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WD, a Western Digital company, is a long-time innovator and storage industry leader. As a storage technology pacesetter, the company produces relia...

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Troubleshooting Solution

External Hard Drive Error

Hello Experts
I have Western Digital external hard drive, now all of sudden when I plug the hard …
Troubleshooting Solution

SBS 2008 USB Drive not detecting

We have a SBS 2008 server that has 2 removable USB hard drives which are rotated on a daily basis, …
Troubleshooting Solution

Warranty on Hard Drive

Does the Western Digital Ultrastar 14TB DC HC530 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Data Center Internal …

Adding Storage for Your Gaming Past

Backwards compatibility is an amazing thing that let us keep playing our favorite games, even when we upgrade our consoles. An external hard drive adds storage to compatible gaming rigs in a few easy steps.
Troubleshooting Solution

I cannot connect to my WD My Cloud Home Device

My cloude home device will not allow me to connect

I have rebooted several times, changed patch cord, …

What Is "The Cloud?"

The cloud. It seems like a mystical place where your photos, videos and other important files float around waiting for you. The truth is that all of the files you save on “the cloud” are saved on a physical server in a remote datacenter.
Troubleshooting Solution

Why can I not login to my WD Cloud device

This is the Error I am getting:

How can i take charge of this device


Troubleshooting Solution

Harddisk not responding, it spins, but there is no recognition by the OS


I have a Western Digital WD20EARX 2TB disk which does not respond at all in Windows. …

How To Stream On Twitch.TV

Over the last few years, video game fans have found a new favorite pastime: Watching and creating live-streaming gaming sessions. Twitch.TV has emerged as an industry leader in making game streaming painless for those looking to share their Starcraft matches or Fallout mods.

4 Things You Need Before Podcasting

Before you start a podcast of your own, you’ll need to get the right equipment. To help you get started off on the right foot, here’s a list of the four critical items you’ll need to start your own podcast.

Western Digital Innovation Spotlight: Electric Bee Hive Project

WDLabs is proud to engage with makers and innovators creating projects of their own. As a part of this outreach, WDLabs provided the Honey Bee Gardens Hive Project with free WD PiDrive 314GB test samples. Take a look to find out more about this electric bee hive project!

What's Possible with Modern Data Recovery

Let’s face it, any data that’s not backed up frequently is in danger. And when data loss happens to you, it can seem like the end of the world.

2 Ways to Take 1000 Vacation Photos a Day and Still Have Room on Your Phone

Before I left on my recent vacation to float, boat and waterski on a lake in Minnesota for a week, I checked my phone to make sure there was enough room for photos of my obsession: sunsets. There wasn't. Has this ever happened to you?

Back to School Organization Strategy

School is back in session! The beginning of the school year is a fresh slate. One way for students to get started on the right foot is to get organized.
Troubleshooting Solution

Western Digital SATA HD not recognized when installing Win7 on Lenovo Thinkstation D30 Type 4223

I bought the machine with no hard drive at all. Bought a new one and installed it. Machine is …
Troubleshooting Solution

HP SC08Ge Controller Sees 3TB Drive as 2TB

We have an HP DL585 G6 server with SC08Ge SAS/SATA JBOD adapter, attached to a Western Digital 3TB …
Troubleshooting Solution

Western Digital External Hard Drive on Windows 7:  Access is Denied, Recycle Bin is Corrupt


I want to back up a folder on my C drive to my D drive, here on my Windows 7 laptop.  My D…
Troubleshooting Solution

RAID1 Drive Failure. Drive Compatibility Question.

RAID1 configuration with two Western Digital Green Desktop Drives. One drive failed could I replace …

10 Creative Careers In Dire Need of NAS

From individual freelancers to a staff of full-timers, creative professionals are continually creating new content for clients.

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