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Web development includes all aspects of presenting content on intranets and the Internet, including delivery development, protocols, languages and standards, server software, browser clients, databases and multimedia generation.

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Hi, we've had blog.magickitchen.com for a number of years. We'll be moving it to magickitchen.com/blog, for better SEO, and to have it on the same servers as the website.

I've transferred over about 60 or so articles to the new system.(new system isn't live yet, unfortunately you won't see it.)

I plan to do a permanent redirect of  blog.magickitchen.com to magickitchen.com/blog.

Is it worth taking each article I've transferred over and doing a permanent redirect on those? EG:
RedirectPermanent        /2016/09/02/seniors-fall-is-the-best-time-to-get-out-and-get-active/   https://www.magickitchen.com/blog/seniors-fall-is-the-best-time-to-get-out-and-get-active/57

Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Windows 7 Basic
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Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Windows 7 Basic

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I am trying to make a submission via PHP Curl.

I need to submit a csv file as part of the body (using a bearer token for security)

I am having issues getting it to submit being told that my data has to be an array, -= Could anyone please advise where I am going wrong?

I did have an issue where I was getting a 0 status, returned, but once I encoded the variable $fielddata - I am now getting back an error from the API basically saying that I need to provide data in an array.  The only thing I can think of is the curl_file might be wrong?

basically I am just trying to submit the file that is in the same directory as the php file I am running.

$template = "Hi {{name}}! Click here {{url}} to enter our portal({{amount}}).";
$cfile = new CURLFile('meekimoney.csv','text/csv','meekimoney');
//$cfile = curl_file_create('meekimoney.csv','text/csv','meekimoney.csv');
// Assign POST data
echo "<br><br>";
$fielddata = array('file' => $cfile, 'name' => $nameofcampaign, 'template' => $template );
$data_json = json_encode($fielddata);
$headers = array();
$headers[] = "Authorization: Bearer ".$Bearer;
//$headers[] = "Cache-Control: no-cache";
//$headers[] = "Postman-Token: 202fee3b-9efd-48fe-9d98-483b7f9ebb64";
$headers[] = "Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=----WebKitFormBoundary7MA4YWxkTrZu0gW";
//$headers[] = "Content-Type: application/json; boundary=----WebKitFormBoundary7MA4YWxkTrZu0gW";
$ch = 

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I'm looking for a PHP bootcamp but mostly I find Ruby. Is there any good online PHP bootcamps that arent Udemy or some other video-only school?
I am going through the process of trying to optimise various websites to improve speed. I am testing on sites like GT Metrix, etc.

The main issue I have is regarding combining CSS & JS into one file and minifying. I understand what I need to do, but it creates a nightmare for me as far as ongoing future development and updates in concerned. i.e. My development site has them in separate files for ease of understand and updating, then it makes it quite time consuming each time as I need to re-combine each time a small update has been done to one of these files. Some of my sites have 15+ separate CSS or JS files.

I would be interested to see how everyone else deals with this process. Is there an easy automated way to get several css & js files into one file?

The sites are generally bespoke sites so not looking for Wordpress plugins.
I have a array of knockout objects

  function topicInfo(data) {
        this.id = ko.observable(data.id);
        this.active = ko.observable(data.Active);
        this.indication = ko.observable(data.indication);
        this.name = ko.observable(data.name);
        this.title = ko.observable(data.Title);
        this.trainedDate = ko.observable(moment(data.trainedDate).format("MM/DD/YYYY"));

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and they are populated with:

        if (data.topics) {
            var maptopics = $.map(data.topics, function (topic) {
                return new topicInfo(topic);

   this.topics= ko.observableArray(maptopics);

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And need a distinct based on the name field

        this.activeTopicsDistinct = filterByFirstOccurance(this.activeTopics(), "name");    // make it easy for the HTML to display

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I have a PHP form with some text areas - I would like to do something fairly simple, but I am not sure on the approach.

I would like the user to be able to click on a list of words that I define and for the word that was clicked on to be inserted into the text area exactly where the cursor is?

Is this possible to do in either JavaScript or PHP simply? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Because I am taking over for an ex-employee, I am tasked with finding out why a visitor who's logged in session times out 24 hours after inactivity can still see certain things that they should only be able to see when logged in, like special pricing. It was originally designed this way, because the boss wanted government customers who have logged in at some point to always be able to see their government pricing, whether they were currently logged in or not. Now, that decision has been reversed, and we only want them to see their government pricing if their current logged in session is valid.

we use Symfony2 on Unix / Apache if that matters

I have no idea if it's a cookie, a session, or whatever else

I know we utilize both but I don't know if the answer lies in either place
I am trying to understand how the page loads on this website are working, because a client is asking me to try to duplicate it:


Key things I am seeing as you click the main menu links at the top-right:

• The pages seem to load dynamically, without the browser loading a different page (i.e., the browser window never goes blank)
• There is a smooth transition from one page to the other, using swiping animations.
• Yet, the browser URL changes as you click the links.
• The TITLE tag is also changing as you click the links.
• If you put a sub-page URL directly in your browser, it takes you directly to that page (i.e., https://antoni.de/career/)

I have built dynamic-loaded content like this before with Javascript, but usually it has these disadvantages:

• Difficult to have a specific sub-page URL work, without additional coding.
• The browser URL and TITLE tags don't update.
• Search engines can't parse the sub-pages, treat it like a one-page website.

Has the developer of this site found a working compromise between the pro's and con's of these methods?

Would appreciate any advice as far as how to duplicate this type of thing.

I'm not 100% sold on this being a good idea, even if I can get it to work smoothly, of course the design house in this case thinks its a great idea.

Thank you!
I have this tag on my page rockypointfishingservices.com: <meta property="og:image:secure_url" content="https://www.rockypointfishingservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/20160312_161817.jpg" />, but if I add a link to rockypointfishingservices.com on Facebook, it's still showing the initial image from the slideshow.

What can I do to change the image Facebook shows? I've also got featured image changed to a different image, owner wants a photo of people with fish. I even changed the slideshow so the photo of people with fish is first, but the FB preview still shows this:
Hi everybody.
I really don't understand how to change the overlay background color in this template: https://colorlib.com/preview/#amado.
I mean: if you hover the mouse on products, a dark semi-transparent overlay appears. The template uses a scss file. In the index a fiola called style.css is linked, but that file is empty and with developer tools I see all styles are set in  style.scss, but I'm not able to find the value that I have to change. I confess I'm totally new to sass, scss.
I post here the scss file:
@import 'theme_color';
@import 'variables';
@import 'mixin';
@import 'responsive';

/* [Master Stylesheet v-1.0.0] */

/* :: :: 1.0 Import Fonts */

@font-face {
    font-family: 'helveticaneuebold';
    src: url('../fonts/helvetica_neu_bold-webfont.woff2') format('woff2'),
    url('../fonts/helvetica_neu_bold-webfont.woff') format('woff');
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: normal;

@font-face {
    font-family: 'helveticaneuemedium';
    src: url('../fonts/helveticaneue_medium-webfont.woff2') format('woff2'),
    url('../fonts/helveticaneue_medium-webfont.woff') format('woff');
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: normal;

/* :: 2.0 Import All CSS */

@import '../css/bootstrap.min.css';
@import '../css/owl.carousel.css';
@import '../css/animate.css';
@import '../css/magnific-popup.css';
@import '../css/jquery-ui.min.css';
@import '../css/nice-select.css';
@import '../css/font-awesome.min.css';

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Introducing Cloud Class® training courses
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Introducing Cloud Class® training courses

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Hi Experts,

I have been approached by a group of 8 companies to provide for them an information exchange portal. Here they would store files, documents and posts, organized by category and sub category, and a bulletin board with latest news and events posted by the users.

The companies indicated that SharePoint wont’t work because the each have their own domain, and they need this solution to be independent from any of them. They also want to restrict each company to 3 users, and if another company wants to join, the admin of 3 other companies need to approve.

My question is - would this be a development project (I'm a PHP developer); or a sourcing project, where there is something pre-made that can be adjusted? What would a  bull park cost be for this?

Thank you.

I want to send a form with two actions. Those actions are to send two different values to another (the same) page. As individual actions these send but it's when I try to combine thw two actions into one form that I have problems.  

Something like this -

<form action="<?php echo 'addfav.php?id='. $teacher['id'] ;?>" 
<form action="<?php echo 'addfav.php?ids='. $_SESSION['session_ids'];?>"  method="post">

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However,  from a bit of googling, I understand that a form can only send one action. From a bit of a reading online I made a number of failed attempts along these lines using input type 'hidden':

<form id="form" name="form" method="post" action="addfav.php">
<input type="button" class="btn btn-info btn-sm" />

<input type="hidden" name="teacherid" id="teacherid" value="<?php echo $teacher['id'] ;?>">
<input type="hidden" name="studentid" id="studentid" value="<?php echo $_SESSION['session_ids'];?> ">


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And then tried to pick up the posted values in addfav.php with the following

<?php if ((isset($_POST['teacherid']) && $_POST['teacherid'] != "") && (isset($_POST['studentid']) && $_POST['studentid'] != "")){

$studentid = $_POST['studentid']; 
$teacherid = $_POST['teacherid']; 


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This doesn't work - Nothing happens when I press the button.

Is it correct that a form can't sent two actions, and if so, is using  input type 'hidden' the correct method moving forward? I'm trying to stick to using php and avoiding javascript if possible.  Any help, advice greatly appreciated as always.

Many thanks for reading.

From some help here on EE I managed to get a 2 tier accordion working but now I need a third level. The problem is that every 2nd level has the same info for it's third level instead of the actual data associated with the second level.

		$this->db->query("SELECT `edition`, `serial`, `rep`, `prod_name`, `reg_price`, `sale_price`, `end_date`, `purchased`, `first_name`, `last_name`, `voucher_id`, `sp_name`
		FROM `vouchers` AS `v`
		INNER JOIN `bb_products` as `bbp` ON bbp.`prod_id` = v.`product_id`
		INNER JOIN `service_providers` AS `sp` ON sp.`service_provider_id` = v.`sp_id`
		LEFT JOIN `bb_users` as `bbu` ON bbu.`uid` = v.`customer_id`
		WHERE v.`rep` = :sp_id 
		GROUP BY `sp_name`, `prod_name`
		ORDER BY `sp_name`, `prod_name`");
		$this->db->bind(":sp_id", $_SESSION['sp_id']);
		$results = $this->db->resultSet();
		$groupedData = [];

    foreach ($results as $record):

        $key = $record->sp_name;
        $groupedData[$key]['header'] = $record;
		$groupedData[$key]['children'][] = $record;
		$groupedData[$key]['grandchildren'][] = $record;


		return $groupedData;
		return $results;

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<div class="container">
	<div class="panel-group" id="accordion">
		<?php foreach($data['voucher_history'] as $group): ?>
		<div class="panel panel-default">
			<div class="panel-heading">
				<h4 class="panel-title">
					<a class="collapsed" data-toggle="collapse" data-parent="#accordion" href="#<?php echo $group['header']->sp_name; ?>">

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wordpress website of new york city plumber

asked me if website is good

Isnt all wordpress the same because it is a content management system?

What should I look for that is broken?
Without logging in?

I cant find version number so I asked another question.
And new version number doesnt mean good.
I could do a "hello world" website with newest version

There is something wrong with the syntax on the following line of code I created.
$sql = "SELECT * FROM teachers_table WHERE id = '$row.['teacherid']'"; 

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I have three tables. A teachers_table, a students_table and a favourites.  The favourites table consists of a unique id and a teachers id and a students id. The teachers id in the favourites table matches the teachers id in the teachers table and the students id in the favourites table matches the students id in the the students table.

So I started by using INNER JOIN to get the teacher ids which are contained in both teachers_table and favourites for the student id (of the student logged in).

$sql = "Select teacherid FROM favourites INNER JOIN teachers_table ON favourites.teacherid = teachers_table.id WHERE studentid = '$ids'";
$result = mysqli_query($db_connection, $sql); 		

while ($row=mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) {
//echo $row['teacherid']."<br>";

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This appeared to work, as the echo statement above correctly displayed the teacher ids in the favourites table of the student logged in.

My next step was to display more than just the teacher ids. I wanted to display all the information in the teachers_table associated with those ids:

$sql = "SELECT * FROM teachers_table WHERE id = '$row.['teacherid']'"; 
		$result_favs = mysqli_query($db_connection, $sql); 

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However, the following error check showed that that syntax isn't correct.
            if($result_favs === false){
            echo"<b>Query failed!</b><br/>\n<b>Query:</b>{$result_favs_sql}<br />\n<b>Error:</b>".mysqli_error($db_connection);

It returned an error relating to the right syntax to use near 'teacherid']'' at line 1
I have added all the domain to www.domaintools.com to monitor expiry of the domains; so that I can remind the respective domain owners to renew them.
It works as intended but domaintools.com does not support .in domains. Can you please tell me a site similar to domaintools.com which can monitor & notify me for expiries/renewal of .com .net .org * .in
The added advantage we can details of all the monitored domain at one place.
Trying to get the values of Json Array isnt working.

for(var i = 0; i < testjson.TYPE_ID.length; i++){
            if(testjson.TYPE_ID[i]) {count += 1;}

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"TYPE_ID":["pinterest","vimeo","gravatar","twitter","linkedin","klout","facebook","flickr","foursquare"] . this is the Json here which im trying to pull all these arrays and check for one of them to output a response.

using JQ, JS
I've got a strange problem with WordPress (4..9.8) That has just started. I can upload images, but when I select them the details are no longer shown on the right, like so...

And The button to insert them into posts is not selectable?

Anyone got a clue how to fix this, Its killed my productivity?
hye experts, partner search for my web site looking for Chinese person who may manage portal app for as publisher
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Cloud Class® Course: Certified Penetration Testing

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I want to invalidate my form using jQuery/Javascript.

User enters date field (having id# vhdnPickUpDate) and time field (having id# vPickUpTime)

User should not be able to submit the form if date time is less than 4 hrs which user has entered.

Current time is in field hdnDateTime from where date time needs to compare.

I need to know the logic for this.
How to invalidate the form if datetime is less than or equal to 4 hrs.
Also, accordingly date field needs to be highlighted.

Kindly advise me the solution.

Below is the logic required and details.

var form = $("form");

hdnDateTime= "04/08/2018 07:30:00"


vPickUpTime="5:30 AM"

var dtTime = vhdnPickUpDate +" "+ vPickUpTime=;
var dtTimeMinus4Hrs = dtTime - 4 hrs;

if(hdnDateTime <= dtTimeMinus4Hrs)

invalidate form
Highlight field with id = Item_PickUpDate
// Kindly advise me the solution

if (form.valid()) {

}else {

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hye, EE experts, i am thinking to get advertisement to my own web site that  has 6000 chinese visitor as  monthly in English site about taxi fares calculating , is there any idea or advice  for getting online advertisement affiliate commpany??
Another question related,  i have domain name  such as htttp:// www.fastfood.[city name]. How to and where to sell this domain name as godaddy recommended price 650 $ ??
I am looking for affordable software that will allow me to build forms and link to a lookup table. I am attempting jotForms and AirTable but not seeing an easy answer here.

My use case is this:
I have a simple 15 x 15 table (15 rows, 15 cols) that will be a matrix of numbers. (example file attached) I will call this the master_table. At times, not often, I will need to edit the master_table to update a cell.

I have a form that asks questions, each question will reference a row in the master table. Here is an example:
Question 1: What type of bar are you?
Speak Easy = ROW_ID: 1
Dance Club = ROW_ID: 2
Wine Bar = ROW_ID: 3

Lets say the user took the form survey,  and answered "Dance Club" to question 1. I want the output to look like this:

S1 | Q1 | 2

The problem I am having with Microsoft Forms is I have not found a way to create a master list that I can reference a ROW_ID as the value of an answer to a question. Can this be done with AirTables?

If this were a PHP / .Net app, we would create 3 tables:
* Questions: This would contain all 20 questions
* Answers: This would contain the 15 x 15 matrix of the scores for each answer type
* Surveys: this would be a simple table that just combines: survey_ID, question_ID and answer_ID so I could run a query to display the survey as answered and sum up all the number in the matrix.

Thanks in advance experts = )
My Objective: to create a website where registered users can give and receive answers on NON-technical topics (such as relationships, business, career) - where topics can be categorized - for example: a separate tab for each topic area.

My Approach: find a top tier market product that provides a website building platform with capabilities in my objective (and requirements below):

Website Requirements: (1)  Allow for assignment of points and badges - as well as likes/dislikes; (2) Allow for posting articles/videos; (3) Allow for marking posts as abusive.

I am grateful for any and all advice.

if a website is live how to take down it
I need to re-build a legacy PHP-based site using WordPress, and one of the challenges that I'm facing is that I need to find a way to somehow convert an image gallery into ...

1) A print friendly version of the gallery that contains all of the images in a thumbnail grid (with 3 images per row)
2) A downloadable multi-page PDF file that has all of the images stacked one on top of the other - with 2 images on each page
3) A downloadable ZIP file that contains all of the images in it (preferably generated on the fly)

You can see an example of what I'm talking about on this page:


You can click on the 3 rightmost icons underneath the gallery to see examples of each of the functionalities I've described (ie: Download images, Print View & PDF Download)

My assumption is that I'll need to create some similar PHP scripts that have the post ID values passed to them via URL parameters, and that I'll then need to somehow extract all of the gallery image URLs from the content so that I can either format/render them accordingly, or create a zip archive that contains them, etc.  

Does anyone here have any suggestions as to how I might achieve something like this using PHP, .. using either the techniques I've described or something similar/better?

- Yvan

Web Development





Web development includes all aspects of presenting content on intranets and the Internet, including delivery development, protocols, languages and standards, server software, browser clients, databases and multimedia generation.