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Websites use graphics to enhance information, assist navigation, and generally improve the user’s experience. To create those graphics, developers use any number of programs, like the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Flash have their own topics), the CorelDraw suite, Xara, Gimp, ACDSee, Serif, ULead and others.

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I am working with a graphics artist. She uses Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, both are 32-bit apps. She is has  HP Touchsmart 610-1280qd all in one PC with Windows 10 [yes it was upgraded]. She works for a company that produces all sorts of custom printing, from business cards, to calendars, to holiday cards. They have a few custom printers and a XEROX 550-560 w/ Integrated Fiery. When they go to print to the XEROX, it takes about 15-20 seconds for the printer dialogue box to open. They then click on settings within that dialogue box and then something else and then it prints. Sorry for the vagueness of the description. I am troubleshooting from memory. Each time they click on another selection, it takes 15-20 seconds for the next dialogue box to appear. Prior to the Windows 10 upgrade, I am told it didn't take near this long. I searched the event logs and found numerous errors. #370 PrintService: the print spooler failed to regenearte the printer driver information for driver Microsoft XPS Document Writer for environment Windows x64. Win32 system error code 1797 (0x705). This can occur after an operating system upgrade or because of data loss on the hard drive. As I mention previously, this computer was automatically upgraded to Windows 10. The same error is there for Driver Fiery EXP250 PS v1.1, Roland VersaWorks. These are the other two printers or software packages used to print to the printers. Is there anyway of speeding up the process between clicks? Is this a problem…
My OS is win 10 Pro 64 bit and I use the above movie program.  My friend took some movies using her Apple and sent it to me in the *.mov format.  I created a new Video and imported her *.mov files.  But some of the files when viewed are upside down, while some are in the horizontal format.  How do I remedy this so that they will be in the portrait format.  This is the first I have encountered this issue although I have had Pinnacle for some time.  Thank u.
Hi everybody.
In an hybrd mobile app, I'm using some svg image as css background for some elements. Everything looks good, but I thought to add a bit of drop shadow in those images.
So I added the shadow using Inkscape and saved the iimages with another name. But now the images are not displayed.
Using Chrome Device Inspector, I can see images are correclty linked and loaded but they are just invisible in the app,

Does someone have any idea about it?
hank you so mutch for your help.
Hi all:)

Can anyone assist me in designing a logo for a i.t website i created this website mainly to help others an eliminate poverty as much as i can to create job employment my website is up an running an my pc crashed so now im sitting with a website without a logo it  is easy to create a logo or get one im just skeptical cause i dont wana take one thats already used
thank you
I received an image in an email but it has no extension.  
How can I determine what type of image file type this is?

There's gotta be a way of determining this.

I tried adding a JPG as an extension and it opened fine
I tried adding a PNG extension and it opened fine.  It can't be both!
Does anyone know of software that will generate a JPG with specific information?  Suppose, for example, that you're selling authentic Victorian dolls and with each one you'd like to include a JPG that serves as a certificate of authentication, with an official looking gold seal,  that said something like,

"This guarantees that this doll, serial number 12345754, is an authentic Victorian doll."

Here's an example:.
Barcode certificate
When you buy a barcode from these people they send a jpg, above, in addition to your barcodes. It appears that they've created a template with their company artwork and have a way then of plugging in the buyer's information and the barcode numbers purchased (123456123006 - 123456123994).

Thanks for any information.
My OS is win 10 pro 64 bit and I have many jpeg files that were taken by a Nikon Coolpix and some were taken by an LG phone.  All of them have the date stamp on them, like 12-01-13.  But I copied to my HD that they were saved in like : DSC0001.jpg.  Is there any way if I can change the file name to the one that has the date stamp as in the above example.   I guess someone has to write some sort of a routine or procedure, or can this be done an easier way, where say the file is imported one by one into an application, and the application saves the file in the date format.  Or something like that.   I have no clue on how to do it, of course the hard way is to retrieve one by one view the file, and then save it in the date format.  Thank u for your suggestions or advise.
What open source or low cost Corel Draw http://www.coreldraw.com/en/product/graphic-design-software/ replacement do you recommend since I do not what to spend $200+ to upgrade ?
Hi, this small business is growing at a pretty good rate.  Therefore, we have a lot of standalone licenses.  Can we take those licenses and place them on a license server to manage the autocad environment?  What are the steps?  Just read this article for license installation issues.  I'm just thinking there's got to be a better way to manage these license issues.
How to check/validate where it is abnormally behaving below?
function login($username, $password)
// check username and password with db
// if yes, return true
// else return false
  // connect to db
  $conn = df_conn();
  if (!$conn)
    return 0;

$sql="select top 10000 * from user_acct where username='$username' and passwd = '$password'";
$rst = odbc_exec($conn,$sql);
$num_rows = odbc_num_rows($rst); 

 if (!$rst)
     return 0;
  if ($num_rows>0)
     return 1;
     return 0; 

Open in new window

I do not know why sometimes it is fine to access but sometimes not, using the same correct user name and password?
Any suggestions on free software for printscreens?
This would be for my website or advertising, so my target output format would be PNG, GIF and whatever you suggest.

What tools are there for creating animated images? How many actual art images does one typically need to make one good animated image?

Hi Experts

Could you point a workaround on how to open this Adobe Flash documents, I guess from inside Firefox.

In the 1st try it asks for a AdobeFlash downloas and instalattiion that is done.
img003(then installed)

But the problem still remains.

Could you suggest what must be done?

Thanks in advance.
Please post your portfolio and we will contact one of you. Thanks
Is there any good products for converting .swf into anther usable format - that does not use Flash.
I have a simple vector driven, .swf - with rollover highlights that pull up text and a couple of Tabs to change pages.
No animation as such.
is there a quick way to change this to allow it to run, without flash?

Interested to know.
If you save to screencast.com with snagit so that it puts the clip on your clipboard for pasting into a text message, it doesn't only show the recipient the image, but also the library in which the image is being stored.

A sister product by the same company called Jing (free, but not nearly as functional), does not do this.

How can I use screencast.com in snagit, but prevent the library from showing to the end user?
Hello! I am trying to determine what the standard is for HD .gif files. What makes a .gif high resolution? For example, I know for my jpeg files this would begin at 300 dpi. Can someone tell me what metric I should be checking to ensure a .gif file is indeed high resolution? I do not deal with graphics and video normally, but .gif even less often, so please forgive me if this question is very basic and/or stupid :). I am using Windows 7 Pro 64bit on my computer.
Code I wrote years ago, uncommented (I know, I know!), now needs attention, and despite searches for "simpleXML charts" etc, I can find nothing to help me.

Here is an example page with 2 charts...  http://www.fobgfc.org/team.php?team=W&season=2015

The problem:  the right click options do not work, especially with the full screen option on the second chart, and also clicking on the legend colours in the second chart should toggle their appearance.

I appreciate that in the several intervening years since this code was written, there may be better charting options for PHP.  I am willing to consider recommendations.

I attach two files, with code for the respective charts.

Thanks for reading.


I have Dell PowerEdge T330 server.
In that i have installed Windows 2008 R2 OS and Drivers what i have received from Dell.
My graphic Card is Matrox G200eR.
Now i am able to see screen resolution max is 1280X1024.
Several companies with under 30 employees want
their own Employee Badge printer & software
that can do something like the below

What COLOR printer & software
do you recommend under $500 ?
Manager STEPS
 1. takes employees picture via CELL phone
 2. uploads employee's picture into some type
    of software that already has COMPANY LOGO
 3. enters first & last name
 4. clicks SAVE
 5. clicks PRINT
 6. some type of printer prints the
    below, no barcodes, HID, etc needed
      ** employee picture
      ** employee first & last name
 7. employee CLIPS badge onto shirt
I need to create a simple text banner to use as a png overlay for my videos.
I want it to have text...
And a gradient ribbon background to the text that fades to transparent on each end
I am looking for a Windows 10 photo editor that is a simple photo editor that just does simple cropping and editing for students in a physics online class.  Can you give recommendations on simple editors that you don't have to log into the Windows Store and download?

I recently built a new workstation to run Autocad 2017.  It has an Intel I7-6700K 4.0 Ghz cpu, Kingston 32 GB memory on a MSI Z170A m/b running Windows 10 Pro.

I ran a rendering base test with the example house in Revit; that took 31 minutes. I then installed a Quadro K4000 graphics card with 3gb memory on it, loaded the drivers from Nvidia's site and reran the test.  The time was the same, and the Intel CPU was maxed out during that period.

I was expecting some difference.  What am I missing?

there is a pic in the document i want it in a jpeg so i can share it on Facebook Outreach-2016---Business-letter.docx
Dear EE experts,

We would like to ask for some photo expertise on how to create image similar to the attached photo, I'm not used to Adobe Illustrator, but I'm used with Photoshop. Or any programs that can create image like that?

Thank you and hope to hear soon...

Web Graphics Software





Websites use graphics to enhance information, assist navigation, and generally improve the user’s experience. To create those graphics, developers use any number of programs, like the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Flash have their own topics), the CorelDraw suite, Xara, Gimp, ACDSee, Serif, ULead and others.