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Web applications are systems that run in browsers that perform functions normally associated with other client-based programs. One of the most commonly used web applications is email; instead of downloading individual emails to a local machine, the data is shown through a website. Other examples of web applications are collaborative systems like a wiki or an online game.

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I have a series of apx  25 documents that describe 25 instances of a configuration screen on which you select - or enter - one or more data elements.. Each screen deals with a different concept (e.g. age, gender, etc).) But they all have common elements (e.g. how to clear all settings, how to display only selected items etc.

I'm leaning toward including these concepts on each of the 25 pages. (Ease of reading for our audience.) But, if, for some reason, our developers change the process of (e.g.) deleting all data elements), they I'd have to change it in 25 places.

I guess I could include these commands on a separate page, and simply say (on the 25 pages), "Click here for global commands."

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OWASP: Threats Fundamentals

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I'm documenting a connected series of screens that contains list of geographic locations. There are three screens;
  • Continent
  • Country
  • State

Each geographic entity can be assigned a value. e.g.
  • North America = 3
  • USA = 6
  • Ohio = 4

The returned value is the one for the most specific entity:]
  • If you are in Ohio: 4
  • If you are in the USA but not in Ohio: 6
  • If you are in North America but not in USA: 3
For this document, I have an intro, and then three sections (Continent/Country/State)

Would it be better practice to repeat the above derivation of the returned value in each section (3 instances) or just once (in the intro).  My concern is that if I put it in the intro, and someone is reading only the State section, they'd miss out on this explanation.

What you do think?

STEM education is growing rapidly and preparing the next generation to fulfill the needs of our society's technology demands.  

In what ways has EE helped you continually learn, even as professionals?
How can EE support STEM as a great learning resource?
When I go to the FoxNews site on my cell phone I get transferred to "today.giftcardssc1.xyz" with the following message:

Dear client Charter Communications, congratulations!
We would like to thank you for your loyalty to Charter Communications, and thus we offer you an exclusive chance to get a Walmart $1000 Gift Card today - December 30 (Sunday), 2018. All you have to do is choose the correct gift box to get started.  Good luck!

It then gives me a place to click (which I don't), and a "Close" option, which simply transfers me to the add page.  There's no way to get out of the ad page, other than going back to the original message.  This is the only website that presents the problem.  Do you know what it is and how I can get rid of it?


The user wants to get back a domain that they once had, but that now has a domain status of "Domain Status: pendingdelete"

We need advice on whether there is anything that can be done other than waiting in suspense every day to see if the domain has been released by the registrar and is 'back in circulation'.

The domain name is not a desirable name.  I doubt if there are dozens of people who want this name
I see from a whois that the Registrar is ENOM

I'd like to register it with DYN.COM
Can ENOM be contacted?
Can anything but waiting be done?

We have a web application that uses an external SMTP server to send emails.
We add CNAME records on our client's domain names so that the SMTP can send emails on their behalf. We don't have any issues so far, just with one of our clients in one specific situation.

If the application sends an email with our client's domain as the FROM to any email address other than their own domain, the email goes out without any issues.
If the application sends an email from any email address other than the client's domain and sends it to the clients domain, the email goes out without any issues.


If the application sends an email from an email address of our client's domain to another email address from the same domain, then the email doesn't even make it to the SMTP server. We checked the logs and there is no record of the email being processed.

What could possibly cause this?
Trying to demonstrate a web worker API to my Web Development students and I wanted to make the process of changing a color image to grayscale in the worker. I know it doesn't take much processing but I'm just using it as an example. I have the grayscale working fine when it's not separated out into a websworker ( jvalencia.ceiwd.com/contoso/badge1.html ) but when I put the code into a webworker the progress bar works but the grayscale image doesn't work--the color image is loaded. ( jvalencia.ceiwd.com/contoso/badge.html )  What am I missing?

WORKING (With no Web Worker):

function showImage(file) {
      reader = new FileReader();
      reader.onload = function (event) {

            if (holder.getContext !== undefined) {
                  var context = holder.getContext('2d');
                  var destX = 0;
                  var destY = 0;
                  var imageObj = new Image();
                  imageObj.onload = function() {
                        context.drawImage(imageObj, destX, destY, holder.width, holder.height);

                        var imgData = context.getImageData(0, 0, holder.width, holder.height); //get image from badge
                        var pixels = imgData.data

                        for (var i = 0, n = pixels.length; i < n; i += 4) {
                            var grayscale = pixels[i] * .3 + pixels[i+1] * .59 + pixels[i+2] * .11;
                            pixels[i  ] = grayscale;        // red
                                 pixels[i+1] = grayscale;        // green
                            pixels[i+2] = grayscale;        // blue
                            //pixels[i+3]              is alpha


I have to draft a guideline for systems that interface with a CII system & need inputs:
currently, the interfaces concerned are limited to 3 types only:

1. files transfer
I can only think that the generally practices ie:
 a) encryption of data in transit (eg: using sftp instead of ftp/mapping a drive or NFS)
 b) encryption of data at rest if it's sensitive (tampered with)

2. API
how do we secure these (in particular APIs using microServices)??
I've heard of API needs to be certified so before requesting for it, need to be certain
else applications developers may question its relevance/usefulness

3. DBLink
Those sqlconnect  esp Oracle links to extract / update data.
Will need to define if the non-CII system is
   a) updating into CII, will have to be extra stringent but how?
   b) extracting from CII, just encrypting the sql calls

Oracle databases, weblogic are involved in the critical systems
while the less-critical systems may be Windows, Linux on
various apps (including mobile apps).

Editing thread to add Oracle as it relates to DBLink.
We have setup a Windows 2012R2 RDS with Web apps. When we publish the apps they are not showing up in the work place. In the properties of the published app the Remote App program folder has nothing in the drop down menu. I have removed the Collection and created a new one with the same results. Any suggestions on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. TIA
I migrated my sisters website yesterday and for some reason the homepage is showing as hostpapa and not the actual homepage of the website which I have moved to hostgator


However, I can login to the admin here - http://www.lindalouisehill.co.uk/wp-login.php

And I can go to all other individual pages such as this one - http://www.lindalouisehill.co.uk/about-linda

I am concerned this page has been lost completely as i've gone back into file manager and the hostpapa one is in every copy and backup I have but something does not make sense as I go to an old backup from March and its there too but the homepage has not been like that since March.
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I am getting frequently below err message  while watching videos.
The browser I am using is Chrome.

Error Code

please advise how to fix this issue.
My Tomcat web application logs are telling me the user1 isn't in the specified mapped LDAP role/group coming from AD. I believe my issues lie with the JNDI Realm definition. Can someone review it please and see where I may be going wrong, I've included the DN information from AD as well:

My user1 account DN is

DistinguishedName : CN=user1,OU=Users,OU=Lab,DC=example,DC=com

Open in new window

The role/group Users I have specified in the web.xml config is

DistinguishedName : CN=Users,CN=Builtin,DC=example,DC=com

Open in new window

My Realm configuration is


Open in new window

I am trying to put together some pertinent questions in regards to our corporate website, in terms of technology, hosting, support, roles & responsibilities etc. This is to assist in an independent review of the website by a 3rd party from both accessibility, performance, security etc. Can you suggest some relevant 'fact finding' questions that if you needed to understand the setup of a website, and its hosting, and all the various technology components used to develop and maintain the site. It is not something I have ever had responsibility for, so having some queries in order to get a better understanding would be most useful.
i am looking into account lockout best practice configurations for failed login attempts/brute force. for one of our web applications the administrator has configured locking an account after 10 failed login attempts in a 60 second window. This seems a rather unusual setting based on other recommendations I have read on account lockout. Does anyone have a view if this setting poses a risk in anyway, or if any password attack tools can be configured to work around this setting e.g. a slower approach on how many it attempts each minute, and if so a more suitable suggestion of values?
These are the instuctions to download a picture from www.instagram.com


I'm using a normal windows 10 desktop pc.

I tried the instructions from the link above in this section


It worked fine using downloadgram except for one thing, it only saves the first picture in the post.

Sometimes an instagram post has more than 1 pictures

To view the other pictures i just click the right arrows that show above the picture.

How do i download the other pictures?
With the method above It only lets me download the first picture.
So if a instagram post has 4 pictures in the post, how do I download the 2nd picture? or all 4 pictures?
Hi experts
I need a site or company to create video or flash to present an application on a seminar

I'm looking on expert suggestion. I found several options, but maybe someone will guide me for proper solutions.

I'm building severals web apps, and each apps, need a Help. I don't want spending time building an engine / framework for my help. Do you know an API / System I can integrate with easily with my web apps. Here's my requirements.....

  • Search, I want only to add a search box in my apps and this will call an API to search the "Online" system
  • Easy Interface for Creating Article / Help Page an Editor basically (can be a look and feel like WorkPress)
  • Possibility to add Image, Documents, Large Files (Video)
  • Online / Hosted preferably Offline option can also be consider
  • If possible, Security UserName / Password for users to access the Help (Not mandatory)

Some Ticketing System (ZenDesk, Zoho, ...) offert similar feature but it's not a full framework for help...

Anything exist on the market ?.... an Online Wikipedia with a Search API....

Free or Not, I want to check the options.

Thanks for sharing.
In a web application, I have a field in a table that contains the following (scrubbed):
what is this
You can mouse over STATUS to display a popup that shows "Approved", "Deferred" etc.

But, what do you call STATUS. It's not a link, and not sure if it should be called an icon. But, if "Icon" is appropriate, I'll run with it. Thanks.
Hi experts
I am searching for WebsiteBuilder applications like wix or any other
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Fundamentals of JavaScript

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hye, EE experts, i am thinking to get advertisement to my own web site that  has 6000 chinese visitor as  monthly in English site about taxi fares calculating , is there any idea or advice  for getting online advertisement affiliate commpany??
Another question related,  i have domain name  such as htttp:// www.fastfood.[city name]. How to and where to sell this domain name as godaddy recommended price 650 $ ??
Dear Experts

I am looking for a solution or tool  to collect information about specific keywords which could be related to specific technology or a product etc if configured those specific words so that I get an instant notification when someone mentions about it on different sites , social media mentions,blog comments/website on complete internet, it is not related to our company or brand in general it is for my interest on some technology related or could be anything, which all companies showing interest on it and what they are doing for it etc, this will help us to understand. I know ORM tools but it is generally used for brand reputation not sure if it serves this purpose, experts please suggest
I have done front-end Microsoft SharePoint development for about three years, creating sophisticated custom interfaces like dynamic Org Charts. Now I want to create my first stand-alone web application. It needs to support user accounts and subscription-based pricing. Traffic will be relatively low, maybe 10,000 potential users worldwide. My current skillset is below. I'm thinking about hosting on Heroku. Is React a good option for me? What backend should I use?

Proficient in: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL

Experience in: PHP, Python, TypeScript, NPM, Gulp

Interested in: React
Hi, do you know how to make an offline dictionary to search faster? I am using offline dictionary in my website but when its searching for the meaning of a word, it takes too much time to find the meaning.

To clarify things, I did not obtain these from other offline dictionary softwares. Instead, I made the coding myself using HTML.
web applications vs. custom desktop software.  These are the two scenarios that I am posed with in designing an attendance/registration system for our organization.  Are there disadvantages to web application vs. a desktop software.  I imagine there is more power in the coding aspect of most programs compared to web application development.  I know its an abstract question, but I wanted to see what the experts have to say on this subject.   Is there really no difference?  The application I will need to design will register individuals, take their daily attendance, and then output statistics.  Also any ideas on how to best develop such a program may be appreciate.
Simple question.

I am based in the US and have a hybrid Office 365 environment.  I have a user traveling internationally but cannot access his O365 webmail.  A colleague changed his O365 licensing location to the UK but I do not believe that we need to change the location for the user to access his O365 web applications.  Are there any O365 account modifications necessary when traveling abroad?  I do not think so but my colleague has me second guessing myself.

Web Applications





Web applications are systems that run in browsers that perform functions normally associated with other client-based programs. One of the most commonly used web applications is email; instead of downloading individual emails to a local machine, the data is shown through a website. Other examples of web applications are collaborative systems like a wiki or an online game.