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Troubleshooting Question

Firemonkey - which conntrol will get focused next?

With VCL, I can user ActiveControl  to determine where the focus is.  When I Exit an TEdit, I can …
Troubleshooting Question

Can you help me understand this script?

Hi guys,

This is a great code that I found on the internet. I'm having difficulty undrestanding what …
Troubleshooting Question

Sendmail based on record update

We have an ASP.NET C# project that uses DevExpress tools.
There is a ASPxTreeList that is used to …
Troubleshooting Question

add weeks  to 4n  sets

4n add date to sets

1-as  shows with the word MAIN in the MAIN date

2-the file say also it have …
Troubleshooting Question

Signature on Mac Mail

Hi Experts

I need to set up an email signature on Mac Mail, but the image coming too big

I’m reading …
Troubleshooting Question

Find a formula that will produce the proper date/time format for this Google Sheet

I need a formula in the form of a script that I can tie to a Google Button.
After selecting a cell …
Troubleshooting Question

Could you point how to obtain  the transaction_uid (2nd element) value at this SimpleXMLElement Object by using PHP?

Hi Experts

Could you point how to obtain  the transaction_uid (2nd element) value at this …
Troubleshooting Question

With Excel VBA Expand selection to include the entire row

Working with Excel VBA I need to expand my current selection to include entire rows. If I record a …
Troubleshooting Question

W10 refuses to use default brower.

I use Firefox  as my default browser. That is how it is set. However, when I get any Twitter feeds, …
Troubleshooting Question

Script to move file if specific text found in the file

Upon checking a file at C:\Temp\.....txt, if that file.txt contains the characters ST*110 then I …
Troubleshooting Question

GoDaddy SSL doesn't appear in iis 10 dropdown

I purchased an ssl from GoDaddy and went through the installation instructions.  All went smoothly, …
Troubleshooting Question

Issue with SaveUpdateContact Macro

Hello Experts,  I have a workbook of VBA codes that I am trying to update to meet my needs.  The VBA …
Troubleshooting Question

SSL Issue:  Your site is not private message

I had an issue with my ssl so I installed another certificate.  I am still getting the same error. …
Troubleshooting Question

Kali Linux Nikto Results - OSVDB-630 Resolution

+ OSVDB-630: GET The web server may reveal its internal or real IP in the Location header via a
Troubleshooting Question

VS 2019 Community C# Text file not getting updated

I have a data file on the client side of my MVC app.  


Troubleshooting Question

Macro to add the entries to, Fetch Entries from and Update entries to Database in Excel

Hi Experts,

I request a macro, which Can
--add the data from Entryform sheet to Database sheet in the …
Troubleshooting Question

Is there a way to catch if an image is returning 404 in html rendering?

I have my regular html page on my site.
I pull images from 3rd party sites.
sometimes they return 404 …
Troubleshooting Question

Splitting a string with or without quotes

Ive been looking for a way to split a string by , unless its in "
28, 26, Project Manager,
Troubleshooting Question

Using $wpdb to execute queries in mysqli

This code is working perfectly (Thanks Julian)
I was just wondering how I could use the $wpdb class …
Troubleshooting Question

Adding A Node into existing Hyper-V Cluster

We have two nodes Hyper-V cluster with ISCSI shared storage. I will add the new node into existing …

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