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What is the impact if the Vcenter (vSphere 6.7) certificate is expired?
I've just loaded ESXI 6.7 and configured a server.  I can't login becuase it's not responding to my keyboard or mouse.  I can't install the tools because I can't get into the server. It's server 2019

I'd need a jumpstart for creating a domain joined W10 VM on VMWare VSphere, using Powershell.
I have a VM which was domain joined (meanwhile lost its domain trust, but that shouldn't matter I guess?), then  I used following lines

New-OSCustomizationSpec -Name $OSCustSpecName -FullName $OsCustSpecFullname -OrgName $OrgName `
-OSType Windows -ChangeSid -AdminPassword (Read-Host -AsSecureString) -Domain $Domain -DomainCredentials (Get-Credential)
$OSSpecs = Get-OSCustomizationSpec -Name $OSCustSpecName
$VMTemplate = Get-Template -Name $VMTemplateName

New-VM -Name $VMName -Template $VMTemplate -OSCustomizationSpec $OSSpec -ResourcePool $Resourcepool

Looks fine but just don't have much time, needs to work flawlessly and don't want reinvent warm water and going through mistakes.$
Please advise (f.e. it is a machine which will be reverted continuously to troubleshoot installs, should I set -autologon to 999999, will the KMS be contacted automtically or do I need to configure stuff, isn't there a sysprep needed or does a clone do the work etc).

All input really welcome!


!! UPDATE: the VM was created succesfully, but obviously the domain join was not done, the trust with the domain is still gone, how do I achieve this (domain joined vm)?
At my work place - I regularly see messages like this in Solar Winds warning of latency between ESXi hosts and their data store. I have no idea why 20ms is chosen as the warning level. And I'm not sure exactly what type of latency is being referred to in this context. With ICMP I'm familiar with RTT time. But I imaging this is a different measurement. Does anyone know how vSphere measures "latency" from an ESX to its datastore? From a VM to its datastore? Thank you.

"NetPerfMon Event Log : The total latency between a san-server-01.acmeloans.com and a datastore is above 20 ms." action was executed successfully
Vsphere command line Groups.

I would like to know how many command groups are used in Vsphere. For instance Powercli by itself has many commands and scripts.
 ESXCLI has many commands also. Probably there are other Groups I do not know about and  that have many commands and their umbrellas.

So, I need to know which Groups of commands used in Vsphere environment (used with ESX hosts, Vcenter), and whether I can use just one of them, for instance Powercli group, and this will cover all I need to get information, set up new settings, Troubleshoot anything about Vsphere.

Thank you
Hello, I have two ESXi hosts that are each running a VM. I am accessing the hosts using the vSphere Client 5.5.0. These VMs are able to reach other nodes on the network, but they are not able to talk to each other. Would someone please help me to configure the networking, so these VMs can communicate with each other?
Few Queries Regarding  Physical Memory Configuration on Virtual infra running with  vSphere 6.7

 Is it justified to use  Maximum allowed Physical  Memory on any Hardware Like We have Dell M630 running with 512 GB RAM while it can be enhanced Up to 1.5TB (24 DIMM slots): 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB DDR4 up to 2400MT/s

What should be best practice to follow here by increasing resources Like RAM/CPU or if to add more Servers  with std configuration ?

What if We need to extract Slot wise memory Detail ?

 When Using smbiosDump  running individually on Esxi using SSH but not to get the same from multiple Esxi?

Tried to setup some function using script given below..


But when trying to run giving error like...
New-CimSession : The connection to the specified remote host was refused. Verify that the WS-Management service is
running on the remote host and configured to listen for requests on the correct port and HTTP URL

Need to fetch my existing /memory config /slot wise and best pretcie to use the Server with best available performance

Tried to locate the Hardware and Health tab form VC/Host Webclient [HTML5]..seems it is depreciated now in 6.7?

Please help to locate the required detail from multiple Host/Physical Boxes
Port Group used for High Availability.

per this link:

On ESXi hosts in the cluster, vSphere HA communications, by default, travel over VMkernel networks. With an ESXi host, if you want to use a network other than the one vCenter Server uses to communicate with the host for vSphere HA, you must explicitly enable the Management traffic check box.

Not sure which VMkernel Network they are referring to. I thought by default HA traffic flows with Management Traffic (it uses the same Vmkernel port).

Any help ?

Thank you
Vsphere HA - Admission Control:

Any Expert to explain the options of the Admission Control shown below:


for instance if we put 0 in : Host  Failures Cluster tolerates
the meaning of the options in : Define host failover capacity by
Performance Degardation VM tolerates

Thank you
Heartbeat Datastore list Empty:

I have one shared datastore. In Vsphere HA, if I click on Heartbeat Datastore I see by default this option selected :
"Use datastores from the specified list and complement automatically if needed"

I am not sure why the above option is by default though it makes sense to me that the option below should be by default:
"Automatically selected datastores accessible from the Hosts"

I also do not see the Shared Datastore listed.

Any help ?

thank you

Disable Timeout Vcenter Vsphere Client 6.7

I have vCenter vSphere CLient 6.7 installed on Windows 2012 R2.
It times out frequently when it is inactive...I would like to disable time out.
I found help on how to diable it in VCSA appliance, but not in  vCenter vSphere CLient 6.7  on Windows

Any Help ?

Thank you
reinstalled vcenter from scratch with exisiting databases. default everything as far as locations...... things look great except getting error 404 when accessing webclient. Ideas? I am on 5.5u1. i did not install to a different directory when running webclient installer.
I want to download an evaluation (free) copy of the vSphere ESXi iso file for version 6.3.  I was not able to find it on VMWare.com.  Where can I find it for downloading?

I have a Windows 2008 server HP physical server and I would like to virtualize this server.
We use VMware vSphere Client version

Please post me tutorials  as how to virtualize this server  and add this server to our  VCenter.


I have installed a new Virtual infrastructure  and have installed vSphere 6.7.0 3
VMware tools has been installed on this server.

The default size of the Hard disk 1 is 40 GB, where the windows OS is installed. I would like to increase the space from 40GB to 100 GB.

I went to Vsphere console and -Powered off the VM - Right click the VM - Edit settings and if i expand the Hard disk 1 and i am not able to increase the  size of the hard disk here.
It show a red stop sign on the mouse cursor.

Not sure why this is happening and is there a way i can increase the space on this Hard disk?

Thanks and any help will be great.
vSphere Web Client. Device performance has deteriorated/ I/O latency increased. A couple minutes goes by and the performance improves. Hoping to understand the meaning of these more.

I built a new Windows 2019 VM by cloning the Server template and when I went to configure the IP address, I was not able to see the network adapter .
I went to device manager and on the Ethernet controller, it has an exclamation mark.
Please see the snapshot, do I need to install any drivers, and do I need to choose a different adapter.

Please help any tutorial will be great.


I created a windows 2019 virtual Machine through VSphere client 6.0 .
I copied the ISO to the one of the DATA store and from the Vsphere client - file  and created a virtual machine .

I noticed the VM was installed and when completed it booted and now it stays in the attached scree.

Please let me know how to resolve this , so that the VM boots into window.

VCSA 6.7

I made a mistake with DNS config before confuguring VCSA  my bad.
Set up vcsa - login and DNS FQDN works in address window
However once I log in it displays as the IP address rather than the name of the vcsa ex vcsa1-67 etc.
Is there a way to change this?
Thanks!  If not we get to reinstall it again ;-)
Doesn't hurt to ask!
Hi, I would like to know which vsphere client version to run on a Win10 pc, to connect to a free vSphere 4 hypervisor (2 proc x 4 cores = 16 logical processors).

Currently, I only have a vSphere client 4.1.0 running on an old Win7.

Thanks for helping, Clifford
What is the difference between tags and attributes? At least in the vSphere world.

Thank you.
We have ESXi 6.0 hosts with vCenter appliance version 6.7. Needed to move vCenter and ESXi hosts to a new IP subnet. Changed IP address of vCenter a few weeks ago without a problem.

Yesterday, after putting an ESXi host in Maintenance mode, I changed its management IP and after hours of troubleshooting, the ESXi started responding on new IP, with old name. (There is redundancy in links.) However we cannot reconnect this ESXi host back to vCenter now.

This host and vCenter are on the same subnet. (They can ping each other.)  I have restarted management service of host a few times. Have also rebooted host and vCenter. Still get the same error: "Cannot contact the <> host (10.0.xx.xx). The host may not be available on the network, a network configuration problem may exist, or the management services on this host may not be responding."
Please advise. Thanks.
I have an engineer coming to upgrade software on 3 servers overnight. He will need access to only 3 x Server VM's.

Is there a way to give him access via the VShpere Web Client so he only has admin access on those 3 x server and can't see any other machines.

I can create him a temp user in AD.

I can just give him Remote Desktop Access but just in case he may need to access via VSphere.
Please provide me with the Instructions for how to install VMware 6.5 PowerShell administration tools.
Where within the VMware VSphere 6.5 administration console can I view how many CPUs have been assigned to each virtual machine?