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Web applications are systems that run in browsers that perform functions normally associated with other client-based programs. One of the most commonly used web applications is email; instead of downloading individual emails to a local machine, the data is shown through a website. Other examples of web applications are collaborative systems like a wiki or an online game.

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I am creating postage labels and recording them into a pdf file using FPDF and PDF_Label - all work fine, see code sample below ...
$text = sprintf("%s\n%s\n%s\n%s %s %s\n%s", "   6         022, "Name","Address", "Location", "State", "PostCode", "Country");

As you can see, I am using sprintf to format text for the label and using Add_Label from PDF_Label class to create the label.

I would like to BOLD the "Name" portion within the sprintf, if possible. As far as I can tell this can't be done. Tried using html tags inside it - no good, just prints the tags.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.
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Free Tool: Site Down Detector

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i'm trying to reload user privileges dynamically.

i'm trying to achieve custom authorization mechanism via MethodSecurityExpressionOperations or GrantedAuthority to secure the URL and authorize the URL based on the conditions.

i come across two flavours of Spring to handle this one is via MethodSecurityExpressionOperations and the other is via GrantedAuthority - createAuthorityList

i am not sure which one is better and which one to be used in the case of dynamic reloading of user privileges where one user privilege has been updated by another user dynamically while the user is working on...

Difference between Servlet Filter vs Spring Security Filter ?

Some says security filter just authenticates the user, where as servlet filter authorizes the request

Need code snippet to understand the structure of both and the differences.
I want to show the results on a details page that matches what shows in the dropdown list that I have on the create page. I was able to create different text for values in the dropdown. I am struggling with showing the text on the details page that is redirected after creating the customer. The details page shows the values 0, 1, 2, or 3.

For example, the Create view has a dropdown for Prospect Status with different values. I defined those in SelectListItem in the CustomersController. The value for Prospect Status in the database is actually a 0, 1, 2, or 3.

Customers/Create in CustomersController

        // GET: Customers/Create
        public ActionResult Create(CustomerModel model)
            if (model.Confidence == null)
                model.Confidence = new SelectList(new List<SelectListItem>(){

                    new SelectListItem(){Text="", Value="0"},
                    new SelectListItem(){Text="1 - Very Stable", Value="1"},
                    new SelectListItem(){Text="2 - Stable", Value="2"},
                    new SelectListItem(){Text="3 - At Risk", Value="3"},
                }, "Value", "Text");
            if (model.ProspectStatus == null)
                model.ProspectStatus = new SelectList(new List<SelectListItem>(){

                    new SelectListItem(){Text="Prospective Customer", Value="0"},
                    new SelectListItem(){Text="Existing Customer", Value="1"},

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Spring Boot Version: 2.0
Spring Version: 5.0.4

Facing the following issues on trying to implement AccessDecisionManager

1. When used

public class WebConfig implements WebMvcConfigurer

Issue:  uanble to override protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {

2. When used

public class WebConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {

Issue: unable to override the following

a. public void configureDefaultServletHandling(DefaultServletHandlerConfigurer configurer) {
b. public void addResourceHandlers(ResourceHandlerRegistry registry) {
c. public void addInterceptors(InterceptorRegistry registry) {

3. Throws error "java.lang.IllegalStateException: No ServletContext set" when used as below

public class WebConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter implements WebMvcConfigurer {

URL for reference:  http://www.baeldung.com/spring-security-custom-voter

public AccessDecisionManager accessDecisionManager() {
    List<AccessDecisionVoter<? extends Object>> decisionVoters
      = Arrays.asList(
        new WebExpressionVoter(),
        new RoleVoter(),
        new AuthenticatedVoter(),
        new MinuteBasedVoter());
    return new UnanimousBased(decisionVoters);

protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
I need to get a Token from a WebSite.
I have attached a C# program, which I need to translate to Delphi.
OAuthFromWindowsApp.zip which you can download from here: ftp://compmark.biz/Authorization/OAuthFromWindowsApp.zip
I am playing around with it, but am not getting anywhere.

I haven't used Experts Exchange for a long time and I can't see, how to give points anymore.

I would like to allocate 1000 points for a solution if this is still valid. Or let me know if you want more.
I am very negotiable on this.
RequestHandlerInterceptor or AccessDecisionVoter which gets called first

I'm working on spring boot application and would like to know RequestHandlerInterceptor or AccessDecisionVoter which gets invoked first
I want to run Quartz scheduler in my application
I come across the following link


Custom Filter OR Servlet Filter or AccessDecisionVoter

Need to provide access to user after login to the pages or actions based on certain conditions (user is active or user expiration date is over or user doesn't have any orders) and looking for a custom spring security. In the above which one would be suitable in this case and need a good code snippet to achieve it.
I am working on my website on PHP, and at some point, it is required to have a membership. I added the "Login with Facebook" but it is not working with me fully. When the user clicks on Login with facebook, it takes him/her to facebook and it returns him/her back to my website with a very big code that I do not know what to do with it.

The return URL is :

My login page is as per below:


I already uploaded the files from GetHub "php-graph-sdk-5.x.zip"
Facebook files

- What should i write inside the login.php to get the user details ? I need the email at least.
- How to understand the return URL?
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I have been doing some research on services that will check for SOC2 compliance. Found a few but they seem rather expensive.
Any suggestions on a service that would provide with SOC2 compliance services would be appreciated.
I am using VB.net in asp.net and I am trying to work on a file that i have just copied but it stays locked:

I have used the below two methods but it still stays locked and give the error:
The process cannot access the file ... because it is being used by another process.

Method 1:
File.Copy(sourceName, DestinationPath, True)

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Method 2:
 If File.Exists(DestinationPath) Then
                    End If
                    My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyFile(sourceName, DestinationPath)

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I need to be able to recopy and overwrite as many times as the user wants.
How do I build a asp.net vb.net page that retrieves a the URL (using LINQ) and display that in the page.

I have parameter that I can pass in Request.QueryString("MyParam") and using this I can get the URL out:
Dim db As New DatabaseDataContext
Dim MyParam As String = Request.QueryString("MyParam")
Dim MyURL As myTable = (From x In db.myTable Where x.field = MyParam).FirstOrDefault

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Now that I have the URL I will need to fetch it and display this. The Images are NOT in the ~Image folder (outside application folder).
These images are of file types "TIFF".

I have used the Image control and various solution from the web but could not really make it work.

What is the correct method to achieve this? May be I need to use some other control?

Your help will be appreciated.
I am in a asp.net web application, I need to at a button click- go to another page which searches for a client then let me select that client and populate some data on the original page

We have a display with Android operating system built in.

A customer was using Youtube through the internet browser of this Android based display.

They accidentally managed to change the language displayed for the YouTube website to a different language and do not know how to change it back.

We would like to change the language displayed for YouTube back to English.

How would we do so?

I have already setup my extended oauth2 connection and I can do an impersonation of anyone in my org.

I can successfully, say, do a

 GET https://www.googleapis.com/calendar/v3/users/me/calendarList/someuser@ourdomain.net

and get a good response.

What I can't figure out is what calls to use in order to set “Share this calendar with everyone in the organization” and Set to “See only free/busy (hide details)”

Thank you in advance for any assistance!
I have a web application (ASP Classic) which uses DropZone and ASP Persist to upload files.
We were using jquery 2.1.1 and it works fine, but once we upgraded to jquery 3.1.1 we get the error below:

Persits.Upload.1 error '800a003d'

Wrong Content-Type. Make sure you have included the attribute ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" in your form.

/bluedot_2018/Intranet/Contacts/attachments_add.asp, line 21 

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This is without making any other changes to the code. So evidently Jquery 3.1.1 doesn't support something that it did on version 2.1.1
Any help is greatly appreciated.
I have a video original mov. Upload it to youtube and video freezes audio continues. Only with my video all other youtube videos play fine.

I converted to mp4 los quality and the same.

Any ideas?

This is the link:


I have  Web Applications for reset passwords and unlock accounts ( self service). i need to integerate this solution with the users login screen inside the organizations.

by letting the users press on Forgot Password or Self Service link under the login screen then it will open web browser with predefined page for our solution.

is this doable or no ? we have WIndows 10 & Windows 8.1 Machines in the channel.

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In my base controller I have this code which checks if there is a view and then displays it. I want to modify this to use for sending an email. I basically want to create views which contain html content for sending the mails. But trying to access it normally as if I were displaying a view doesn't quite work. This is the code for displaying the views on the website.

	public function view($view, $data = []) {
		// check for view file
		if(file_exists('../app/views/' . $view . '.php')) {
			require_once '../app/views/' . $view . '.php';
		} else {
			die('View does not exist');

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To display a view, I would just do this in my controller:


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When I am trying to send email, I want to just send the view into the email body.

$html = $this->view('pages/email');
//other variables go here

$send = new Email();
$send->sendMail($html, $subject, $setFrom, $addReplyTo, $addAddress, $altBody);

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Doing this fails. I think I need to just return the view but not sure how to do this.
If you look at the image, there are shared web pages between the 3 applications, Web, Mobile and Touch Browser. I need to report the web pages uniquely per application. So if web page A is loaded, it will need to load different JS libraries for each type of application. Currently a JS bootstrap loader file handles the logic to load the proper JS libraries but that is a 1-to-1 relationship. I now need a way to determine which application is loading the web page and load the appropriate libraries (DTM libraries but irrelevant). The solution would have to reside in the JS bootstrap loader file logic. I’m looking into using the navigator object to sniff out which type of application is requesting the web page but not sure how feasible that is? Maybe feature detection is another way but not sure how/if this would work with the applications? Any ideas?

Web Page/Application Distribution
Hey everyone,

In the web app I'm documenting we have a number of text fields where, when you start typing something, it displays a list of matches. e.g. if it were a "state" field you might have


   New Jersey
  New Mexico
  New York

You can then click the state you wish to select.

Am I correct in saying that the above is not a search box? (The database field is text.)
Where i can download a sample or demo application which has the following..Any link would be useful

1. Source code
2. Sample SQL file to populate the data in mysql table or json to populate NoSQL
3. Uses Ajax in the front-end to send and receive responses
1. What is BindingResult?
2. When to use BindingResult?
3. Assume @ControllerAdvice is used in a project to handle errors. How BindingResult can be retrieved or processed in @ControllerAdvice
4. Is BindingResult is used for only presentation validations or can be used for business validations as well ?
Hello -

We had a survey posted on our website and while we got a lot of responses, some are suspiciously similar even though they look like their coming from different locations. This might be too late but is there a way to distinguish between legit users and bots based on IP address or any other info?

For the future, how can we avoid this kind of situations(CAPTCHA?)

Thank you for your help!

Web Applications





Web applications are systems that run in browsers that perform functions normally associated with other client-based programs. One of the most commonly used web applications is email; instead of downloading individual emails to a local machine, the data is shown through a website. Other examples of web applications are collaborative systems like a wiki or an online game.

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