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Web applications are systems that run in browsers that perform functions normally associated with other client-based programs. One of the most commonly used web applications is email; instead of downloading individual emails to a local machine, the data is shown through a website. Other examples of web applications are collaborative systems like a wiki or an online game.

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I'm using Memberpress on my Wordpress site. Both are the most recent versions, and both seem to be working well.

I need to have a fixed renewal date (Month and Year), based on the date on which the member originally purchased their subscription. Our subscription terms are always 1 year.

For example, if I join the site on Jan 1, 2020, then my first renewal date would be Jan 1, 2021, and my second would be Jan 1, 2022, and my third Jan 1, 2023, and so on.

If I renew EARLY on Dec 1, 2020, my new subscription would start on Jan 1, 2021 and run for one year to Jan 1, 2022.

If I renew LATE on Feb 1, 2021 (AFTER my subscription has expired), my new subscription would back date to Jan 1, 2021 and run to Jan 1, 2022.

So no matter when my membership is renewed, it always starts on the Month and Day of my original subscription in the year immediately following my most recent active subscription (and that sounds confusing, but hopefully you get the gist from my examples above :) )
We have an existing Redmine Tagging plugin that works in the 3.x branch of Redmine that we have in Production.
Unfortunately, the plugin is no longer in development and doesn't work in Version 4.x of Redmine, which is holding us back fro upgrading.
The original plugin is at https://github.com/Restream/redmine_tagging.
There are a couple of forks of the plugin that have been made, but the one that works only tags issues, not Wiki pages, wheras the original did both.
The other fork, at https://github.com/windviki/redmine_tagging, should work in 4.x.  It does work with Issues, but throws an error when trying to save a Wiki page:

"NoMethodError (undefined method `tags_to_update=' for nil:NilClass):

plugins/redmine_tagging/lib/tagging_plugin/tagging_patches.rb:19:in `update'
lib/redmine/sudo_mode.rb:63:in `sudo_mode'"

A few people are experiencing the error, and the fork's developer has suggested adding some code to one fo the files, but this prevents the Wiki page from Saving at all (the comments are all ont he original Issue f the original plugin at https://github.com/Restream/redmine_tagging/issues/87).

I do not have much experience with Ruby and Rails (I've started learning but still wrapping my head around the basics of Ruby).

Is there anyone who could help with this error and advise on how to fix it?

We have a the following network in the office. Subnet for internal users and file server. Subnet for our web application server (Web server is This server is hosted web applications for public.

Now I am thinking of moving range network to MS Azure and host web server on cloud. Once I do this, I need a VPN connection between Azure and our office. Our office has Watchguard Firewall, so I hope I can create VPN link between Azure and our office.

I have gone through many Azure articles, but I am bit confusing where to start this work. Do I need to create Virtual Network and subnet first? Or can I create VM on Azure and make a VPN connection between our office and Azure.

Can I someone kindly advice on how to move our range network and web server to Azure please?

Thanks in advance.

I have one Jquery[ Written in $(document).ready(function ())] on my master page which identify Input controller.

Now this Jquery calls a JavaScript function which is written in .js file and it shows Alert box when Special Character identify in Input controller.

On child page we have textbox along with submit button. There are two scenario below, in which second is giving problem.

1. When we enter special character along with some text in textbox and hit on other area of the screen Alert box comes up with proper message[Which is Correct and working as well].

2. When we enter special character along with some text in textbox and Hit on Submit, It Shows Alert box with the right message but then function on submit button got called and popup comes up which hides our Alert Box.[Now this is the Problem].

Note that, this thing is happening in EDGE browser only.
Hi Experts
I am looking for a program to replace the traditional circulation of paper between departments
This program provides the ability to scan these files, send them to other departments and approve these files or convert them for review.

I am working in C# web application using MVC.

I have to create File object. File should be in .txt format.

Content of the file will come from database directly. We don't have to save file at physical location.

Using this file object we need to do SFTP of the file.

Please advise how to create file without saving it to physical location.

I want to create a service ticket center for clients for the agents
mean the agent go and open a ticket and select the client and type the details.
it could assign to other agent or can replay later.
any free open source web based  solution ?
I have an api query string that I want to do this:

/api/web/lists/GetByTitle('MyList')/items?$top=1000 and $filter= Tab eq 'Food'

so far $top=100 works and $filter= Tab eq 'Food' also works, how do I combine them?

I am working on ASP.net web application using C#

I am facing issue that my session is not setting up in IE and in IE version: 11.535.18362.0
HttpContext.Session["MEMBER_DETAILS"] = member;

This value is null. member is not null.

The issue is only in IE browser (IE version: 11.535.18362.0).

Rest it is working on other browsers like IE Edge, chrome etc.

Please advise the solution.
My application is in DMZ and trying to access a database in the private network behind the firewall . What rules shall be applied in the Firewall for secure access to the database from the application server
Hi, I am interested to know on the following :
Can I able to create a HR app which is One-Stop solutions for all HR led Queries to the Corporate world? If So, What need to be done and on what platform this idea is possible?
Can I able to upload recent legal abstracts to the app wherein people get what they want in a simplified version?
Will I be able to embed expert talk as and when any HR professionals seek to sharpen their conceptual thinking? Will the app support such video/audio insertions?
Please exchange your expert views on the subject matter.
Look Forward.
I am using ui-select for autocomplete multiselect & after i select the item from the dropdown it doesn't bind properly to the ui-select directive. Here is how it looks & the data shows as blue with no text in it...

Here is the HTML syntax

<ui-select multiple ng-model="ctrl.country.selected" theme="selectize" style="width: 900px;" title="Choose a country">
  <ui-select-match placeholder="Select or search a country in the list...">{{$select.selected.name}}</ui-select-match>
  <ui-select-choices multiselect repeat="country in ctrl.countries | filter: $select.search | limitTo: ($select.search.length <= 3)? 0 : undefined">
    <span ng-bind-html="country.name | highlight: $select.search"></span>
    <small ng-bind-html="country.code | highlight: $select.search"></small>

Open in new window

Here is the datasource

vm.country = {};
  vm.countries = [ // Taken from https://gist.github.com/unceus/6501985
    { name: 'Afghanistan', code: 'AF' },
    { name: 'Åland Islands', code: 'AX' },
    { name: 'Albania', code: 'AL' },
    { name: 'Algeria', code: 'DZ' },
    { name: 'American Samoa', code: 'AS' },
    { name: 'Andorra', code: 'AD' },
    { name: 'Angola', code: 'AO' },
    { name: 'Anguilla', code: 'AI' },
    { name: 'Antarctica', code: 'AQ' },
    { name: 'Antigua and Barbuda', code: 'AG' },
    { name: 'Argentina', code: 'AR' },
    { name: 'Armenia', code: 'AM' },
    { name: 'Aruba', code: 'AW' },
    { name: 'Australia', code: 'AU' },
    { name: 'Austria', code: 'AT' },
    { name: 'Azerbaijan', code: 'AZ' }

Open in new window

Also is there a way to sort data of the datasource in repeat attribute or some where??
I'm trying to connect SalesForce to a published webservice.  The way the appserver is configured, I need to generate a connect request, which returns a uuid, then generate the actual request to get / update information, then generate a logout request.

I've been able to create the Apex class from the WSDL, but I'm mystified on how to even generate the login request to get the UUID - the online examples I have seen don't seem to match this particular WSDL.

I've attached a simple example WSDL - any help or suggestions on how to write an Apex class to login, retrieve data, and logout would be GREATLY appreciated.


I build web applications that have .Net front-ends and MS SQL back-ends.  I would like to give my clients mobile versions through an App for IOS or Android.  
I started learning Xamarin and it feels like a heavy lift.  Can anyone recommend some other strategies?
Are there Apps that I can piggy back on to give my clients access to their data?  I think Microsoft has something that can be used internally at a company but I was looking for something available to the public.
Have a Asp.net web application with 3 layered projects inside: data access layer, presentation layer and business logic layer. Web app works very well on a web server. I need to publish these layers to seperate servers as separate layers. How can I do that? Is it possible to have every layer in different server instead of publishing the web form app into a one server?
Please see App deployed below

but I cannot find it out below, within


by inputting "以星移动应用程序". Any advice?
I am keeping this generic - so that some may suggest something 'Out of the Box' that may lead to a technique/tool/approach being suggested.

I have a client that uses a 3rd party IIS based application running from an internal server and uses a MS SQL Db underneath.  The SW vendor is having problems with it randomly stalling servers for the last 2 yrs :( and is stuck trying to resolve it) and it took them 18 months to admit it was affecting other customers   > :(

On ocassion it loads up the OS to the point that ASR cuts in and reboots the server, which is handy (but not desirable) given the OS becomes totally inaccessible.  There are times (like today) where I get enough notice that its having a moment, that I can log in and gather information on what is going on.  I usualy go to IIS manager and stop/start the respective App pool.

I have used
  1. Event log information
  2. Perfmon to gather huge data on the W3WP process and subordinates.
  3. IIS to list currently active worker processes and their Request State details for the vendor.
  4. Ran a dependency trace on the W3WP.exe and relevent application specific DLL's to weed out missing/outdated dependencies
  5. Used some of Idera's SQL analysis tools to check on what the DB is "hearing" and doing.

So, throw me something I havent thought of that may be worth a try.  The SW vendor is a decorated MSFT developer so I expect they've got access …
We are working on implementing Microsoft's MultiFactor authentication within our organization. When modern authentication is enabled in the Office 365 portal it seems to effectively block Cisco Jabber/Webex outlook integration with Outlook.

We need to be able to enable to MFA in some capacity for both Outlook 2016, Office 365 Web applications and retain Cisco product integrations.

I'm having some difficulty finding information on compatibility or "howto" information on how to get this working accordingly. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a pretty short timeline to implement this solution.
Guys, I am trying to see the websites that are referring to a particular domain and be able to go back and view them. I am trying to see the content of the referring sites. Does anyone have suggestions for tools that will show you the addresses referring to a particular domain?
I've got a client who's domain was registered by a former employee. The former employee has turned off their website and wont give access to the account on GoDaddy to control the domain. Does anyone know what he needs to do in order to prove ownership of the business so he can regain control over his domain?
Hello, experts!

I need some advice in terms of legacy Data migrating into a new cloud environment.

Our business rules use repair orders (tickets) that contain job and part data for every ticket. the life cycle of a ticket is customer comes in > address concern > ticket is created > presented to customer and approval is given by customer > ticket finalized. Let's play out a scenario, let's say someone comes in for an oil change and the inspection of the vehicle turns up a timing belt issue. Issue is presented to customer and customer does not approve that work - only the oil change. That timing belt denial becomes a saved estimate in the system which could be used later down the line to try to earn business to do that work.

Fast forward to migration of new system. We are bringing in finalized data into our new environment and this "saved estimate" data is crucial. The current system uses a +1 increment with the generation of RO (repair order) #s. So if we were to migrate saved estimates (they have their own set of RO#s in the legacy system), there might be a gap or a collision of RO#s in the future. Ex: system is counting at 9001 and incrementing.

What is the best way to handle bringing in this saved estimate data? Should I bring the data in as a searchable object so that if someone wants to see what someone's saved work and generate a new ticket it's view only so that the end user can then just create a new ticket and read only the data of the saved estimate?

Would …
Hi All,

I'm a very rusty programmer who has opportunity to get nice business but need to get in shape pretty quickly.

I was programming like 8 years ago, mainly in C# Windows Forms and was pretty good at it. I still remember it.

Today I'm about to create cloud application where I need:
- nice web front end. Interactive application, wizard
- frontend will send files for remote computing on my server (my PC with C# application, Windows for sure, no Linux absolutely)
- server will compute and generate .pdf (how to generate pdf...?)
- pdf accessible in frontend for download and sent via email
- frontend will ask for payment before computing. Subscription plans 24h access, 6 months, 12 months

More or less I think its good description.

I need to choose technology I will use which is easiest for me to adapt.
ASP.NET or HTML5 or what is at the moment most desirable?
I wish to program in Visual Studio Pro.
I hope I don't need to learn anything more than I need for this project.

Please advise!

Many Thanks!
Dear All ,

I am having problem while publishing a web application under a virtual directory on IIS.
below is the message i am having , while working on the http after a while
There was no endpoint listening at "http://localhost/Myservice" that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if
present, for more details
Please help me .
Thank you
Have a client that has a virtual assistant company, as a call comes In that client profile comes up in his system, at some clients he needs to connect to a computer at the client's since he needs to use a locally installed application, I would recommend him to you RDP but since the system he uses only accepts a URL, is my question is there is a way to launch RDP with a URL?
Or you may have any method of connecting to suggest
Client has asked me to provide some idea about how to duplicate the http://playspent.org/ gamification system.

If someone knows of a system like this in the wild which might be used to duplicate a similar site, let me know.

Something beyond simple systems like https://github.com/mulhoon/score.js providing layout of badges + count accumulation buckets in a response style system.

Maybe some sort of bolt onto score.js using SVG graphics for presentation.


Web Applications





Web applications are systems that run in browsers that perform functions normally associated with other client-based programs. One of the most commonly used web applications is email; instead of downloading individual emails to a local machine, the data is shown through a website. Other examples of web applications are collaborative systems like a wiki or an online game.