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Web development includes all aspects of presenting content on intranets and the Internet, including delivery development, protocols, languages and standards, server software, browser clients, databases and multimedia generation.

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I have a table called 'users', each row has a unique ID (autonumber) -- userid
I have another table which is called 'firm', and a field (int) called:  contactnumberstart

I need to update firm.contactnumberstart  and make it =  to the latest (or highest) userid + 1
This way I know which is the next ID.

I only need to update it once, the system will take care of updating that number whenever a new user id added.

It should be something like:

update firm
set contactnumberstart   =   MAX(users.userid) + 1 

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Well, that is the idea.
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For some reason, my ask-a-nurse image on mobile is not centered. It's the nurse image at the top of the page.

The buttons under it are centered on mobile, but the nurse picture isn't. Could you tell me how to center it and keep everything else the same on all devices?


<div id="iconDiv-nurse" style="text-align:center">
<a id="nurseImg" href="http://www.idiaper.com/Ask-A-Nurse_ep_29.html"><img id="left-nurse1" alt="ask a nurse button" src="http://www.idiaper.com/assets/images/left-nurse2.jpg"></a><div id="nurseLinks">
  <a href="http://www.idiaper.com/womens-diapers"><img alt="for women button" src="http://www.idiaper.com/assets/images/women-nurse2.jpg"></a><a 
  href="http://www.idiaper.com/Auto-Reorder_ep_43-1.html"><img alt="auto-reorder button button" src="http://www.idiaper.com/assets/images/auto-ship-nurse3.jpg"></a><a 
  href="http://www.idiaper.com/mens-diapers"><img alt="for men button" src="http://www.idiaper.com/assets/images/men-nurse.jpg"></a><a 
  href="http://www.idiaper.com/overnight-adult-diapers"><img alt="overnight products button" src="http://www.idiaper.com/assets/images/overnight-nurse2.jpg"></a><a 
  href="http://www.idiaper.com/adult-pullups"><img alt="pull ups button" src="http://www.idiaper.com/assets/images/pull-ups-nurse2.jpg"></a><a 
  href="http://www.idiaper.com/adult-cloth-diapers-briefs"><img alt="adult cloth diapers button" src="http://www.idiaper.com/assets/images/acd-nurse2.jpg"></a>


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#nurse-cat a,#nurse-cat a:hover, #nurse-cat a:visited

#nurse-cat a:hover
#nurse-cat a:visited

#nurse-cat img

@media screen and (max-width: 600px){

#nurse-cat img


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I have secured classic asp web application and I want
instead of having a link format of:

I want to display, URL format like:

Option 1 hide the .asp extension

or Option 2 replace generic word

or Option 3 replace .aspx in place of .asp
I wrote a web-app utilizing my Bluehost account.

The customer now wants the ability to store images (receipts, etc) "in the cloud".

Suggestions?  Bluehost support was pretty vague on whether this was allowed and it's storage limits.

I wish to add a webpage or two that will allow the user to select the picture and then upload it.
Hi Experts,

Please see the screen shot below, this is the error we get, when we try to access the website from the network.
www.abc.com works fine
www.abc.com/hi works fine
www.abc.com/bye gives this error

next day
www.abc.com works fine
www.abc.com/hi gives this error
www.abc.com/bye works fine

however off the network
Off the network it works completely fine.

Contacted the vendor, they have suggested that they do not have any issues with their websites.

I am wondering if this is to do with network filtering?

Browser in USE is IE.
I need a better understanding of the relationship between SAML and API integrations.

Our company has two major needs :

(1) single sign-on (user 'Bob' will login into 'ACME.com' and then click a link to automatically enter our site without login again)
(2) transfer of information - one of our tools will send an XML string to company X, they will run a program and return an XML string to us with additional information.   Currently this is done through a web service (API).   Not sure how to better secure this? Does SAML come into play here?

I see how SAML will be used for (1) the single sign-on.   But is SAML used for, or needed for an API when passing XML strings?   We currently use SOAP or just XML.  

Please let me understand how SAML, SOAP and web services all play together.
If I were to approach a new company with the idea of creating a web service to communicate, would they ask me to use SAML?
Hello Experts, I would like to set up remote access to our database as remote.xyz.com, have it point to our internal Sesame Database Server at 192.168.X.X, but only allow traffic through port 20030, and only with the db.exe. sesame db server has its own web server and capable to act as web server and has sample builtin html webpage as well, so how can i achieve this ?
I reinstalled SQL 2012 and SSMS 2017 (latest version).
When trying to deploy my local DB to Azure I get this error (Attached).

I had another computer with the same config and I was able to deploy. I must be missing some component.
I have Visual Studio 2017 Community also installed.
Hi, so I've got an Ionic 3 app which has a native camera plugin and onesignal plugin as well for notifications.

The native camera plugin works fine in Ionic View or DevApp, and onesignal works when build it to an APK and run it natively on my Android phone.

However, when I use an emulator to run it, even on IOS, it comes up with cordova_not_available. And even the cameras don't work. i run the command

ionic cordova run android or ionic cordova run ios

Emulator shows up but the issue is that cordova doesn't seem to be compiled in. Thus causing cordova plugins to fail.

What can possible be the issue? I've removed all the plugins and android/ios platform, re-installed an still the same.

It's kind of difficult to develop the OneSignal notification when I can't run it with the emulator.

Anyone who has come across this, please advice.
How & where do i find a good cofounder? How to understand them and what legalities should be signed/?

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I'm getting this error when instilling the wordpress theme Bridge:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in .../public_html/honestoakseo/wp-content/themes/bridge/framework/modules/woocommerce/woocommerce-functions.php on line 124

What do I do?
Hi EE.

How can one get a control value like on a textbox get it value and set the button id to that value from textbox and for dropdown get the selected item value and set that value to a button id when clicking that button in php or html?
What are some possible reasons that a grid would lose its paging header? I know that's a very broad question. The details that I can give are that the pager template is there when the page loads, but upon a new data bind that is successful the pager template is gone. It does re-appear if I do a sort on any of the columns but that's not how it is supposed to work. Its as if it loses its understanding that it needs to show the pager template after a new datasource has been bound to it? I'm looking for some suggestions of things / properties that I can check to see what would cause this?
When developing an application / web application, what type of documentation is required /beneficial if a developer leaves a company to allow the new developer to understand the setup /configuration

I would like to ask if there is a way to encrypt order ID passed in URL and just hide them with a bunch of letters and numbers?
I have a website which is on process of being built with Wordpress.
I need to upload panoramic photos taken with mobile. So far the plugin that I found aren't good enough. The only solution which suites my need so far is the one implemented of Facebook.

Can anyone suggest a plugin or a solution for uploading panoramic photos and obtain the same effect is obtained with Facebook?

Thanks for any contribution.
hello there
i have this scenario as a semester project and i don't understand how to find the entities please help

The Scenario:

information system of the promotion office in the management of the faculty members of the university

The Office of Promotions for the Administration of Faculty Members is affiliated with the University. Where the staff are concerned with organizing the procedures and keeping the files and the necessary data on the faculty members who are applying for promotions and research for the purpose of promotion and residents of this research, whether they are inside the university or from outside. The applicant for promotion the right to promotion several times during his career before retirement when The number of years spent by the previous scientific degree and the completion of a specified number of published scientific researches and submit an application for promotion to be approved by the competent department to which the applicant applies for promotion. Where the applicant can upgrade to the highest degree whenever it meets the conditions according to the regulations of higher education .. In order to consider the procedures of the applicant to upgrade it first submit a written request indicating his personal data such as the functional number and the name of the tripartite and the faculty and the section to follow them and the specialization and degrees obtained and the date Get all of them and qualifications (BA, MA, ..). The applicant …

I'm currently looking to hire two additional PHP developers on my team.

I've interviewed quote a few which have good experience, and they talk a good game... however it's hard to know how good they actually will be until they are hired.

Can any of you recommend additional questions or maybe a test to give each candidate in order to assess them further?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hello Experts

I’m currently using a booking application for Joomla by a company called Koparent www.koparent.com. It is designed for users who want to lease any kind of service.

Unfortunately, for some reason the ability to convert currency from one currency to another has been lost - it can’t be done even on there demo site. I have tried reaching out to them for them to fix it, but I’m not getting any response. Therefore, can someone please let me know of any other booking application for Joomla?

I would very much appreciate any recommendations


What does it mean to be "Always On"?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.

On premises SharePoint 2013 - using 2010 workflows.
I have an alert on a special view of the Workflow History - which will alert me when the description contains "Failed" or "Error" - etc.  So I get an an email when any workflow encounters an error or is canceled.  That works fine.  (This doesn't work for SP 2013 workflows by the way).  I can even issue a log message from the workflow and I'll get a notification using this approach.
However, occasionally (not consistently) some of my workflows generate "Failed on start (retrying)" and just hang.  I must manually cancel the workflow so that it can run again on a modification.  The same workflow will not retrigger and rerun on modification when it's in this state.  If I re-run the workflow, it runs fine.  So it's a mystery why I'm getting failed on start.  I get this every few hundred executions of the workflow and on different records.  
Unfortunately, in this case - no workflow history is created - hence I don't get an alert.
So anyone know how to get a notification when a workflow 'fails on start'?  
You can't set an alert on a view which is filtered by a workflow status column so that approach evidently won't work.
Any ideas?
It's very important I know of failed workflows on this application.

I don't have the option of using SP 2013 workflows - which I understand are less flexible for this kind of alerting anyway.
Hi experts.

I made this website  

It works fine in Denmark, but they cannot access the website in India.
Im trying to troubleshoot on this.

Can you help me? Can you access the website, and which country are you in while doing so?
What could i do to make it work?

Should i just change to .com? How, why can i know if India is blocking .dk domains?


Best regards
Mike Kristensen
I have a window machine with static IP. I have a django server installed on it. How to make a server run on its static IP so that the server is accessible from everywhere.
i have my code as below:

    body {
    <div id="container">
    <div id="ball"></div>
    <div id="paddle"></div>

however, only paddle appear on the viewport.
I need to have container with position relative, and ball and paddle with position absolute, because it is nessary in order for my other codes to work, Can anyone please tell me how can i get all of them displayed properly without modifying the position attribute of those divs?

thx a lot!
I am trying to help a friend and after editing a few files the site is getting an error 500
attached are a few files from the web site
If I type the domain/index-static.html it loads but no links are working

the domain is http://datlasestates.com/

I am not sure what needs to do any guidance would be appreciated

I know the site is hosted on amazon server could this be from their side or could it be a scripting error?

here is the .htaccess file

GeoIPEnable on

Deny from all
Allow from env=AllowCountry

RewriteEngine on

#Redirect 301 /index.html /index.php
Redirect 301 /about.html /about.php
Redirect 301 /faq.html /faq.php
Redirect 301 /recently_purchased.html /recently-purchased.php
Redirect 301 /contact.html /contact.php
Redirect 301 /sell.html /sell.php
Redirect 301 /blog.datlas.html /blog.datlas.php
Redirect 301 /philadelphia.html /philadelphia.php
Redirect 301 /pennsylvania.html /pennsylvania.php
Redirect 301 /victorian_jewelry.html /victorian-jewelry.php
Redirect 301 /art-nouveau-beauty-of-nature.html /art-nouveau-beauty-of-nature.php
Redirect 301 /edwardian-style-hail-to-the-king.html /edwardian-style-hail-to-the-king.php
Redirect 301 /faberge-a-life-of-its-own.html /faberge-a-life-of-its-own.php

We would like to know if it is possible to modify our website which has been developed in ASP so that it becomes responsive, but especially by keeping the headers and footers in a fixed position.

Here is the original version of our website (not responsive) : http://www.ex0-sys.ch/

We have a test version of our site that is responsive, but we do not master the technique to maintain our original design.

Here the test version being modified (responsive) :

What technologies should we use because it seems to be a major problem for everyone?

Thank you in advance for your answers.



Web Development





Web development includes all aspects of presenting content on intranets and the Internet, including delivery development, protocols, languages and standards, server software, browser clients, databases and multimedia generation.