know how to code selecting number on the left box to select number on right and unselect …
Troubleshooting Question

SSRS Grand Total calculates only pages that have been viewed.

HI there, I am using SSRS and have a problem where my grand total on the last page of the report …

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