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Web development includes all aspects of presenting content on intranets and the Internet, including delivery development, protocols, languages and standards, server software, browser clients, databases and multimedia generation.

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Hi Experts,
we have a site created in Caspio that has some required fields.
We realized that some of the required fields are coming thru w/o containing data.
So were told by Caspio that is probably due to those users using an old browser.
They created a field named user_agent that will capture which browser were used for each record data entry.
Now I created a list of all records with missing data in required field along with the data captured in this field named user_agent (browser).
See attached.
Wondering what are those values are and how can we sent a message informing this and this browser is not supported...
Become a CompTIA Certified Healthcare IT Tech
LVL 12
Become a CompTIA Certified Healthcare IT Tech

This course will help prep you to earn the CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certification showing that you have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in installing, managing, and troubleshooting IT systems in medical and clinical settings.

CEO wants to add that as part of two-step verification when somebody creates a new account on our site.
I recently added a Google Translation widget to a website that I'm working on, and succeeded at applying some customization to it.  More specifically, I achieve the following:

1) I was able to customize the appearance of the dropdown by removing the google icon, and also changing some of the CSS properties (ie: removed border, changed background color, font, font weight and color, etc).  

2) I added some custom JavaScript that allows me to change the default text that's initially shown in the dropdown from "SELECT LANGUAGE" to "ENGLISH".

I'm running in to some problems, however, and am hoping someone here can help me fix them.  

1) I'm getting some JavaScript errors in the console .. namely "Too much recursion".. which I'd like to resolve/eliminate somehow.

2) If possible, I'd like to replace my custom JavaScript with some vanilla JavaScript (so I can eliminate the need to have to include the JQuery library).

3) Currently, once a different language is selected, .. the default text in the dropdown doesn't change to the selected language as it should (the language on the page changes -- but the word "ENGLISH" remains pre-selected in the dropdown).  Ideally, I'd like it so that when a user chooses "Spanish" from the list of available languages, .. the default text in the dropdown would change to "SPANISH" .. or to the uppercase version of whichever language was selected.

My code is below.  Note that it can be copied and pasted and that it runs just fine …
I need a great WebHost for a site that will be using PHP and MySQL for a small project.  The site will be having users sign in, submit and edit forms.  They want to keep the history online, with frequent backups and good security.  

What a good company for professional hosting?

I have a Table called game with 4 columns:
clock_first_goal, clock_last_goal, clock_first_penalty, clock_last_penalty

and a second Table called tickets_one with 5 columns:
clock_one, clock_two, clock_three, clock_four, clock_five
where I've imported random clock times between 0 and 20:00 minutes that of a NHL period.
There are 1200 total times (60 seconds x 20 minutes) in 5 columns so there are 240 records in this Table.

In my application I have a page called enter_games.php. What I want is when the admin submits the times for First Goal, Last Goal, First Penalty and Last Penalty, I want to check if any of these values match the values in the tickets_one Table. If they do I just want to echo "we have a match!", if not I want to echo "no match".

I'm not sure the best way to do this if it should be a Join, if statement or loop etc... I think it can be done with an if statement.
I'm somewhat new to php and mysql. This is the section of the code I'm trying to get to work:

// find matching results
// query the database with client ID
$query = "SELECT * FROM tickets_one";
$result = mysqli_query( $conn, $query );

// if result is returned
if( mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0 ) {

    // we have data!
    // set some variables
    while( $row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result) ) {
        $time1    = $row['time_one'];
        $time2    = $row['time_two'];
        $time3    = $row['time_three'];
        $time4    = $row['time_four'];
        $time5    = 

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Getting errors setting up SublimeText 3 user keymap for View-In-Browser plugin..

My View In Browser settings.sublime-settigs are:
	"posix": {
		"darwin": {
			"firefox": "open -a \"/Foreign Apps/Firefox/Firefox Developer Edition.app\"",
			"safari": "open -a \"/Applications/Safari.app\"",
			"chrome": "open -a \"/Foreign Apps/Google/Google Chrome.app\"",
			"opera": "open -a \"/Foreign Apps/Opera/Opera.app\""

	"browser": "firefox"

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My Default (OSX).sublime-keymap-User are:
 { "keys": [ "super+e" ], "command": "view-in-browser" },
 { "keys": [ "alt+1” ], “command”: “view_in_browser”, “args”: { “browser”: "firefox" } },
 { "keys": [ "alt+2" ], "command": "view-in-browser", "args": { "browser": "chrome" } },
 { "keys": [ "alt+3" ], "command": "view-in-browser', “args”: { “browser”: “safari” } },
 { "keys": [ "alt+4" ], "command": "view-in-browser", "args": { "browser": "opera" } }

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python console shows: "Error trying to parse file: Unexpected character, expected a comma or closing bracket in Packages/User/Default (OSX).sublime-keymap:4:95"

Can somebody point out the error, because I just can't see it.
Dear experts

Our company would like to setup open source OT management system that allows us to do following:

1. When employ wants to do OT, Start time must be submitted first and then it will only be reflected to system once administrator approved.
2. Later when employee finish job, he or she can set the end time, and there should be something that allows emplyee to upload service report that contains start and end time signed by our customers.
3. After setting end time, it should show total OT - hours and we should be able to generate monthly OT for each employee.

Plz advise something that is opensource or even if need to pay, it should be something not very expensive.
Why are my linkedIn posts not showing up in the "Recent Updates" when people view the page? We have an association that is regularly publishing news articles, and we want people to have the abilty to just browse our linked in page: "https://www.linkedin.com/company/association-for-entrepreneurship/" and see all the recent articles published.

When people that are not connected to us yet browse the page, they only see stuff from 2 weeks ago that were published by our no longer available marketing intern. I want people to see all our recent posts when the browse the company page.

I set the post to "public".

Ps advice how to syn with my local-repo to the gitlab repo with error. Tks.

Keep loading non-stop
I have a public API endpoint that I am pulling a json file every 30 mins. Right now I am using a python pandas dataframe to pull and upload the file to a cloud storage bucket and then sending to pub sub to process and place into BQ. The problem with this is that the file name stays the same and even though I have  gcs text stream to pub sub if it reads the file once it never reads it again even though the file attributes have changed. My question here is can any one help me with code that will pull from an api web link and stream the data directly to pub sub?

Sample code below:
import json
import pandas as pd
from sodapy import Socrata
from io import StringIO
import datalab.storage as gcs
from google.oauth2 import service_account

client = Socrata("sample.org", None)
results = client.get("xxx")

# Convert to pandas DataFrame
results_df = pd.DataFrame.from_records(results, columns =['segmentid','street','_direction','_fromst','_tost','_length','_strheading','_comments','start_lon','_lif_lat','lit_lon','_lit_lat','_traffic','_last_updt'])
# send results to GCP
gcs.Bucket('test-temp').item('data.json').write_to(results_df.to_json(orient='records', lines=True),'text/json')
Fundamentals of JavaScript
LVL 12
Fundamentals of JavaScript

Learn the fundamentals of the popular programming language JavaScript so that you can explore the realm of web development.

Genesis Child Theme: Executive Pro (ExPro)
Plugin: Design Palette Pro (DPP)
Hosting: Unix (Hostgator Shared Server)
Vocabulary Terms: Page, Slug, Category, Post (Specific meanings according to Wordpress)

My site has been using Wordpress "Pages" mostly (as opposed to Posts with their corresponding Category pages). So the navigation menu consists of only Page names (and their "slugs") as the menu links.

Now, however, I am replacing the News Page with the News Category for one of those menu items. So, I want the menu link, News, to land on the Category page by that name, not the previous Page page by that name.

Previously, the News menu item was pointing to a Page called "News" and whose "slug" (or permalink) was, "/news/".
Currently, I have renamed those slugs. The News Category "slug" is simply, "news", and I renamed the News Page slug to, "/news-page/".

Is it possible to insert the News Category page into the main navigation menu instead of the News Page page? Please provide instructions how to do it using DPP if possible. Otherwise, I will accept child theme code modification if necessary.

I attempted to redirect the "/news-page/" slug to "/news/" in the .htaccess, but it  does not work if the category page contains too many posts that you must go to page 2 and page 3 etc. It breaks that mechanism.

In the DPP plugin, I can't find an option to do what I want. …
Does the “noopener noreferrer” tag impact on a website’s bounce rate?

 I have question on the DevOps and MariaDB, please share your thought

- How MariaDB supports DevOps?
- Anything should pay attention during migration for supporting DevOps in future?
- Any extra tools will be used for deployment if DevOps is applied?
I'm still relatively new (new in the sense I know how to use GIT to check in / check out files) to the world of Git, and feel like this is a pretty simple question.

I'd like to create a list of all the files that I've staged (this particular case it's ~40 or so files) and am ready to commit. I'd like to take that said package of files and simply deploy them to my STAGING server. Normally, I'd just do this manually, but it seems like a lazy approach, and I should be taking full advantage of the tools I'm using.

I'm running in a windows environment, and am looking for something I can run from the console, or ideally, a way to use the GitKraken UI to do this.
Hi Experts.

I am having the problem like this, I have a RTSP Stream which is redirect from a Ubuntu Server with Live555. This is the URL-liked:

So the question is, how can i put this stream directly on the Web Browser, which mean embed the RTSP stream to HTML, no need to convert it to HTTP.

I have found some solutions like activeX, NPAPI, but it does not support on today browser like Chrome anymore. Is there another solution for this problem?

Hope can hear some solutions soon.

I have this friends' website, already hosted (created by another person). No the developer has vanished, friend asks my help doing some changes for the website. I have the access to cpanel I can see the folder structure. What I would like to do is to download the copy of this website to my pc and in my pc I need to make a local project out of the downloaded website. But I need to know what is the web framework used here. And really appreciate if somebody can guide my on how to establish a local copy in my pc. The current hosted folder hierarchy is attached.

There is a backend for this website for the site modification purposes. I need to replace one page with an empty page, but whenever I select to 'create' a new page, the page come pre-positioned with a transparent box in the middle of the page (a transparent box, supposed to be heading of a banner). I'm not unable to get rid of this transparent box since I don't have no idea where it loads from.
Javascript Forms and Tables

Dear Experts,

I am looking for Javascript and HTML only exercises involving the creation of tables and forms. Please note that the table <tags> must be from HTML. Cannot be a loop that generates tables in Javascript. The Javascript will mainly serve as an arithmetic and function part that processes the input fields from the <td> and <form> fields to display in a table or another form. Must contain a submit and reset button. Buttons are to be centered if they are inside the last row of a table or on the document/web-page below the above.

No Frameworks,Libraries,Plugins
No Javascript adding table rows or columns
Must be either and a table or form type.
Customer's web site is down.  They are getting a disk usage warning however thier inhouse web designer is no longer with them.  I am not familiar with web sites so am looking for help.  The actual cPanel warning is "The filesystem “/home” mounted at “/home” reached “warn” status because you currently use 92.2% of its available blocks"

I am logged into the cPanel but have no idea how to clean up.  From my understanding, the last time this happened, the web designer said that all he needed to do is to delete the old backups.  

Can someone point me in the right direction?
I have developed a website (https://inbranchcardprinting.azurewebsites.net) that my credit union will be using to upload a picture from a members phone to our Azure storage blob that will be printed onto their custom debit card. The main issue is right after the upload page (and before the thank you page just fine while exiting that action fine) Safari will display one of two error messages.
The first and most common one is "This web page has been reloaded because a problem has occurred." Sometimes this is accompanied by a dialog box asking to resubmit the form.
However, everything on the back end worked fine. No server side errors were thrown and the image is successfully uploaded to our azure storage. I step through the controller and everything works fine and exits the action with no issue. This problem does not occur on desktop or Android devices.

Now I know that I can reproduce the bug so I look into how to diagnose iOS safari pages and tried to use their Web Inspector tool. I get it loaded up on my Mac just fine and tethered my iPhone to the Safari session. I go to the page and not only does it error on my iOS device it crashes my Mac's Safari window of debugging. So next I try to use Xcode's Simulator and system logging to capture the issue, and nearly the same thing happens only I get an on screen(simulator) error of "This page can not be loaded because the web page stopped responding." This doesn't crash the Simulator, but the logger window did not record …
OWASP Proactive Controls
LVL 12
OWASP Proactive Controls

Learn the most important control and control categories that every architect and developer should include in their projects.

<%@page import="myServletPakage.RanUtilities"%>
<%@page contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-7" language="java" import="java.lang.*"%>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
<title>Insert title here</title>
int numberToGuess = RanUtilities.randomInt(100);
 <% boolean win = false;
      int numberOfTries = 0;

 while(win==false && numberOfTries<10){%>
EnterNumber:<input type = "text" name = "number">
 String value =request.getParameter("number");

 int yourNumber = Integer.parseInt(value ); %>
 <% if(yourNumber == numberToGuess){
            win = true;
            System.out.println("You win this Game");%>
            <P> Your number is <%= yourNumber %>
            <br> You Win This game!!!
      } %>
 <% numberOfTries++; } %>

I have created a Node.JS web app with two APis. One of the APIs is GUI where the end-user sees the GUI. The second API is the auth guard that will go and talk to 1L using OPENID > authenticate > fetch user profile and render information to the GUI for the end-user.

We originally wanted to use SAML assertion (SSO) similar to Zendesk or Others that when someone is authenticated to 1L and you navigate to the site domain.zendesk.com the established logged in token just redirects you to the site. When you are not logged in to 1L and you go to the site you are redirected to 1L for auth then redirected back to the site of choice once you successfully auth.

Our application does not have a user database, instead, we are banking on 1L to do authentication for us and also pass through user information to our second API so that we can then pass specific end-user details from the internal side to the GUI. The end goal is to be able to authenticate with 1L and be redirected to the sales.cbac.com and be able to know user specific details about the current user, but that user is to never have to access the login page

Right now, we had to spin up a login page that will accept user info > sends info to auth guard to call 1L auth > returns valid user and user profile info > all using OPENID.

What is the best approach? It seems like we are missing something.

API URL1 (GUI) - sales.cbac.com API URL2 (auth guards - OPENID) - sales-api.cbac.com Current state you land at …
i am learning to use Python / pycharm / PIP to provision 1000 VM through a script to call the  API but i don't know how to start doing it.
What is the proper way to install python with IDE, Pycharm and PIP for Windows 10?
Where to obtain the python template code to provision 1000 VMs for example for me to modify the flavours, image, types, servers, network?
How to put the digital token on the script and where & how to execute the script if is connected thr VPN client from my PC?
How to generate a private key from the python script as well?

I managed to use web POSTMAN from google chrome to test calling the API to provision some VM as stated in below.

1. Connected to Private Cloud Fusion Cloud 6.3 from Web POSTMAN

2. Obtained a digital token
POST => https://iam-apigateway-proxy.domain.com/v3/auth/tokens

"auth": {
"identity": {
"methods": [
"password": {
"user": {
"domain": {
"name": "XXX"
"name": "XXX",
"password": "XXX"
"scope": {
"project": {
"id": "XXX",
"domain": {
"name": "XXX"

3. Provisioned System Volume
POST => https://evs.domain.com/v2/cd088007d3b84e7fa894478e6fe667c4/volumes

{ "volume":
"size": 60,
"availability_zone": "az0.dc0",
"volume_type": "ssd",
"multiattach": false,

4. Provisioned VM  
POST => https://ecs.domain.com/v2/cd088007d3b84e7fa894478e6fe667c4/servers
"server": {
"flavorRef": …

anyone knows any free tools i can use like above URL?
Since our website was redesigned a few months ago, we have totally 'dropped off the grid' when searching google, etc.....  We are in dire need of someone who specializes in webdesign and implementing SEO.  FoxReviewer lists recommendations and issues that need to be resolved.   Our web developer is not available, so we need help!   I can send you the FoxReviewer report if that will help in providing us with a bid.

Our webserver is hosted locally on a Server 2016 Standard box and integrates with our Server 2008 SQL server.   I believe the webserver pulls data from our SQL server (which houses a proprietary application), and uses this data to offer up to our clients after logging in.  So someone who also has knowledge of SQL programming, IIS and perhaps C++ would be beneficial.  Thanking you in advance!
I am currently building a website using ASP.NET MVC. I have decided to use the Google's official Material Icons. Documentation can be found here. I reference the CDN on top of the _Layout.cshtml page. When I call the icon I want in the body of page, the icon loads correctly. However, when I try to call the icon in the _Layout.cshtml page, the icon does not show. When I tried calling the same icon in the body, it loads correctly.

Why are the Material Icons behaving differently in the body of the page versus the Layout page?

Web Development





Web development includes all aspects of presenting content on intranets and the Internet, including delivery development, protocols, languages and standards, server software, browser clients, databases and multimedia generation.