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Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system featuring the "universal application architecture" (UAP); apps can be designed to run across multiple devices with nearly identical code, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub and HoloLens. Windows 10 also includes a virtual desktop system, a window and desktop management feature called Task View, the Microsoft Edge web browser, support for fingerprint and face recognition login, voice-based search (Cortana), new security features for enterprise environments, and DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 to improve the operating system's graphics capabilities for games.

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Hi All,

I have been asked for a recommendation for a free (gratis) 'mouse jiggler' for Win10.

I have never used one myself, so I have no experience on which to make a recommendation, so I am looking to you.

Preference would be that it just runs from a standalone exe, and does not require any installation.

Bonus if it is open source / libre, but not critical by any means.


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Windows 10 decided to create 450 meg partition filled with zero contents after a recent windows 10 update.  What's the fastest way to remove this D drive?
DFS on Windows Server 2016.  I get an error of Event ID 6404.  DFS Replication cannot replicate the replicated folder REPLICATEDFOLDER because the local path E:\replicationgroup is not the fully qualified path name of an existing, accessible local folder. This replicated folder is not replicating to or from this server. Event ID: 6404

DFS finds the folder just fine when I add it as a Target Folder.

When I put the share on the C;\, it is working no problem.  I am using Drive Pool software from StableBit on my other Drive(s) to make it 1 big drive.  It is still using the NTFS file system and works fine with DFS when not using the Replication portion.

Replication has a problem with DrivePool software.  Does anyone have a work around or a solution so that I don't have to use my smaller drives.
Running an intel HD Graphics 4000 driver on windows 10 I want to run 2 external monitors. I cannot seemed to get both of them running.
I am plugging into a DELL Eport Plus port replicator.   1 VGA  connectionand 1 DisplayPort connection.
However, VGA works but the Displayport connection doesn't.
How do I optimize the space Windows 10 takes up on my System Root Drive C: which is a 256GB SSD drive?

My goal would be move as many folders as possible to an alternate but ever present drive,
Most recently with 40GB left  Windows 10 latest version before 1803  on an Alienware R4 17 failed to install 1803 and worse yet it was going to  ad space bring my freespace down further.
Microsoft support has been worthless. They could not even suggest I move Virtual memory to my alternative D: drive and so the space situation on the C: or SSD drive rows worse!
Windows 10 1803
2016 Domain joined

I have enabled the "Keep favorites in sync between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge" Group policy.

I have disabled the "Prevent changes to Favorites on Microsoft Edge"

I’ve checked the reg key is there indicating this is enabled.

It’s not working though, favourites are in IE but opening edge I just get the ‘import favs’ box, which is greyed out, as it controlled by the organisation. Nothing Syncs.

Is there more to it? What could stop that working?
I have multiple Server 2016 Remote Desktop Servers that as I shadow the users session every 10-30 seconds the mouse is constantly forced to the right of the screen even if I am not touching my mouse. It is distracting and causing frustration for the users. Has anyone seen this behavior and is there a fix? I have seen this on previous server builds as well. 2016 seems to be more frequent.
MiTech Network Scanner I use to scan networks does not show installed software on Windows 10, never worked for WIN10 but has worked for every operating system prior. What configuration on WIN10 computers do I need to make for this to work?

It's a great tool to create reports on new networks. On networks I fully manage I have RMM services.
Does anybody know where i can download Free Tftp server for WIN10?

I have Hyper-V installed on my Windows 10 Professional. That works fine, but the vm's don't have network.
The vEthernet (Default Switch) is in disconnected state, probably due to a config on the W10 (a Cisco Anyconnect and a Palo Alto client).

What should I do to make this work correctly (messed up previous attempt -tried to change network configs- which made me reinstall the W10)?

Please advise.
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Trying to install the AVAST client software on a new Windows 10 laptop.
Here is the error that Windows gives when trying to install.

Avast Endpoint Protection Suite can't run on Windows.
This app may decrease PC security or performance. Check for an updated app that runs on this version of Windows.
<<Check for Update>><<Dismiss>>
"Compatibility Assistant"

The check for update option just takes me to the Avast website.  

The Avast client i'm trying to install is currently running on 122 copies of Windows 10, five of which are identical laptops to the one experiencing the problem, so I don't think this is an Avast issue.

I have tried to disable the program compatibility assistant, but that does nothing.
Any Ideas?

I have a windows 10 bug error

What can i do to solve it

I used Appcrashview to get the below information

Sig[0].Name=Application Name
Sig[1].Name=Application Version
Sig[2].Name=Application Timestamp
Sig[3].Name=Fault Module Name
Sig[4].Name=Fault Module Version
Sig[5].Name=Fault Module Timestamp
Sig[6].Name=Exception Offset
Sig[7].Name=Exception Code
Sig[8].Name=Exception Data
DynamicSig[1].Name=OS Version
Ive migrated about 20 machines to the domain and as a result the remote desktop icon which connects to our remote server is now not remembering the passwords. I have deleted the RDP clip and created a new one but that didnt work (Im selecting the tick box to remember connections). I have also edit the local group policy (Computer congfig/administrative templates/credential delegation) Allow delegating default credentials with NTLM-only Server, Allow Delegating Default Credentials, Allow delegating Save Credentials Delegating Saved Credentials with NTLM Server Authentication - adding the TERMSRV/* but this has made no difference. There is no local default domain policy in use so no idea why some machines work and some do not. Also, ran gpupdate /force to ensure policy was in play.

Its a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 10 boxes and there is no pattern in terms of why it works on some and not the others - a mixture of W10/W7 works so not a clue why I cannot get the creds to be saved?

Any ideas?
Following the latest W10 update I have lost access to my PC.
Initially the normal login screen comes up with its wallpaper.
I log in with my user name and PIN but I do not get  a Windows screen. Instead there are a few lines of text such as Welcome, Basic concepts  ,,, and advice about using Cortana for Voice. One small blue rectangle is active, plus buttons for More info and accept.
Unfortunately I have lost the password. How can I get   it via the PIN?
The PIN doesnt let me log in in Basic Mode.
There was something wrong with the machine which I did not try to correct. It rebooted itself fairly often.

Please could someone advise me how to get it functioning again, even with the old version of W10 ? In the last resort I will need to access files somehow. `
Thanks in advance
I have a power edge 2950, i installed windows server 2016 on it to use it as a storage server, but i get the following message: ''E1211 romb Batt'' i have installed a new raid battery, but the problem persist.
Please advice.
Is Windows iTunes better if it is installed through the Windows 10 app store as opposed to being downloaded from the Apple website?
User is unable to click on certain applications that she searches for using the windows 10 Cortana search. You can click on them, but nothing happens. This only happens on some applications. It does not allow her to click the snipping tool or the command prompt when she searches for them, but she can click the calculator and calendar. If you find the snipping tool and command prompt in the programs list, you can access them though. Also, when you log into this machine as the administrator with a different profile, you can access both the snipping tool and the command prompt. I have already rebuilt her searching index under indexing options. I have also run dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and that didnt work.
Windows Server 2016 Domain controller does not synchronize with other Windows 2016 Domain controller
USB port intermittently and repeatedly fails.

When I go into Device Manager, 'USB Composite Device' typically will have a yellow exclamation mark.

I have tried right clicking and updating it, but I am always told the most up-to-date driver is installed.

I then right click and 'uninstall' it, reboot, and everything returns to normal again until the next time...which is usually within 1-2 weeks.

I do typically connect this to a DisplayLink pluggable 3.0 USB docking tower. However, this is a company machine and we all do the same with the docking tower and I seem to be the only one having this repeat issue.

Thanks for any suggestions. - JH
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Does anyone have some thoughts on the how I can implement 2 factor logon on a windows 10 machine but using to new 3rd party credential providers and not using any of the Windows Crendential providers? I want to implement a virtual smart card authentication as the primary authentication and then move to a 3rd party biometric authentication using the device camera but a bespoke CP to perform authentication. When both of these are successfully authenticated move on to a normal opening of windows, authorisation and access.

From what I have read Windows 10 doesnt allow 2 factor without one of the factors being one of the Standard Windows 10 options...........thoughts?

Clearly it must be secure and not compromise any of the underlying security.
After upgrading the IT department to Win10 v1803, we notice that Rmote Assistance (MSRA.exe) has a problem.

Please note: this problem only surfaces on systems that have no internet access!

Until now, we used win10 v1709 and msra.exe worked normally, that is, if you click on an invitation file and enter the code, the person who requested help was asked whether he wanted to allow the helper access immediately.

With version 1803 however, after clicking on the invitation and entering the code, there is a delay of 45 seconds with the status "attempting to connect". Afterwards, everything works.

This is seen on clean systems as well and Microsoft will be able to reproduce this in seconds.

It happens no matter what target operating system the person you want to help is using, as long as the person who would like to offer help is using Win10 v1803. Build is 17134.81, x64, enterprise.
Since only Microsoft can solve this, I would like to ask people to reproduce this on systems without internet access and then upvote my technet thread so Microsoft knows about it.
Points go to anyone who reproduces this behavior and helps letting microsoft know.
If you have problems getting your system offline for that test, simply remove the gateway entry in your NIC properties. Or take two VMs that are connected to a virtual switch of the type "internal" or "private".
im facing a relativley complicated situation and i was wondering if somebody has experience with this issue.
i need to deploy SQL server to about 20 servers. and im requested to build a Powershell script that handles all of this at once.
what i need to do is a script that does the following.
1-create a diffrent AD- user name and password for every server.
2-creates a text file for the usernames and passwords that has been created.
3-use these accounts to deploy SQL on every server with the right service accounts that has been created.
its a bit complicated and i really can use pointers or ideas from experts who has done this before.
windows 10
a page that I didnt think was a video becomes a video 5 minutes later

for me it is that page.

I have many browser tabs/windows open and then I need to find the video
To my knowledge; software does not connect to internet.

Windows 10 software requires an email to register.

Before contacting company; I was blocked from using software.

I contacted company and then I could use windows 10 software.

Could company take away access to software.
Folder Redirection is not applying completely.

we've had folder redirection working perfectly under window 7, the share published using dfs, offline files are disabled.

the share has full permisions for authenticated users.

the ntfs security is set per the microsoft doc: Folder Redirection best practise

the gpo has read rights for the authenticated users under the delegation tab .
security filtering is not being used, authenticated users resides in the security filtering as per defaults.

the gpo has loopback processing enabled and set to replace.

under the event viewer of the desktops the following can be seen

"Folder redirection is being controlled by group policy" - good

Searches, Links, Contacts, Start Menu all redirect successfully according to the event log. Successful Redirects
however, the following do not: Desktop, RoamingAppData, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Favorites, Downloads
for these the following event is seen, it's as if it does not have a path to redirect to.Failed Redirects

i'm at my wits end as we've recreated the GPO in an effort to fix the problem, recreated the server share, as well as reimage one desktop.

we're using the basic  setting of folder redirection,
the current desktops are a mix of 1703 and 1803, i should mention this has not worked since deploying windows 10 in jan of 2017. we reimaged in order to move to windows 10, ie a clean install.

ADMX templates are updated to version 1703 as well.

we run server 2016 as our DC.

Windows 10





Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system featuring the "universal application architecture" (UAP); apps can be designed to run across multiple devices with nearly identical code, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub and HoloLens. Windows 10 also includes a virtual desktop system, a window and desktop management feature called Task View, the Microsoft Edge web browser, support for fingerprint and face recognition login, voice-based search (Cortana), new security features for enterprise environments, and DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 to improve the operating system's graphics capabilities for games.