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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.

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Run all the updates from the dell web site and windows 7 but still no internet. There are other computers connected with the same wifi.
I had it, and now it has gone away. Finding a contact (or address) detail is something i need tombe able to do when using ouytlook
Running Windows 7 pro on an HP z230 computer

It's been a long time since I have written vbs files.

The logic is not yet complete.  I am testing one function at a time.

I call fnMain at line 5
Function fnMain dimensions some variables then it calls fnOpenWriteError.
Function fnOpenWriteError dimensions objFSO and objTextFile

Then objFSO is set and then the logic fails on line 57.

I am running this vbs file using the command prompt as administrator.

The problem is on line 57, character 3 .  The error message is “Invalid procedure call or argument.”

Please tell me how to fix this.  Please write a detailed answer.  I am not a super programmer.

Thank you for your help.
M82 ThinkCentre - Type 3302.  Model number:  3302F2U

This machine was originally purchased with the Windows 7 Pro operating system.  I took advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade when it was available over a year ago.

A few days ago I had to replace the motherboard.  The computer is running fine.  However, when it first boots there are 2 short beeps with an EEOC error.  This error referenced the BIOS containing invalid Model Number and Serial Number.  When I access the BIOS the following entries are seen:

1) Machine Type and Model                            INVALID
2) System Brand ID                                           Lenovo Product
3) System Serial Number                                 INVALID
4) Asset Tag
5) System UUID                                                 FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF
6) Ethernet MAC Address                                FC-4D-D4-DB-34-F7
7) BIOS Revision Level                                     9SKT75AUS
8) Boot Block Revision Level                          9S75A
9) BIOS Date                                                      09/17/2013

I see references to using WinPhlash to manually update the needed settings.  However, I'm unsure (because of my upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro) of which BIOS upgrade to use.

I'd like to get that info along with instructions of exactly "how to" complete this process.
Can you please tell me some basic information about these tools?

Web platform tools such as

caching services, message queuing, and search technologies
i want to simply run a shutdown command using psexec and autoit
here is the code i have that doesn't appear to do anything at all (least i can't see any results or errors)
reboot ()

func reboot()
       run ('"c:\windows\system32\psexec.exe"  \\server -u administrator -p password shutdown /r /f /t 0')
endfunc ; reboot 

Open in new window

i click on it and it doesn't show a dialog or anything at all nor does it shut down the system. please help as i need to make a exe for shutting down the servers. i know i can do this in a bat file but then i expose the username and password for the administrator
I have a Windows 7 installation that got messed up. The first and foremost problem is that for some reason the boot DVD thinks that Windows is on drive D: so when I try a system restore (and there are several restore points) it says I can't do a system restore to the drive that doesn't contain windows. i.e. System Restore wants to restore drive C: but Windows somehow got changed to D: I can get to the Command Prompt.  Is there any was to tell it drive D: is actually drive C:?
Running Windows 7 pro on an HP z230 computer.
I use a program to split mp3 files into smaller pieces.  To do this I must type the following command:

mp3splt -t 10.00 -o @n_@t c:\mp3file\themp3filename.mp3

Every week I have 30 or so mp3 files I want to split.  Typing the above command 30 times is laborious.

I want to create some sort of batch command file which will read all the mp3 files in the c:\mp3file directory.  I want to loop through these mp3 file names and construct a batch file containing the command above for each of the 30 files I want to split.  

I have done a limited amount of scripting.  

Please tell me the steps you would perform to create a batch file or vbs file which I could then execute instead of having to manually type 30 command lines.  

Please supply DETAILS.  Remember, I am not a super programmer.

Thank you.
Trying to use Speech recognition with Dentrix Dental Software

Installed a Jabra Pro 930 onto the Windows 7 Professional with Dentrix G6 installed

Went into Control Panel and Advanced  Speech Options when I get this error message

How to I Repair??

How to i restore files in SQL Server 2008? I am using windows 7.

I just did a factory reset on this laptop and Windows 7 was reloaded fresh. The updates keep failing. Any ideas? I am at work so it will take a bit to respond back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
It has never happened before. I copied the whole folder from my laptop to my USB to bring it with me to a print shop. At the first print shop everything on my USB drive suddenly were shortcuts only, that could not be opened (when clicking on any of them, the System32 in Command Prompt was opened)!

The same story when I went to the next print shop.

What happened? On my laptop, there are only regular files and these yellow folder icons, no shortcut icons like on the USB drive.

I have Windows 7 64-bit. I've been to the same print shop about 2 months ago using the same type of folders on exactly the same USB drive without problems!

Is it anyone else who have done this?
I am trying to deploy a new computer.

The answer is probably in some illogical directory.
I am wondering if there is a good way to scan for hijacking code on a Windows 7 machine.  the browsers are behaving funny, and something definitely is taking over the browsers.  Symantec SEP does pick up a "web attack" when Internet Explorer is opended up, but a full scan does not reveal anything.  Is there a better scanner out there?  Should I not even waste time scanning and rebuild the machine?  what's the consensus out there?

A strange thing is happening when two different computers doing search of content in csv-files on the same location/server.
The CSV-files on one of the coumputer does not give any results. But on the other it does. They have the same settings in folder search options. The only difference noticed is that the icon of the CSV-file on the other computer is plaint text icon. Old fashon look. In this computer results is displayed. How can this be?
I created a batch file to remove "domain\Domain Users" from the Allow Log On Locally local security policy and replace it with "domain\username". This works. This is my script:

First, remove the unwanted group:
C:\ntrights.exe -r SeInteractiveLogonRight -u "domain\domain users"

Open in new window

Second, Add the user:
C:\ntrights.exe +r SeInteractiveLogonRight -u "domain\username"

Open in new window

When I test by updating the machine's policy with the command "gpupdate /force", the Allow Log On Locally setting reverts back to default policy and the "domain\Domain users" entry comes back.

I want to remove the "domain\Domain users" entry and not have it return to the default policy, even if gpudpate /force is run. I have Windows 7.

Noted: I don't have priviledge to create GPO and Access to the Server Domain. Or Possible to adding registry key ?

Really Appreciate
Thanks a lot
How to find out unknown devices? Its a Dell Latitude E4300 Laptop installed with windows 7 64 bit.
Can you please tell me what this error means and where can I download program for this error? I am using windows 7

I bought my Dell Studio XPS, which came installed with Windows 7 Home Premium as its OS,  at the end of 2010.  Automatic updates has been turned on throughout my almost 8 years of using this machine.

Just recently however, I've been getting this annoying message stating that I don't have a genuine copy of the OS.  I've tried the "slmgr -rearm" (run as Administrator) solution and get a message that the script executed successfully".  That is not the case as I am still getting the pop-up.  

My question is:  What is the best way to get rid of this pop-up message?
 How do you put a file on all desktops in a window domain?
I have a Windows 7 PC on a domain network (server 2008 r2) that is requiring the user to login to his network drive after every reboot.  There are 10 users on the network and he is the only one affected.  Things I've tried:  Creating a custom login script for this user and added the persistent:yes tag (Getting a long delay at login, doesn't appear that the script is being picked up), Entering credentials into Creds Manager manually (Noticed that persistence option says: Logon Session and can't change), Editing GPO Comp Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security optopns > Network Security:LAN Manager authentication Level.  I've done some LAN speed test scans and the network doesn't appear to be bogged down speed wise, but communication with the server seems to be the crux of issue, or not, hell I'm on experts-exchange asking, I have no Idea.
HI All,

I have not seen my Google download Bar at the bottom of the browser anymore. it is not showing at the bottom of Google Chrome. I clear the CACHE, as recommended and nothing happens. I have the latest Google Chrome updated.

How to i get it back?

I am using Windows 7 pro and Windows 10.

Can you please advise?

Is it possible setup windows 7 32bit in Azure?
There is an update that keeps getting installed that is killing communication between our software program Famous and Outlook.  We email out of Famous but this update kills that form.  I have disable Windows Updates and changed the setting to "Give me updates for MS products and check for new optional MS software when I update Windows".  Every week this keeps getting updated and I can't figure out how to stop it.
Would like application loading TGauge to look like Windows 7

Windows 7





Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.