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Web development software is used to create websites for both the Internet and intranets. Software can be either locally installed or operated through a cloud interface, and ranges in complexity from simple text editors to full-fledged integrated development environments (IDEs) that include graphics, video, audio, scripting and database support.

I created a 'brochure' website with Dreamweaver CS6 and PVII addons many years ago.
It looks fine on a desktop and laptop and is not too bad on a tablet.
It is however, it is very difficult to view on a mobile phone.

As a once-off project, I want to create a simplified mobile-only version
of the website (leaving the original www.site.ie as is.)
This mobile version would, I presume, be .... m.site.ie

I know a responsive/adaptive redesign of the entire site is the proper way to do the job,
but I am not prepared to do that near the end of my career for a single website.
(Besides .... the available budget is quite limited)

Do I need to insert a piece of  code in www.site.ie to redirect to m.site.ie?
Where is my m.site.ie stored on my hosting provider?
Any suggested tools & tips?

I use www.blacknight.com for my hosting.
Dear Experts

In software development what does reversibility means, if we have to develop application what are the measures on reversibility,  please help us to understand this and best practices.

Thanks in advance
Dear Experts
While developing the application functional requirement is first step and convert the functional requirement to detailed design document with sub processes, my understanding is as following but would like to please help in adding or modifying
1.      design document should have all possible use cases with flow
2.      covers the expected outputs/results against each of the use cases
3.      KPI’s reports
4.      Integrations
experts, my  first request is to correct about my understanding on the above and then please let me know does the test strategy comes under design document or it is separate document also does the security comes under design document or it comes under technical architecture /tech specifications, thanks in advance.
Please suggest a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Platform

Please suggest a few good brands I should consider...

I expect to use Windows 10 and the .NET Framework set of Dev Tools.

I need a VDI for some development work and expect to also have some offshore developers also help. I presume one VDI per developer.

Make any sense? (This only MAY work with free Open Source software)

Anyway, I need some good branding VDI options. Free is better, but key features may make a small fee worth it.

Help me locate an e-learning application.
Someone recommended an app called Evolve? or Evolute?  made by a company called Appetiere?
The question marks indicate my mis-duplication of the product and/or manufacturer's name.
1. Can someone correct the name and manufacturer name?
2. Has anyone worked with this app?
3. I've worked with captivate but I think people are moving towards Articulate/Storyline or Lectora?
What are people referring to when they say 'website tool'.  I don't think they mean tool used to create website.  I think users may use 'website tool' to make their life or work easier?  What are some examples of website tools that are in use?  How can I use website tool to see what it does?
recommendations for web site design.

I was using muse for a few small web sites I do for clients. they don’t need much more than a presence with a little content. five pages max.

well, Adobe, in their infinite wisdom, has killed off muse.

anyone recommend a good replacement?

I want to do the design work on my local pc and then publish. I don’t care for WIX, or WP. I like to do my own design and publish to my own servers.
Can one set the default page of a web site or application  without changing the web.config file for that site or application?

(Using Windows Server 2019)
Can anyone give me an idea what would it take to develop an app (IoS, Android) for a small liquor store deli?  Owner wants to put an app for pre-ordering and deliveries.  I think its too much tho.  
Any other ideas?  Thanks!!
Need to host a booklet online

I seek a pre-built web program I can configure with images, text, etc. and host with little programming required.

I hope for animation, etc as the page turns...

WordPress plugin?

It would be great if that app also let me create a printable document which I could use the create real booklets. But, the canned app is more important that formatting the booklet for print.

5.5 X 8.5 dimensions.

small number of pages...perhaps 16 including back and front cover...

Anything exist for that?

Is there a way to create a script to log me into my shopify account, and literally make one or two clicks (option changes), and log out?

I need to do the same things every week, and I would like to know if there's a way to automate that?  In contacting shopify, they don't allow us to make any changes to the API,
so we can't do it that way.
I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to scan a PDF file, or grab it from my computer and use it to 'read' some fields in the PDF and save those values into our SQL database.
Our web application is developed in NetCore. and our DB is SQL.

The idea is to scan the PDF (One page), 'upload it' to our web application, and during this upload read the 10 fields included in the PDF and allow the user to save the values of each field into our database without having to type them.
Is it possible to get this conversion to vp9 without buying a download version of a product?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Can anyone recommend web site editing software where I can work in code (and then see the rendered version as I make edits) AND ALSO where I can work in Design view dragging and dropping (with the SW showing me the corresponding code changes)
I work on Azure Devops.  I was typing a comment on a ticket and somehow the placement of my cursor on the toolbar area activated a button which then navigated me away from the page I was typing in.  I did not get a warning 'are you sure you want to leave this page' and lost everything I was typing.  Basically, I was typing a comment and the button activated and the page navigated away as I was typing.  It was really weird and I don't know how to reproduce the issue.

I'm looking for a preventative tool so hopefully this doesn't happen again.  Does Chrome browser have an extension that can be used to prevent this sort of thing from happening?  Can it be defined by website url?  I obviously don't need it to stop and ask me if I'm ok from navigating away from every single page I'm viewing or working on...just the ones I'm typing and haven't posted my comment yet (ie Azure Devops).

Thank you.
I need to transition to OHV for WordPress

I expect to have some controversial topics on my podcast and hope to use OHV, a provisioning company, instead of a hosting company. But I am not ready to invest $70/month to do this.


Right now, I am pulling things together using MAMP, but have no plans to purchase the Pro version when it expires. Instead, I hope to host it at a less expensive place when I launch it and get a a solid backup with something like BlogVault, Duplicator or BackupBuddy. I want to move to OHV when I feel the investment pays off.

And, if I get cut off by a hosting provider due to my content, the investment would be worth it immediately.

So, please suggest an inexpensive provider I can start with which has good reliability. I expect to pull thing together on MAMP.

When I buy a plug-in to test on MAMP, is it easy to use it at a hosting provider? I assume there is no licensing issue that would me to purchase a second copy, right?

Do I choose a Theme for PowerPress? Or WordPress?

This is the first WP site I will create myself and have install PowerPress, since I intend to make this a podcast.

So, is the concept of a Theme totally independent of the fact I'll be using PowerPress? Or, are there Themes which are best suited for PowerPress?

I like to know how to create menu buttons (shown in screenshots) on the web page where you hover the mouse over each menu title, it casts light on it.

Lighted Menu button 1Lighted Menu button 2Lighted Menu button 3Hi,

I'm trying to create an online shop. Because of that I need a payment provider.
What would you recommend me?

I'm confused with so much providers like PayPal, Amazon Pay, Sofortüberweisung etc.
I need something safe with less fees.

Thank you in advance
Can anyone recommend a good book regarding the development of SaaS packages? Not from a technical standpoint, but more from an administrative/costs standpoint. And yes, I know I have posted a simple question to a very complex issue, but I am having to start somewhere.

Also, I am interested in anyone who wants to work on the project. It is basically a report generation project with a little math. The reasons for going SaaS are simple: (1) maintaining one piece of software; (2) not having to deal with multiple versions of the software; and (3) piracy.
We use our proxy to whitelist certain trusted sites only
(ie by default all URLs out there in the Internet is blacklisted).

We whitelist  *.microsoft.com & the O365  URL but these
URLs are further 'linked' to other URLs like
  outlook.live.com & a Skype url for business  :
need to allow/whitelist these (Skype for home/consumers
not needed, it's only for the 'business' that's needed).

Is there a way to find out all the sub-URLs of the MS sites:
think I've heard of a tool that could 'spider' or 'retrieve'
all sub-URLs within a site but can't recall the tool name.

Also, give a brief instruction on how to use the tool
We currently use ASPUpload and DropZonejs  to drag and drop files and then upload them to our server.

We are looking for a compatible script that will ZIP (compress) the files after the user drags and drops them in the "DropZone", and create one zip file which is the one that would be uploaded using ASPUpload.
Any recommendations on a script that would do this?

We need this for ASP Classic and also for NetCore.
My agency is having problems with adobe product licensing.  My dreamweaver license expires after today.  Is there any freeware page editors I can download that are any good?
Dear Experts,

I am looking for a simple web page where I have thousands of customers who send lot of documents and invoices; what I am looking for

Customer would have login id (based on his number)

all his details would be populated in the opening page like name, address, bank details etc (pre populated from old database; any changed to existing details needs permission)

and he should be able to attach file ( only pdfs and images) and click submit and it should get saved in a database

I should be able to download the invoices

the customer should be able to do it from any platform ( mobile pc etc.)

thank you for your help in advance!!!
Upgrading Angular 4 to Angular 6

I have a small and working Angular 4 project, but would like to make the switch to Angular 6. How do I do this?

What are the odds it will work with no changes?

Here's a sample of the code:

import { Component, Input, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
import { NgFor } from '@angular/common';
import { PuzzlePieceComponent } from '../puzzlepiece/puzzle-piece.component';

  selector: 'puzzle-canvas',
  templateUrl: './puzzle-canvas.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./puzzle-canvas.component.css']

export class PuzzleCanvasComponent implements OnInit {
  title = 'Puzzle Peace';
  @Input() piece:PuzzlePieceComponent;
  pieces = [];
  rowNames = [];
  columnNames = [];
  columns:number = 8;
  rows:number = 5;

  constructor() { 
    this.rowNames = ['1', '2', '3', '4', '5' ];
    this.columnNames = ['A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E', 'F', 'G', 'H' ];


  ngOnInit() { 
    let index = 0;
    for(let row = 0; row < this.rows; row++) {
      for(let column = 0; column < this.columns; column++) {
        this.pieces[index] = new PuzzlePieceComponent();
        this.pieces[index].row = this.rowNames[row];
        this.pieces[index].column = this.columnNames[column];

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Web Development Software





Web development software is used to create websites for both the Internet and intranets. Software can be either locally installed or operated through a cloud interface, and ranges in complexity from simple text editors to full-fledged integrated development environments (IDEs) that include graphics, video, audio, scripting and database support.