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Web browsers are applications used primarily to display documents, files and media from the Internet, identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that can be a page, image, video or other file. Some browsers require the use of add-ons or extensions to safely render the information they receive; others have systems built into them to perform the same functions.

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Quick, for those of you that care about copywriting, typography, and such: what's your favorite way to make an em-dash (—)? My current method is to do a Google search and copy/paste, but this seems terrible and I feel bad every time I do it because I know there are more efficient ways. I've been too lazy busy to train myself to do something better, but maybe learning your favorite way(s) will finally prompt me to take a more efficient approach...

Note: most of my writing is done in a web browser and I tend to bounce between Chrome on a PC and Safari on a Mac.
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Is there a way to capture a web page on an iOS device  so that any links on the webpage remain live.

What I’m doing right now is hitting the share button, selecting print,  selecting the printer,  and then reverse pinching, then hitting the share button again and saying open in PDFpen Pro which then stores it in iCloud. I WOULD REALLY LOVE A WAY TO AUTOMATE THAT PROCESS.

 I am able to get the webpage but the links are no longer live.  The files get stored in iCloud and then on a weekly basis I drag-and-drop them to be ORCd and filed.

Do you know of an app that will capture the page as a PDF that will keep the Links live.

I am looking at DevonThink to go but it seems overly complicated and difficult to search. Not sure where it stores the database but it does allow you to save as a WebArchive
I am designing a page menu that will be compatible with web browsers, mobiles and tablets. I have tiles for the selection screen, and text on the tiles. In my CSS I am using vm to determine the size of the font so that it will adjust according to the screen size, but when it gets to the size for mobiles the size of the font is too small. Is there a way to set the minimum font size when it auto adjusts it for mobiles?
What is the process within Google Chrome to change the homepage to the list of the most recently visited websites?
Is it possible to add a shortcut/button to Google Chrome so when I go to a website, I have an option to have Chrome to translate the website content into my own language?

If yes, please instruct how.

Thanks in advance.
I have no idea what the key is here...

Fourth menu item down, first key.

Also, how can I make Chrome display my favorites in the top mar? Always visible?

While opening pdf it is opening in microsoft edge. But i want it to open as just ADOBE document or worst case as microsoft internet explorer. how to to do this. please advise
Hi, when I go to a link like: https://medlineplus.gov/feeds/topics/diabetes.xml  in IE(which I hate) or Firefox(which I no longer use, but I remember it did this), it shows the results in a user-readable manner, like:
But Chrome shows it like:
I don't want an RSS reader, I don't want to have to save feeds or subscribe, or get notifications. I just want to read the page. Is there a way to do this? Seems so silly that Chrome doesn't just do this. Thanks.
Hey guys-
I have two users that now face this problem.  I have an application that allows you to export the results you see on the screen to an excel file.  a week ago, chrome would show a little notification box that the download is complete and you could click that small pop up box and open the file directly from there.  Excel would then automatically open the file.

Now my users are only given the option to save the file to a location.  It is annoying for them.
How do i get this functionality back?  

Thanks everyone
Have multiple identical Windows 10 desktops on a network sharing a single Internet connection through a single router running DHCP. All systems are functioning fine except for one which recently lost ability to browse the web. Target system reports having Internet access and does file sharing and printing over network just fine, both using a Wi-Fi and wired connection. Have tried browsing with IE, Chrome and Edge and all fail same way.

Have run network diagnostics, changed target system ip address, flushed and renewed dns, restarted several times with no change. Windows updates are current. Will run netsh winsock reset in about 18 hours when I'm in front of target system to do so.

Any ideas or suggestions of where else to look is appreciated.
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one of the browser favorites folder named abc has 100 favorite lins
one other favorites folder named cde has about 50 favorite links
now i want to sync cde folder into abc. My target is to have abc having 150 favorite links and delete cde folder to avoid confusion. how to do it in chrome, mozilla, IE browsers. please advise
I have a single user that no matter what browser he uses it eats up all the available RAM on his PC.

For example, this morning he opened Chrome and let it sit there. A few minutes later, Task Manager showed that Chrome was using 2.5GB of RAM.

We see the same thing if he uses Internet Explorer.

This causes other programs to run slowly.

Any idea why this is happening?

In internet explorer on my personal laptop i visit one site many times a day. I want internet explorer to remember my username and password. how to teach IE and also mozilla, chrome to do that? please advise
         how to set youtube videos as 240p for entire domain( internet explorer, firefox,chrome), for every browsers. & restrict user to set in high resolution ??
in the feedback of the chrome browser is experiments with a list of clients and numbers,  is this normal?

I have a joomla site and a component that lets me display a google map on a page.  

However the map is not showing in the front end to the public.  (It is showing in the back end of the site -- so I know I have my Google Maps API key correct -- at least that is what I am assuming).

I have some security settings which might be preventing the display of the map on the page, but am not sure if that is the issue.

So to troubleshoot it I want to use Firebug to see if there is an error regarding the display of the map. Once I know that I can go into Joomla and make any security adjustments (if that is the issue) to allow the map to be displayed.

Here is a link to the page.


If you can either tell me how to use Firebug to see where the map is failing, or check it yourself and let me know why it is failing -- that is what I am looking for in this question.


Hi all,

Win 7
There has been a personal cert added to IE11, the problem has materialized since then. I am not saying this caused the issue but it may be possible. I have removed the cert but this has not fixed the issue.

the issue is

In webmail the user is unable to download attachments. The attachment seems available with its proper name and size, however when the link is clicked to download I am offered the opportunity to Open/Save/Save As/Cancel but I can do neither of them.

also, rather than the download 'pop-up' showing 'Do you want to open or save FILENAME ......' it show 'Do you want to open or save dlAttach_php?attachment=2&index blah blah' basically the link to the file not the file.

When the email is forwarded the recipient (in outlook) can open the attachments.

I can open the attachments in Chrome.

Any ideas appreciated
I would like to point out that since Chrome's recent update,
I now have to re-input all my previous saved passwords and some are
missing in action :(

Has anyone experienced the same and is there a fix, even though it is too late now but
for the other members... =)
It seems since Mid 2017 that Microsoft is adding an interstitial advert at the top of every page when you visit a Microsoft site NOT using Edge like this:

edge advert
I have successfully used uBlock Origin to stop this by blocking the element - although, of course, Microsoft might be likely to change or randomize the element name...
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Hey guys, I have a device that's unable to play audio from a website. the website is using .asx files to stream audio from the website to a media player. I have tried VLC and windows media player, both of which won't stream the audio. I have tried three different web browsers and they all have the same issue. I tried restarting the computer and logging in under a different account and I still get the error VLC is unable to open the mrl or windows media player couldn't open file. I tried turning off the antivirus and it still wouldn't play. The computer is the only one on the network having this issue.
I'm stumped and don't know what to try next besides restoring the computer.
I have tried the 'rm -rf' on the folders that it says online are the cache folders for chrome, but was only lucky with clearing 1of the folders - ~/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/Default/Cache.  I tried manually deleting the files from the other folder that a search result said was another chrome cache folder but the cookies did not clear.  

Stopped there, wondering if anyone has invented this wheel?  I am using Sierra OS X.  Thanks, Dawn
This issue only happens on Android phones.
We have an internal website which uses self-signed user certificates for authentication.
When a user connects to the website for the first time, chrome prompts them which certificate they want to use. Even though there is only one certificate to choose from.
Usually, just choosing once is enough until the user either turns off the phone or ends the chrome process. But some users say they still get prompted multiple times.

Is there a way that Chrome can be set to automatically use the user certificate installed on the phone so the user does not see this prompt?

We have an MDM solution that automatically installs the certificate on the phones - that part is not a problems. I asked them if they had a solution but their only response was to use their MDM browser instead of Chrome.
actualy i have created a popup.on the body part of browser i have disbled mouse click(right and left click) bt now i want , if i click on new window tab or browser cut buttion it should be disabled(both right click and left click).
i am using programming language html,css,javascript......can u plz give me the solution
LVL 16

Author Comment

by:Kyle Santos

Edge has proven reliable.  I mistakenly lumped it in there with all previous versions of IE haha.  Sorry about that.  I tried Edge for a year on my personal computer when Windows 10 came out.  It was a good experience.

Expert Comment

by:Brian Matis
Honestly, some of the biggest problems with IE have always been in developing for it. Even if Edge handles that much better, the legacy of it being related to IE at all is something that can put web developers on edge (pun intended ;-)
On one of my domain workstations (and the only one of ten with this problem) the user sees errors like "Oops, something went wrong.  Our server team is looking at it."  This does not happen on all websites - in fact, only a couple.

I've tried using Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox (all three have been installed for some time.)  Same problem with all three.
I cleared cookies/cache/etc.  No help
I've tried logging on as an administrator.  No help.

Again, on all the other workstations (Win7 Pro/64) the error does not occur.

'Internet Options' Security Settings are the same on all workstations - internet set to 'Medium-High,' 'Run Protected Mode,' 'TLS settings' are the same.

I'm baffled.  I will say that we experienced a ransomware attack, and a lot of files from that workstation got deleted.  Could there be some core Windows file that got damaged on that workstation, but not others that were also hit by the malware?

I'm not opposed to re-installing Windows on that machine, but if there is a less destructive fix I'd love to hear it.  Thanks

Web Browsers





Web browsers are applications used primarily to display documents, files and media from the Internet, identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that can be a page, image, video or other file. Some browsers require the use of add-ons or extensions to safely render the information they receive; others have systems built into them to perform the same functions.