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Web development includes all aspects of presenting content on intranets and the Internet, including delivery development, protocols, languages and standards, server software, browser clients, databases and multimedia generation.

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Hi, I hope I can explain this well enough.

My folder structure looks like the attached. In each folder, I have src/pages, results, dev/gulp.

pages contains the nunjucks files, results are the resulting html files from running gulp nunjucks, and dev/gulp is where the gulpfile.js is.

When I want to make a change across the board, say to the navigation, I have to use the command line to go into each folder, gulp nunjucks, upload, then back out by changing directories, navigate to the next one, gulp nunjucks, and on through all 13. So my command line looks like the attached.

Can you help me find a way to speed that up?
WordPress Tutorial 1: Installation & Setup
WordPress Tutorial 1: Installation & Setup

WordPress is a very popular option for running your web site and can be used to get your content online quickly for the world to see. This guide will walk you through installing the WordPress server software and the initial setup process.

I am trying to center text on the 3 widgets (3 circles with icons).  But, when I modify the css, it centers text on all pages!  Somehow I am not specifying the correct css to just modify the text in the widgets.  I tried modifying the below at it had no effect.

entry-content {

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Can anyone recommend a wordpress plugin that is for responsive tables that I can add links to the content.  I found a bunch but none seem to let me modify table cell data to add html for links.

 I am redesigning this site and need to find a way to organize this content like they have it with the first column having links to related pages.

Old site:

Beta site
Note, I just clumped this info on this page.  IT is not in a table.
Hi E's,
I Have 3 buttons and a Materialize Modal that contains a HTML Select with Four options to choose from. 0 by default and 1, 2, and 3, and each number between 1 to 3 are associated to each button.
The objective is, when I click in any button, open the Modal and change the select view for the correspondent number.
I try change the selected with jQuery in this way:
$("#numbers[value=3]").attr("selected", "selected");
but not work.
In attach image you can see what appear regardless of which button I click.Modal view
<!DOCTYPE html>
     <!--Import Google Icon Font-->
     <link href="http://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons" rel="stylesheet">
     <!--Import materialize.css-->
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/materialize/0.100.1/css/materialize.min.css">
     <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"/>
<a class="waves-effect waves-light btn b1">button one</a>
<a class="waves-effect waves-light btn b2">button two</a>
<a class="waves-effect waves-light btn b3">button 333</a>

<!-- Modal Structure -->
  <div id="modal1" class="modal">
    <div class="modal-content">
  <div class="input-field col s12">
  <select id="numbers">
    <option value="0" selected>Choose your number</option>
    <option value="1">one</option>
    <option value="2">two</option>
    <option value="3">3333</option>

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Client wants me to add a top navigation bar (Customer Login, Driver Info, phone number and search box) ABOVE the main navigation bar.  I have seen this on other sites but not sure how to add to this studio press genesis framework wordpress site.  

Screen shot

Beta site
How do I get the three green icons to center over the 3 individual widgets? I tried a bunch of stuff and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

screen shot

beta site

Here is what I tried and it didn't work
a.alignnone img, img.alignnone {
  display: block;
    margin: 0 auto;

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I am trying to convert an @Html.Textbox image button to a submit button with  the onclick calling a Javascript function.

Here's what I have:
@Html.TextBox("Next", null, new {type = "image", src = @Url.Content("../App_Themes/icons/button_next.png"), @class = "imgbottom", onclick = "javascript: ValidateSelection ($(\"[name$='selectedItems']:checked\"))"})

Here's what I've tried:
<input type="button" value="Next" onclick="ValidateSelection (selectedItems.checked)">

and my Javascript function:
function ValidateSelection(item) {
    if (item == null || item.length == 0) {

        var validationSummary = $('.validation-summary-errors ul');
        if (validationSummary.length > 0 && $('.validation-summary-errors ul li').length == 0) {
            validationSummary.append('<li>' + "Please select at least one item" + '</li>');
        var errors = $("[name='ErrorMessage']");
        if (errors.length > 0) {
        var buttonGenerateReport = $("#GenerateReport");
        if (buttonGenerateReport.length > 0) {
Hi There!

I have a customer who is a developer. They have 12 staff. 5 Developers 5 support people, 1 director and 1 sales/admin person.

They have an action pack, which covers up to 10 users of Exchange, Windows CALS etc, and that's fine.

What they are trying to do it make sure they are correctly licensed for dev machines, dev environments and testing labs.

It used to be that companies bought MSDN Subscriptions but I think those are now only for individuals and not for use in businesses at large? I had heard about MSDN Platforms but when I checked the pricing the customer just about died.

Anyone know of a more cost effective way for a company this size to correctly license their environment?
I just read the Bootstrap 4 is finally in beta. Is it okay to use Bootstrap 4 in productions?
Somebody did a website for a friend of mine. all fine, but when i fill the information and fill the information in "contact us" page, I get lots of error. The friend asked my help to sort this out. you can try this for yourself from this web page http://www.netsys.com.mm/contact
Free Tool: IP Lookup
Free Tool: IP Lookup

Get more info about an IP address or domain name, such as organization, abuse contacts and geolocation.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I'm looking to add an hourly programmer salary column to this list http://tedpenner.com/countries/ .

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
   protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

            CDT = Cadapter.SELECT_SEARCH_COMPANY(Session["JOBCATE"].ToString(), Session["QUALI"].ToString(), Session["skill"].ToString());
            if (CDT != null)
                if (CDT.Rows.Count > 0)
                    Session["CID"] = CDT.Rows[0]["CID"].ToString();
                    DataList3.DataSource = CDT;


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Line 29:                 var test = Convert.ToString(Session["CID"]);
Line 30:                 var sample = Convert.ToString(Session["QPPR"]);
[u]Line 31:                 QUEDT = QUEAdapter.SELECT_QPAPER_BYCID_QPPR(Convert.ToInt32(Session[test]), Session["sample"].ToString());[/u]
Line 32:                 fvquestion.DataSource = QUEDT;
Line 33:                 fvquestion.DataBind();

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Is it possible to make a form responsive for mobile phones that lives on another server and is pulled into a page using an iframe? This is a bill pay form. The setup provided by the merchant services vendor does have a custom CSS option via a field they provide in their page building app used to setup the fields, labels, buttons, etc. Tried it but won't work so far. Main issue is the iPhone.
Hello all,

I have a requirement where I need to be able to do the following:

1.  User from anywhere in the world types www.whateverdomain.com
2.  They are either presented a prompt or a page that asks for username and password
3.  After they successfully authenticate their username and password they are automatically redirected to their specific URL.

I would prefer to keep this as absolutely simple as possible as this is the one area none of us are an expert in.  So the goal would be a simple solution using IIS for example and once the configuration is done, we could easily add others as we expand.  I am open to other ideas as well as long as it's easy to maintain and cheap.

Our initial goal in mind was to have a dedicated Server 2016 IIS server in a DMZ with this authentication page on it, that once successful will redirect them to the specific Web Application running inside the same data center.


I tried saving a global.asa in the root of the webserver folder:
Sub Application_OnStart
    Dim cnnDem, cnnString
    Set cnnDem = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    cnnDem.CommandTimeout = 60
    cnnString = "Driver={SQL Server};Server=servername\SQLEXPRESS;Database=mcd;Uid=username;Pwd=password"
    Call cnnDem.Open(cnnString)
End Sub

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Of course I replaced servername, username and password with the real values. But then no page on my website will show up. I just get the Server 500 error. If I move the global.asa away from the root, then the webfiles works again. What am I doing wrong? And how should I handle the global.asa file correctly to have sql server connection available in my web application?

Best regards


I am writing a php code to do a bulk export of all the blogs on my wordpress sites.

this is what I used, i.e. in a loop obtain blog ids and switch to the sites and run export.
issue is its just opening the content on a browser rather than to an xml file.

require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/export.php' );

$args = array(
               'content'    => 'all',              

I am trying to center my icon.  I tried text-align: center, margin: 0 auto; position: absolute.  I don't know how to center the icon.  Can you help me?

I am trying to find out how to add images, ppt decks, videos to SharePoint Online and have the images auto resize when the monitor/screen width changes for the user.  Can this be done out of the box or is custom code needed?
CHALLENGE LAB: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues
CHALLENGE LAB: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

Goal: Fix the connectivity issue in the lab's AWS environment so that you can SSH into the provided EC2 instance.  


We are looking for the best registration process for internal employees to register for Company Trainings, whether in-classroom trainings with limited seats or online webinars.

We are looking to integrate a Registration Calendar with Outlook to be able to track registration requests and send out invites.

Thank you.
Is there a repository or anything like that of old versions of your website?  Indexed pages with old content?  Is there a way to "Purge" the internet of any old versions of webpages?  Meaning, there some old pages from my website that are indexed that I have changed and or deleted that still come up for some reason.  Thanks in advance,.
We are looking for automation processes and we read about automation anywhere training. We do have regular automated functional testing tool. Why cant we use them in production versus buying huge license product such as automation anywhere ? Writing automation in functional testing tool involves development effort but it heavily reduces license cost versus automation anywhere RPA. Can someone expertise in automation anywhere please explain how RPA is different in these perspective ?
Hi EE,

How do I make the lines highlighted in the attached picture (pic 1) begin at the left of the respective cell? Code below:

<td class="infocell" onclick="uOutcome(4,1);">
			<li>Permanent harm unrelated to the natural course of the illness, loss of function and differing from the expected outcome of patient management or as a result of the incident:</li>
				- Significant disfigurement<br>
				- Patient at significant risk due to self discharge against medical advice<br>
				- Increased LOS  &gt; 6 days<br>
			<li>Long term high level care expected</li>
			<li>Immediate emergency treatment for life threatening event unrelated to the natural course of the illness</li>
			<li>Any matter with major harm and could potentially result in a claim</li>
			<ul><b>Serious Harm or Significant Events</b> include:
				<li>Inpatient fall resulting in a fracture (confirmed on x-ray)</li>
				<li>Inpatient fall resulting in a closed head injury (confirmed on CT)</li>
				<li>3rd degree perineal tear with anal sphincter involvement or 4th degree perineal tear</li>
				<li>Post partum haemorrhage &lt; 1500ml requiring massive blood transfusion or hysterectomy</li>
				<li>Hysterectomy post partum</li>
				<li>Neonatal birth trauma</li>  
				- Fracture<br>
				- Closed Head Injury / Brain trauma<br>
				- Haemorrhage<br>
				- Subcutaneous fat necrosis<br>
				- Organ trauma including any trauma to the eye<br>
				- Nerve trauma including 

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I’ll try to make this short and succinct.  I have a Drupal 8 theme that I purchased (I won't name names) and all was good for the first month but then I noticed that whenever I made system changes to the site I would get errors like this (especially when I did a configuration Import):

Configuration block.block.footer depends on the ntv_block_background module that will not be installed after import.

This specific module does not exist, that I can find, but I believe that it is a module that the developer used during development and did not uninstall it correctly when he decided he did not want to use it anymore.  So the data that I acquired from the theme’s SQL was bad to begin with.  I have tried contacting the original author but I get no reply and have given up on that channel.

Digging Deeper: In the SQL database under the Config table is a data blob that contains references to this module in about 63 different data blobs.  a relevant section of the data looks like this:


My Question: There is too many references to remove by hand, Is there a utility (drush or other) to remove meta-data from a module that I no longer have access to and purge the unused data so that it does not …
I need to set up a simple site that is mainly used for posting articles and links but would need to be able to set up ads, comments areas for the articles and possible a forum add in eventually. Don't have web design experience but familiar with how to lay a site out and what needs to be done.

What suggestions do you have that would be a good service that has site building tools for non-developers and does not cost a lot but allows some of the features we need? Probably not much traffic up front so something just to get started that can be expanded later is all we need.

Web Development





Web development includes all aspects of presenting content on intranets and the Internet, including delivery development, protocols, languages and standards, server software, browser clients, databases and multimedia generation.