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A web application framework (WAF) is a software framework that is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications, web services and web resources. The framework aims to alleviate the overhead associated with common activities performed in web development. Most common web application frameworks are defined by specific subsets, including ASP.NET, JaveEE, Symfony, ColdFusion Language (CFML), Laravel, jQuery and AngularJS, or for the related languages, including .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, C++ and C.

I have a ASP .NET 4.5 application that I need to migrate to 4.0. I tried it on my own by copying the existing project and opening the copy and building the application using 4.0. with a few minor changes I've come to an error that is asking me for an assembly, (I think) but I don't know which assembly. I seem to have all of the native assemblies that I would need.

Can I fix this from this point to work using the 4.0 framework?
Are there step by step instructions on how to do this properly?

The error message I'm getting is the following:

Error      1      The type or namespace name 'ModelErrorMessage' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Web.UI.WebControls' (are you missing an assembly reference?)      c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files\sellmoretrucksprime_4_0\cd60aedd\46218273\

Located in a file named: (which must be some file created at compile time because I have no idea where this file is, and that's probably a good thing ha)

The "minor changes" I made were the commenting out of the following lines in the web.config

<!--<add path="*.pdfx" verb="*" type="Scryber.Web.ScryberPDFHandlerFactory, Scryber.Components, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=872cbeb81db952fe" />-->

<!--<add namespace="System.Web.Optimization" />-->
I'm sure this will be simple enough...

I have main page Home\Index.html, with a text box. Now I want to get submitted value in the textbox to CourseController
Debug shows that clicking on button takes to following method in Controller
public ActionResult Index(int? SelectedDepartment)
//read value from textbox here


In this method I want to read the value in textbox

(NOTE: the int? SelectedDepartment is so that an int can be passed in URL, but this is another method, here I want to pass string from textbox to other page)

How do I do this?
Here is code with the textbox which I want to read the text entered in box (assume it's right?)

            @using (Html.BeginForm("Index", "Course", FormMethod.Post))
                    Find by name: @Html.TextBox("productName", ViewBag.CurrentFilter as string)
                    <input type="submit" value="Search"  id="productName"/>
Need  sample code
I want to have text in horizontal array, namely

Text1. Text2, Text3, Text4
With a few spaces between each word
Then browser handles when new lines needed

I know how todo tables with array of data in MVC , I'm sure this be similar, with for loop ?
Please send demo code
Hi all,

I'm starting to build a new MVC Asp.net app. I would like to use EF as it seems to work well in an MVC architecture.

But I would like to use stored procedures for my CRUD operations. I understand that CRUD is automatically build by EF, so how can I tell MVC to use my "GET_MOVIES" stored procedure instead of the classical "select *" that is automatically generated ?

Thanks !

hi guys,

I work in IT and have an infrastructural background. I am working on a website with my friend, which is a platform that has been built. It's been done in php/css/javascript. Our developer told me "I never developed this website as part of a framework".

Then I had a conversation with my friend who manages the entire web development team of a high end retailer. He told me "We didn't design our website as a framework and instead built a fluid flexible website".

My question is, what do these terms mean? And by being part of a framework, are you limiting yourself?

Thanks for any feedback.


I am about to build a web application for my organization which will be used by users to submit their timesheets and leave requests.
I am confused whether I should use the basic approach that I mentioned in my experience with PHP or should I use a PHP framework like laravel which uses MVC. My experience with frameworks is null. Opinion of the Experts required to resolve my confusion.

A brief about my knowledge and prior experience with PHP.

I have basic knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS. I built a web application for my organization earlier that would access the network devices and create accounts for users, take backup of those network devices etc.

I built that web application using a basic approach i.e. the root folder has the index.php and other php files which would do the logic and inside of root folder i had the include folder which had the files in which I created the classes for the logic.

Thanks in advance.
I got help on this jQuery earlier today and have come up with this so far


I still have one more section to finish. I am in row x (for example row 1) , second column (value), I type something in, tab..but at this point, I want to find the next row, second column and tab in there.  There has to be a way to do this but I still don't know how.

I think my next row code is correct but not sure. Any help would be fantastic.
Hi everyone.

I have a problem in a web application I'm building.  I'm pretty good at programming but trying to learn some new methods and technology.  I'm using the following technologies:

Java Programming language
Struts 1.3
Spring Core

So I built the entire application without dependency injection.  Just the standard use of the new keyword.  And it works.  Then when I try to switch it over to use dependency injection, it all falls apart.  So far I have focused on getting it working on one Struts Action, called "AddUserAction".  AddUserAction takes form data from a JSP page.  Then it calls a delegate class, AddUserDelegate, which in turn does some stuff and then calls the DAO class to handle insertion into the database.  

I have tried wiring beans through XML and autowiring.  Nothing works.  What seems to happen is that the beans are injected into the setter (public void setAddUserDelegate(AddUserDelegateInterface addUserDelegate) and the SETTER is aware of them, but the setter isn't communicating with the Struts Action class.  Consequently, when I try to invoke the delegate's insertUserInDao() method, it throws a NullPointerException (which I currently have embedded in a try-catch because I got tired of sifting through the stack trace to find my printed lines).

Here is the relevant code, plus two XML configuration files.

AddUserAction (Struts Action Class)

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For website design i use dreamweaver ,please let me know that does it need that i use one of these framework for CSS( Bootstrap, Foundation, 960) and what  help can do for me using these framework?

Why it is being called a framework? in their Website
Hello, I installed the Facebook SDK using composer...When I run the login script example I am getting the following error..

<?php require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$fb = new Facebook\Facebook([
  'app_id' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxx',
  'app_secret' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  'default_graph_version' => 'v2.2',

$helper = $fb->getRedirectLoginHelper();

$permissions = ['email']; // Optional permissions
$loginUrl = $helper->getLoginUrl('https://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com/facebook/fb-callback.php', $permissions);

echo '<a href="' . htmlspecialchars($loginUrl) . '">Log in with Facebook!</a>';

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Fatal error: Class 'Facebook\Facebook' not found

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Head out to http://loosecannonfitness.com/mobile/workouts.php. You may have to adjust your screen a little bit in order for the stylesheet to kick in depending on the width of your browser.

Click on the little "speaker" icon to the right of any of the exercises. If you're on your desktop, you'll get a little pop up window and the video starts playing. If you're on your phone however, you get this:

bad pic
Mind you, it's the exact same code, but when you're on your mobile device, the pop up window thing doesn't work the way I want it to. Ideally, I want the user to click on that icon and get this:

good pic
This is what you see AFTER you click on the play button.

I want the user to click on the icon and be routed to the screen that shows / plays what I've got above, as far as a full screen, automatically playing video clip.

Hi there,

Should basic user information like first name, last name, user id, and email address, be stored in a session variable (for easy access across web pages), or should that information be requested from the database each time it is needed? Note, I am not talking about passwords here, since a session variable obviously has a slightly higher risk to it.

I am using PHP MVC with CodeIgniter.

I am generating entity framework classes from a SQL Server table. However I am not seeing the partial methods.

I have tried following what I saw in my Google search:

Delete current .tt file stacked under your EDMX.
Open EDMX, right click in the designer and select Add code generation item from context menu.
If you don't see EF 6.x EntityObject Generator in Visual C# Items select Online and search for this generator.
Install the generator and use it.
Now your generated entities should support those partial methods.

The only partial method that I am seeing is the protected override void OnModelCreatingmethod.
EF 6.x Code Generator is installed in my VS 2013.

I have tried this so many times but i still don't see the generated partial methods just I used to see in earlier EF.

I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Update 5.

I have a MVC website with Windows authentication. When I put a breakpoint on Application_AuthorizeRequest method in global.asax, it gets hit 7 times during a postback. What is the best method for tracking down what's causing multiple calls to Application_AuthorizeRequest method?
My first page using this technology is at this page.  Can someone give me some constructive criticism on how I could do it better AND how to get my condensed nav bar to show the links that appear on the horizontal nav bar...

I am a C#.Net developer with some experience with Node.js and am considering jumping into Node.js with both feet. What aspect of Node.js and what related technologies are seen as the minimum threshold to start to apply for jobs as a Node developer?

Font Awesome seems pretty awesome. I've used it for icons.

I've seen tags like:

and of course the following Bootstrap tags:

Please provide me an overview of the major UI libraries and what you can do with them, not counting JQuery and JavaScript.

I'm trying to give myself a bit of an intensive class on UI.


How to remove index.php?

I am using Wamp and Codeigniter.

Hi there,

After validating a user's email and password, where should the user's session variable be set, in the Controller or can it be set in the View? Does it matter where it is set?


I am developing a Wordpress bootstrap theme and using the built in Carousel


Everything is fine except the right and left arrow glyphs are invisible, I can select them in the code inspector, but they can't be seen.
I created a simple web form application, and a class library with VS 2013.  The library contains an Entity Framework 6 implementation, no problems there.  I created a simple class with one method that just gets a record:

        public static void Run()
            using (CarProdEntities db = new CarProdEntities())
                Person p = db.People.FirstOrDefault<Person>();

The web application has a form with a button, it calls the Run method in the library.  When I hit the LINQ statement, it threw this exception: "No connection string named 'CarProdEntities' could be found in the application config file."

The solution was obvious.  To confirm, I copied the connection string from the library's app.config and pasted it into the web application's web.config, and everything worked fine after that.

What I would really like, however, is to be able to use the library without requiring the web.config to contain the connection string, to have all DB and Framework information completely self contained in the library project.  Is that possible?

Please look at http://rkassoc.org/Lakos_config/sidestream.php. Note the menu items on the top to the right of the.

As the browser window is narrowed, there is a point where it looks like the attached. Of course, I don;t want that, I want the menu items to stack under the logo image (as they do as it gets to xs).

How can I make that happen?
See attached. I want to lay out this page in Bootstrap.

Ignore the items in Red Text.

I was thinking of a column layout like (sm-4 sm-2 sm-6 and xs-4 xs-2 xs-6).

The left columns are obvious.

I can't see how to make the upper right extend as natural columns to the right. I think I need something like the old "rowspan" of html columns.

How can I do this in bootstrap?


Web Frameworks

A web application framework (WAF) is a software framework that is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications, web services and web resources. The framework aims to alleviate the overhead associated with common activities performed in web development. Most common web application frameworks are defined by specific subsets, including ASP.NET, JaveEE, Symfony, ColdFusion Language (CFML), Laravel, jQuery and AngularJS, or for the related languages, including .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, C++ and C.

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