Web Services

A Web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network. It is a software function provided at a network address over the Web with the service always on as in the concept of utility computing. A web service has an interface described in Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Other systems interact with the Web service in a manner prescribed by its description using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages. There are two major classes of Web services: REST-compliant web services, and Arbitrary web services.

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I can't import my module Activedirectory with this command: import-module activedirectory.
I can't import remotely or on the main DC.

Error: “WARNING: Error initializing default drive: ‘Unable to find a default server with Active Directory Web Services running”

In event viewer I have only this warning:
Active Directory Web Services could not find a server certificate with the specified certificate name. A certificate is required to use SSL/TLS connections. To use SSL/TLS connections verify that a valid server authentication certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) is installed on the machine.

Certificate name: srv-dc1.contoso.com 

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And at every restart I have this error:

ADWS Error:1202
This computer is now hosting the specified directory instance, but Active Directory Web Services could not service it. Active Directory Web Services will retry this operation periodically.

Directory instance: GC
Directory instance LDAP port: 3268
Directory instance SSL port: 3269

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I have 3 DC (3 GC).

I tried everything... Even with "new-psdrive"... Not working. Put the service ADWS on delayed launch... Not working.

srv-dc1 = Windows server  2008 Datacenter SP2 (type GC - 2008 r2) with ADWS service.
srv-dc2 = Windows server 2008 standard  (type GC -2k8) without ADWS service.
srv-dc3 = Windows server 2008 standard  (type GC -2k8) without ADWS service.

Before last restart of dc1, everything working well. And now...
And I uninstalled every update installed after restart.
0 port are blocked with firewall.
I can telnet on 9389 on dc1.

Thanks in advance for your help.
When ransomware hits your clients, what do you do?
When ransomware hits your clients, what do you do?

MSPs: Endpoint security isn’t enough to prevent ransomware.
As the impact and severity of crypto ransomware attacks has grown, Webroot fought back, not just by building a next-gen endpoint solution capable of preventing ransomware attacks but also by being a thought leader.

Hi Experts,

I did a Nessus scan and received a high vulnerability finding and have a few questions.

This result was from scanning our domain controller(wind 2012 R2).

First how did a certificate get generated when we do not use IIS on this DC? as i do not understand why a certificate would need to be generated on the DC or how it would be? We do not have a CA.

SSL Certificate Cannot Be Trusted


The server's X.509 certificate cannot be trusted. This situation can occur in three different ways, in which the chain of trust can be broken, as stated below :

 - First, the top of the certificate chain sent by the server might not be descended from a known public certificate authority. This can occur either when the top of the chain is an unrecognized, self-signed certificate, or when intermediate certificates are missing that would connect the top of the certificate chain to a known public certificate authority.

 - Second, the certificate chain may contain a certificate that is not valid at the time of the scan. This can occur either when the scan occurs before one of the certificate's 'notBefore' dates, or after one of the certificate's 'notAfter' dates.

 - Third, the certificate chain may contain a signature that either didn't match the certificate's information or could not be verified. Bad signatures can be fixed by getting the certificate with the bad signature to be re-signed by its issuer. Signatures that could not be verified are the…
What other programming languages for web service development?  Which is better PHP or html?
The code below is executed when a user clicks a button.
It asks the user for a username/password and tries to upload a file to a webservice.
When the username/password combination is correct, everything works fine. But when the user types an incorrect username/password combination, this functions crashes. ( which is normal, because authentication failed...) .
After such a crash, the code no longer works, even after rerunning the same procedure this time with the correct username/password combination.

The only solution I found is to restart the whole application... There has to be a better way?
Does the HTTPRIO object cache my incorrect username/password? Or .... ?

RIO := THTTPRIO.Create(nil);
RIO.HTTPWebNode.UserName :=Username;
RIO.HTTPWebNode.Password :=PassWord;
webserver := GetCRS( True, '' , RIO );

 // get file to upload and encode it in base64
 myFileToUpload := TByteDynArray( TEncoding.UTF8.GetBytes( xml.XML.Text ) );

// create upload file request object
myUploadFileRequest := UploadFileRequest.Create;
myUploadFileRequest.UploadFile := PayLoadType( myFileToUpload );

// upload file to server
 myUploadFileResponse := webserver.uploadFile_A2A( myUploadFileRequest ); --> Crash

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Hi all,

We use our internal CA using a SHA1 to create certificates for internal web services. We are now tasked with upgrading this to SHA2. My colleague has suggested we renew all SHA1 certificates so that nothing is set to expire within the next 12 months. We will then look to upgrade the rootCA but im concerned that once we do that all the web certificates will need to be upgraded?

Can someone clarify what happens when the ROOTCA is upgraded to SHA2?

It will be difficult to know whether all web services are SHA2 compatible, is there a way to create a separate SHA2 ROOT CA?
I have a SOAP web service on another server and it returns XML as response when called from SOAP UI software.
I need to develop a web console application.
How can I input the XML directly into codes ?  

Please send me a sample code or tutorial.
I have a WP site and am considering hosting a video there. What is required for this to happen? If I use Amazon Web Services to host my site, might many views of the video cost me a fortune?
what is exchange web services integration in exchange 2013, how it works does it a have to do anything with autodiscover?
Hi all,

I'm look for the best  image resizing web service that can handle  the most various image type (Jpeg,bmp ..) and image header.
What is the most effective technology/plateforom  (JAVA,C#,PHP,Python,Ruby etc ...) to use to do this ?
Any  feedback  are welcomed

Thanks for your return

This is the direction we are heading; good ole' AWS. Thinking ahead; (kind of hard to ask with providing you more) do you guys who have done this have a road map or sample config that would show how to setup a Site to Site VPN to Amazon Web Services?

Thanks ahead of time Experts!!!
Don't Cry: How Liquid Web is Ensuring Security
Don't Cry: How Liquid Web is Ensuring Security

WannaCry is just the start. Read how Liquid Web is protecting itself and its customers against new threats.

Hi Experts,

We are setting up a new automatic deployment environment.
After the process runs and everything gets deployed, we need to check
the health status of a list of windows and web services whose names we will have in some table or XML file.
For ex. there are 50 windows services say service1 to service50 in the xml for windows services.
We need to find the status of all those...and also names of those which are there in xml but did not get installed or deployed by automation process.(delta of services present in xml and not under services.msc).
Similary we need to test all web services listed in xml.
Please help with suggestions and sample code or articles.

I am a C# MVC .NET developer but have not yet heard much about what MicroSevices are.

Please enlighten me.

I verified the hosted version of the RestClient is running from the browser...

But I get the error:

The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

An exception of type 'System.Net.WebException' occurred in System.dll but was not handled in user code.


Hi EE,

I have designed simple web application which use the concept of cascading combobox.

First of all I created web service .asmx file and included in my project (Visual Studio 2015 - VB.NET/MYSQL).

Sample program attached with this...

I have also added web reference to my project and configured web.config file.

At the time of running the application, while I click on the dropdown it displays [Method Error 500] instead of data.
Please help...
Your help will greatly appreciated.
D Patel
I've been asked to push some data to an external web service using Access 2010. After researching this all day, it looks like many suggestions point to using Visual Studio to create a dll that utilizes VS's ability to auto generate the web services protocol code, reference then dll in Access and then call it from my Access 2010 VBA code. The web service code works great when bundled as a standalone exe. However, when I compile it into a dll, reference it within Access and then call it from by Access VBA code, I get the following error:

"Could not find the default endpoint element that references contract 'ServiceReference1.NameOfMyDllClass' in the ServiceModel client configuration section. This might be because no configuration file was found for your application, or because no endpoint element matching this contract could be found in the client element."

After a little more digging, it appears that creating a dll does not include the app.config file that contains this configuration information so I'm guessing my DLL can't find the configuration information it needs to initiate the web service transfer. Most recommendations seem to suggest adding the info in the app.config file to the host's app.config but off course Access does not have anything like that.

With so many recommendations to use dlls that wrap the web services when using Access, it sounds like a great way to go but I must be doing something wrong. Any help to get me pointed in …
I need help in setting up a proper multipart/related HTTP request in VBA. If you can PLEASE show me samples in VBA of one.  A picture (Or Code) is worth a thousand words.

Here is my code for sending XML over HTTP currently:

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Public Function EbaySenderXmlAddFixedPriceItems()
Dim reader As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP40
    Dim doc As New MSXML2.DOMDocument 'If you want to load the XML Document instead of creating it.
    Dim TokenValue As String
    Dim APICALL As String
    'API Call Name!
      APICALL = "uploadFile" 'Place the API Call Name here within the parenthesis.
    'Place Token Value Here Below!
    TokenValue = "TOKEN GOES HERE Like ujhuhuaeuyaeyayuo8i"
    doc.Load "C:\Users\Station\Documents\Access XML Save Files\uploadFile.xml" 'Document Location of the XML File With Items Being Added
    'Set The Headers Up!

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There is also helpful tutorials on BlazeMeter.com for JMeter, you don't have to use BlazeMeter but they do allow you to import your JMeter .jmx file and run tests if that is a route you want to go.

I am reading as above. I wonder what are difference between JMeter Vs BlazeMeter, advantages, disadvantages, practical uses.Please advise

I am going through below link


I was not clear on DTDs and Java version relationship and which one to use in WEB.XML.

Please advise
I am trying to debug a permissions problem with a web API I am using.

Two of the rules are here...

-  The batch upload and download processes must be initiated from the machine on which the
Class 1 digital certificate resides. The batch XML document cannot be authenticated if the
upload is not initiated from the machine on which the certificate resides.

- A Class 1 digital certificate must be used utilizing at least 128 bit encryption.

There are rules (about 20)  to use the API and I am wondering if there is a way to create some sort of visual model of them. I can see interesting things that might be useful in tracing the next required step, based on a database of prior events.

IO am thinking about some sort of AI system that tracks the next step based on what other steps have been performed by other registered developers.

 hope to see if there has been this need beforehand and if some tool existed already, or hear suggestions.
Will your db performance match your db growth?
Will your db performance match your db growth?

In Percona’s white paper “Performance at Scale: Keeping Your Database on Its Toes,” we take a high-level approach to what you need to think about when planning for database scalability.


I would like to learn more about API's.

I understand there are REST API's, SOAP, web services, GRAPH API's etc.


1. What is the difference between an API and a web service

2. What is the difference between REST and SOAP

3. Where would one use REST and one use SOAP and one use Web Services

4. Anything else useful ;-)

Can someone explain in layman's terms or point me in the right direction?

I am going through below link
which wsdl binding style to use which time. i wonder which wsdl element wraps all operations?
 Please advise
SRCarrierInfo.CarrierAgentActInfoServiceClient cgsClient = new SRCarrierInfo.CarrierAgentActInfoServiceClient();
cgsClient.GetCarrierWebsiteInformation(); //this is custom class library it will be returned. The name is likes: List<Domain.Carrier>

how can i expose my class library to the public? I use DNN 8 as client to call above object. and I can not reference my custom class library inside of DNN module project.

I am new to jmeter. How to use it. What all different uses of jmeter. How to do soap web services testing using jmeter. please advise
I have  a method which insert record into the database using entity framework.
 We are build a Soap based web services. I would like to know how we are going to test
this web service as  project object  as a parameter. Any tool or any way to do that.

public IHttpActionResult PostProject(ProjectDTO project)
            if (!ModelState.IsValid)
                return BadRequest(ModelState);

            Project entity = new Project()
                ProjectNumber = project.ProjectNumber,
                ProjectDescription = project.ProjectDescription,
                CreateDate = DateTime.Now,
                CreateUser = project.CreateUser,
                Latitude = project.Latitude,
                Longitude = project.Longitude,
                ProjectStatus = project.ProjectStatus,
                HoursPerShift = project.HoursPerShift,
                TimeZone = project.TimeZone,
                StandByWBSElementNumber = project.StandByWBSElementNumber,


            catch (DbUpdateException)
                if (ProjectExists(project.ProjectNumber))
                    return Conflict();

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I am programming a gateway for the current website I am working on .

The callback posting from the gateway requires a web service query to eliminate man in the middle attacks.

When the call back is posted, the following information is sent

$gtpay_tranx_id = $_POST['gtpay_tranx_id']//Transaction id
$gtpay_tranx_status_code = $_POST['gtpay_tranx_status_code']//'==> 00
$gtpay_tranx_curr = $_POST['gtpay_tranx_curr']//'==> NGN
$gtpay_tranx_status_msg = $_POST['gtpay_tranx_status_msg']//'==> Approved by Financial Institution
$gtpay_tranx_amt = $_POST['gtpay_tranx_amt']//'==> 140000.00
$gtpay_cust_id = $_POST['gtpay_cust_id']//'==> destiny@icecoolcontracts.mx
$gtpay_echo_data = $_POST['gtpay_echo_data']//'==> Transaction ID:AS20170222150106;ClientName: Destiny Amana [Icecool Contracts Limited]: Purchase of Basic Plus
$site_redirect_url = $_POST['site_redirect_url']//'==> /gtpayresponse.asp
$gtpay_gway_name = $_POST['gtpay_gway_name']//'==> webpay
$gtpay_tranx_hash = $_POST['gtpay_tranx_hash']//'==> CDFB59FDBCE4DCCC7A1348EFF165AC2AA1438356FE042D0DCD5F39DD4DF3F7F4C79BDCF586B858626748CCD0D79B6A39D9A1532949FA5FB7C4E4CBAD3774D335
$gtpay_verification_hash = $_POST['gtpay_verification_hash']//'==> 7CBC424420E73377B6BB1B93979CED3D2A7C53576B13EC61B8F271CCF0025B1EFB4553592382559667560D8FCD3405FA2DC53AF18B6938AE55A67F37AB11F1F1
$gtpay_full_verification_hash = $_POST['gtpay_full_verification_hash']//'==> …

Web Services

A Web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network. It is a software function provided at a network address over the Web with the service always on as in the concept of utility computing. A web service has an interface described in Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Other systems interact with the Web service in a manner prescribed by its description using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages. There are two major classes of Web services: REST-compliant web services, and Arbitrary web services.