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A web server refers to the software that helps to deliver web content that can be accessed either through the Internet or through an intranet. The primary function of a web server is to store, process and deliver web pages to clients. The communication between client and server takes place using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The most common use of web servers is to host websites, but there are other uses such as gaming, data storage, running enterprise applications, handling email, FTP, etc.

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I noticed most web site hosts offer a 'cpanel' to the website owners/customers, which seems to be different to the CMS for editing pages. As a novice in this area, what exactly does the cpanel allow the website owner to do? Or put another way, we want assurance only the correct people have access to the cpanel for our website, so to quantify the risk, what could a malicious or unqualified person do to our site if they had access to the cpanel.
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What is the best way to host a web server out of my home?  What issues will I have to content with and what equipment will I need?  Is it important for me to have a firewall like sonicwall?  This web server will be used for hosting an application with no more than 20-30 users at a time.

Trade off - web cache poisoning
Web cache has been one of the performance options but though it serves well in enhancing the user experience, it can also inadvertently act as a point for attacks if it is not secured to reduce the exposure. Read on to find out the hidden threats in web cache.
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by:Andrew Leniart
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Bernard, this is excellent information written in a way that even a layman to the topic has a chance to understand. Please keep them coming.

Hello Experts,

I have www.mysite.com and ww2.mysite.com

Is there a way to alias/redirect www.mysite.com/portal to ww2.mysite.com/portal and mask ww2 with www?

CentOS 7/ Apache2
On  a netscaler 16500 - suppose I want to traffic to https://yaya.foo.com/whatdoyouknow to redirect to https://www.sharktown.com/whatdoyouknow. But the same mechanism would deliver https://yaya.foo.com/somwhere to redirect to https://www.sharktown.com/somewhere. What would I need to cofigure? thank you
Hi Experts

My client is with GoDaddy, and has asked me to re-create her WordPress website. I usually do this on my localhost first, then transfer live. When I did, the Home page works as expected, but all other give

No input file specified.

The steps I've taken so far...

1- Deleted client's old site (with GoDaddy's interface)
2- Re-installed WP (with GoDaddy's interface), which asked me for new UID/PWD
3- FTP Upload my Parent / Child theme, and activated
4- Installed plugiins: Polylang and Contact form 7
5- Locally, exported WP DB  as .sql file.
6- Within the .sql file I search and replace http://localhost/domain.com with https://www.domain.com
7- Imported sql file to GoDaddy.

Note: step 2 created table prefixes as wp###_, where step2 is just the default wp_, so just in case I left both sets of tables.  This also over-wrote the UID/PWD with my local ones, which is understandable and ok.

8- Adjusted wp-config.php on GoDaddy to use the wp_ prefix.
9- Did minor tweaks to the theme customizations and widgets. This got the home page working as expacted, but not the rest.

I Googled the error and it just gives 2 solutions: update WP (it is the latest version); and update .htaccess my live .htaccess looks like this:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^(.+)$
RewriteCond %{SERVER_NAME} ^atsinlaw\.com$
RewriteRule .* 

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Our website is the same name as our domain. We had network solutions and just moved to godaddy. In the past to view our website we had a create an A record with the name www and the IP of the www A record of network solutions on our DNS server. So when our webhost will change IP. I had to change get the a record IP on both network solutions and our dns a record.

Now since we moved to godaddy it’s not working. We created an A record www with the IP on godaddy and gave that IP to the A record www on our DNS server.

The website loads partially and stays stuck with the loading circle. Any ideas how to get this to work internally?

I’ve already flushed the dns.
I need to be able to host files(images in this case) on a server, to be read by my ecommerce website.

I would like to be able to control the names of the files and folders.  For instance, I might want to call the image http://www.hostingsite.com/project1/images/book_cover.jpg

An added bonus would be if I could map a local drive letter, like "X:\" to my hosted folder.  I usually use a combination of FTP and Webdrive to achieve this.
MacOS Sierra plug-in configuration a qualified success.  However, I have no CFB perspective.
Install log says:
Installation: Successful with errors.
6454 Successes
0 Warnings
2 NonFatalErrors
0 FatalErrors
Non fatal errors being two occurrences of
Modify Text File - Single File:   /Users/barrygbrunning/eclipse/java-oxygen/Eclipse.app/Contents/Eclipse/Eclipse.app/Conten ts/Info.plist
                          Status: ERROR
                          Additional Notes: ERROR - Unable to locate ASCII text file to be manipulated. Deferring...
Indeed there is no such file, whereas there is a file /Users/barrygbrunning/eclipse/java-oxygen/Eclipse.app/Contents/Info.plist.  At the install log errors referenced path /Users/barrygbrunning/eclipse/java-oxygen/Eclipse.app/Contents/Eclipse/ are located folders: configuration, droppins, features, jre, plugins, readme and the eclipse.ini file, but no info.plist.
The implied "Deferring..." action seems to have not happened.  Any suggestions as to what I might do to recover the situation?  What should have happened to an info.plist somewhere? How might I get the CFB perspective to manifest in Eclipse?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
Looking for a new, reasonable cost, web host which provides Wordpress, email, and SQL Server database support, and has been in business for a while.

The host I've been using IXWebHosting has sent me some rather cryptic emails over the last month, and although I can access my website, I can no longer log into their administrative console, or get to the admin page to edit my WordPress content.
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We have a web server that uses EWS to add calendar appointments to users calendars. We have set up a new web server and our devs have said they have copied the exact same code to run from that web server.

However when they are running it they are getting the error

SOURCE:     [CreateCalendarAppointment] in [ExchangeCalender]
MESSAGE:    An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

The EWS session does connect without issue, its only when attempting to save the calendar appointment that this error occurs.

They are using the same credentials for both web servers.
Hi Experts,

I am building an application for a group of financial companies, and I am using PHP.

What security measures are considered high that I should use, either on PHP and/or the server side?

Thank you,
I thank you for any help you may be able to offer in advance.

I have an issue with a Windows 2012 Server running IIS 7.  The issue is related to Remote Web Acess where we are getting the login page and can login without issues from any device inside or external from the office.  However, when a shared folder is clicked, we receive an error.  The server says an unexpected error has occurred Please try again... (see attached file error.jpg)

This is the same on IE, Chrome and Safari several different versions tried.

The strange thing is that on an Android, Apple phone we do not receive this error and the site works perfectly and we can download / upload files as you would expect.  So the issue seems to be with the desktop site, I have tried clicking the mobile site on the PC's and still receive the error.

I have noticed in the server Event Log an ASP issue with event ID 1309, which normally corresponds to a memory issue, but this isnt the case with this server.  I am certian that is it an issue with one of the handlers or an item in the web.config that it cannot find but I don't know where to start.

Here is the ASP Error

 Event code: 3005
Event message: An unhandled exception has occurred.
Event time: 27/07/2018 17:29:25
Event time (UTC): 27/07/2018 16:29:25
Event ID: cef56db889cb4b528389f6b2069b6b41
Event sequence: 133
Event occurrence: 26
Event detail code: 0
Application information:
    Application domain: …
I install nginx and I want to use as reverse proxy.. I have a sharepoint server in backend server with http,ntlm auth
i don't with this configuration:
server {
# The IP that you forwarded in your router (nginx proxy)
  listen default_server;

# Make site accessible from http://localhost/
 server_name domain1.se;

# The internal IP of the VM that hosts your Apache config
 set $upstream;

 location / {
 proxy_pass_header Authorization;
 proxy_pass http://$upstream;
 proxy_set_header Host $host;
 proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
 proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
 proxy_http_version 1.1;
 proxy_set_header Connection "";
 proxy_buffering off;
 client_max_body_size 0;
 proxy_read_timeout 36000s;
 proxy_redirect off;

when i try to connect it the authentication is not working so what's the problem ?


I am facing a very strange issue. Currently, I have upgraded to WildFly 12. I have a test war file which is to be deployed on the server: secure-server and virtual-host: secure-host

I deploy my war file but I see the following log
INFO  [org.wildfly.extension.undertow] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 73) WFLYUT0021: Registered web context: '/' for server 'secure-server'
the context root is '/'

when I check the CLI I find the following

[domain@ /] /host=master/server=master-server/deployment=test_help.war/subsystem=undertow:read-resource
    "outcome" => "success",
    "result" => {
        "context-root" => "/test_help",
        "server" => "secure-server",
        "virtual-host" => "secure-host",
        "servlet" => {"equinoxbridgeservlet" => undefined},
        "websocket" => undefined



The jboss-web.xml has the following:


 When I change the configuration and load it in the default-server and default-host the context root is fine.

INFO  [org.wildfly.extension.undertow] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 75) WFLYUT0021: Registered web context: '/test_help' for server 'default-server'

What would be wrong in the configuration?

I have a website in IIS 8.5 and I have 2 domains pointed to the site domain.com and domain.net using the site bindings. Everything was working fine until 2 days ago when the domain.com started to give me Error:

404 - File or directory not found.

The domain.net works perfectly and it is weird because the error just happens on Chrome or Firefox on multiple machines. Edge works fine and also Android devices show the correct page.

I cleaned cookies and cache on both browsers, confirm that IIS has the correct Application pool for .net 2.0 classic mode, that the default document is listed in IIS and nothing works. If I add the default website to web.config the website doesn't load because it is inheriting the default website from parent. What could be the problem? Any help will be appreciate it.

I recently updated to Apache Flex 4.16.1 AIR30 I can no longer do HTTP requests.

Error Message:
  body = ""
  clientId = "DirectHTTPChannel0"
  correlationId = "83285769-41EE-7618-7833-CD43BB74BE6B"
  destination = ""
  extendedData = (null)
  faultCode = "Server.Error.Request"
  faultDetail = "Error: [IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: http://localhost:37813/Webessentials/webessentials/api/version?hostport=" errorID=2032]. URL:"
  faultString = "HTTP request error"
  headers = (Object)#1
    DSStatusCode = 0
  messageId = "DF5A526F-6F62-6D11-F9BD-CD43BC442000"
  rootCause = (flash.events::IOErrorEvent)#2
    bubbles = false
    cancelable = false
    currentTarget = (flash.net::URLLoader)#3
      bytesLoaded = 0
      bytesTotal = 0
      data = ""
      dataFormat = "text"
    errorID = 2032
    eventPhase = 2
    target = (flash.net::URLLoader)#3
    text = "Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: http://localhost:37813/Webessentials/webessentials/api/version?hostport="
    type = "ioError"
  timestamp = 0
  timeToLive = 0
I install nginx with mod security … I want to use it as waf for backend web servers.
in this case do I have to enable reverse proxy on it ?
what's about the https servers ?
In a meeting we were told that it is possible to know or identify if a user hit a specific page and it’s contents even if the page is locked.  We understand that when a page has a lock it means SSL and that the data to/fro from the site to computer is encrypted.  Is this possible that even thought the page has a lock, there is  a way to identify the encrypted page that the user visited and identify the contents, if it has form or just regular page?
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Hi, do you know how to make an offline dictionary to search faster? I am using offline dictionary in my website but when its searching for the meaning of a word, it takes too much time to find the meaning.

To clarify things, I did not obtain these from other offline dictionary softwares. Instead, I made the coding myself using HTML.
Our client are calling one web API developed by us thru URL. They are getting below http response error -

406 Not Acceptable:1

What could be the reason? Previously API was called without any http request header and it worked well for many months.

my $response = $ua->get($url);

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Suddenly we started getting above error. Now they have changed API calling code to send empty http request header with just one attribute "User Agent". They are not passing any value for this attribute. But after this change, it started working again.

my $response = $ua->get($url,'User-Agent' => '',);

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What could be possible reasons for it to stop working suddenly and throwing back 406 error? How can I investigate?
Need advice on what to do when changing public domain names.
- Internal domain will not change [domain.local]
- External domain changing from www.domainA.com to www.DomainB.com
- multiple web servers with traffic on DomainA
- need to replicate same connections for DomainB
- I am sure to be missing some steps.....
- Email flow currently goes to mail.DomainA.com

I am surely missing things and need to help identifying these missing pieces. Also, I am fairly certain I need to do something with IIS in Exchange but do not know.

Please advise in any way. Ask questions or for clarifications - I will respond as promptly as possible.
I installed a new comodo certificate on IIS6.1 and get an error (hresult-0x80070005-e_accessdenied)
and follow some instructions https://support.comodo.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1129/37/access-denied-exception-from-hresult-0x80070005-e_accessdenied

The cert is good installed on www.beachvolleybalutrecht.nl
when I set SSL to enabled and require I get error 403 forbidden access is denied iis 6.1

Probably I need to do something else for proper working, I can't find clear instructions how to fix it.

I hope someone can help me whit this.

Many tanks

I am working for a utility company. For hosting we use Linode right now.

I wanted to set up some form of redundancy in the event that the website goes down.

So I was thinking about using failover. As I understand I would need two (or more) web servers and two DNS servers. Is this correct?/

I was going to have one web server with Linode and one with AWS. For DNS I was going to have one with Linode and one with AWS.

Does this sound like a good setup?

We have a web server running on Windows 2008 SBS. Windows updates up to date.

The website uses a third party payment called securepay and now it only accepts TLS 1.2.

How can make our web server to send TLS 1.2 as a default then if it is rejected then send TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.0?


Web Servers





A web server refers to the software that helps to deliver web content that can be accessed either through the Internet or through an intranet. The primary function of a web server is to store, process and deliver web pages to clients. The communication between client and server takes place using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The most common use of web servers is to host websites, but there are other uses such as gaming, data storage, running enterprise applications, handling email, FTP, etc.