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Web browsers are applications used primarily to display documents, files and media from the Internet, identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that can be a page, image, video or other file. Some browsers require the use of add-ons or extensions to safely render the information they receive; others have systems built into them to perform the same functions.

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Push Google Chrome using BatchPatch.  I'm using BatchPatch to deploy updates, I can't seem to figure out how to do a silent installation of Google Chrome.
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Would you recommend dropping IE11 support in favor of using ECMAscript 6 advances. IE11 apparently still has approx 10% market share across a mix of corporate and individual users. This is according to stats from https://analytics.usa.gov/, which I like because it's not so weighted toward power users. I would like to use arrow functions, for example, but 10% seems big. Our client's are corporate, but their audience is mostly individuals.
I am getting frequent "MSN is not responding" messages while running Internet explorer 11. I suspect MSN and  would like to remove it. It seems to have been installed when I installed Internet explorer, to my knowledge,  I certainly haven't specifically installed it. Can I uninstall MSN from my PC and still run Internet explorer ?
I am running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.
I have also observed the following:
When Internet Explorer is first launched, and click on the Tools button all the options are available:
Add Site to Start Menu
View downloads
Manage Addons
F12 developer tools
Go to Pinned sites
Compatibility view settings
Report Website Problems
Internet Options
About Internet Explorer

After a couple of minutes, only the following options are available:
Compatibility View Settings
Report Website Problems

The Zoom option is missing and the remainder of options are all greyed-out.
Some other IT administrators within a certain company I am consulting for would like to install and use the Google Chrome web browser within Server 2016.

Will this create any problems for the Server 2016 OS?
reCAPTCHA is not rendering in IE11. If I disable the GPO setting: Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites, it works. If I enable the policy, add an element, with the required URL not in the policy, the reCAPTCHA function disappears from the page.

Can I see user's browsing history in incognito mode.

Thank you in advance.
Hi Experts,

I'm a new Android user and recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9+ 256GB for myself. All worked fine for a while on Google Play website, where I could download any app from the store and have it installed on my phone. Recently though, I'm getting the following error whenever I try to download an app via the Google Play website:

Error on Google Play Website

I've checked and triple checked that my Phone is associated with my Google Account. So why am I getting this error and how can I resolve it? I've tried it in all browsers installed on my Windows 10 Pro box.  Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Same problem with each browser. I did nothing with my Google Account that I'm aware of that should cause me to have this error. The phone is connected via USB and I can download any app I want using the Play Store icon on the phone, just not from the website?

Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can resolve it, please?

Many thanks for any help.
After the most recent windows update, my default search engine for searching the internet has been changed from Google to Bing for all of my browsers. New browsers are set to use Bing. This was done without my permission. Very annoying. So I would like to delete Bing from my search providers and re install google as the default search engine. The advice i get on the Internet directs me to do this individually for each browser i am using. I use different browsers. Is there not a way in Windows to make Google the default for all browsers. They do this for Bing why can't i do it for Google?
Can I configure Apple Safari browser for windows, (Safari  version 5.1.7) so as to allow blocked content ?
I am testing a web application that uses WebSockets where the Websocket server is listening on port 777.
There is no problem with chrome  or Internet explorer 11, IE 11 prompts to allow blocket content. and Chrome just runs without any warning.
Safari just hangs
the WebSocket being used is ws and not wss.
How can I email a web page via Outlook with an extension in Google Chrome?
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Customer is saying that she has to keep entering in user password for her word press site every time ...
What is the default web browser in windows other than Internet Explorer?
My web site was recently revamped after transferring to a new web host. When accessing the site via Windows 7, Internet explorer 11 the old site is displayed.
I have cleared all web history by deleting all files from \appdata\Microsoft\Windows\Tempory Internet Files but this has not resolved the problrm
Please help with my Youtube on Safari browser. I have High Sierra 10.13.4

I'm able to play youtube stuff just fine on Firefox and Chrome. Just not Safari.

Here is a screenshot:

I want to use a windows browser to open 6 craigslist urls

could I have a browser automatically start with these 6 urls in different tabs
Hi Guys,

I have a 'www' A record added to the forward lookup zone in DNS for the company website (hosted externally to the local domain).

I can ping www.website.com from any workstation internally and it resolves to the correct external IP.

However, I am unable to open the site.
Initially I thought it was a browser cache issue, but it happens in IE and Chrome.  The record was inserted last week, but it still gives error:

The site can't be reached
server IP address cannot be found

nslookup gives the correct website address and external IP.

Any ideas will be appreciated,
I have pushed Chrome home page set up GPO to users in domain wide. i see the GPO is applying but it is not launching the page i have set in the GPO. user has windows 10 pro OS. i applied URL at home page as well as startup page in the GPO.
Since yesterday a customers computers can no longer browse the Internet
They have tried various browsers and PC's but all seem to be facing the same issue
"Can't connect securely to this page"

Any ideas ?
We have a Windows Server 2016 ADCS server and I am recently trying to get it to generate certificates that work with Chrome extra. But no matter what I do when creating the CSR and adding the SAN names to the CSR, they do not appear in the certificate. It

Chrome gives this error:

You connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from xxx

This server could not prove that it is nagios.hud.ac.uk; its security certificate does not specify Subject Alternative Names. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

What do I need to do on the ADCS server to ensure SAN names are properly added to certificates?
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We have an own PKI.
I have created a new certificate for some web services.
I just want to get rid of the cert warnings when I open the site.

When I open the site with IE all is fine and no warnings.
But with CHROME I still have this warnings.

Do you know what I can do ?
Hello experts,
 I have created a browser in visual c#, the simplest following the examples over the internet.
but I keep getting this message: " An error has occurred in the script of this page...
object does not support property or method 'aDDEventListener' "

but on main browsers like IE and chrome, this error message does not appear.

NOw I have already tried the following three methods to no effect:

Method 1:
1.      Click Start, and then click Run.
2.      In the Open box, type Regsvr32 urlmon.dll, and then click OK.
3.      When prompted with the DllRegisterServer in the urlmon.dll succeeded message, click OK.

Method 2:
1.      Open the Java Virtual Machine. To do so, visit the following Java Website: http://www.java.com/en
Please Note: Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
2.      Close all instances of Internet Explorer.
3.      Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Internet Options.
4.      Click the Advanced tab.
5.      Under Browsing, click to clear the Enable third-party browser extensions (requires a restart) check box.
6.      Restart Internet Explorer.

Method 3:
1.      Open Internet Explorer.
2.      Click Tools, and click Internet Options.
3.      Click the Advanced tab.
4.      Under Browsing, click to select the Disable Script Debugging checkbox.
5.      Click OK to close all windows, and then restart …
I have a page which sets a JavaScript cookie, onClick of a button,  with no expiration date (session cookie) on "page A". Clicking this button opens a new tab (target="_blank") with a page ("page B") on the same domain, just a different path. On "page B" (every page has this code), when it loads, I have code that looks for the cookie and grabs the value and then sets the value of the cookie back to an empty string. The issue is, when opening "page B" in the new tab, the cookie doesn't have the value set? If I don't open page B in a new tab, everything works as designed.  Why is this? How do I get around it? I'm assuming it has something to do with the expiration and new tab??? I have no idea? Any insight by anyone? FYI.. I put console logs in the code that sets the cookie and reads the cookie. I always see a value getting set on "page A" via the console.logs but I never see any values being read (empty string returned) on "page B". Have been using this code for almost 2 years with no issues but we never used before on a page opened in a new tab.

this is the code that sets the cookie:
    var hostname = 	_satellite.getVar("Hostname");
    var pagename = 	_satellite.getVar("Page Name");
    pagename = pagename.replace(/\u2013|\u2014/g, "-");
    var nav_element_name = this.getAttribute('data-analytics-nav-name');
    nav_element_name = window._dtmSpecialChar(nav_element_name); 
    var curr_nav_element_name = hostname + ":" + pagename + ":" + nav_element_name;

Open in new window

Is Microsoft Edge more secure than Google Chrome?  If so, why is that?  Will Chrome or other browsers catch up?  Doe it make sense to use Edge since is ships with Win 10 and may be more seamlessly integrated with Windows Defender?  Looking to reimage some pcs in a small private school and I want to increase our security as transparently as possible.
If I have web pages stored locally on my hard disk (HTML, Javascript, images), and I browse them with Chrome, they seem to be very slow to render: 4-5 seconds per page.

Is there a way to get faster browsing of local content with Chrome?  Is this a security setting that can be disabled for local content?
Internet Explorer 11 doesn't allow me to download Google Chrome.
 When I attempt to do so - I receive a message that says something about this page or site can not be contacted or found from IE.

However I can download FireFox from Internet Explorer  successfully. And I can even download Google Chrome from FireFox.
Note : This is on a Windows 10 and 7 workstation.

So whats wrong with IE 11 not being able to download Chrome ?  And How can I resolve this problem.

Web BrowsersSponsored by Jamf Now





Web browsers are applications used primarily to display documents, files and media from the Internet, identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that can be a page, image, video or other file. Some browsers require the use of add-ons or extensions to safely render the information they receive; others have systems built into them to perform the same functions.