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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.

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Are there any known tools like advanced IP scanner I can use to scan the network and report OS?  I want to do a workstation survey and find out which machines currently on the network I am connected to are running Windows 7.
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Hello Everyone and thank you very much in advance for your timely and precise feedback/input/insights, etc. :-)
Came upon an odd issue due to a website browser requirement by one of our vendors. They need IE11 and it must not run in compatibility mode.
We use Windows 7 (Build 7601 SP1) and IE11 (Version 11.0.9600.19236, Update Version 11.0.105 KB4480965) on our desktops in a FFL/DFL 2012R2 (2x 2016 DC) AD infrastructure.
Our GPO (Computers - nothing under Users) has a few websites listed to be used in compatibility mode (the setting "Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 Sites"), but those are older and not related to this new vendor and we do not force anything else into compatibility. On the end-user side there are no entries at all.
What is odd is that they asked me to verify the emulation settings (instructions below)
1) In an Internet Explorer window, press F12
2) A new window frame will appear with a black title bar and 7 tabs to choose from
3) Select ‘Emulation’
4) Under the ‘Mode’ column, the last item is ‘User agent string’. That will be the IE version your session is running. If the emulation is not Internet Explorer 11, contact your IT representative to explore options to allow your internet browser to be IE11

which I did and I noted that although we are using Windows 7 and IE11 the default document mode was set to IE10 and there was an EDGE option, but NO IE11 option in the drop-down box that could be set and this perplexes me. We are using Windows…
Hey Experts!  I have a powerful script that I would like to add a little more details to the log file but am not sure how to put the lines into the existing code.  Any help would be appreciated.

Get-ADComputer -Filter 'Name -like "TRN3*"' -SearchBase "OU=COMPUTERS,OU=TRAINING,DC=LOCAL" -Property * | Select-Object -ExpandProperty name | out-file c:\tools\logs\testlog.csv

$computerList = Get-Content c:\tools\logs\testlog.csv
$logFile = 'C:\Tools\logs\profiles2.csv'

$computerList | ForEach-Object {
	$computerName = $_
	Write-Host "Processing $($computerName) ..."
	If (Test-Connection -ComputerName $computerName -Count 2 -Quiet) {
		Try {
			$diskC = Get-WmiObject  Win32_LogicalDisk -Filter "DeviceID='C:'" -ComputerName $computerName -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
			$diskSize = [math]::Round($diskC.Size / 1GB, 2)
			$freeSpaceBefore = [math]::Round($diskC.FreeSpace / 1GB, 2)
			$profiles = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_UserProfile -Filter "(Special='False') And (Loaded='False') And (Not (SID Like '%500'))" -ComputerName $computerName -ErrorAction Stop
			If ($profiles) {
				$profiles | ForEach-Object {
					$out = $_ | Select-Object -Property @{n='ComputerName'; e={$computerName}}, LocalPath, Result
					Try {
#						[void]$_.Delete()
						$out.Result = "Profile deleted"
					} Catch {
						$out.Result = "ERROR: $($_.Exception.Message)"
			} Else {
				[PSCustomObject]@{ComputerName=$computerName; Result='Found no profiles to delete'}

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Hi Everyone my company has tasked me with drawing up a I guess we can call it a project to present to our clients with transitioning them off Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 pro.   This is for a sales standpoint to present a SOW on the best way to transition all workstations/ laptops to the Windows 10 environment including all of their applications.   Has anyone ever written something up like this and would be willing to give me a hand in doing so?  I would greatly appreciate it.   This group has been awesome.  Please feel free if you need any more information from me I would be happy to work with whomever.  I have never had to write up a solution in the past for this so this is very new to me.  Thank you greatly in advance.
Hey Experts.  Trying my hand at a script that will clean-up profiles on the Windows 7 pc's in our training lab.  

I thought a script that pulled the computer names from the OU, put them in a text file and then perform a few actions on each pc in that file while recording the failure/success of the actions.  Something like A) ping the pc's to see if they are online and B) remove profiles. I put together a starting script but struggled with the profiles being removed from the computers that are pingable.

Get-ADComputer -Filter 'Name -like "TRN3*"' -SearchBase "OU=COMPUTERS,OU=TRAINING,OU=DEPTS,DC=LOCAL" -Property * | Select-Object name | out-file c:\tools\logs\output.txt

get-content -path c:\tools\logs\output.txt | foreach-object { ping $_ } > c:\tools\logs\pingresult.txt

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End goal: powershell script that creates a logfile of computer names from the OU specified, verifies the computer is online via ping and if it is, removes the user profiles on each computer listed in the logfile.  Logging results to verify success.  

Again, any constructive criticism is welcome and I appreciate your time.

(edited for clarification)
I have a computer that get the blue screen so often, I attached the latest dump file, please can someone help me read it

Windows 7
I have a Win 7 laptop that I have been using since July of 2009.  It has gradually slowed down over the years and I recently deleted a lot of software (it is no longer my primary laptop).  I know that Win7 is no longer supported,(new updates, etc) but if I wipe the laptop and re-install Win 7, will I be able to get all existing updates?  Same question for Office 2003.

Need an upgrade to Windows 10

I have Windows 7 running on Parallels, but decided that the time has come to upgrade to Windows 10.

Is windows 10 Professional the right choice for me? I am a developer and need Windows 10 so that I can dig into Azure development.

Is Windows 10 the right choice?

Can I get an update somewhere? The prices seem to be pretty low, compared to the prices of years ago. So, I wonder if they even bother offering discounts any longer.

I tried to use Acronis Universal Restore to restore a backup to  a different computer.   I keep getting the request to provide the following file:

PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C26&SUBSYS_04EE1028&REV_05 for Windows 7

I have the original Dell device drivers and utilities resource media, but it does not appear to be there.    Restore does not proceed without this file.   Where do I find it?
Is there a good tutorial or explanation of the RDN (Names) Identifying the various Groups and Users I have listed here. I assume some are defaults and some may be OS specific and others specific to applications I have installed. I understand a fair amount about users and rights however.

My goal is to understand the following better:

Authenticated Users

I am curious to know the differences between:

Local Account vs Local Account & Member & Administrator Group

I assume that the "In Folder" means that the Name RDN (image below) is included in the Permissions setting. Therefore the member of the group or the specified user has permissions to use RDP. I used to set up Business Objects Enterprise Users Groups Object and Folder Rights. So I have basic understanding.
Any direction "pointable" is appreciated. Thank you.
What I am hoping to understand better.
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Hello all,
I have never been asked this until this past week.
In Windows 7 there is Windows Fax under printers.
Can you send reports to this printer and have it fax the report to another fax machine without having a modem attached to your computer or network?
If not then why does Windows 7 come with this Windows fax?
Kelly W
Windows 10 Pro (Laptop) to a Windows 7 Pro Machine (Server) I am confused about RDP Remote Desktop Connection. I have a computer on my network that I should be able to connect to through wireless that has two users. 1. Administrator with NO PASSWORD. Then 2. (Also an Administrator account) My First Last Name with a Password I use 20 times a day at least.

I looked up the IP address and the machine I am going to has both LAN IP and a Wireless LAN
So since my laptop is wireless connecting to the server through it's wireless adapter I chose

I plug in the IP from one machine to another and get what looks like a connection with the machine. It asks for Username & Password. I put either of the two in and I get errors. The Administrator gets this error.
Admin ErrorThen my name as an Administrator
Local User Admin Me Error
Since I have been able to go to the machine (the server I am trying to remote into)  and login with either of those accounts. What can I look for that might address why I cannot remote in?
It is possible to extract drivers from a Windows 7 PC that I can you to install drivers from on another Windows 7 PC? I have a an NFive keyFive card reader that I need to install on a new PC however, I can't find drivers for it on their website or anywhere else. There is a PC that has a working card reader on it so, is it possible to copy the drivers off of it to use on the new Windows 7 PC?
I am running Windows 7  home edition, and it locks up frequently (several times a day). I have discovered that if I look at events viewer just after the event, I see this every time.
I want to stop  Microsoft Windows security auditing, but I can't access Local Policy on Windows 7 home, I have to do it from regedit.  If I run>secpol.msc, windows can't find it.

Can anyone help? Thanks.
Is there a way to test if a Win 7 PC is upgradable to Win 10 without using the installation media?
Hi there ,

I have western digital 2.5" 320gb laptop hard disk that seems dead.

I connect the hard disk externally to my laptop .

I opened disk manager and message says : disk 2 unknown, not initialized.

When I click on initialize disk,  a message pops up device is not ready.

So the Microsoft disk manager recognises the disk, but it is unable to initialize the disk.

Is it possible to revive the hard disk and initialize it with some software tools  for windows 7 ?

I'm having issues with my mouse buttons
It went wrong after running XP in a VM

I use a Roller Plus Joystick

It has left, right, double click and hold (Drag and Drop)  buttons these function the same as a standard mouse button and require no special driver

However something has gone wrong

In order to keep left and right correct I've had to switch primery and secondary buttons Control Panel -> Mouse

This has caused the double click  button to function as right click

Looking at the mouse driver properties  See pic there are 3 ?
mouse.JPGI've attempted to rename these in safe mode but got access denied also tried to uninstall
Is it possible to completely remove the mouse drivers forcing windows to download a new driver?
I was planning to create windows pe boot media and add windows os, ubuntu, android and acronis iso for installation from usb.

Which is the best usb multiboot  to that. ?   And also I want to load pc technician utilities on the win pe usb boot disk.  

Also what about microsoft windows pe boot builder , is it easy to create pe boot disk using their aik kit.
we have an urgent requirement of deploying some updates and internet explorer 11 on the windows 7 clients.

we have a lot of agents without sccm agent as we have some pki issues.

I want to temporarily install a wsus server and want to install a few updates and internet explorer 11

is it ok to redirect the clients to a temporary wsus server for updates and then unlink the GPO so that the clients go back to the SUP installed on SCCM.

any help on installing and configuring the wsus server for my situation
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I am trying to configure a Windows 7 PC as an NTP server, but doesn't matter which config I try, the "w32tm /query /source" always returns the result to be "Local CMOS clock "
The PC is on my domain, but I have denied it access to read the network time policy, firewall is turned off on the PC.

What are my possible next steps?
What ports if any do I need to open on the physical firewall?

Does anyone have a config that has been tried tested and proven?

I want to copy the application installation file or a vbs script on a share created on a file server.

on my workstation I want to have a text file with computer names in txt or csv format.

want to use a tool like psexec that executes a command on the remote computer

run the application or the vbs file on all the computers listed in the text file.

clients are windows 7 sp1

appreciate help
We have several Windows 7 OS workstations that when running updates, a message appears indicating "Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes."  Is there an easy fix to this so that the workstation can receive updates?
I have a windows 7 folder with files inside.  Why are the file names in a GREEN font?  All the rest of my files are indicated in a black font.
My Windows 7 laptop freezes up several times a day for 20-40 seconds.  I just ran a reliability report, and I do see this. I am running Office 2013 now, so maybe there's something I can do to stop these update attempts. However, I have been having this issue for a long time, long before I installed Office 2013.

I'm uninstalling any programs related to Office versions before 2013 and will then restart.
What reports can I run to help you troubleshoot? Windows 7, Dell INspiron N7010, Intel Core i3 CPU, M 370@2.4GHz, 6GB RAM 64-bit operating system.  I have Malwarebytes Premium 1.7.1 running.

I am new to Python. I have an python project, I need to debug. The program was developed and run with an older version of python (2.7 or earlier) .
I have python 3.7 installed in my windows 7.
I want to install python 2 alongside python 3 and debug the program using python 2.

How can i achieve this?
is virtual env used for this?

Windows 7





Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.