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Power Automate – How to export attachments from SharePoint List Item

How can we use Power Automate to export attachments from SharePoint List item

Async and Multi-Threading in C# in Plain English

A lot of developers have the wrong ideas about async code and multi-threading and how it all works, or how to use it. Here, you'll learn the differences between the two concepts and implement each one in C#.

Power Automate - Update MultiChoice Field

This post lets us see how we can update the multichoice field in SharePoint list using Power Automate actions. We will update the field using the out-of-box Create Item action.

Power Automate - How to update Single or MultiPerson field in SharePoint

In this post let us see how we can update a single or multiperson field in the SharePoint list using Power Automate actions. We will update the field using the out-of-box Create Item action. This does not apply to the field if the Selection of groups is enabled.

Locating Nearest Addresses with MySQL

Find out how to build "nearest location" capabilities using MySQL and GPS coordinates.

Power Automate – How to auto copy or move files in SharePoint Library

Using Power Automate (MS Flow) to automatically copy or move files from one SP document library to another whenever a file is created or modified in the source library.

Power Automate - Request Manager Approval for a Selected File Part I

In this article let us see the default Power Automate template 'Request manager approval for a selected file' in deep and also let us see how we can add some additional features.
WordPress 5.5.3 Update Breaks Site

WordPress Update 5.5.3 Broke my Website

I always make backups of my website before upgrading WordPress, but this time, I decided not to bother and sure enough, Murphy's law struck - it broke my website! This article explains how I fixed it without a backup. The process wasn't easy to find, so I hope this Step by Step helps you out.
A look at PDF Wrench

PDF Wrench - A free new way to manipulate PDF files

A new and innovative way to manipulate PDF Documents and Images in the browser without having to upload your documents to the cloud. Includes an interview with the site owner and creator.

Add Security Protections for Data Extraction

The Get & Transform Data Wizard in Excel is a powerful tool. It allows the users to extract the data from the connected sources. But by delegating the privilege to users to access the connected sources, how could we ensure there is at least some degree of security is in place?

Developer's Choice: Tools for Web Data Visualization

This article explores the benefits of a dashboard as a tool for data analysis and visualization and recommends approaches to building a web-based dashboard using free data visualization libraries.
Top5 Image

Top 5 Browser Extensions for 2020

A listicle showcasing my favourite Top 5 Web Browser extensions for 2020...
Python & SharePoint - Getting Data, Creating Lists and Uploading Files

Python & SharePoint - Getting Data, Creating Lists and Uploading Files

For most Python developers, Microsoft business software is either a great unknown or a necessary evil. Microsoft SharePoint is no exception. Yet, knowing how to integrate Microsoft SharePoint from Python can make all the difference. Plus, it is not that complicated!

Truly Random Numbers in VBA

Pseudo random numbers are right at hand in VBA. Obtaining truly random numbers, however, requires an external source. One is the Swiss Quantis QRNG Chip. The output from one of these has been made public by ETH Zürich, and here we present a complete solution for retrieval of random numbers in VBA.

A matter of highlighting in Excel

I have seen some great articles online relating to how can we highlight a cell or range of cells based on certain criteria, whether it's using simple conditional formatting or with the help of macro scripts. In this article, I discuss some of these implementations.

AutoComplete feature with ASP.NET and SQL Server

One of my friends recently asked me how to do an AutoComplete feature. I thought it was easy and there are already a lot of examples online. But I wish to provide him with a working solution instead of providing links. And in this article, I will explain the steps that I used to build that solution.

Turn an old laptop into pH measaurement station by arduino and visual studio code

Turn an old laptop into a pH measure station by Arduino and visual studio code. You may create your own application by using an old laptop. Arduino emulator coding and visual code studio programming required.
Conflict Resolution - Moving from Divergence to Convergence

Conflict Resolution - Moving from Divergence to Convergence | Muneeb Imran Shaikh

The path from constructive divergence to convergence is far stronger than the fake uniformity. It is therefore extremely important for the Senior Management of any organization to understand the dynamics of change and importance of constructive disagreements.

How to Navigate IT Education and Your Career

As technology is a constantly growing, evolving platform, there is an emphasis to stay tuned in to technological changes and the latest research. When you implement this into your weekly education, it will allow more opportunities to become available to you.

How to run a SQL Server stored procedure asynchronously from Microsoft Access

When running slow stored procedures from Access it may be useful to have the application do something else rather than just show the hourglass. In this example a form flashes a message while the stored procedure executes, and then closes itself once the procedure has finsihed.

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