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Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system featuring the "universal application architecture" (UAP); apps can be designed to run across multiple devices with nearly identical code, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub and HoloLens. Windows 10 also includes a virtual desktop system, a window and desktop management feature called Task View, the Microsoft Edge web browser, support for fingerprint and face recognition login, voice-based search (Cortana), new security features for enterprise environments, and DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 to improve the operating system's graphics capabilities for games.

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My Toshiba Satellite P55W laptop running Windows 10 developed a problem with the mouse. Basically I have 2 cursors on the screen. One that has a grey circle around it and sits about  3 inches from the bottom of the screen just a little off center. That is where it stays and clicks on whatever is displayed there. Opening mail in gmail and is especially active in facebook.
I have tried using an external mouse and even disconnected the ribbon cable on the synaptics touch screen. Sometimes it disappears for a day or so but always comes back. At times I am unable to move the other cursor around at all. It's like my cursor is trapped in that little circle. I thought it was the synaptics until I disconnected it

I have run various virus scans and malware removals.
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Hi Experts,

How can I modify the Path that is used in a Windows 10 cmd session (i.e. Command Prompt)?

Hey everyone,

Took a look at the EE forums but can't seem to find a solution.

I have a user who is unable to load the Solver add-in in Excel.  The add-in is selected, but when going to Data > Analyze, the Solver button is not fully there.  To be specific, the question-mark/arrow symbol is there, but it doesn't say Solver.  When clicking on the button, nothing happens.

The user is on Windows 10 with Office O365 2016 v.2215.  Our company has gpo restrictions on loading add-ins, but I am able to load and use it on mine and a test machine w.o problem.

He receives a msg about macros not being able to load, as did I, but on the test machines I received a prompt to trust the add-in, whereas he does not.

I removed and re-added the add-in, ran a repair on Office, upgraded Office to our current version, and replaced the Solver.xlam file on the user machine, no change.

The one thing I did not try yet is a different Windows profile.


Can we connect windows 10 home version to smart tv as the second monitor via wireless? Thank you
I have a client who I have just upgraded to Windows 10 with office 365 however they have thousands of historical Lotus Word Pro .lwf files.
Can anyone reccomend a file convertor to allow them to open in word?
 I have a windows 10 PC (domain joined on Windows 2008 network) that I can ping it by IP address neither by IP address nor by name.
 But that computer can connect to the internet, domain, mapped drive ... everything works normal from that computer, including I can connect to that computer using Splashtop remote software too from outside of the network.
 I discovered this weird situation when I failed to RDP into that computer. First I ran firewall.cpl and made sure that REMOTE DESKTOP was checked for domain, private and public.
 I went to the domain controller and confirmed that IP address and computer name was registered in DNS manager and DHCP server. Other workstation computers can ping each other by computer name and IP address.
 What can I do to troubleshoot this issue?

We are soon being requested to migrate our team data from one file share to another, albeit on the same windows 2012 file server. The drive mappings for users will stay the same (Y:\) as part of the login script, and our infrastructure team claim the migration if data will be 'effortless' with no impact on end users!

Currently, our area on the file server It is essentially a team directory full of office documents, e.g. docx, xlsx, and a few access databases. I need to try and assess everything that could break with such a move of all our data from one share to another. I know in some of the teams word documents are hyperlinks to other documents, which use UNC paths, so whereas a hyperlink e.g. \\server\currentshare\team\dir1\word.docx will break when we move the data to \\server\newshare\team\dir1\word.docx - hyperlinks was just one area I had thought of as a possible trouble spot. Can you think of any more that we need to factor into plans.
Hello Community Members...

Please see this link about the SAME query but think WE ARE making progress here lol...¬ificationFollowed=213822151#a42684490

I NOTICED that the "User Tab" (Me/I) is doing about 1GB of RAM resource WITH 50 Plus things ON why/where wat for ??? so if we could reduce this it would be about then 25% RAM of 4GB (I still BELIEVE that is TOO MUCH ?)

Task Manager's "Performance Tab" has a "Resource Monitor" link at the bottom of the page...

TechNet said it's GOOD to CHECK what the RAM Resources are doing WHERE PLEASE ???

By the way "SuperFetch" and "Windows Search Services" is STILL OFF ! Are they NEEDED ?

All help and ADVICE is so much APPRECIATED with your expertise and time and help with our current enquires...

Best of THE BEST !!!

Paul M
Task Manager - User Tab 50 Plus Items
Windows 10 machine running Office 365.
User had Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed on PC
Then installed another PDF viewer called Foxit Reader. He wanted that removed so I uninstalled it via "programs and features"
Now his Preview feature in Outlook no longer allows him to view PDFs - only happening with PDFs
Steps taken:
1.  Ensured that Adobe is set to be the default for all PDF file types
2. Verified that the Preview option in settings for Outlook was turned on
3. Checked registry key as per and it is correct.
4. Ran an online repair of office and rebooted the machine - still an issue.

Next I'm going to uninstall and reinstall Adobe to see if maybe it will pick it back up.

Any other ideas?
Does anyone know how to install windows 10 on a new dell laptop?  I've nuked the OS partition and the dell recovery tool wants the system drive.  For all intents and purposes, the original hd is toast.  Is there a download that will automatically detect that it's a Dell OEM pc and let me reinstall on a new harddrive??

Thanks for any help!
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I have several PCs running Windows 7 Pro and I will be upgrading them to Windows 10 Enterprise within the next month or so.  I would also like to upgrade the memory in these PCs.  What would be your recommendation for the amount of memory to have installed on these PCs.  The PCs currently have 4 GB Ram - they are 64-bit OS and the processor is Intel i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20 GHz.  Any input is appreciated.  These PCs are used to run standard business applications (O365) and other business related apps (mostly hosted applications).  Any input is appreciated.  Thank you.
One of my clients is a single server environment, Windows server 2016 Essentials, running SQL Server (Express) 2014.  

They are running Thompson Reuters PracticeCS with the database hosted on this server.

Until about 4 weeks ago, things were running along normally.  Then, logins started failing until a variable time between 8:00 am and 8:30 am.  Once the logins start working, they work for everyone the reset of the day.  

Backups run at 12:00 am and finish within minutes.  The database is "Always on".

I have contacted the vendor and they claim that it is a SQL problem and refuse to help troubleshoot.

Any help is appreciated.  Below are the recent logs.  At 8:37, users could log in.

Date      Source      Severity      Message
9/18/2018 8:37      spid53      Unknown      Starting up database 'ReportServer$SQLEXPRESSTempDB'.
9/18/2018 8:31      spid20s      Unknown      Starting up database 'ReportServer$SQLEXPRESSTempDB'.
9/18/2018 8:27      spid60      Unknown      Starting up database 'ReportServer$SQLEXPRESSTempDB'.
9/18/2018 8:17      spid53      Unknown      Starting up database 'ReportServer$SQLEXPRESSTempDB'.
9/18/2018 8:15      spid51      Unknown      Starting up database 'ReportServer$SQLEXPRESSTempDB'.
9/18/2018 8:11      spid53      Unknown      Starting up database 'CSP_203449_DBSPC'.
9/18/2018 8:11      Logon      Unknown      Login failed for user 'CreativeSolutionsPracticeCsDatabaseOwner'. Reason: Failed to open the explicitly specified database 'CSP_203449_DBSPC'. [CLIENT:]
9/18/2018 8:11      Logon      Unknown      Error: 18456<c/> Severity: 14<c/> State: …
We have a user with a laptop running Windows 10 Pro. She has an external screen connected that she extends the display too, in order to use both screens.
Recently the external screen have a space between the window she is working on and the task bar. This space either shows that part of the desktop or just duplicates the bottom part of the window. It is not always there but randomly appears and then stays until the computer is restarted.
I have attached a screen shot as and example.
It only does this on the external screen display. Not the laptop display.

I have done the following.
  1. Uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled the graphics drivers
  2. Installed all Windows updates.

Has anyone come across this before and is so how can I resolve this issue?

Thank you

I need some help in understanding what is the "DNS"? What is it exactly? Do I need to have it? If so which one do you recommend?

Thank you,

Basem Khawaja
Asus Formula IX mobo, i7-7700K, BIOS 1301 (current), 64GB DDR4 3466MHz C16, STRIX-GTX980Ti, 1TB 960 PRO M.2 build. Win 10 64 working great for many months. Bought a Note 9 and installed ASUS AICharger and lost access to all usb ports. Nothing on Google or Experts Exchange discusses a fix that can work for me, so I am staring down a 'refresh' install, after trying out the last idea I just had anyway. Google shows many others with the issue from AICharger, as well as particular KB's that bring the issue on.

The way the issue arose is I installed ASUS AICharger, all seemed to be good. Put PC to sleep overnight as had too much open stuff I was working on to do a proper shutdown. Next day I happened to notice in Device Mgr a fault with a usb port, can't remember why I noticed that - could have been a usb stick that didn't work or something. So I plugged and unplugged my hubs to see which one had the dud device and got status change, but something 'not right' (don't remember exactly, this was 4 days and a hundred Google searches ago!). Tried unplug and replug mouse, got the reconnect noise so tried keyboard too and no reconnect. Figured it had been a couple of very busy days and had most of it done now so do a proper restart. Never got a single usb port to function in Windows after that. Works fine in BIOS.

Got in via Windows PE recovery environment (three power shuts during dot circling at start) and deleted all files with name incl it (del aicharger*.* /S, having checked …
I have a netbook (remember those!?).  It's a Toshiba with an Atom N280 processor, 2GB ram and a 160GB platter hard drive (Im only using 35GB of it).  It's running win 7 STARTER

IT 'works' but whatever you need to do on it just takes soooo long.

That's the max amount of ram it can take.  Any way to tell what replacing the drive with an SSD would do?  And maybe use some of the drive as RAM / swap file, etc?  Would that make a difference?  Or the boat anchor processor will kill it anyway?

damn, makes my skin crawl looking at what I am playing with

hundreds?!  When 'normal' chips are thousands!?
A client got a win 10 home PC after I told him I could get a PC for him and if he wanted to get it, be sure it comes with Win 10 Pro and to send me pics when at the store (they have sbs server).

So it's an HP small desktop with i5 processor,  12GB RAM, 1TB hard drive.  He.... wants to 'upgrade' to win 10 Pro, which really means wipe the drive and install pro from scratch, right?

Do you see any issues with getting it up and running on Pro? Not sure the exact model, but if it's running from the factory on Win 10 Home, then it'll run Win 10 Pro just as well?

and yeah, that's the process - wipe and install?

gotta buy:

no upgrade path.  anything else out there for less than the $200 is scam / VL / something not legit?

How much time would you say that will take? To get it to a win 10 machine ready to get on the SBS network?  1 hour? 2?
The Recycle Bin on H:\is corrupted. Do you want to empty the Recycle Bin of this drive.

This seems to be a problem of missing recycle bin. How does one create recycle bin?
Outlook Not working properly.

Windows 10 PC. MS Office 2007.

Outlook doesn't work for this client, was OK until 3 days ago.

Stramge Error message "MS Office Outlook Not Implemented" See attachment.
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I got a Standalone Server 2016 (no ad) with some Local Admin Accounts on it so far so good , but when a other admin account try change the own password it a rdp session its not work (Aaccess denied) so with the build in admistrator it work without a problem to change the own password. any idea whats the problem?

thanks for help
EMR App using dbvser9 (App was sunset'd a few years ago, but there are many users still using this EMR software) after a Windows 10 Pro update passed build 1709, the App on the workstation began running very slowly loading the patients chart from the server PC. Microsoft appears to had made it difficult to stop updates.
What are the least expensive laptop internet connection/tethering service solutions so that whenever I need my Windows 10 laptop to access the internet (and don't have a Wi-Fi connection) I will be able to access the internet using my tethering solution?
Hello Community Members...

I have Windows 10 Home Edition and using Edge Browser for net surfing...

Want to change "Home Page to New Tab Page" VIEW as prefer the layout is SO MUCH cleaner and smoother lol...

Can CANNOT seem to find how to change it...?


Best Ever...

Paul M
I am running Windows 10 on my computer.  I have two excellent photo editing programs (Corel Paintshop Pro 2019 and Cyberlink Photo Director 9).  They are both a lot more than I need, but Microsoft stopped supporting their simple photo editing program so I had to move on.   I am trying to insert a text layer over an existing image.  The image has a pale pink background, so I need to have the text layer be transparent.  I can't figure out how to do that.  Both programs allow me to insert text, but neither allows me to select the font I want (even though the font is listed in the drop down font selection menu).  Can you please help … or direct me to a simpler program that will allow me to do this?


Scheduled task won't run unless logged in on Windows Server 2016. I've researched this for several hours and I'm getting nowhere. This is calling a VBS script which runs just fine if you either run it manually, or set the scheduled task to run only when the user is logged in.

The user is a domain admin. I also tried activating the default administrator account and it also fails in the same way when using this account, too.

I've tried calling the script via a batch file.
I've ensured that the START IN folder is specified and that it has a trailing backslash.

I've also tried calling this as C:\windows\syswow64\cscript - with a variable of the path to the vbscript, and using the syswow folder as the START IN folder.

I'm at a loss to know what to try next. There's possibly a typo somewhere along the line, but the scheduled task does run if it's set to run only when I'm logged in - I would hope that this proves the parameters to be correct.

For information, the script calls a program called Snapshot.exe and this creates a volume shadow copy vss type backup to a folder. This will eventually be a network resource but I've reconfigured it to be a local drive location temporarily so that there's no confusion over network credentials.

Any ideas please?

Windows 10





Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system featuring the "universal application architecture" (UAP); apps can be designed to run across multiple devices with nearly identical code, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub and HoloLens. Windows 10 also includes a virtual desktop system, a window and desktop management feature called Task View, the Microsoft Edge web browser, support for fingerprint and face recognition login, voice-based search (Cortana), new security features for enterprise environments, and DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 to improve the operating system's graphics capabilities for games.