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Web browsers are applications used primarily to display documents, files and media from the Internet, identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that can be a page, image, video or other file. Some browsers require the use of add-ons or extensions to safely render the information they receive; others have systems built into them to perform the same functions.

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We have a vendor installed site on a local server in IIS.  They said the site only works in Chrome.  The site allows tickets to be printed by clicking a button called "PDF" which then generates and downloads a PDF.  For some tickets it works and others get "Failed - Network error".  It's not random, the same ticket either works every time or doesn't.  We can download those same tickets that don't work in Chrome, in Edge and Firefox without issue.  But Edge and Firefox have other view issues so we can't just switch to them.  Everything else within this site works fine in Chrome.  We've already tested disabling AV, UTM services, etc.  Those had no affect.  I'm thinking this issue lies in IIS or the code of the site.
I have Firefox that is work under rdp.
I want to deny users to brows any website except two websites.
how I can do that ? the user should not have permission to edit this latter.
Can you add charts using  Microsoft PowerPoint Online?
For instance, let us say that you use Google Chrome to login to office.com or portal.office.com and you open the Online version of PowerPoint, can you use a Google Chrome extension to add a chart to a PowerPoint file?
Does a Google Chrome extension exist that will allow you to add charts to PowerPoint Online?

We host several internal sites (intranet, and utility).  Oftentimes, when we access them, we get that pesky UNTRUSTED or UNSECURE warning from Chrome.  

I've set up an internal certificate server to try to authorize them, but because many of them (my intranet sites / helpdesk sites) use OpenSSL, it's not playing nice with my windows AD Certificate Services.  

Do any of you have a good procedure for how to register sites using OpenSSL to a MIcrosoft On-Prem Certificate server / CA?  

Thank you!
https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly?id=vrughLHv7-LfXilg5Zu_Ng  that test says the page isn't mobile friendly, and the screenshot shows this:

But I can't replicate that in Chrome. It looks fine in Chrome. How can I test and fix this issue? Thanks.
Is there an extension for Chrome that will perform the same thing as the default home page?
Problem: When  opening Chrome, it prompts for which e-mail address to use.
Note: Outlook is configured with two different Microsoft Exchange Online accounts.
Goal: I need to have Chrome only select one e-mail address, and not present the different e-mail address menu.
Printing an article from the web in Chrome, the last line of text on a page may get cut-off horizontally and the rest of the line shows up on the next page.

- Using a different printer from the same workstation makes no difference (same problem).
- Using Chrome on a different workstation: works fine (problem is gone).
- Using Firefox on the original workstation: works fine (problem is gone).

So if it was a system or printer driver setting, wouldn't Firefox exhibit the same issue?
But if it is a Chrome setting, which one? I couldn't find any difference between the two workstations.
Could anyone help?
I'm trying to fix an annoying CSS bug on a WordPress site that I'm developing and am hoping that someone here can help me.  If you view this page in either Firefox, Edge, or IE11 and scroll down to the bottom -- you'll notice that the 2 social icons are being displayed to the right of the 3 links (ie: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Sitemap).  


This appears to be being achieved using this CSS rule:

.widget-pages ul {
    list-style: none;
    columns: 2;

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... where "columns: 2" is suppoedly splitting the 5 different list items into 2 separate columns.  

However, .. if you view the same page using either Chrome or Opera, ..the Instragram social icon is for some reason being displayed at the bottom of the first column instead of at the top of the 2nd column.   My assumption was that the CSS would try to evenly split the 5 different list items into the 2 different columns - with the first 3 list items being displayed in the 1st column, and the remaining 2 in the 2nd column.  But obviously this isn't the case.

How can I fix this?  Is there any way that I can tweak this CSS rule somehow so that it forces the last 2 list items to be displayed in the 2nd column (in Chrome and Opera)? If so, how?

- Yvan
Hi Team,

Have made the popover which appears when the user clicks on the button, the user can scroll wherever the user wants.

The issue I am facing when I click on popover again it resets its position that means that popover appears from its default location rather appearing from the location where it was left earlier.

Enclosing the running code example, please suggest?

Click on 'POpover' button brings popover, you can drag and drop the popover wherever you want but the moment you click the button again it resets its position whereas expected is it should appear from the last location.

Hi Experts,

This is in regards to the following question.


In addition, that script only works for IE, I would like to add check for Chrome, Safari and Firefox as well?

Whoever has an answer kindly post it here.

Is there a process to properly copy a cookie out of my computer so it can be used on a different computer?
Hello the experts,

This is my first post here, please let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

Explaning my problem is simple : I use shortcuts a lot, for various reasons, in various places. Each time my PC is changed or reinstalled (which happens quite often with our IT department, if the problem is not easily solved, let's just reinstall the machine !) it's a mess. Some shortcuts are lost. Some shortcuts don't work. Some shortcuts just vanish, pouf, empty file. Question : what could I do to avoid that as much as possible ?

I know the problem is much more complex than the question and it depends what shortcuts we're talking about, what I'm trying to do with them, and so on. But I don't need help on a very specific issue I need to solve. I would like to get global advise, internet references to "shortcut best practices", tricks & cheats, you see the idea.

Then I will study and apply all that next time they reinstall my PC (again...). Then I will probably come back and bother you with my unsolved issues. ;)

A few things that I should probably tell you :
- My machine is an pretty old mobile PC, dell intel core i5 blabla
- My files are ALL either on Onedrive perso, either on Sharepoint
- We use Chrome and are pretty much stuck with it
- My main habit with "local" (but on Onedrive) folders is right click on the file/folder I need on duplicate spots, create shortcut, move the shortcut whenever I need it
- My main habit with internet shortcuts is bring it from…
My vsphere web client all of a sudden no longer works with chrome. I Have the URL white listed in the chrome settings under flash and I have the latest version of Flash installed. Trying to access my vcenter but can't.

What are good alternatives for Google and Chrome these days, with focus on security and safety?
Brave Browser, using add Blockers (which ones)?

I am building a website.  I noticed that when entering text in the contact form from mobile phones there is this odd delay, anywhere from 1-10 seconds before the letters or words I typed appears.  On my computer and laptop it is fine, no lag.  On my iphones 10 and 7, I tried safari, chrome, and edge...they all do it.  

It's a fairly straight forward contact form, uses php on the back end.  The server resources are good. Internet connection is fast, just wondering what would possibly cause this lag only on mobile.

Not really sure where to start.  Should I be looking for in CSS config?
Google Chrome will not start  on  windows 10 Dell laptop
Can I remove one all cache for one website from Chrome?
Hi Experts,

I have the following code that checks if users have the latest and supported browser version (for Caspio apps).

<script src="//cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/bowser/1.9.4/bowser.min.js" integrity="sha256-tS9rYBF0HnbO+ivkEWS7ybM7ujNLmtFbA6utN7YJ2YM=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
    // alert(JSON.stringify(bowser)); // uncomment this to know what bowser get from your browser to use it below
    var version = bowser.version.match(/\d*\.{0,1}\d+/).pop() * 1
    var ua = window.navigator.userAgent;
    if(/Edge/.test(ua)) {
        if(parseInt(ua.substring(ua.indexOf('Edge/') + 5, ua.indexOf('.', ua.indexOf('Edge/'))))<12)
            alert("your edge version need to be over 12")
    else if(bowser.msie) {
            alert("your internet explorer version need to be over or equal to 11");
    else if(bowser.chrome) {
            alert("your chrome version need to be over 70");
    else if(bowser.firefox) {
            alert("your firefox version need to be over 65");

    else alert("your browser is not supported");

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Would like to remove Edge and add Safari latest version to it.

Hello friends,

I have been successfully using proxy.pac on my network for a long time, but recently I have noticed a problem that is getting worse (and I'm not finding a solution)...

Within minutes most computers are making hundreds (sometimes thousands) of requests to the webserver (apache) to load proxy.pac.

Analyzing Apache logs and network traffic, proxy.pac is successfully transferred on all requests.

As result of this: apache logs increase dramatically in a short time, network traffic (between stations and web server with proxy.pac) also increases tremendously and there is a considerable loss of speed / performance to open Internet pages.

This issue happens regardless of operating system (Windows or Mac OS X). The default browser used on the network is Google Chrome.

Has anyone here ever been through this? Tips?

Thank you in advance.
Hi Experts,
I am looking for a program that will list all PC names, browser names and versions within the network.
Would prefer it to be done either as a DOS command, batch file or VBA.
VERSION="Google Chrome 76.0.3809.100" . (Need to split and get only the version (76.0.3809.100)
#echo $VERSION

IFS=' ' read -a VERSION <<< "$VERSION"
    if "${VERSION[@]}"= "76.0.3809.100"
        echo "${VERSION[@]}"

It is not working. Please help.
I cannot open Word 2016 Hyperlink with Internet Explorer.
I have a word document with a hyperlinked text that points to a pdf document (see attached). I want this link be opened from public visitors.
The link works if I have configured Google Chrome as my default browser, but visitors have different browsers so it is not a solution to change the default Browser that opens the link.
Any Ideas on how to fix it?
google chrome cannot show the print preview when the built in pdf viewer is missing
I have an application running in ASP.NET/C#/IIS/SQL Server.

The application is not rendering correctly on any browser other than Internet Explorer.

I have added a document with the details on display and some setting changes I had to make for PCI Scan Vulnerabilities.

Please advise on what the issue may be.


Bruce Merevick
Very strange problem
I have been using xampp in windows 10 for many months - no problems at all
In the last couple of days I have the problem where I try to log into phpmyadmin or any other site on my local webserver which requires a login, chrome browser just hangs
All the sites work in Firefox - no issues

I cannot see where the problem is in Chrome - I know I can recreate the Google chrome Data file and create a new one but I would rather not have to do that as I lose my settings
If I access the site from another pc with Chrome, the sites work just fine

Any ideas

Web Browsers





Web browsers are applications used primarily to display documents, files and media from the Internet, identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that can be a page, image, video or other file. Some browsers require the use of add-ons or extensions to safely render the information they receive; others have systems built into them to perform the same functions.