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Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system featuring the "universal application architecture" (UAP); apps can be designed to run across multiple devices with nearly identical code, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub and HoloLens. Windows 10 also includes a virtual desktop system, a window and desktop management feature called Task View, the Microsoft Edge web browser, support for fingerprint and face recognition login, voice-based search (Cortana), new security features for enterprise environments, and DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 to improve the operating system's graphics capabilities for games.

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What can I do to speed up the program ?
On Demand Webinar - Networking for the Cloud Era
On Demand Webinar - Networking for the Cloud Era

This webinar discusses:
-Common barriers companies experience when moving to the cloud
-How SD-WAN changes the way we look at networks
-Best practices customers should employ moving forward with cloud migration
-What happens behind the scenes of SteelConnect’s one-click button

We have to restore data from  an old backup set made with an old Windows version; the backups were made in 2007 - don't know what version Windows it was backed up in but based on Windows Timeline could be Windows 7. We would EE advice on how to correctly restore these backups into a current Windows 10 O.S. version.
please advise
I need to be able to run the executable (installer for cisco anyconnect)
Hello, so I am having an issue installing NordVPN on my computer. I downloaded the file from there official page but every time I am trying to run it, it gives my an error saying that there is no setup.msi file and that I need it. I have Windows 10 on my laptop. Can I just found this file online or what should I do?
As above (we think).  Since migration from 7 to 10 Win OS, machines are not automatically connecting to either of the two wifi APs we have in GPO.
Current settings attached.
I was wondering if anyone else is seeing this behavior?  I have received zero response from Citrix.

When connecting to some Windows 10 computers using GoToAssist Expert, certain mouse clicks no longer work as expected. This seems to be limited to connecting to Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) machines.  It does not affect Windows 10 version 1607 machines.

Example 1: when trying to open an elevated command prompt (CMD), right clicking on "command prompt" does not give any choices such as "run as administrator".

Example 2: pressing the Windows key and starting "This PC" and then right clicking does not offer any choices such as properties.

There are many more.

The really interesting thing is that while remote computer is running the GoToAssist session, even directly accessing the machine through its attached keyboard and mouse will not provide the expected content from Windows 10. However, as soon as the GoToAssist session is closed, the same keystrokes and clicks on that machine yield the expected results from Windows. In other words, the open GoToAssist session causes Windows behavior to change both locally and remotely.

FYI, I am logged in locally and remotely as an administrator, and the GoToAssist program is running as a service.

Running GoToAssist Expert.  As far as I can tell, with the latest versions.
This is a follow-on to:

I believe I have everything working with one exception:

I believe that changing group membership for a user requires that the user log off and log back in.  Yet, when I change membership using THis PC / Manage / Users and Groups, it seems to work as confirmed by:
net user [user]

The situation that I've constructed and tested has the User always logged in and Group membership is modified.  But, if correct, this won't work without a new logon.  It may explain some issues I'm seeing.

One thought would be to execute a scheduled task with a .bat file action:
shutdown -r
And, I suppose one could use
control userpasswords2 on the system to have this user log in automatically - so the shutdown/restart would bring the user into a logged on state and with the new group membership.
It's not very elegant but it should work.

Are there better ideas?
A guy has a small business. He has 2 computers in the building. depending on where he is, he works from 1 or the other.  both are win 7.

On machine 1, he shares his data - word, excel, etc.   nothing more than that - so he can get to them from the other computer.

He has an office 365 business license so he has the office suite on each machine.

Machine 1 died yesterday - hard drive failed (funny!  It's exactly 4 years and 1 day old... it had a 3 year warranty from Dell. but funny how people joke about things dying right after the warranty. Maybe Dell thought he was getting a 4 year warranty?!

Anyway, we had a shadowprotect backup and he's backed up. But it was the weekend and he didn't have access to his data from machine 2 - the one that doesn't have the data stored on it.

He asked (I feel like a moron I didn't really consider this) if he had the data in the cloud, he could have kept working on machine 2.

Uh... Yeah.  And he's paying for office 365 business / he gets onedrive for business with that.. so there's no extra cost.

What are some pros / cons to moving the data to the cloud?

gets to the data even if machine 1 with the data stored on it previously is down

data is in the cloud / more succeptible to someone getting it?
Is the data backed up?

Does onedrive for business keep a local copy? Do you have to install onedrive for business dowloaded app to get that? If so, he could continue to backup machine 1 and be backing up his …
I have a laptop running windows 10 64bit, two Seagate external drives connected to usb 3 port. One drive is a 4TB the other an 8TB.
I want to copy the 4TB onto the 8TB (which is empty). What is the quickest way to do this? I tried with Windows Explorer and it will take more than 24 hours for 1 TB. I need to do this quicker than that.
Hi all,

I am copying large amounts of data from one harddrive to another on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. I keep getting errors that some files cannot be copied because the file path is to long. Therefor I need to skip them, look them up through Windows Explorer manually and rename / copy / rename them to fix this.

I found out that the max path lengt is 260 characters by standard.
I want to resolve this, so I do not need to skip files in the copy process and fix it afterwards.

Few questions:

- Can I increase the path length (temporary)
- Is there a tool to fix this (i.e. a auto rename / short name tool)
- Other suggestions?

Thank you,
Edgartown IT Case Study
Edgartown IT Case Study

Learn about Edgartown's quest to ensure the safety and security of the entire town's employee and citizen data. Read the case study!

Hi Windows 10 password is lost. There are a lot ways to recover it on internet. Anyone can recommend better application which can recover Windows 10 password? I only have empty usb available and do not have any other CD/DVD. Thank you
Hi, I uploaded video file to Azure Media Service. it plays but I don't want to go back to the play back.  We are trying to simulate the live streaming. is it possible with Azure Media Service?
Is there a way to block an entire folder including the .exe everything inside a folder from connecting to the internet? If Windows 10's Firewall can't is there another Firewall that can?
My windows 2007 did not have a complete update to windows 10 - My Outlook account is frozen!!
is there a free upgrade from windows 10 home to windows 10 Pro?

I recently performed a clean install of Windows 10 Pro on my desktop and included IIS version 10.

I'm looking for the steps to allow other computers on my network to view pages on my local website and client websites under development. I believe this is a security issue but I'm not sure.

Any assistance is most appreciated.

Much thanks,
David Bach
Hello to all!

I will post a picture when I can, but the amount of sleuthing I have done on the interwebs has not revealed any revelations.  The customer brought a laptop in, Toshiba Tecra R950, with a BCD error (error 34).  We ran bcdboot command and got back into Windows.  From there, we have determined that the reason it had the issue in the first place was Windows 10 was trying to install the Creators Update.  We have installed all the other updates, and updated drivers.

But, when we go to install the Creators Update, which I am attempting to do from an ISO that was burned that I have used successfully before, I get the error,"We can't tell if your PC has enough space to continue installing Windows 10. Try restarting Setup".

This is after already trying to install the update through Windows Update AND from downloading the Media Creation Tool and installing it that way.

I am uploading my setuperr.log as maybe it will shed some light.
I am trying to set up my Echo on a different wifi network.  I have a Windows 10 PC and have the Amazon app installed on it.  I had no trouble at all in setting up the Echo when I first received it.  Now I am at a different location with a different wifi network.  To access the wifi, I need to click on the wifi icon on the system bar or task bar on the PC.  Now I find that the wifi icon has disappeared from the task bar and I can find no way to view the available wifi networks at this location.  I Googled this and find that others have also had the wifi icon disappear from their desktop.  What can I do to restore the wifi icon on my PC and gain access to the available networks in this area?  Thanks for any help!
I just got a new Laptop, setup it up as follows:

1. power up - setup local only account
2. installed updates
3. Added to domain
4. Logged in as my domain user
5. Added my Microsoft account.

At this point I expected all my setting to sync from my old laptop.  But the sync setting are disabled.

Looking at my old laptop (exact same version) the sync setting are enabled.  I know Microsoft has been messing with things on domains, but this is crazy, I can't sync, I can use fingerprint reader.   Now I have to manually move some DB file to get my shortcuts in edge to move (yet another reason to dislike edge)
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TL;DR: Microsoft Updates are failing with 0x8024002e using WSUS or straight from Microsoft. We run Windows 10, and it is affecting most of our 150 workstations.
We have been running (with spotty success) a WSUS server for several years, and it periodically blows up. Fine. This most recent time I set a new one up from scratch, synced and let the GPO do its thing. At some point in time, I'm not sure exactly which Patch Tuesday, people got  0x8024002e error across the board. It wouldn't even try on the workstation, if you hit "Update" it would immediately return the error.

So, I changed the GPO to let people download MS Updates from MS, and eliminated WSUS. Well, people get a list of waiting updates, but they are basically failing with the same error.

I'm familiar with Update blowouts, and all the byzantine steps you're supposed to take to rectify it, and most of the time it fails and I've wasted 45 minutes going through all the various suggestions online...which usually link back to the same two or three solutions (stop the services, rename SoftwareDistribution and catroot2, pray, reset security contexts, blah blah blah).  0x8024002e seems to be a pretty nebulous error. My feeling is WSUS corrupted the updates somehow, and now they can't get the updates from MS either.

So, not only have the solutions really not worked, but even if that were a solution, it would take roughly a week to do that on every …
Just downloaded the Xendesktop and I'm going through the installation on my newly spun up Windows Server 2016 core OS.  I'm getting an error always on IIS during the xendesktop setup.  Keeps saying "'dism' component failed to install with error 0x00000032." see screen shot.  IIS is installed on the 2016 server.  

Any clues on how to move forward?
I  own a mouse purchased from Amazon described as "Runsen Gaming Mouse Wired LED Optical 9 Buttons with 1200/1600/2400/3200 DPI for Pc/Mac/Notebook(7 Colors Breath LED Backlight )(Black)"

There are 50+ positive reviews on it. However, try as I  might I have been unable to get TWO SIMPLE ITEMS. I need a driver for  Windows 10 and the  user manual....IN  ENGLISH.

I have followed the instructions  of the seller to no avail. What am I missing here? This  should be a 5 minute  install at most. Can  any expert assist me in gettting this simple item working?

NOTE: This wired mouse DOES basically function, however I have no idea how to program macro functions into any of the extra buttons of the mouse or take advantage of the features it mentions that it has. I DID try to install, as best I could, the driver in CHINESE but to  be honest I have NO idea what I did or didn't do.
I just purchased a new Dell laptop for a customer - booted up fine out of the box, did all of the Windows updates, no problem - rebooted a few times, still no problem.  Turned it off and put away for customer - turned on and get spinning dots on startup.  Ran diagnostics, no issues.  Turned off UEFI secure boot, no difference.  One time after I removed battery and hit power button for 30 sec and replaced battery; I got it to come up to recovery options and tried to reset PC but said it could not do it - any thoughts on what to do?
Good Morning,

I was asked to help out a friend. He has 2 windows 10 desktops joined to a domain. The problem that he is having with these desktops is that he cannot access the following sites.

The desktops in question receive a certificate error message and will not allow you to proceed any further. All machines running Windows 7 are not affect with this same problem. From my troubleshooting and it seems that the issue is with the HSTS, I installed chrome, firefox, used edge and IE all browser have the same issue.

Here are the things that I have tried.

- Verified Firewall was turned off
- Verified UAC was off
- Check all Group Policies
- reset the certificate index
- Did the MS Regfix for disabling HSTS check
- All updates applied

Any suggestion would be great.

Thank you,
I'm not familiar with the Windows 2016 licensing system.
I ask myself the following question. I am offered a promotional offer with a minimum of 16 licenses to buy.
If I get 16 Windows 2016 Server Datacenter licenses, it may cover 32 cores, if I understand correctly. These 32 cores can be distributed on 2 servers? for example: 2 servers bi-processors of 8 cores?
There is no limitation on the number of virtual machines (VmWare in my case), on each of the two servers. Is it correct?
Thank you for your answers.


Windows 10




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Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system featuring the "universal application architecture" (UAP); apps can be designed to run across multiple devices with nearly identical code, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub and HoloLens. Windows 10 also includes a virtual desktop system, a window and desktop management feature called Task View, the Microsoft Edge web browser, support for fingerprint and face recognition login, voice-based search (Cortana), new security features for enterprise environments, and DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 to improve the operating system's graphics capabilities for games.