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Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services using a wide variety of languages and standards, including the familiar HTML, JavaScript and jQuery, ASP and ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion, CSS, PHP, Flex and Flash, but also the implementation of a broad list of standards including XML, WSDL, SSDL, VoiceXML and many more.

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This strange error on displayed text (in image) I have seen over and over again on dozens of pages. Then I tried using Chrome and the problem went away.

Do I need to switch to Chrome?

What Is Transaction Monitoring and who needs it?
What Is Transaction Monitoring and who needs it?

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring that you need for the day to day, which ensures your business website keeps running optimally, and that there is no downtime to impact your customer experience.

Hi all,
I have just installed a Thawte SSL certificate on my server for one of my websites. Its seems et up correctly, however, now the site does not work correctly. It is not a Joomla or WordPress site but does make use of some external assets such as fonts etc. Is this causing the issue?
http://www.jonbysoft.com/   << None secure

https://www.jonbysoft.com/  << Secure SSL

New to this. Any help of advice appreciated.

Kind regards
Abiel M de Groot Sanders
I was given the follwing vendor pixel for tracking:

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But the rendered pixel comes out as:

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I'm assuming that I could just make "&amp" an "&" but also having the semi-colon confuses me?!?!? Any insight into a query string structured like this?

My question is about the mobile stylesheet.

Right now, when the screen resizes, the menus are shown vertically.
I want the menus to be horizontally over one or more lines.

screengrab - the menus should be over one or more lines
I have changed the code in such a way that the navigation menu (all <a> anchors) have their display set to inline-block but that doesn't work. What in the code preventing the navigation bar from not being shown horizontally over one or more  lines?

#navigation a
  border-right:1px solid #408282;
  border-top:1px solid #668b8b;
  padding:5px 61px 0 14px;

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I see an image with the following description...under Fair Use.

"This image is a faithful digitisation of a unique historic image, and the copyright for it is most likely held by the person who created the image or the agency employing the person. It is believed that the use of this image may qualify as fair use under the Copyright law of the United States. Other use of this image, on Wikipedia or elsewhere, may be copyright infringement. See Wikipedia:Non-free content for more information.

Please remember that the non-free content criteria require that non-free images on Wikipedia must not "[be] used in a manner that is likely to replace the original market role of the original copyrighted media." Use of historic images from press agencies must only be of a transformative nature, when the image itself is the subject of commentary rather than the event it depicts (which is the original market role, and is not allowed per policy)."

I do not get it.

Please explain if you can .

Hello Experts,
I want add 1-2 or more emails in CC from this script but unable to do this, only i can send TOMAIL, please suggest.

#requires: date,sendmail

MSGBODY=`cat /usr/bin/AUTO/BodLogs/ServerBodLogs_2000.html`"<html><body>

<hr/> <br/>

sendEmail -t abc@abc.in $TOEMAIL -f cron@Test $FREMAIL -xu mylogs@gmail.com $SMTPUSER -xp abcd1234 $SMTPPASS -s smtp.gmail.com $SMTPIP -o $FREMAIL -o message-content-type=html -m "$MSGBODY" -u ServerBod2000 "$SUBJECT"
Hello All;

I have used a lot of different BBCode type of scripts.
This one I like, as it is very simple to use and implement what I need for my tags.
The issue that I am having, is when you select an area and click the button.
It wraps the selected text with the BBCode.
However, it then jumps to the bottom of the textarea.

Any incite on this would be great.
Thanks, Carrzkiss
<script type="text/javascript">
function formatText(el,tagstart,tagend){

var selectedText=document.selection?document.selection.createRange().text:el.value.substring(el.selectionStart,el.selectionEnd);// IE:Moz
var newText='['+tagstart+']'+selectedText+'[/'+tagend+']';
var st=getCaret(el)+tagstart.length+2;
var range=el.createTextRange();
range.moveStart('character', st);
var st=el.selectionStart+tagstart.length+2;
var end=el.selectionEnd+tagstart.length+2;

function getCaret(el) { // IE mission is tricky :)
    var r = document.selection.createRange(); 
    if (r == null) { 
      return 0; 
    var re = el.createTextRange(), 
    rc = re.duplicate(); 

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Hi Experts,

I'm a web developer, been developing websites in .NET/SQL Server for over ten years now, and a prospective client wants to fly me out to corporate for an interview. I'm self taught, and am aware I have big holes in my knowledge of web technology (i.e. various transfer protocols on the web, etc.) , and wonder if anyone would recommend a crash course in web development of the main areas I should have a strong grasp of. I understand OO and coding principles of course, but without a BS degree, I don't know what I don't know. Any good recommendations on getting up to speed fast?

some websites, change their links and then they forget to update the broken links.

for example the link in this page http://www.xldynamic.com/source/xld.XtraTime.html  refers to http://xldynamic.com/cgi-bin/counters/unicounter.pl?name=xld.XtraTime.dl&cache=0&deliver=http://www.xldynamic.com/downloads/xld.XtraTime.zip

which does not work and if i remove the some part of the link and only leave http://www.xldynamic.com/downloads/xld.XtraTime.zip

it will work and will download.

i was wondering if there is a easy way to find the list of all publicly available download links for a website.

i used to work with www.websitename.com/index.html long time ago, but that does not work anymore.

any idea how to get the list of download links for a website?
I'm looking for an xpath tool, like the one that firefox has.  I have searched and do not find one.  I find xpath helper and Finder for Chrome.
For IE Edge I find nothing.
Is there an xpath for Chrome and Edge?
xpath Finder seems to work on the fact that you already know the xpath.

Can an xpath from firefox be used in Chrome and Edge?
Transaction Monitoring Vs. Real User Monitoring
Transaction Monitoring Vs. Real User Monitoring

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring Vs. Real User Monitoring: When To Use Each Approach? In this article, we will discuss two major monitoring approaches: Synthetic Transaction and Real User Monitoring.

Web developpers, I have a question.

For a client of mine, I put together a little website http://www.ijshoevedeboey.be
There, on the contact form, are multiple input fields ('Naam', 'Emailadres' and 'Onderwerp')

Here's the curiosity (at least for me ;-) I can select 'Naam' and enter data into it, but I cannot select 'Emailadres', nor 'Onderwerp' to enter data - A bummer for a contact form.
Besides that, this only appears to happen on an iPad's Safari.
On the development platform, it works fine (Windows with Chrome, Opera, Opera Neon, Firefox, Edge)

Can someone point me into a direction?

There is an existing HTML code, which basically could be simplified to the following example.
HTML element's event handlers are methods of objects. One such object is created for every such html element.
Then the reference to the object is inserted as a custom attribute to the element ( obj ).

As I understand, that approach is very bad, because it creates loops in object references.
Could somebody suggest a better way to bind elements and the handler objects?

That element-object pairs should remain, I just need a more correct way to keep reference to the object to be used when an event fires.

Also, if it's possible, please do not suggest to use jQuery or any other library, I need a pure JavaScript/html solution.

function eventHandler( elem ) {
  this.elem = elem;
  this.click = function( ev ) {
    alert( "elem:" + elem.id );


<a id="a" onclick="this.obj.click();" href="#">elem A</a>
(function() {
  var elm = document.getElementById("a");
  elm.obj = new eventHandler( elm );

<a id="b" onclick="this.obj.click();" href="#">elem B</a>
(function() {
  var elm = document.getElementById("b");
  elm.obj = new eventHandler( elm );


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I have successfully installed reCAPTCHA a few times on my own websites when the form and the processor script are both located on my website. I retrieve the results of the form submission in the processor script, do a call to the Google API, check the result, and proceed accordingly.

However, a client is asking me to install reCAPTCHA when the form is pointing to Insightly:

<form name="insightly_web_to_lead" action="https://googleapps.insight.ly/WebToLead/Create" method="post">

Is that possible? In this case, I don't have access to the form submission before everything is sent to Insightly, so I can't check to see if the submission is legitimate or not.

Either its not possible, or I don't understand how to implement it in this scenario. I would appreciate any assistance!

Thank you.
how to understand a trusted website
as example www.idology.com , ask legal documents for verification ; is this website trustful
I need help in setting up a proper multipart/related HTTP request in VBA. If you can PLEASE show me samples in VBA of one.  A picture (Or Code) is worth a thousand words.

Here is my code for sending XML over HTTP currently:

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Public Function EbaySenderXmlAddFixedPriceItems()
Dim reader As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP40
    Dim doc As New MSXML2.DOMDocument 'If you want to load the XML Document instead of creating it.
    Dim TokenValue As String
    Dim APICALL As String
    'API Call Name!
      APICALL = "uploadFile" 'Place the API Call Name here within the parenthesis.
    'Place Token Value Here Below!
    TokenValue = "TOKEN GOES HERE Like ujhuhuaeuyaeyayuo8i"
    doc.Load "C:\Users\Station\Documents\Access XML Save Files\uploadFile.xml" 'Document Location of the XML File With Items Being Added
    'Set The Headers Up!

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What is the best practice to organize a web site such way it would keep its own session on each browser's tab? Is it even possible?
The problem, that the cookies are shared between the tabs and when the user refreshes a tab's content, the server is unable to determine which tab the request came from.
Having data and/or the session ID in the URL is not an option. Is there something in the latest web standards and API's which could be utilized ?
Here is error I can see

on Chrome browser, while I have such codes

            if (!File.Exists(str0))
                System.IO.File.Copy("C:/inetpub/VS2012/Own_rec4/empty.jpg", str0, true);

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and str0 is having value like


What is the reason of the error?
Hello there,

I have a HTML5 form with Angular 2 and I have a form that takes string and integer value and sends it to my Java backend server. But for some reason my integer value is being sent as string in the JSON which passes to the server. Below is the code. I will appreciate your help!


<div class="form-group row">
                <label class="col-form-label col-md-4" for="fax">Fax <span class="required">*</span></label>
                  <div class="col-md-7">
                    <input class="form-control" 
                                    formControlName="fax" />

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            name_en: this.companyProfile.name_en,
            address: this.companyProfile.address,
            fax: this.companyProfile.fax,
            email: this.companyProfile.email

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saveCompanyProfile(): void {
        if (this.companyForm.dirty && this.companyForm.valid) {
            // Copy the form values over the CompanyProfile object values
            console.log("  ZZZZZZZZ    "+JSON.stringify(this.companyForm.value));
            let p = Object.assign({}, this.companyProfile, this.companyForm.value);

                    () => this.onCompanyProfileComplete(),
                    (error: any) => this.errorMessage = <any>error
        } else if (!this.companyForm.dirty) {

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and my Service class that talks to the server looks like so,

private updateCompanyProfile(companyprofile: ICompanyProfile, options: RequestOptions): Observable<ICompanyProfile> {
        const url = `${this.referenceUrl}/${companyprofile.name_en}`;
        console.log('url: ' + url)
        console.log('updateCompanyProfile: ' + JSON.stringify(companyprofile))
        return this.http.put(url, companyprofile, options)
            .map(() => companyprofile)
            .do(data => console.log('update companyprofile: ' + JSON.stringify(data)))

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I am working on a project that involves "MediaWiki"; I am an experienced web developer, I have never used MediaWiki before.

The first thing I want to do is move a copy of the site to another location for several reasons; mostly just to make revisions on a test basis without disturbing the "live" site until we are ready to apply the new version.

Can someone point me in a direction on how to do this?

Don't Cry: How Liquid Web is Ensuring Security
Don't Cry: How Liquid Web is Ensuring Security

WannaCry is just the start. Read how Liquid Web is protecting itself and its customers against new threats.

Let us know sonarqube node js is a free plugin with which it can provide code coverage to angularjs2.0 and nodejs . is this tool free ..
if this tool can be integrated with jenkin... or any other tool which is free to do that..

Thank you
Hello Experts,
I am using JSTree plugin to display my Data.
But when I select the Child node, I wanted to get the Parent node Text on form submit.
I have tried below code.

$(document).on('click', '#btnSubmit', function () {
var parent = [];
        var selectedElms =$js('#IndustryTree').jstree("get_selected", true);
        $.each(selectedElms, function () {
            var node = $js('#IndustryTree').jstree(true).get_node(this.parent, true);            
            var Parentnode = $js('#IndustryTree').find("[id='" + this.parent + "']");

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But When I run this code, in Parentnode[0].innerText I am getting Parent Node text as well as all Child node text. So it is difficult to differentiate the Parent Node Text.

Another issue is when Checked the Parent node, then all child nodes are selected. But I am not getting that selected parent node using below code

var selectedElms =$js('#IndustryTree').jstree("get_selected", true);

Parent Node selection

This code is working when I particularly select the Child node, in this case, parent node CSS class will be jstree-icon jstree-checkbox jstree-undetermined

Child Node selection is Working
Any help would be appreciated
When I'm saving my Dreamweaver I can't update my current template across all pages in the site due to this confusing error messages that appear every time I try to save the template file:

There is an error unexpected end of file.

Attached is the code for the file(s) - can anyone help? I've been looking at this for days, trying out different things to no avail:
I have to fix a bug where a single international user gets the wrong language and need to replicate this. As an admin, I can log in as the user. But I have no plans to switch my Windows language to Swedish. So I thought I would track down the exact line of code which reads the Default OS language and assigns that to my website to use.

Any idea what variable names I could search this very large solution for? I assume it includes "Environment".

What function would this be in? I will look inside Global.asax if there is one...

how we can protect the pictures published in the web site copying and sharing over the FB . what is the legal definition and how we can project content and the images from the copying people . I hope we can get the legal action and way of tracking the identity.
Hello All;

I am hunting for a Streaming Media Server (software), that will allow me to do the following.

#1: Using a web-based page, to start and stop the stream.
#2: Add songs to the stream and remove songs from the stream through the web page

Shoutcast, Windows Media Services (now the new (smooth streaming in newer servers)), Icecast (I have installed, but cannot seem to get it working).

I found this for playing the stream through my website.
So, that would work for playing the LIVE stream.
Now, just need to find a media server.

With WMS (Window Media Services) (2008 and below of Windows Servers)
I can create a Playlist with asp classic or net, and have it run through a database, LOOP and create a playlist.
However. What if I remove a song, or add a song.
Will the playlist update itself with the LIVE Stream? Or will the station have to be stopped and started up again?
That might have to be. I might have to play a commercial or some kind of a jingle or a station break whenever the update needs to take place.
(Just letting my mind wonder while writing this up.)

My dream is to run a radio station of sorts, from my home.
To add and remove songs from the stream through a web page, no matter where I am at.

Once I can get something like this up and running, I can then modify it in the future.
I would just like to get a station up and …

Web Languages and Standards




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Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services using a wide variety of languages and standards, including the familiar HTML, JavaScript and jQuery, ASP and ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion, CSS, PHP, Flex and Flash, but also the implementation of a broad list of standards including XML, WSDL, SSDL, VoiceXML and many more.