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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.

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How can I authenticate the User ID and Password to be valid from VB.Net and VB6 programs with Windows 7 Active Directory?
Is there a way to make Applocker work on Win 7 Professional & Win 10 Professional?
Is this a technical constraint or a paper license issue?

If technically it's not feasible, any apps whitelisting freewares to recommend?
On an domain with SBS 2011 standard, in the last couple days, users (there's only 5 of them) are not getting to server shares and printers.

In windows explorer, they can enter \\server and then they get prompted for their credentials.  They use the same credentials they have been for months / years.  They then see the shares.

It seems after their screen saver kicks in, then then have to repeat the process to get to the shares.  Same for reboots... they log into the domain at the login screen, then have to re-enter their credentials to get to the server shares.

The SBS box is the DNS and DHCP server. no other DHCP servers on the network. They have a watchguard firewall, but DHCP is turned off.

I try opening the certificate authority on the SBS box. It shows the window and tree structure on the left, but hangs at not responding when trying to expand the tree.

ShadowProtect jobs on the desktops are failing with

An untrusted certificate authority was detected While processing the smartcard certificate used for authentication

ShadowProtect writes to a drive on the server.
We are moving from Novell to Synology for our main "server". I need to remove our current Novell clients from our Windows 7 and 10 workstations. I have one particular workstation that won't let me uninstall the client. As this is the first Windows 7 Pro machine I have tried to do this on, I am concerned there may be more like this.
Anyway, what happens is when I go to "Add and remove programs" and uninstall, I get an error that says "There was a problem starting C:\Program Files\Novell\Clinet\ncsetup.dll".
I have gone into that location and the Novell folder is there but empty. The client version is 2 SP1 (IR9a). Is there an uninstaller I can run on these?
Hi, i have installed Skype on our network for a select few users to communicate with a partner company.

Users can login and communicate but are unable to share their screens.

We do run WatchGuard web blocking system and i wonder if Skype is being blocked for just sharing of the screen.

Has anyone got expereince of this issue and could possibly offer some advice.

I have a Lenovo V330-15lkb.  Windows 7 Pro.  I want to restore the computer.  I select the NOVA button on the side and then choose system recovery.  The computer boots up normal. Any ideas how to get it to restore?
Hello All,

I am having a problem with two Windows 7 computers connecting to a servers shares on a workgroup network.  I get the Windows 7 Network Error Code: 0x80070035 Windows cannot access\\ServerName.  I have already tried to enable Netbios over TCP/IP but that did not work.  I checked to make sure that all the services that need to be running are.  I am able to ping the server with both name and ip address.  But I can't access it via name or ip in Windows Explorer.  DNS and DHCP are both controlled by the router and not enabled on the server.   I have tried setting static IP and DNS and it still does not work. I also made sure that off-line files was not enabled (read that somewhere).  The odd thing is that it is only two machines that are having this issue - all other computers are fine.  Nothing seems to be working.  

Not sure what to look at next.

I have some computer at work that has 2 to 3 screen a today when I arrived I have some users that got just one screen showing the login. The other monitor was not working despite being ON. All monitors we are HP new and old ones. We use Windows 7 pro.

Can you please advise?

I have a windows 7 PC and every time when switching on it asks  for a user name and password and like a wally ive forgotten it.

I dont have any windows disks either but was trying to reset it back to default . What I mean is as if I had brought it from the shop.   I do have the windows registry key if that helps.

Any ideas how I reset back to default.
Intel 82579V gigabit NIC on Maingear F131 (circa 2013) shows driver version dated 3/29/2016 in device manager.
Version 23.5.2 dated 2/6/19 is available on Intel's site.  It installs to completion, but even after a restart the driver version and date in device manager don't change.
Neither Intel support nor Maingear support can explain it or know what to do about it.
I did try uninstalling the adapter and restarting first, then installing the most recent and even a few less recent versions, with the same behavior.
They all install and work successfully, but the device manager info doesn't change.
just recently I'm getting windows update errors on both windows 7 and server 2008R2 - same error message 8024402F
This is new as last month everything worked - anyone found a cause/solution?
This has probably been asked a thousand times.  I have a computer that is starting to get slow.  Takes a long time to bring up an internet browser or print dialog box.  Excel and word open slow and also save takes long.  It's 3 years old and has 12 GB RAM.  HP LAPTOP.  Not sure what the processor is.  Any programs out there that can clean it up and make it quicker?  Any other things I can do to get it faster?
I am wanting to install Windows 10 on two PCs running Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8.1. Are there any tips and hints which I need to look out for? Thanks.
We use Windows 7 pro .
The problem:
  Our current email provider is  Centurylink wants us to move our email immediately to some other provider.

  I want to backup our email messages.   We access our email using a web browser.  There are no tools I can find on the site to export messages.  This email has documentation explaining how to connect to the Thunderbird email program.

1.)  If the email is exported to Thunderbird, can users still read messages even though the source ( no longer exists?

2.) It will take many months to convince our customers to change our email address on their computers.  How would I create some method to forward any messages sent to the old address to our new email address?

Please give me detailed messages.  I don’t know much about the technical aspects of email messages.
The user has to encrypt files with PGP on Windows 7 64 bit before submitting them to home office using FileZilla  SFTP

The home office recommended Symantec Desktop.   This product requires the purchase from a Symentec Partner

What alternatives can I use?  I would like to get this set up today.  I would like a product with an intuitive appearance rather than command line.

I am supporting a client who has an old system that is written in a early version of Borland C++ (BCB5) which has been installed on a Windows 7 PC and is working without any issues.
There is a need to update the hardware with a new Windows 10 PC and I have been trying to move the compiler and associated components to the new hardware with Windows 10.
I have succeeded in installing the compiler from the original CD ROM and it is functional as far as I can tell except for the fact that I have been unable to successfully install the Indy 9 Internet components.
The installation batch file "FullC5" runs and produces the required library file dclIndy50.bpl but when I try to install the package using the IDE, an error message indicates a failure due to the module not being found. I am stuck at the moment, any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks,  Roger
Trying to mount a failed drive on Windows

I have a friend whose Windows 7 disk crashed. So, I hoped it was a bad sector on the OS loader.

So, I bought a harness which lets me plug the USB port into my PC and mount the drive on my Windows 7. But, I get this horrible messages:

Device I/O Error
Do I have any options?

1.   Restaurant environment.
2.   Two desktop “terminals” Microsoft Windows 7 Embedded, 64-bit Service Pack 1 (build 7601)
3.   Cox business Router Switch is the “Technicolor-cga4131” both Terminals directly wired to the Router Switch.
4.   Bitdefender MAV.
5.   All Patches current.
6.   Terminal 1 – (for my purposes) static IP set on the local adapter.
          6.a. Terminal 1 hosts the POS software DB.
7.   Terminal 2 – Dynamic IP, needs to connect the POS DB on Terminal 1.
8.   Both Terminals local adapters DNS set to and
9.   IPV6 disabled on both terminals
10. On each Terminal there are 2 administrative profiles, 1 password required, which then automatically launches the point of sale software. The other profile no-password required, and no access to the point of sale software.

FYI - I did pick up some batteries as a just-in-case “it’s the CMOS batteries.” Yet to be installed. I'll be dropping those in today within the next hour or two.

After a each reboot the “Set Network Location” widow pops up. EACH TIME!
This causes a break on Terminal 2 being able to automatically connect to Terminal 1's DB, as the Network setup has to be performed. Afterwhich Terminal 2 requires the use of Microsoft SQL Server Manager to properly connect to Terminal 1 where the Point of Sale software's hosted DB is located.

Guru’s watcha got for me?

Vincent Mills.
My computer is running Windows 7 Pro, and another computer is running Windows10 Pro.

Under computer, is several drives: C, D, L

When I click on a drive, like C for example, the right pane in windows explorer displays subfolders of drive C.  If I also want to see the subfolders in the left pane, I have to double-click drive C.  In Windows XP, this was a one step process (where the left pane automatically navigated to the location of a folder selected in the right panel - and vice versa).

Is there anyway I can change a setting in Windows 7 and Windows 10 that will:  

Display the subfolders in the left pane and the right pane.  Then, when I click on any subfolder in the right pane, the left pane would automatically jump to the subfolder I selected (and vice versa).

In other words, any folder I click in the right pane, I want the left pane to automatically go to that folder as well.

I hope this makes sense.
How can I change from a wireless to a wired connection to my HP Officejet Pro 8210?   I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling the printer.   I ma running Windows 7 Professional X64.   The printer works wirelessly,  but I want to use the ethernet connection.   When I try to do this, the device does not appear in the list of devices.
I have setup a L2TP/IPSec VPN connection on a Zyxel VPN router.  I have setup the VPN connection on several Windows 7 and Windows 10 PCs and they connect without a problem.  I am on the last PC and it will not connect.  I get the request for the username and password (which I have verified) and after a brief try I get an error message:

Can't connect to VPN
A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed.

Apparently the IPSec is working due to the request for a username and password.
This particular PC is behind a Comcast/Xfinity Modem/Router.   I am not too sure what the others were behind.  At this point I cannot log into the router (do not know the password).

I have shut off the Firewall and reloaded the OS.  Same results.
installing quicbooks pro 2019 on my pc and says needs 4.7 framework.  windows will not update my windows 7 machine so i cant get that framwork .  just has error code 8007000e  no updates ever installed.  any fixes?  thanks
Wi-Fi network card in a Lenovo ThinkPad can connect to the a cell phone hotspot, but not to a Comcast residential access point. I believe the network card in the laptop is designed for a newer technology and the Comcast access point does not support the standard. What else could cause this problem?

OS: WIndows 7 Enterprise
I've been using a Windows 7 Pro workstation somewhat infrequently on my main office network.  It's been working fine for file sharing, etc.
I put it into a new subnet for testing and now none of the Windows 10 Pro workstations can open its files.
I've gone through all the normal and abnormal "fixes" to no avail.

I just noticed that if I Run \\computername and \\ipaddress on the Windows 7 computer, using its own computername and it's own ipaddress:
The file shares open up with the computername and NOT with the ipaddress.
Well, at least that seems like progress but it's very surprising that it isn't the other way around.
Does that suggest something that I might use to fix this?
locked out of admin account in windows 7 . How can I reset the password from the guest account with no admin privileges ?

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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.