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Windows 11

Windows 11 is a major version of the Windows NT operating system developed by Microsoft that was announced on June 24, 2021, and is the successor t...

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How to clone Windows 11 NVMe M.2 SSD to smaller NVMe M.2 SSD


I have had 2 Windows 11 computers (both were previously Windows 10 and had been upgraded to Windows

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AutoHotkey - Getting Started

AutoHotkey is an excellent, free, open source programming/scripting language for Windows. It started out as a keyboard/mouse macros product, but has expanded into a robust language. This article provides an introduction to it, with links to additional resources for EE members who want to learn more.

Heads up we found ManageEngine Desktop Central took what …

Heads up we found ManageEngine Desktop Central took what looks like a Windows 11 patch and tried to …
Troubleshooting Solution

Windows suddenly running slow.


Users are experiencing a slowdown on their machines as of two days ago.  Dell Precision workstations

Troubleshooting Solution

HP is a leading disaster!


Wow. I have had enough of HP to last a lifetime. They have been living off of their names since the

Troubleshooting Solution

Problems with Microphone on WebCam


   I have a customer that is having problems with a webcam. It is a newer computer running Windows

Troubleshooting Solution

Running jar file from double-click.


Windows 11. Java 21.

Aim : to run .jar file with double-click.

A  list of steps stating how to do that

Troubleshooting Solution

Steps to make Dell Inspiron 3670 computer pass Pre-Boot Performance Check without displaying errors or warnings

byIT Guy

A Dell Inspiron 3670 computer displays the message shown below after first being powered on.


Troubleshooting Solution

WIn 11 - How to recover Documents folder that disappeared?


Yesterday, I was researching a question (

Advice Solution

Dell Optiplex TPM module question


We have several Dell Optiplex 7050's and other models which aren't currently able to upgrade to

Troubleshooting Solution

Suddenly, after 2 years, computers are asking to activate Windows


My client has 6 computers all running Windows 10 pro in a peer to peer network.  NO SERVER .  They

Troubleshooting Solution

Unable to capture a popup User Account Control dialog on Windows 11


Hi Experts,

I am on Windows 11.

I want to capture a screen similar to this one:

But when this User

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I clean up the Outlook 'Message Store'?


URGENT!  I run Windows 11 on my PC, and use MS Office 365 for my Outlook.  My email address is

Troubleshooting Solution

Local Dropbox folder is very slow for opening files on Windows 11 laptop



Local Dropbox folder is very slow on my Windows 11 laptop.

When I go into the folder, it takes 10

Advice Solution

How to get three USB devices into laptop's two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports?


I have a business HP ZBook Fury G8 laptop with only two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports. I have three

Troubleshooting Solution

Extend local user's account so it is no longer expired within Win 10 or Win 7

byIT Guy

Sometimes while trying to logon to or remote desktop into a Windows 10 or Windows 7 computer I'm not

Troubleshooting Solution

accessibility setting on Windows 11


I need help on a Windows 11 configuration.  I have a laptop with a somewhat difficult to use

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