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Web applications are systems that run in browsers that perform functions normally associated with other client-based programs. One of the most commonly used web applications is email; instead of downloading individual emails to a local machine, the data is shown through a website. Other examples of web applications are collaborative systems like a wiki or an online game.

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I just read the Bootstrap 4 is finally in beta. Is it okay to use Bootstrap 4 in productions?
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var test1 = Convert.ToInt32(Session["SID"]);
Line 90:                       //  int ist = EAdapter.Insert(Convert.ToInt32(Session["SID"]), txtclgname.Text, txtErlno.Text,
Line 91:                         int ist=EAdapter.Insert(Convert.ToInt32(Session[test1]), txtclgname.Text, txtErlno.Text,
Line 92:                           drpsem.SelectedItem.Text, drpEdu.SelectedItem.Text, drpBranch.SelectedItem.Text, drpPassyear.SelectedItem.Text,
Line 93:                           float.Parse(txtCGPA.Text), drpreqskill.SelectedItem.Text, txtExSkill.Text, resume);

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   protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

            CDT = Cadapter.SELECT_SEARCH_COMPANY(Session["JOBCATE"].ToString(), Session["QUALI"].ToString(), Session["skill"].ToString());
            if (CDT != null)
                if (CDT.Rows.Count > 0)
                    Session["CID"] = CDT.Rows[0]["CID"].ToString();
                    DataList3.DataSource = CDT;


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I am trying to find out how to add images, ppt decks, videos to SharePoint Online and have the images auto resize when the monitor/screen width changes for the user.  Can this be done out of the box or is custom code needed?
<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" HeaderStyle-CssClass="GridHeader" HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Center" HeaderStyle-VerticalAlign="Middle" HeaderStyle-BackColor="#3AC0F2" HeaderStyle-ForeColor="White"
                        AutoGenerateColumns="False" CellPadding="4" ForeColor="#333333" GridLines="None">
                        <EditRowStyle BackColor="#999999" />
                        <FooterStyle BackColor="#5D7B9D" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="White" />
                        <HeaderStyle BackColor="#5D7B9D" ForeColor="White" Font-Bold="True"></HeaderStyle>
                        <PagerStyle BackColor="#284775" ForeColor="White" HorizontalAlign="Center" />
                        <RowStyle BackColor="#F7F6F3" ForeColor="#333333" Font-Names="Calibri" />
                        <AlternatingRowStyle BackColor="White" ForeColor="#284775" Font-Names="Calibri" />
                            <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Sevak ID" DataField="Sevak ID" ItemStyle-Width="100" >
                                <HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" VerticalAlign="Middle" />
                                <ItemStyle Width="100px" HorizontalAlign="Center" VerticalAlign="Middle"></ItemStyle>
                            <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Sevak Name" DataField="Sevak Name" ItemStyle-Width="250" >
                                <HeaderStyle …
looking for solutions how to create interactive surveys whereby at the end of it, some customized reports would shown instantly to the user online. e.g of this is this link https://www.nab.com.au/personal/investments-super/financial-advice/financial-health-check
i have rooted my phone and deleted from there the explorer and browser and youtube and crome
but when user is getin waze and the seting and etc. it still can open youtube how does it posibble ?
and how can i block it ?
Just saw an article on Winn-Dixie losing court battle dealing with their website and lack of being fully accessible to the disabled. Conclusion to the case was websites will need to conform to WCAG 2.0 standards. Our company operates 3 websites, all on the Shopify platform. I have been given the task to find out if we are compliant.  I downloaded the NVDA screen reader and all three sites were compatible with that, as well as a Mac screen reader. My question...anyone dealing with this and what tips or advice can you supply to assist in the matter ?  Is there an official "checklist" ?  Thanks in advance, I am sure we will be hearing more about requirements and potential lawsuits soon enough.
I had this question after viewing delphi intraweb upload file.

I have an Intraweb app  (Delphi XE4) which successfully uses IWFileUploader. User can upload a file to the application's dedicated folder if they access the app via a windows pc.

Problem is that one of the users has a Samsung Android tablet which they use to access the web application, and IWFileUploader doesn't work.
Ideally they'd be able to take a photo with the tablet, and upload it to the Intraweb app's web directory.

Is this even possible?
What's the best way to proceed?
can we print crystal report automatically without clicking CTRL+P from client printer?
Web application hosted in cloud-VB.NET
Will your db performance match your db growth?
Will your db performance match your db growth?

In Percona’s white paper “Performance at Scale: Keeping Your Database on Its Toes,” we take a high-level approach to what you need to think about when planning for database scalability.

I have successfully installed LinqToXSD which is supposed to enforce strong typing and also provide a relatively easy way to create XML files but there are no classes to use "new" on which should create the document.  Does anyone know how to create a class that is an XML Document that is tied to a LinqtoXSD schema?
the application I am using is a web based application in mainframe,its a IBM product called Tivoli output manager,there I use TPX in tpx session comes in layer in tpx we use TSO session and DB2 as database
My volunteer group needs help finding a free or low cost way to create a website that would allow us:
1. to have a membership section that is private,
2. would allow each member to post what volunteer project they need help with and,
3. then have each member of the group automatically receive an email requesting help with the project
I hope someone can help me with this.
Lee Smith
I am testing on the Network Load Balancing feature in order to load balance & failover web applications hosted on 2 servers. Locally I could access the web applications using the cluster IP address & cluster name. But I’m unable to access them via publicly using a typical ADSL internet connection. Ports for the web applications are opened in the ADSL router for the cluster IP address. Via publicly, accessing the web applications hosted on a single server works fine. What am I missing here?
I am actually trying to implement text-to-speech conversion in Salesforce by hitting a third-party api.

When i send the request through Postman, i get back the proper response in .wav format. However, I'm not being able to handle this reponse programatically in salesforce end, as I am not able to store the response in any audio object.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Wordpress website - need Time Sheet/Time Card page - Wordpress plugin? Gravity Forms?

Our small company really needs help with this! We have a Wordpress website and have purchased the paid version of Gravity Forms,
but we need any kind of Plug in solutions that can do:

1) A bi-monthly Time Card. With 14 rows, Date, Job, Start Time, Stop Time and Total Hours Fields.
2) Possibly have it emailed or Gravity Form -> to PDF, then emailed.

3) However we have hundreds of remote employees, so it needs to be easy to view and possibly print (but not print one by one, but batch printed).

4) Gravity Forms or any other Wordpress Plug-in that can accomplish this...

The Boss is willing to pay to have this done.

Thank you so much!
Hi Experts,

Hopefully you can help with a very bizarre issue
We noticed an issue with what we originally thought was the fault of our load balancers, where the site would go down, and be marked down by the LB, but when you attempt to browse directly to the server itself, the page would return.

A bit of investigation later, it appears to be a local problem on the web servers itself. Monitoring using wireshark, we could see the LB making the a health check (using a GET request to the URL), and the server delaying its response for an extended time, causing the health check to fail.

However, new requests coming from other IP's the web server responded to immediately

Does anyone know why this may occur?

The servers in question are Windows 2016 x64
How can we setup a Netscape application server to run a .cgi file? We are not finding any 'cgi-bin' directory where we used to place the cgi file as in Apache server. We are trying to call this cgi file using an http call. Please help
Hello expert,
I am doing migrate from ASP NET MVC 5, net fw 4.6  to ASP NET CORE fw NetCoreApp 1.1.

The type 'Enum' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'

The type 'DateTime' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'

I guess all kind of this error derived from assembly incompatible, anybody know how to fix this issue?
I did add nuget Microsoft.NETCore.Portable.Compatibility but no help.

WordPress Tutorial 4: Recommended Plugins
WordPress Tutorial 4: Recommended Plugins

Now that you have WordPress installed, understand the interface, and know how to install new parts, let’s take a look at our recommended plugins.

I am having a serious issue routing our MVC 5 application to an external URL subdomain using our ISP GoDaddy.

I have several websites ASP.net, third party application that I host internally on IIS on a private server 192.168.*.* these applications are NAT in my firewall to public ip address on our comcast network 50.202.*.*. We host our domain at GOdaddy and were able to route the NATed ip to subdomain webpage.mydomain.com....we have been using this technique for years and we resolve external url's using subdomain.mydomain.com.  On our internal dns I have webserver 192.168.*.* A record to www so we are able to route internally www.mydomain.com/webpage. The issue I am having is with the MVC 5 application which is published to the same web server I am able to access internally www.mydomain.com/webpage but we cannot access externally webpage.mydomain.com we can only access by      

I have the same NAT because it is on the same webserver/IIS, I setup the subdomain in Godaddy and the http://publicipaddress/webpage works for MVC application but, not the webpage.mydomain.com. I have been working with the programmer and verified all IIS settings, I verified DNS settings with GoDaddy technician, but my programmer is still only using the default rout in the MVC application. Everything I have read so far which there are multiple ways of doing this says we need to add the webpage.mydomain.com into the MVC application routing table. Is there anyone …
I want that the URL displayed in the Browser should be scrambled for the user (So they cannot just change a number/string to try to get access to another record in website).

I wanted to do this URL scrambling using IIS transparently and not the hosted application.

Is there any way to do that?
I'm looking for a way to nest array formula in google sheets, but not in one cell. I want to split complex formulae into more than one cell to improve readability, and in some cases to avoid repetition. Is there a way to do this? See example:


Cells A1:C8 contain the raw data, which i can query, eg =query(A1:C8,"SELECT * WHERE C='citrus'")

Cell E1 contains a filter of this data  =filter(A1:C8,A1:A8>4)

I would like to be able to query the filtered data without specifying the dimension of the filtered output.

I can do this by nesting in one formula: =query(filter(A1:C8,A1:A8>4),"SELECT * WHERE Col3='citrus'")  

But is there a way to do this without copying the whole formula into one cell? i.e.
=query(** whatever array is specified by cell E1** ,"SELECT * WHERE Col3='citrus'")  


The example given is a little contrived, here is a more relevant example: https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/29005691/Natural-SQL-in-google-sheets-by-substituting-column-names-for-column-letters.html
I want to build Laravel based CMS with following requirements:

1. Multi-sites (running on sub-domains, manage own database) each with API access.
2. Admin (manage all sites/database).
3. Same Codebase (can be replicated if needed).
4. Same Database with different data for each site.

Can someone guide me how to develop such system using Laravel 5.4.

I know there are some packages that I can use i.e
Multi Tenant Laravel

This package create separate database/tables for each site, which I think makes problem for me to create single super admin.

Any thoughts?

I am in the process of  looking for my bookshop to be in online for customers to purchase the items . i don't want to have the traditional web site for this . some solution can go online with mobile friendly . just to upload the items with the deal price for customers to purchase items .
Created azure account, set up pay-as-you-go
Created web app
Trying to publish web app from VS15, and can't pass connectivity test

Web Applications





Web applications are systems that run in browsers that perform functions normally associated with other client-based programs. One of the most commonly used web applications is email; instead of downloading individual emails to a local machine, the data is shown through a website. Other examples of web applications are collaborative systems like a wiki or an online game.