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Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system featuring the "universal application architecture" (UAP); apps can be designed to run across multiple devices with nearly identical code, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub and HoloLens. Windows 10 also includes a virtual desktop system, a window and desktop management feature called Task View, the Microsoft Edge web browser, support for fingerprint and face recognition login, voice-based search (Cortana), new security features for enterprise environments, and DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 to improve the operating system's graphics capabilities for games.

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Can we connect windows 10 home version to smart tv as the second monitor via wireless? Thank you
Newly released Acronis True Image 2019
Newly released Acronis True Image 2019

In announcing the release of the 15th Anniversary Edition of Acronis True Image 2019, the company revealed that its artificial intelligence-based anti-ransomware technology – stopped more than 200,000 ransomware attacks on 150,000 customers last year.

is there a way to disable Windows Update on Windows 10? I have mini-pc that has 16G hard drive, only serves run one slide of powerpoint, nothing else. Every so often, the Windows Update ran and trying to install but fail due to the no storage available.  Whenever it failed, the windows screen filled with asking for troubleshooting.  I googled and tried many things differently, but all failed. Any idea?
I am in the process of moving my KMS server that will be hosting two domains.
I have made the DNS change for both domain DNS to point to the new KMS server.

_VLMCS._tcp.OldDomain.local        SRV service location:
          priority       = 0
          weight         = 0
          port           = 1688
          svr hostname   = vollic.NewDomain.local
vollic.NewDomain.local       internet address =

I can ping it from any machine on either domain.
When is set the SKMS to force it to talk to the new KMS server it does register successfully.

The issue I am having is if you allow the client to auto discover it registers with the oldDomain KMS server.

DO I just have to wait it out?
Trying to print multiple copies of one page pdf to our copier and no matter how many copies i print it only prints 1 copy.
This printer is installed through our server \\server. I dont want to add this printer directly.

Things I tried:

- Other application like word printing multiple copies - Works
- Uninstalled Adobe reader DC and resinstalled - Same issue
- Deleted this printer and readded this printer from \\server
- While troubleshooting I placed the Print queue small window on the side and watched, as I click print, it only shows Copies Column - 1  
- Checked other users in the office with same windows 10 os and same printer installed through the server - no issues printing pdfs multiple copies

What could be causing this issue, for Adobe Reader DC to only print 1 copy even though I am selecting multiple copies  ?
What else can I try ?

We have 2 PCs running Windows 10 Pro. We'd like them to have ONE app available (preferably IE), and to log users out after X minutes of inactivity. I have seen that "assigned apps" doesn't even allow us to do this with Edge, let alone IE. Has anyone implemented this before, and if so, how? Is there another way to accomplish this besides group policy?
i have several windows 10 desktops in my work room
i found, that  after shutting down Windows, it restarts by hitting a key on the keyboard
i don't want that to happen
how can i achieve this?
Hy i need help to exchange 2016 when i activat oof the mail is bounced to the firewall because the sender is blanck.
The firewall use batv.
When i desactivate It, it's Good.
I want to kown if it's possible to add sender  or how i can pass the pass the firewall when batv is activate
I have a client who I have just upgraded to Windows 10 with office 365 however they have thousands of historical Lotus Word Pro .lwf files.
Can anyone reccomend a file convertor to allow them to open in word?
I have a WSUS server that has grown exponentially, even when i run the WSUS server clean up wizard, there is no difference. this server is set up on a virtual machine. is there a way i can retire old updates?  to create more space on my server ? i can see 2015 updates. can i delete these  updates?  Please i need assistance>
Hello all,

I recently setup RDS on Server 2016. I have everything working correctly, and can access apps that I have published on the web console. However, I published the RDP client, and when trying to connect to a VM, it hangs on "Securing Remote Connection" then a popup box says "Internal Error."

I had it working on my own environment, but I do not recall how I fixed that problem. Does anyone have ideas on what I could try or fix?
Starting with Angular 5
LVL 12
Starting with Angular 5

Learn the essential features and functions of the popular JavaScript framework for building mobile, desktop and web applications.

Does anyone know if there will be any additional Group Policy features relating to USB/Removable Device restrictions in Windows Server 2019? I have heard there was, but can't seem to find anything specific.
We are soon being requested to migrate our team data from one file share to another, albeit on the same windows 2012 file server. The drive mappings for users will stay the same (Y:\) as part of the login script, and our infrastructure team claim the migration if data will be 'effortless' with no impact on end users!

Currently, our area on the file server It is essentially a team directory full of office documents, e.g. docx, xlsx, and a few access databases. I need to try and assess everything that could break with such a move of all our data from one share to another. I know in some of the teams word documents are hyperlinks to other documents, which use UNC paths, so whereas a hyperlink e.g. \\server\currentshare\team\dir1\word.docx will break when we move the data to \\server\newshare\team\dir1\word.docx - hyperlinks was just one area I had thought of as a possible trouble spot. Can you think of any more that we need to factor into plans.
Built my self a new PC so i am working on getting my old one cleaned up to sell.

Took it all apart and cleaned it all up. After putting it back together i went to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows 7. After all said and done and running windows update it started to crash with the error. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Bluescreenviewer shows the driver causing it is ntoskrnl.exe.

I tried updating drivers and windows and such, tried with 2 sticks rather then 4 of memory because some people said that it was related to the memory.  However all 4 sticks along with everything else worked fine when i was using it as my main computer.  It kept crashing and starting a loop saying windows couldnt start and other things.  

I put a brand new hard drive in and tried installing windows 10.  After getting that set it then crashed as soon as i went to run windows update.  After restarting it ran all the updates with no issue.  No drivers missing in device manager.  No new windwos updates are available and its up to date.

I installed some virus protection and let it sit for awhile.  IT had no crashes so i installed the front and back covers of the case and it crashed again the blue screen showed error: 0xc0000225  and the mini dump shows the same driver causing the issue.  I am clueless and have never had this much issue just getting windows installed and running.  The computer never had issues before when i used it, and now im just getring it cleaned up and ready to put up for sale.

We just received two new Dell systems and have been trying to connect them in a workgroup - for explanation sake, we have Bell1 and Bell2 for system names.  Bell 2 can see itself and Bell1 but cannot connect to Bell1.  Bell1 does not see itself or Bell2.  Bell2 has Norton AV installed on it but worked before that was installed.  After turning on all the sharing, turn off password/firewall - still same issue.  On Bell1, we even did a Factory reset and erased everything (not much on them to start) - but same issue.  I am not sure what we are missing.
I have this customer that is running windows 10 (See Specs in the upload) about twice a day it will just freezes up.  This customer is raising fresh water catfish and he is using this computer to monitor the oxygen level and water temperature in the ponds.  
I tried to find the Memory.DMP file but couldn't find it even though the settings on the computer are set to save the dump file in the %SystemRoot% folder.  
The customer brought the computer to my shop this morning and I have been running with his monitoring system going and youtube videos playing (for about 3 hours now, and the system has been running perfect.  
I built this unit for this customer right at a year ago and it has worked fine up until now.  Here are the components I used in the machine:
SSD Drive:           SanDisk SSD PLUS 240GB Solid State Drive
DVD Drive:          LG Electronics Internal Super Multi Drive Optical Drives GH24NSC0B
Wireless card:    HiRO H50319 Dual Band Wireless 802.11ac AC1200 11ac WiFi 2T2R 867Mbps PCIe PCI Express PCI-E x1 Adapter 2x 2dBi Dipole Antenna Windows 10 8.1 8 7
Power Supply:    EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W, 3 Year Warranty, Power Supply 100-W1-0500-KR
Motherboard:    BIOSTAR Hi-Fi A70U3P FM2+ / FM2 AMD A70M 4 x SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
Processor:          AMD Black Edition A10-Series APU Processor with Radeon R7 Graphics (A10-7860K-AD786KYBJCSBX)
Memory:             Patriot Signature 8GB DIMM DDR3 CL11 PC3-12800 (1600MHz) PSD38G16002


Can anyone point me in the right direction for documents on how to migrate from 2012 Foundation to 2016 Essentials.

One of my clients is a single server environment, Windows server 2016 Essentials, running SQL Server (Express) 2014.  

They are running Thompson Reuters PracticeCS with the database hosted on this server.

Until about 4 weeks ago, things were running along normally.  Then, logins started failing until a variable time between 8:00 am and 8:30 am.  Once the logins start working, they work for everyone the reset of the day.  

Backups run at 12:00 am and finish within minutes.  The database is "Always on".

I have contacted the vendor and they claim that it is a SQL problem and refuse to help troubleshoot.

Any help is appreciated.  Below are the recent logs.  At 8:37, users could log in.

Date      Source      Severity      Message
9/18/2018 8:37      spid53      Unknown      Starting up database 'ReportServer$SQLEXPRESSTempDB'.
9/18/2018 8:31      spid20s      Unknown      Starting up database 'ReportServer$SQLEXPRESSTempDB'.
9/18/2018 8:27      spid60      Unknown      Starting up database 'ReportServer$SQLEXPRESSTempDB'.
9/18/2018 8:17      spid53      Unknown      Starting up database 'ReportServer$SQLEXPRESSTempDB'.
9/18/2018 8:15      spid51      Unknown      Starting up database 'ReportServer$SQLEXPRESSTempDB'.
9/18/2018 8:11      spid53      Unknown      Starting up database 'CSP_203449_DBSPC'.
9/18/2018 8:11      Logon      Unknown      Login failed for user 'CreativeSolutionsPracticeCsDatabaseOwner'. Reason: Failed to open the explicitly specified database 'CSP_203449_DBSPC'. [CLIENT:]
9/18/2018 8:11      Logon      Unknown      Error: 18456<c/> Severity: 14<c/> State: …
We have a user with a laptop running Windows 10 Pro. She has an external screen connected that she extends the display too, in order to use both screens.
Recently the external screen have a space between the window she is working on and the task bar. This space either shows that part of the desktop or just duplicates the bottom part of the window. It is not always there but randomly appears and then stays until the computer is restarted.
I have attached a screen shot as and example.
It only does this on the external screen display. Not the laptop display.

I have done the following.
  1. Uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled the graphics drivers
  2. Installed all Windows updates.

Has anyone come across this before and is so how can I resolve this issue?

Thank you

Windows 10 Turn Off

i have upgraded 3 pcs from windows 7 to windows 10 all lenovo systems when you shut the pc down the system shows as off put the power light is still on the machien and you have to hold the button in for 5 secons for the machines to fully power off

i have tried to

turn fast boot off within power options

turn hibrenation off

reset bios

i am out of ideas

system has all the latest drivers and windows updates

Help Please

10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware
10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

Did you know that ransomware is the most widespread, destructive malware in the world today? It accounts for 39% of all security breaches, with ransomware gangsters projected to make $11.5B in profits from online extortion by 2019.

Hi Experts,

on one of my network segments I use a DHCP server.
Now I have to install WLAN for GUESTs and I want to use another VLAN.
How to configure my DHCP server to serve also my VLAN ?
What are some good quality but inexpensive Skype for Business headsets that I can use on my Windows 10 laptop that will plug into my USB port?
Running dcdiag /v gives me the following warning

A warning event occurred.  EventID: 0x00001796
            Time Generated: 09/17/2018   18:28:17
            Event String:
            Microsoft Windows Server has detected that NTLM authentication is presently being used between clients and this server. This event occurs once per boot of the server on the first time a client uses NTLM with this server.

            NTLM is a weaker authentication mechanism. Please check:

                  Which applications are using NTLM authentication?
                  Are there configuration issues preventing the use of stronger authentication such as Kerberos authentication?
                  If NTLM must be supported, is Extended Protection configured?

            Details on how to complete these checks can be found at!topic/
Thanks for posting here!
There is a policy for this stuff.
Computer Configuration
-Windows Settings
--Security Settings
---Local Policies
----Security Options
Network security:LAN Manager authentication level
You may choose to "Send NTLMv2 response only\refuse LM & NTLM"

If you want to apply this to a domain, configure it at the default domain
controller policy.
Or you may configure it to your whole domain as well.
The Kerberos is the default mode and cannot be disabled and thus no need to
Asus Formula IX mobo, i7-7700K, BIOS 1301 (current), 64GB DDR4 3466MHz C16, STRIX-GTX980Ti, 1TB 960 PRO M.2 build. Win 10 64 working great for many months. Bought a Note 9 and installed ASUS AICharger and lost access to all usb ports. Nothing on Google or Experts Exchange discusses a fix that can work for me, so I am staring down a 'refresh' install, after trying out the last idea I just had anyway. Google shows many others with the issue from AICharger, as well as particular KB's that bring the issue on.

The way the issue arose is I installed ASUS AICharger, all seemed to be good. Put PC to sleep overnight as had too much open stuff I was working on to do a proper shutdown. Next day I happened to notice in Device Mgr a fault with a usb port, can't remember why I noticed that - could have been a usb stick that didn't work or something. So I plugged and unplugged my hubs to see which one had the dud device and got status change, but something 'not right' (don't remember exactly, this was 4 days and a hundred Google searches ago!). Tried unplug and replug mouse, got the reconnect noise so tried keyboard too and no reconnect. Figured it had been a couple of very busy days and had most of it done now so do a proper restart. Never got a single usb port to function in Windows after that. Works fine in BIOS.

Got in via Windows PE recovery environment (three power shuts during dot circling at start) and deleted all files with name incl it (del aicharger*.* /S, having checked …
I recently setup Folder Redirection on Windows Server 2016.  
It is working great for the most part.
So far two issues:

1. Anyone who is not the user that has access can see and read and copy the files, they can copy a file into their folder but the user cannot see it, something to do with special permissions? In order to copy the users files to this new server from an old one I had them in a certain location on the server and logged into a workstation as the user and then as the user copied them from that location  into their folder redirect folders like desktop, documents etc.

2. Sometimes have issues where the users cannot see their files.
We are configuring a Windows 10 computer and are experiencing an issue with an unresponsive start menu. When first booted, the computer works fine, but if you open the start menu, close it, then open it again (whether because you opened a program or just close the start menu) the scroll of programs becomes unresponsive, the search function does not work as intended, and if we attempt to lock or log off of the computer, it will not do so (see attached pictures). I have already attempted to run the system file checker and reinstall windows apps, both from powershell, and have logged in as a local account and a domain account, the issue persists.

Windows 10





Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system featuring the "universal application architecture" (UAP); apps can be designed to run across multiple devices with nearly identical code, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub and HoloLens. Windows 10 also includes a virtual desktop system, a window and desktop management feature called Task View, the Microsoft Edge web browser, support for fingerprint and face recognition login, voice-based search (Cortana), new security features for enterprise environments, and DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 to improve the operating system's graphics capabilities for games.