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Web browsers are applications used primarily to display documents, files and media from the Internet, identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that can be a page, image, video or other file. Some browsers require the use of add-ons or extensions to safely render the information they receive; others have systems built into them to perform the same functions.

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Somehow, when I go to google.com, I now get this.


How do I fix that?

I'm using Firefox, I don't have time to try other browsers.

I have a simple form that posts to a page that process the information and inserts it into a database table.
for some reason some of my people are coming through duplicated exactly .

After much narrowing down the problem, and tracking the browser in the table, I see it's only happening in chrome. all other browsers are coming through once.

i looked in the network tab and the page is only being called once.
i put a die(); right after the insert so make sure it's not doing anything else, and the page stops, but I still get 2 inserts

What else might this be?  My page was working fine for months, and suddenly last week this just started.
 try {

    $dbh = $conn->prepare("INSERT INTO dbo.[ ... ] ( ........) VALUES (?, ?,?,?,?,?, ?,,?)");
	$dbh->bindParam(1,  $firstname);
    $dbh->bindParam(2,  $lastname);
    $dbh->bindParam(3,  $address);
    $dbh->bindParam(4, $_POST['city']);


			//catch exception
			catch(Exception $e) {

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This is similar to a question I posted the other day, only this time, I want to be able to do the same thing with Browsers. Google hasn't been of much help.

I'm testing a variety of (5) browsers I plan to eventually do a review on, but in order to test them properly and to my own satisfaction, I need to keep switching the default Browser in Windows 10 using the GUI method in Default Apps. Too many clicks needed for my liking.

Is there a simpler way you know of that I could do the same thing with just a couple of mouse clicks, like the solution John found for me in my other question?

Ie: For my microphones, all I need to do to change the default Microphone to use is with one click of my mouse as shown below and it's done:

Example of the type of solution I'm looking for.
Similar to the above, I'd like to have a menu where I could just click and select any browser I want to make it the default browser in Windows 10 with one or two clicks.

Please note that I am heavily challenged when it comes to any type of coding, scripting or automating. A programmer I am not.

Using a GUI I can figure out how to do just about anything on Windows, but if I need to make changes via Powershell or similar, please include detailed instructions on how, where and why I need to enter any script(s) to achieve my end goal.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Andrew
I need to know how, when using Chrome & showing the console section on the right (using F12), how to make it stop when it detects an error. It flashes a red error message & then proceeds. I can't see it, it disappears too fast. How can I make it stop on a javascript error (that's what I think it is) so I can see what it says?
how to remove google chrome for users in published Citrix desktop. Urgent. Need this solution by tomorrow. Thanks.
I want to pass username and password to a website login screen instead of the user entering the data.  Can this be done?
Our Internet Surfing Segregation (one of those  Secure Browser product/solution like
Menlo, Authentic8, Fireglass) recommended us to put a proxy.pac (Proxy Auto Config)
file in a webserver.

This proxy.pac will be pointed to by IE, Chrome, Firefox so that when users launch
these browsers, proxy.pac will launch this vendor's secure browsers when users
browse sites that are not in the 'whitelist' (ie trusted sites).

This is a Garrison product (garrison.com) : I thought of placing this proxy.pac file
in a corporate shared drive  so that in browsers, we can set in the proxy config
script as   file://c:/folder/proxy.pac  but IE11 doesn't support this file location
anymore (tho Chrome & Firefox still do).

Was advised by garrison that it's best to put in web server so that in IE11, can
specify as  http://...website.com/proxy.pac    but our corporate site is hosted in
a Cloud: don't think the Cloud provider (AWS) allows us to deposit a file in an
SaaS model.

What other ways other than setting up a webserver?  I do have a Solaris web
server that acts as  ClamAV depository (local mirror)  that runs httpd : what
are my best option?
Need a few ideas on how to code sample data to test my Kendo UI controls

I will be using Kendo UI, Angular and jQuery on my next project. So, I assume the client will have different Kendo UI controls to test. So, the best way to test them is to populate them with dummy data, since the back-end work may not be up to speed yet.

So, please provide one or more Javascript samples which I could use to store the sample data.

I guess a multi-dimensional Array is pretty common in Javascript, BUT, it would also help if you also have the Javascript wrapper which returns the sample set of data as JSON and XML.

Does Angular 7 NEED jQuery?

I will be starting a new project which includes:

Angular 7

but my experiences with Angular 4 showed me that when you think you need jQuery, you have not looked hard enough at solving the problem using the features of Angular.

But I see this association between Angular, Kendo UI and jQuery.


How do these all fit together?


I have installed Chrome browser and added an extension called "tinyfilter."  It is an internet filter that can block or trust sites.  When I add a website like cnn.com it will not block it.  I have tried many other websites and it will not work.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong or does it not work?

We receive an email about a vulnerability in chrome.  May someone advise what is the best way to remediate the issue?

Do we need to update chrome on all workstation?  If yes, how can we deploy the update from a centralize way such as using group policy?

Please advise.

Many thanks.
var nestedtablesettings = {
    "iDisplayLength": 20,
    "bLengthChange": false,
    "bFilter": true,
    "bSort": true,
    "bInfo": false,
    "drawCallback" : function() {
        var appendDownloadLink = $("table table td .dataTables_filter");
        appendDownloadLink.each(function(i, e) {
            var label = $('label', e);
            $(e).html('<a class="export-circuits" href >Export circuits</a>').append(label);

            $(".export-circuits").on("click", function(e){
                circuit = $(this).closest('tr').prev('tr').children('td').eq(1).text();
                hpath = "exportCircuits?organisationID="+getbusinessID+"&interfaceName="+circuit;
                $(this).attr("href", hpath);

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I am trying to add an export link on the nested datatable.  When I try to see my result on Chrome and Firefox, it is working perfectly.

The result on chrome and Firefox
<div id="nested-datatable-covertab_0_row_0_tab_0_row_0_tab_0_filter" class="dataTables_filter"><a class="export-circuits" href="">Export circuits</a><label>Search:<input type="search" class="" placeholder="" aria-controls="nested-datatable-covertab_0_row_0_tab_0_row_0_tab_0"></label></div>

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On the IE, it removed the data from label elements.
<div id="nested-datatable-covertab_0_row_0_tab_0_row_0_tab_0_filter" class="dataTables_filter"><a class="export-circuits" href="">Export circuits</a>

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From my research, IE has got some issue with jquery append method.

Any helps would be highly appreciated.
Attached is the screen that comes up in Internet Explorer 11. Where do you start trying to fix the error?

I am having trouble figuring out how to have modified css applied to an existing WordPress site.

- WordPress 4.9.9
- Apache

I would like to know:
- How to change the looks of the website

- I don't know which scss files are loaded by web browser. There is no scss files under application directories. You can actually find multiple scss files are loaded from the developper console.
- I have 'main.css' that seems relevant to scss files used to style the website. CSS properties can be found in 'main.css' but browser does not use 'main.css' to rendering purpose. Instead, it seems to use .scss files since look of the site does not change by modifying 'main.css'.

Other note:
- There seems no SCSS related plugins are installed.
- This WordPress website was developed by freelancers who I am not in touch anymore.

Live preview site:

I have been googling for long time, but not successful so far :(
Any advises are welcome. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Setting a new home page on Windows 10 - Edge

When I create a new tab, I want Google

Our employees on the road have laptops with LTE connection and want to narrow their internet usage to only a few sites or category’s I came across this site https://www.currentware.com/browsecontrol/ which seems good but is pricy.

What I like about this site is they have a lot of categories to choose from, which others like windows parental control or NetNanny do not offer.

I would not go with Norton for example, since I don’t want their security firewall.

OpenDNS would be the one I would go, but in this case, it will not work, since you need to use their DNS and with LTE, you cannot change the DNS.

Any recommendations
Hello Experts - I recently upgraded a Dell Precision laptop from Windows 7 pro to 10.  I'm seeing both Edge and the Windows store are unable to access the internet.  IE and Chrome both work normally.  I don't see any proxy set and the machine is working fine otherwise.  Any ideas on what I can try to get the MS products working?
I have a site (it's an intranet, so I can't give a link) which uses jQuery.ui dialogs to show messages.
It uses only jQuery and jQuery.UI plus some of our own JS and CSS.
When the page content is much bigger than the view port (the browser window) (so there is vertical scroll bar appears) the dialog is shown at the bottom of the browser's window. Also the opposite is true, when the page content is much less to the browser's window, the dialog is aligned to the top edge.
I've found out that on this site the following expression is always equals true (in Chrome and Mozilla, but not in IE) and I believe that is the reason for the dialog misplacing.

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On other sites these two methods return different sizes of the page content and the viewport accordingly.
What could be a cause for that?
I'm starting an MVC application in Visual Studio.NET C#.  If I create a new view and set it as the startup page, I get this message in Chrome.  Why do I get the message and how do I remove it.
My first aim is to put a textbox on the view and a button.  The user enters a number in the textbox, presses the button and the page displays double the number.

Server Error in '/' Application.
The resource cannot be found.
Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Requested URL: /Home/Cards

Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.7.3282.0
I need to back up all the settings found in Control Panel=>Internet Options (for Internet Explorer 11) so I can easily restore them to another user. Does anyone know where these settings are kept?
We built a new remote desktop services server just recently. We are very happy with it except for one strange issue. When one of our domain joined laptops launches the login page from either IE or Chrome, a certificate windows pops up asking to use one of our sub-ca certs to login. If I say yes, it gives me a login failure and an IIS screen pops up. If I say no, the cert screen goes away and continues to the correct login page. Its almost as if the site initially once to use the cert for authentication when it should not. Any ideas?

Built on Server 2016
I'm in the process up updating firmware on network devices.
RV042 updates have gone well.
RV320 updates are NOT going well.

RV320 units are at firmware and we want to get to
Even existing units don't respond to laptop browsers: IE, Google Chrome, Firefox.
I believe the GUI is working but unless we reset to factory defaults, the browser *connections* fail.
As soon as a working configuration is loaded up, the connections stop working.

Any insights?
Hello, Is it possible to script embeddable VBA for MS WORD that, instead of a direct hyperlink to URL, will point to CHROME then the URL?
There is a vm in which the domain controller is enable and also the WDS role is enable.
The chrome browser is installed by pushed from the wdc to each user in the domain.

My problem is  that, suddenly one user has problem with the chrome.(is look like that chrome is corrupted)
Since i haven't use the WDS role before , i would like to ask how to push to install the chrome to this user again?
(i haven't experience to wds before) i need advises

I have a cloud based program that certain links open up in a completely new 'sub window'.  Original window in the browser remains.  I can perform tasks in this new window.  HOwever, when I select another link that uses a 'sub window' also, the previous 'sub window' is replaced by the new one.  Is there a way to get these to not replace each other or have them open up in a new tab on the browser instead.

Thanks in advance, it's driving me crazy :)

Web Browsers





Web browsers are applications used primarily to display documents, files and media from the Internet, identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that can be a page, image, video or other file. Some browsers require the use of add-ons or extensions to safely render the information they receive; others have systems built into them to perform the same functions.