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Web development includes all aspects of presenting content on intranets and the Internet, including delivery development, protocols, languages and standards, server software, browser clients, databases and multimedia generation.

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Employee Tracking - GPS - I want app to web solution for tracking my sales employee and location with form to be filed when they reach that location.
I'm using C# to call a Java Webservice.  Fiddler gives me a status of 200. So my call to the service is good.  But something in the .NET does not like my MTOM message.  Any ideas?  Here are all the details.  

I'm getting this error:
MTOM messages must have type 'application/xop+xml'.

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The stack trace says:
Server stack trace: 
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.MtomMessageEncoder.MtomBufferedMessageData.TakeXmlReader()
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.BufferedMessageData.GetMessageReader()
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.BufferedMessage..ctor(IBufferedMessageData messageData, RecycledMessageState recycledMessageState, Boolean[] understoodHeaders, Boolean understoodHeadersModified)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.MtomMessageEncoder.ReadMessage(ArraySegment`1 buffer, BufferManager bufferManager, String contentType)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpInput.DecodeBufferedMessage(ArraySegment`1 buffer, Stream inputStream)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpInput.ReadBufferedMessage(Stream inputStream)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpInput.ParseIncomingMessage(HttpRequestMessage httpRequestMessage, Exception& requestException)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpChannelFactory`1.HttpRequestChannel.HttpChannelRequest.WaitForReply(TimeSpan timeout)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.RequestChannel.Request(Message message, TimeSpan timeout)

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Page Link Based Security or Annotation based security

1. We can create page URLs as /employee/create /exployee/delete etc.,  /order/create /order/delete.  We can get the module and it's action and create an interceptor via this. Not sure what are the complexities will come in following this pattern

2. We can create custom annotation and add them to any Method in the controller and validate them based on the custom annotation

Which one would be the right and standardized approach or best approach to go-ahead ?
I had this question after viewing CSRF form validation fires even when form token matches session variable token - MVC.

Can you suggest a good directory for searching for tokens?
Why NaN?
I want to show difference between 'Total' and 'Paid' amount is 'Total Due' in JavaScript. How to show?

JavaScript Code:
function totaldue()
  var total=parseInt(document.getElementById('total').value);
  var paid=parseInt(document.getElementById('paid').value);
  var totaldue=parseInt(document.getElementById('totaldue').value);

  var totaldue1=Math.abs((total-paid).toFixed(2));

HTML Code :
        <td width="20%" bgcolor="#e2dad8"><b><font size="4px">
        <td width="10%">
          <p name="total" id="total" onKeyUp="totaldue(this.form)" readonly="readonly" value="0.00" class="text-center" style="border: none;"></p>
        <td width="20%" bgcolor="#e2dad8"><b><font size="4px">Paid</b></td>
        <td width="10%">
          <input type="text" name="paid" onKeyUp="totaldue(this.form)" id="paid" class="text-center" style="border:none;">
        <td width="20%"  bgcolor="#e2dad8"><b><font size="4px">Total Due</b></td>
        <td width="10%">
          <p class="text-center" id="totaldue" name="totaldue" value="0.00" onKeyUp="totaldue(this.form)" readonly="readonly" style="border:none;"></p>
Need to have an asp.net form that uses bootstrap as well...newbie to asp.net, if code or samples could be provided would be appreciated.

I have an embedded page in a div that accepts parameters from a url. I am able to update the url without refreshing the page using;
if (history.pushState) {
                                    window.history.pushState("Test", "Title", "searchConst.html?Client_ID="+clientId);
                                    } else {
                                    document.location.href = "searchConst.html?Client_ID="+clientId;

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I then want to refresh the div in which the embedded page sits (this is NOT an iFrame by the way) see code below;

                                        <div class="tab-pane" id="messages" role="tabpanel"><a name='test'>
                                                <div id="test2" class="customContainer2">
                                                        <script type="text/javascript" src="https://c0abo928.caspio.com/dp/0ea16000b8a5b73fe490405fafdf/emb"></script> -->
                                                        <div class="cxkg"><a href="https://c0abo928.caspio.com/dp/0ea16000b8a5b73fe490405fafdf">Click here</a> to load this Caspio <a href="http://www.caspio.com" target="_blank" title="Cloud Database">Cloud Database</a></div>

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When I click on a row in a table, this is where the url changes and I then want to refresh the div so that the embedded page updates, but i DO NOT want to refresh the whole page, I just want to update the div containing the embedded page.
I'm calling a web service where I'm suppose to encrypt the data being passed over.    When I look at the diagnostic file I don't see my payload being encrypted.  Am I missing something in the app.config file for the encryption to occur?

Here is my app.config file:
      <source name="System.ServiceModel.MessageLogging">
          <add name="messages"
          initializeData="c:\logs\messages.xml" />

          <binding name="CoreSoapPortBinding">
            <security mode="Transport">  
              <transport clientCredentialType="Certificate"/>  
        <endpoint address="https://xxxxxxxxx/ESARWS/CORETransactionService"
            binding="wsHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="CoreSoapPortBinding"
            contract="ESAR.CORETransaction" name="CoreSoapPort" behaviorConfiguration="endpointCredentialBehavior" 

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I am working on a project using aspdotnetstorefront 9.4. It has been a number of years since I have used the product and in the past it was mostly fronted development. What I need help with is that currently there is a login menu link and it should take you to a signin page. What we are currently trying to implement is using bootstrap 4, upon clicking the login menu link in a hidden div or dialog box there would be a login form that would allow you to sign-in to the site. I have already been able to implement the form with bootstrap on the visual side, but I am not sure how to code the form so that when you login the form actually works and logs you in.

Any help or code is most appreciated!
I ran across some python code that allows continuous, live plotting of twitter stream data and sentiment rating. When the author of the code demonstrated it on Youtube, he was able to plot the twitter in a graph, and the graph updated  with each tweet. However, when I run the same code, I get one graph for each tweet and the plot points do not form a continuous line--instead the output consists of one graph, one plot point for each tweet. I would like to  get the graph to show the plotted point for all tweets in one chart in a continuous line.

BTW I am not the  only person who ran into this same problem with the code.  FYI I am currently running python 2.7,  in a Spyder 3.2.8 development environment on Mac.  I have attached the code (without access key information) and it has not been altered from the author's version. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


We have an external dev team (agency) working on one of our internal tools that we use in house.

The database and data files (application images) reside in AWS.

We are currently rebuilding the entire application / tool in house. The external dev team (agency) have given us access to the database so that we can extract the data from the database when we need it, however they are struggling to come up with a way that they can grant us access to the data files (our client profile images, etc...). They said they have other tools and clients under their AWS account, so they cannot give us access to their AWS account.

We have over 50 clients using our tool everyday so we need constant access to the database and data files, right up to our transitional switch over to our new platform.

Can anyone recommend a convenient way that we can access the data files on a continuous basis?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Hi Dev Experts,

I have this problem on my application on how to create multiple canvasses. There is no problem with this but on the Fabric.js API that I used.

In my case I created a div which will be filled with images as representation for my canvasses on button click.  I also created five canvasses which visibility are hidden and  will be shown when the user click  the list of image canvas.

My problem is that how can i create or assign a new  variable to fabric.js like this if you can create only one variable for all your objects ?
var canvas = new fabric.Canvas('mycanvas');//mycanvas is an id of one canvas but must come from five canvasses

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Thank you in advance for you help and time !!!
I am using following code  ( but not clear how to pass a parameter when a user click on firebase notification? )

public override void OnMessageReceived(RemoteMessage message)
            string click_action = message.GetNotification().ClickAction;
            SendNotificatios(message.GetNotification().Body, message.GetNotification().Title, click_action);
        public void SendNotificatios(string body, string Header, string click_action)
            Notification.Builder builder = new Notification.Builder(this);
            //Intent intent = new Intent(this, typeof(MainActivity));
            Intent intent = new Intent(click_action);
            intent.PutExtra("click", click_action);
            PendingIntent pendingIntent = PendingIntent.GetActivity(this, 0, intent, PendingIntentFlags.OneShot);
            builder.SetLargeIcon(BitmapFactory.DecodeResource(Resources, Resource.Drawable.AppLauncher));
            NotificationManager notificationManager = (NotificationManager)GetSystemService(NotificationService);

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i'm trying to reload user privileges dynamically.

i'm trying to achieve custom authorization mechanism via MethodSecurityExpressionOperations or GrantedAuthority to secure the URL and authorize the URL based on the conditions.

i come across two flavours of Spring to handle this one is via MethodSecurityExpressionOperations and the other is via GrantedAuthority - createAuthorityList

i am not sure which one is better and which one to be used in the case of dynamic reloading of user privileges where one user privilege has been updated by another user dynamically while the user is working on...

Difference between Servlet Filter vs Spring Security Filter ?

Some says security filter just authenticates the user, where as servlet filter authorizes the request

Need code snippet to understand the structure of both and the differences.

I am looking at creating a webform page that contains an iframe. The iframe content is from another web domain that will contain a combination of images, JavaScript and html.

My question is how to ensure this will work with CORS and also ensure this is safe.

Any help is appreciated.
Spring Boot Version: 2.0
Spring Version: 5.0.4

Facing the following issues on trying to implement AccessDecisionManager

1. When used

public class WebConfig implements WebMvcConfigurer

Issue:  uanble to override protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {

2. When used

public class WebConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {

Issue: unable to override the following

a. public void configureDefaultServletHandling(DefaultServletHandlerConfigurer configurer) {
b. public void addResourceHandlers(ResourceHandlerRegistry registry) {
c. public void addInterceptors(InterceptorRegistry registry) {

3. Throws error "java.lang.IllegalStateException: No ServletContext set" when used as below

public class WebConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter implements WebMvcConfigurer {

URL for reference:  http://www.baeldung.com/spring-security-custom-voter

public AccessDecisionManager accessDecisionManager() {
    List<AccessDecisionVoter<? extends Object>> decisionVoters
      = Arrays.asList(
        new WebExpressionVoter(),
        new RoleVoter(),
        new AuthenticatedVoter(),
        new MinuteBasedVoter());
    return new UnanimousBased(decisionVoters);

protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
This is a follow up question of

The typical example only shows the date range with no icons:
My current requirements are:
 - Responsive (must work Real Ipad and mobile galaxy)
 - When day is selected the date picker must close.
 - When picker is shown, it must open down the picker location.
 - Date range must work with icons and have similar behaviour as per current sample link.
 - It supports IE11 onwards, Chrome (latest and previous 3 releases) and Safari.
 - It supports Iphone 7 and up and Galaxy S5 and up.

 We are currently using Bootstrap latest 3.x version and Jquery 1.12.x
I come across the following link


Custom Filter OR Servlet Filter or AccessDecisionVoter

Need to provide access to user after login to the pages or actions based on certain conditions (user is active or user expiration date is over or user doesn't have any orders) and looking for a custom spring security. In the above which one would be suitable in this case and need a good code snippet to achieve it.
Hey, guys.

I have a side project I'm messing around with.  I'm making a web site and I would like for it to have some interactive images, but I don't know where to start.

One Page:
- On the web page is a grid.
- Within each box of the grid, there is a basic symbol, such as a circle
- When one hovers over the circle, a preview appears of an image or video specific to that circle
- When one clicks on the circle or on the preview, the image or video opens in a new window, new tab or some other way which doesn't obscure the grid
- A user can change the symbol from a circle to an X (or something else)

Another Page:
- On the web page is an image, such as a map
- On that image are buttons
- When a user clicks on a button, icons specific to that button appear on the map.
- When the users clicks again, the icons disappear
- There can be multiple types of icons on the map

For the latter page, I'm thinking of a basic image with layers and the buttons simply make the layers visible or invisible.

Regardless, I don't have a clue where to begin.  Do I use something like Adobe Animate? Is there some other tool out there which can create this type of interactive content on a website?

So far, waving my VooDoo stick at the screen and chanting hasn't helped.

Good UX design is based on brief on words as illustrated by most web sites.
But  Google now requires Content rich sites and the SEO concensus is that there should be a minimum 400 relevant words
and preferably 1,000 to 2000 relevant words per page for rankking benefits.

I find these UX and SEO planks difficult to reconcile.

Can anyone help please?
I'm attempting to create a dataset where an email list is enriched with the person's metadata such as department, manager, state, etc.  Data set A has a field of email addresses.  Data set B also has  field of email addresses along with multiple rows of metadata for the person.  As illustrated in the attached image, there may be missing values in some records, but not missing in other records.  Supposing that the attached data set is for a John Smith, how can I produce a final report where John Smith has values for each metadata field.  I need to do this in Python and the metadata should come from the latest data record first and then iterate over the other other records if values are missing.  Another point to make is that the metadata field names may change, so it's better that we refer to them by their index value.
What is the correct syntax to cause the 2nd animation to start after the first one finishes:

@keyframes toColor {
    0%    { -webkit-filter: grayscale(100%); filter: grayscale(100%); }
    25%   { -webkit-filter: grayscale(75%); filter: grayscale(75%); }
    50%   { -webkit-filter: grayscale(50%); filter: grayscale(50%); }
    75%   { -webkit-filter: grayscale(25%); filter: grayscale(25%); }
    100%  { -webkit-filter: grayscale(0%); filter: grayscale(0%); }

@-webkit-keyframes myMove {
    0%   { -webkit-transform: scale(1); }
/*    50%  { -webkit-transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0);} */
/*    100% { -webkit-transform: scale(.5), translate3d(-450px, -350px, 0);} */
    100% { -webkit-transform: scale(.5);}

.MyClass #t3-content img {
    margin: auto;
    width: 50%;
    height: auto;
    animation: toColor 4s;
    animation: MyMove 2s;  /*this one overules the first animation*/
/* either one of the above animations will work on their own but not sequenced as above */
I have a VB.Net page where I have implemented Impersonation using help from the following post:
"go to the post on impersonation using VB.Net"

Although it seems to be working when I access the page from the IIS server (not local) but when other users try to access it then they get the following error message:

An error occurred while attempting to impersonate.  Execution of this request cannot continue.
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: An error occurred while attempting to impersonate.  Execution of this request cannot continue.

Source Error:
An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

Stack Trace:

[HttpException (0x80004005): An error occurred while attempting to impersonate.  Execution of this request cannot continue.]
   System.Web.ImpersonationContext.get_CurrentThreadTokenExists() +227
   System.Web.HttpApplication.ExecuteStep(IExecutionStep step, Boolean& completedSynchronously) +12491258
WEBDAV SSL issue with FileExplorer.

IE have the necessary trusted sites. This has also worked without issues before.

Doing some reflection I found the dates, from the "verify that you want to stay logged in(new box appeared 3 month ago)" till today, it is about 3 month (90 days)
Could this be a "grace period" for authentication ?

To me it is kinda clear this is a Authentication issue. Logging back into the site from IE, solves the fileshare "access denied". This works till computer is restarted.

Does anyone have an input/fix for this issue ?

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Web development includes all aspects of presenting content on intranets and the Internet, including delivery development, protocols, languages and standards, server software, browser clients, databases and multimedia generation.