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Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services using a wide variety of languages and standards, including the familiar HTML, JavaScript and jQuery, ASP and ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion, CSS, PHP, Flex and Flash, but also the implementation of a broad list of standards including XML, WSDL, SSDL, VoiceXML and many more.

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Hi There,

I'm pretty new to Accessibility and I was doing some testing using NVDA screen reader. I noticed that the heading on my page, even though they were semantic, they were not picked up by the screen reader. I tried various means of getting them to work but I couldn't get them to work at all until I added the tabindex="0" attribute to the element. I'm just wondering if it's ok to use this? Or is there some other way to solve the issue?

<header class="clearfix" id="banner" aria-labelledby="product-heading" tabindex="0">
      <section class="col-sm-6 col-xs-12">
            <h1 id="product-heading">this is my heading</h1>
            <h2>Application form</h2>
Hi All,

I have a PHP site that displays reports from stored procedures in SQL. I use a dev to do the site work for me and after a change the site is not working.

The error that now comes up is

 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in D:\inetpub\wwwroot\reporting\src\php\reports.php on line 331

Line 331 of reports.php reads.

report->DaysOverdue = '<span style="color: green;">'.$report->DaysOverdue-30.'</span>';

The dev added a function to remove 30 from the value of the results in this column. I suspect that's whats broken it but I can't get hold of him for a few days so any help would be appreciated.


Hi,  I can use paginate as follows.
I cant understand why you need to use joins in paginate if the models are related in cakephp? Doesnt the join happen automatically?

In what case would I need to define a join in a paginate  for related models? You can even use the conditions clause (where) to specify what records to display in paginate. There need for a join statement has stumped me and the docs dont explain this


$this->paginate = array(
        'limit' => 3,
        'order' => array('Student.id' => 'ASC','Student.first_name' => 'ASC'),
        'contain' => array('TutoringType','Referral')    
      $this->set('students',  $this->paginate());

I have two dropdown boxes named Country and Region in asp and the values for those two boxes are populated from Oracle database. If boxes Country changes, the value of box Region also changes(re-query the database).

Please provide sample code.

We do a lot of advertising on Google adwords. We also get a lot of leads through Google organic search. We don't have straight up sales on our website. We collect leads (free trials) and then, the leads are passed on to our sales team.

They follow up with the leads and close the sales. I need a way to map revenue back to the keyword, ad group and campaign. Is this possible?

How do I do it?

Back to my menus.  Here is the development page development page
First, in case Gary is looking at this and is wondering why I switched back to a joomla component...  The reason is the menu became more complex menu so far as pointing to different parts of the site, with more sub and sub menus added, as well as the need to be able to quickly change the links.  The joomla module that I am using is very flexible for this purpose.

We are looking at the three trio menus.  
Here's the latest issue.  Client would like the submenus to appear like the Performance menu. That is, when you click on Jazz, for instance, the menu appears in line (more or less at this point) with the top of the menu. At least that is how it is behaving in Firefox.  Word Music Ensembles is another example.  Also appearing as desired in firefox

However to get this effect I have to use negative margins, so it's not working well in chrome.  I make those negative margins in the module I am using.

In an attempt to fix this issue, I have added temporary submenus to the right Alternative Studies menu.  I call them
Sub Menu Test 1
Sub Menu Test 2
Sub-Sub Menu Test 3

So Sub Menu Test 1 needs to be put in line with the "Music Industry and Technology Minor"
Sub Menu test 2 also needs to be put in line with the "Music Industry and Technology Minor"
and the "Music Industry and Technology Minor" also to be put in line with  "Music Industry and …
What is the best free wordpress theme for creating blocking web site.
The theme should have drop down & sub  menus
We have a client who wants us to upload an single large image as their holding page that they created, however, within that single image they want to have zones which can be clicked on.

Is this possible? Normally I would think a single image has to be a single URL when clicked, but maybe it’s possible to define areas of that image when clicked take the visitor to different URL’s?

If this is possible, is it easy to get working that regarding of a visitors resolution, the zone areas are reliable and  always work consistently?
Where the MySQL database save in xampp folder and also what is the extension of the database?

Can any one please guide me what options i use to create a MySQL database and tables on this page?  Thanks
Hi guys: Can any one please refer me to a direct non corrupt link to install a Apache web server?


anybody have an xsl that contains a function to add days to a date?
I have some dynamically generated html that I want to be able to mesh together in to one page. It would get pretty messy to get fancy and add it all together from the scripts that generate the content so my first thought is to just add a frame to the index page and stuff one of the html files to display in that.... it's be a while since I've dabbled in web design however so I'm wondering if there are some more accepted procedures these days for achieving the same result?
Attached is the schema file and sample xml.  

I'm rather new at XML's, but this is what what I'm getting.

[0:TEST] Error generated during parsing. - Unknown element 'SPO2' - Line 1, Col 621
XML Error Source - Message Body for  mid [0.0.0]

My first guess was that the schema doesn't account for anything called, "SPO2", but I created another schema where I had the name to be the same.  I still gives the same error.  

Any ideas?
I installed the addon No Script for firefox to allow local link.
(that's the way I found)

In the advanced option, I selected the Allow local Link

Anyway it do not seems to work.

Could you please tell me what should be the good syntax to open shared network directory from an html page with firefox.

PS: If there is a way with Chrome it would also be ok for me.

Many thanks
This is shameful, I know, but I can't get this class to work. I need guidance. Please lead me to a good short tutorial.

class Pnum {
   public static function checksum($pnum) {
      $pnum = self::filter($pnum);
      $len = strlen($pnum);
      if($len == 10) {
         $pnum = substr($pnum, 0, 9);
      }elseif($len > 10) {
         return false;

      $checksum = 0;
      $onetwo = 1;
      for($i = 0; $i < 9; $i++) {
         $onetwo = $onetwo==1?2:1;
         $tmp = $pnum[$i] * $onetwo;
         if($tmp > 9) {
            $tmp = $tmp - 10 + 1;
         $checksum += $tmp;
      $checksum %= 10;
      if($checksum != 0) {
         $checksum = 10 - $checksum;
      return $checksum;

   public static function check($pnum, $personal_only = true) {
      $pnum = self::filter($pnum);
      $len = strlen($pnum);
      if($len != 10) {
         return false;

      if($personal_only && ($pnum[2] > 1 || !self::datecheck($pnum)) ) {
         return false;

      return self::checksum($pnum) == $pnum[$len-1];

   public static function datecheck($pnum) {
      $pnum = self::filter($pnum);
      $date = substr($pnum, 0, 6);
      $y = substr($date, 0, 2);
      $m = substr($date, 2, 2);
      $d = substr($date, 4, 2);
      $date = "19".$y-$m-$d;
      return $date == date('Y-m-d', strtotime($date));

   public static function gender($pnum) {
      $pnum = self::filter($pnum);

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I want to set a default image to show up first before the video starts.  Once you click on the image, the video starts.  How can i do this in HTML?
In REST terminology, what is the difference between a put and a post
I've been in a support / LAN admin role for about 18 years combined.  I have to admit, it's gotten a bit...boring.  I'm looking to diversify a bit.  Web hosting, web development...all the web based technology seems to be a great way to break up the tedious support.  

Wondering what sites or resources are available, preferably free but I know that's not always possible.  I can do basic web pages and I do mean basic.  But I saw Joomla, Wordpress and other apps listed on a Webhosting site and realized I know nothing about them.  I'd like to change that.
I have the following hide/show jquery (toggle) function:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#showcourses').click(function() {

and a div to be clicked on:

echo "<div style=\"border-width: 2px; border-style: dashed; border-color: red;\" id=\"showcourses\">Fran&ccedil;ais:</div>";

and a div to be hidden or displayed:

echo "<div  class=\"courses\" style=\"border-width: 2px; display: none; border-style: dashed; border-color: red;\"><table><tr><td> data retrieved from MySQL using php removed ...... </td></tr></table></div>";

The content div is hidden but clicking on the toggle div does not display it.

Here is the jquery link on the page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/datepicker/jquery-ui-1.10.4.custom/js/jquery-ui-1.10.4.custom.min.js"></script>

Your help is appreciated.
I have written code that display a video on the left and links on the right that changes what video is displayed.  I am switching the videos out using javascript onclick events that calls my javascript function.  The function simply hides or displays the video with a  document.getElementById('').style.display = "none"; or  document.getElementById('scheduling').style.display = "";
The code works fine in all browsers and versions except IE8.  I am not seeing any errors in the developer tools either.  The videos just don't appear.

Here is some snippets of my code:
Video Player Code:
 <div id="videocenter">
		<video id="fourKeys"  controls preload="none" poster="mockpic.jpg" tabindex="0" width="512px" height="288px" style="display:''">
			 <source src="mockvideo.mp4" type="video/mp4" />
			 <source src="mockvideo.webm" type="video/webm" />
			 <object width="512px" height="288px" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="salescontent/flash/flowplayer/flowplayer-3.2.8.swf">
			 	<param name="movie" value="../../flash/flowplayer/flowplayer-3.2.8.swf" />
			 	<param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain"></param>
			   <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" />
			   <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />
			   <param name="flashVars" value="config={'clip':{'url':'mockvideo.mp4','autoPlay':false, 'autoBuffering':true}}" />
		</div><!-- videocenter -->
     <!--Two Traps to Avoid With Potential Clients - Part 1 -->

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A friend of mine has a website that he is almost 100% satisfied with - www.louisianairis.com.  The only exception is that his shopping cart times out when people place orders. (He tells me that basically the shopping cart sends him an email after someone purchases something from him.)  That is the only thing that he wants to fix/change.  His web host is changing features, and has told him that the old shopping cart style will no longer be supported, and that he must convert to a new platform that they will be using.  He does not want to do that.

He is looking for a new web host that he can move his site to that might also be able to fix his ASP code. (Of course he is willing to pay for the coding.)  Although the current host setup allows him to change up his cart offerings on the site, I do not think that he has access to all the files, so I cannot see the ASP code that runs the cart.

I am assuming that if he gets a new host, then the current host has to give him all the necessary information for him to move his files?

Please advise & thanks.
There are open source adservers like revive adserver (used to be openx) and other free adserver like adtech lite.

How do I build my own?

But how do I compare the performance and how do I improve it?

I'm building a web app whereby someone can type information into a form and it get's populated on a web page. The following is an example of the html:

<p><strong>Dinner:</strong> {tag_event dinner description}</p>

The following tag gets replaced by the content that they type in within the form:

{tag_event dinner description}

The problem is that the user may not type anything into this field and therefore the label that says "Dinner:" would need to be removed in that case. In fact the whole contents of the above mentioned <p> tag would need to be hidden or removed.

I wondered if anyone could tell me how to do this with jQuery or Javascript?

Thanks so much in advance.
I have a existing parent website and I have to design a new website with similar theme and css styles.

I do not have access to the code of the parent website in which I can look into the styling.

Is there a way I can extract or replicate the css style of the website and use it for the new one. I just need to get the same theme going in the new website as well.

I came across that I could use some adobe tools for the same.

Can anyone give a brief idea of how this can be done.

Web Languages and Standards





Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services using a wide variety of languages and standards, including the familiar HTML, JavaScript and jQuery, ASP and ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion, CSS, PHP, Flex and Flash, but also the implementation of a broad list of standards including XML, WSDL, SSDL, VoiceXML and many more.