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Web applications are systems that run in browsers that perform functions normally associated with other client-based programs. One of the most commonly used web applications is email; instead of downloading individual emails to a local machine, the data is shown through a website. Other examples of web applications are collaborative systems like a wiki or an online game.

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If you look at the image, there are shared web pages between the 3 applications, Web, Mobile and Touch Browser. I need to report the web pages uniquely per application. So if web page A is loaded, it will need to load different JS libraries for each type of application. Currently a JS bootstrap loader file handles the logic to load the proper JS libraries but that is a 1-to-1 relationship. I now need a way to determine which application is loading the web page and load the appropriate libraries (DTM libraries but irrelevant). The solution would have to reside in the JS bootstrap loader file logic. I’m looking into using the navigator object to sniff out which type of application is requesting the web page but not sure how feasible that is? Maybe feature detection is another way but not sure how/if this would work with the applications? Any ideas?

Web Page/Application Distribution
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Hello -

We had a survey posted on our website and while we got a lot of responses, some are suspiciously similar even though they look like their coming from different locations. This might be too late but is there a way to distinguish between legit users and bots based on IP address or any other info?

For the future, how can we avoid this kind of situations(CAPTCHA?)

Thank you for your help!

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard - IIS 6.2

I'm getting the below error for one of my AppPools quite often:

A process serving application pool 'poolnamel' failed to respond to a ping. The process id was '23636'.

Do you know what could be causing this?

I am looking to find an open source "donor management solution" similar to donor perfect (www.donorperfect.net).
I you have anything in mind please let me know
I need the field name for the ship to address 1 and 2 field.  I am not sure of the class name in woocommerce that would contain those attributes.  I have the conditional logic in my child theme but I am not sure how to get the field names to test against.
I am trying to figure out how to embed a control (rich text editor) into my java web app so I can edit odt files. This control must have this minimum features:

  • Show tables with merged cells

  • Save the original file (odt format) with the changes made

  • Export the file in odt. Preferably in some other formats (pdf, etc)

  • Add Notes to the document

Does anyone know of any solution for this?. I'd prefer if this is a free.

thanks in advance.
Hello, I  have a Wordpress theme, on this theme I would like to reorder the some front page Widgets.  For a visual representation of the Widgets please see Webpage.jpg.  I would like to swap A with B.

The code below shows my home-template.php (I have also attached this page).

I have numbered the Hooks from 1 - 6.  I would like to reorder number 4 with number 6.   I can reorder all of the Hooks using priority, apart from number 4 (why is this?).
* Template Name: Home Page
do_action( 'genesis_home' );
//* Force full-width-content layout setting
add_filter( 'genesis_pre_get_option_site_layout', '__genesis_return_full_width_content' );

**// Execute Home Top - Slider image  1**

add_action( 'genesis_after_header', 'wsm_home_top');
function wsm_home_top() {
	genesis_widget_area( 'slider', array( 'before' => '<div class="home-slider widget-area">', 'after' => '</div>') );

**// Execute Home Top - Additional News Banner 2**

add_action( 'genesis_after_header', 'wsm_home_featured', 15 );
function wsm_home_featured() {
	genesis_widget_area( 'home-top-featured', array( 'before' => '<div class="home-top-featured widget-area"><div class="wrap">', 'after' => '</div></div>') );

**// Remove the standard loop 3**
remove_action( 'genesis_loop', 'genesis_do_loop' );

**// Execute Home Mid Section - Three layer widget section 4**

add_action( 'genesis_loop', 'wsm_home_loop_helper' );
function wsm_home_loop_helper() {
	echo'<div class="home-mid widget-area">';

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We have a yii application running on hosted lamp server. I want to run the same application on our local lamp server. I have downloaded and copied the same on our local server, but its not working giving below errors:
This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.
Try clearing your cookies.

Tried to cleared history/cookies and checked right issue, but not got solution.

I tried to create a test application using yii framework installed on another directory is working fine.

We have framework in our application var/www/html/jplgst folder.
checked config setting and there is no change, i have kept userid and password is same for our local server too.
I have checked database using phpymyadmin and is properly installed.

Please suggest, I am new and have not worked on this yii framework.

Thanks and regards
I need to connect some server and execute some command to take output using PHP. Basically I am trying to develop one web based software. This software will connect some server and execute some command and take output in php to process and display it in web GUI.
Please help me.
Hi experts.

I made this website  

It works fine in Denmark, but they cannot access the website in India.
Im trying to troubleshoot on this.

Can you help me? Can you access the website, and which country are you in while doing so?
What could i do to make it work?

Should i just change to .com? How, why can i know if India is blocking .dk domains?


Best regards
Mike Kristensen
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hi, i want to setup reverse proxy on virtual directory level and any request on this vd should rewrite the url to another server with different path and query string. I Am trying to use .net core 2.0, it works fine when i use middleware to perform the reverse proxy, but it breaks when i publish it to virtual directory. So i want to do like
http://localhost:5001/a/b/c and rewrite this path to http://anotherserver/a/b/c. But when i publish it becomes
and it is converting to
how can i make it to rewrite the url as  http://anotherserver/a/b/c in virtual dir scenario.

Please note : in middleware or in iis rewrite it works in website scenario. I am trying to make it work in virtual dir scenario

Currently, I am working on a .net web application(Customer Portal)  that has a html5, angular 2.0 and web api controller etc.
Since the database is very slow, downloading a year data to a PDF takes longer time(more than 2 min).
So planning to send it as a CSV files to the customer email address. No need to maintain a queue or database, since a maximum of  30 requests comes per day.

What is the best approach to do this?
I was thinking to write a separate window service.
But maintenance will be there.  We will be maintaining a seperate application.

Is there a way to add a service to the Customer portal web application and maintain as a single application?
If I join a Gotomeeting, will the meeting organizer be able to see the country from which I'm participating?
Hello experts,

I am trying to locate the most stable and most used open source HR solution.  I looked at number of open sources, which they claim to be, but they are not when the number of users goes beyond certain amount or require additional services.  The number of employees I will be using on this service is over 250.  The HR products I looked at was HR.me, OrangeHRM, and couple more.

I am looking forward to your recommendations.

Thanks in advance

   i have asp.net WEB API. i want to return application specific error codes from asp.net web api based on business rules.
Apart from standard error codes: like 201,204,404,400, 500.
My response structure is :
    "error": {
        "errorCode": 0,
        "message": null,
        "details": null
    "result": {
        "name": "3285",
        "type": "hgfhgh",
        "code": "00042"

In case if no errors, result will be populated and error object will be null.   if there are any errors, result object will be null and error object will be   populated with error code,error description etc..

Apart from standard HTTP errors, i want to return application specific error codes with description based on the business rules.
How can i achieve this

any one work on Sadad Payment Method Alinma Bank?
I have a web forms project that I am trying to imported into a web application project. I have a custom gridview class that I can't get to work. I have the class define under App_Code.

Namespace Alliance.Controls
    Public Class Gridview
        Inherits System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridView
    End Class
End Namespace

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the web.config:
<add tagPrefix="Alliance" namespace="Alliance.Controls"/>

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aspx file:
<Alliance:Gridview ID="allianceGridview" runat="server"></Alliance:Gridview>

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The intellisense works fine on a aspx page. The problem is the designer.vb file has a compile error 'Type Global.Alliance.Controls.Gridview is not defined'

If I change the line:

Protected WithEvents allianceGridview As Global.Alliance.Controls.Gridview


Protected WithEvents allianceGridview As Global.myapp.Alliance.Controls.Gridview

The compile error goes away but the aspx page will have a parser error: The base class includes the field 'allianceGridview', but its type (myapp.Alliance.Controls.Gridview) is not compatible with the type of control (Alliance.Controls.Gridview).
hello experts,

I have a prestashop website and would like to do some php security test through online audit checking website, can you tell me if you know some websites that perform this kind of online checking?

-I have the admin page and I want to make sure nobody access it or know the URL to it, I was thinking about a solution here and would like to know your opinion: I was thinking if I get a static VPN IP address, then my admin URL does not accept any incoming connection unless from the one with my VPN IP address and was wondering to put that in the htaccess, my question here: is this the best practice to protect that admin backend page? What is the effective way in your opinion?

-The other thing is, how can I test my e-commerce website against SQL injection?

By the way, I'm using Cloudways vps server, the database must be accessed through a different address and I suspect you can't access it even with credentials to the server, also this server requires something some permission reset that is available only through the cloudways server account manager, just wondering if that also helps somehow.

thank you
Dear Sirs,

I don't have specific problems using Spring 5.
My problem resides on the front-end. Designing forms, including special fields (like phone number, etc...), Using dialog forms, Including charts, including Confirmation/Question message dialog box.
I would like to buy a simple Spring 5 project that I can use as base, which includes the above front-end elements.
Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

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I work for a organization with a large website. I have been asked to provide the following stats from 2016 about the website:

  • total number of web pages on our website
  • total number of page linked to a newsletter

Regarding bullet number two: A friend suggested that I use Campaigns to track pages being linked to newsletters, which I assume would mean creating a different campaign for every newsletter link. I can do that going forward in 2018, but that doesn't help me find the stats for 2016.

Can I retrieve the 2016 stats for both bullets from GA and how would I do so? If it can not be retrieved from GA, please offer suggestions on how I may find this information.
The problem i am having in alignment of input and select fields. html and css code is attached. I am having hard time for resolving this as i am beginner in css learning.

Select fields for choosing time       from    [hour] [minutes]              to     [hour][minutes]  should be easily understood by user. right now it is not so.
Page is divided into two parts  - > left and right side.  left side's width is 60% and right side's is 40 %.

Form is in the left side. (which is to be consider)

I am travelling in main land china and naturally sites like google and YouTube etc are blocked.

I am thinking about getting one of the iOS vpn apps.

My concern is it monitoring my internet data in regards to passwords I type the mail app etc.

What I am thinking is if those programs do the encryption themselves I will be safe and this can't be attacked. SSL sites will be safe.

Are my assumptions correct? Are there any risks at all?


Hi All,

I have a SharePoint 2010 farm with multiple web applications. In the last couple of weeks, one of the web applications has not been showing picture files uploaded to it..

when a file is uploaded to a library in the affected web app, for a couple of seconds all is fine, the picture opens but on a second view seconds later, I get a white cross/black box (see image 1). If I try to open the same file from the explorer view, I get an error (image 2). But if I choose to download a copy of the same image. it works.

There are no workflows running on the documents and this is not affecting image files uploaded to the web app prior to about 2 weeks ago.  but as I stated, it's only affecting 1 web app in the farm.

Any help in fixing this issue would be most welcomed.


I am trying to delete the Search Service application of a SharePoint 2010 farm.

I tried via CA but nothing was happening after 25 minutes so I closed.

I tried via Powershell, same issue, except that the service app proxy line disappeared. But it seems crawling is still running. So now trying with the following stsadm command :

Set-Location -Path 'C:\Program Files\Common files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14' STSADM.EXE -o deleteconfigurationobject -id GUID[/code]

Nothing happened...

But I noticed each time I try to delete the service app I got those event ids :

The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Web.Environment.Sharepoint.CacheCreationJob (ID GUID) threw an exception. More information is included below. Access to this Web site has been blocked. event ID : 6398
I added full control to C:\Windows\Tasks to the SharePoint admin

Another thing I tried :

Stop the “SharePoint 2010 Timer” service.
Delete all the XML files in the config cache. There are loads of XML files that can be found in the folder “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\SharePoint\Config\”.
Edit the “cache.ini” file in the same folder that contained the XML files, setting the content to “1″ (without the double-quotes). This indicates that all cache settings need to be refreshed. Eventually this value gets automatically updated to another number when the cache is repopulated.
Start the “SharePoint 2010 Timer” service.
Remove-SPServiceApplication -Identity GUID

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Hello there,

I currently run Mozilla Rhino with this command:
java -classpath c:\Users\DNastri\Desktop\rhino1_6R2\js.jar org.mozilla.javascript.tools.shell.Main -opt -1 -f

Where can I download the package and how should I change the command to use in Rhino code the following library:

Web Applications





Web applications are systems that run in browsers that perform functions normally associated with other client-based programs. One of the most commonly used web applications is email; instead of downloading individual emails to a local machine, the data is shown through a website. Other examples of web applications are collaborative systems like a wiki or an online game.

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