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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.

hi ,
got a windows 7 computer.(work group- not joined to domain)
got a local admin account- forgot password for it
got another non-admin user- can login to it.

is there any way to reset the password of the admin account ? ?
with non admin account- i cannot do much bcoz of no admin rights, i cannot install any software or make any changes to computer.

any help to reset windows 7 professional admin account ? ?
Hi Experts,

I am lately experiencing something very strange and frustrating with my Outlook (Office 365).

When searching for emails I definitely have them in my inbox, for no money can I find them.

Just this Friday I sent and received back messages with subject "Email wording", and when searching for it or by going thru all my Friday emails, I simply cannot manage to find them.

Any Idea?

Running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit on an HP Envy 17-K250CA Notebook.  Upon restarting, today, the display is not working (image attached).  Restarting did not help.  Please advise.

After dozens of successful upgrades, one of the last machines is causing me issues.   The upgrade from Media Creation Tool appeared to be progressing normally.   When Windows 10 finally came online there was a popup box notifying me that the computer could not be upgraded, however I was presented with a Windows 10 login screen.   When I entered the username/password the screen went blank with only the cursor arrow.   I have tried logging in as both the domain user and the local admin user but without success.   I was eventually able to boot into Safe Mode with the intent of rolling back to Windows 7.   However, I cannot get into "Settings" as when I right click the start menu and select "Settings" nothing happens.   I attempted to start Settings by running ms-settings: but get "This service cannot be started in Safe Mode".   The Start menu does not even work.

I have tried running sfc /scannow but it finds no integrity violations.    I have attempted a startup repair from a Win 10 boot CD but it also could not find any problems.

Is there an alternative way to revert to Windows 7 besides going into Settings?
I need to edit my HOSTS file and it says only an administrator can do this.
when I go into security settings the key settings are grayed out!
I am the administrator. it's my laptop

This is Windows 7 BTW,
Running Word 2007 on a Windows 7 platform, I've created calendars for this year and next year.  This year's calendar opens at a zoom of 100%, but next year's calendar appears smaller.  If I use View>Zoom 100%, it appears the same as this year's calendar.  However, that setting is not retained, and the calendar opens smaller the next time.  I'd like to know how to get next year's calendar to retain a 100% zoom.   As an aside, I know that the platform and application I am using are legacy, and I am not interested in changing that.  Thanks in advance!Different sizes for calendars
Running Windows 7 Professional SP-1, I have a VB Script which executes when my POP Email checker detects an incoming message with certain characteristics.  The Script launches an Internet Explorer banner on the desktop, and sends me an Email.  This has worked for the past three years, until today, when the banner stopped appearing, and an error message appeared on the desktop.  I'm unaware of any changes to my system which explain this.  I am not the author of this script, am entirely uneducated about its code, and I'll need specific guidance about how to correct the issue.  A confusing aspect of this is that the same script works on my other computers, with no error.

Here is the error message and the pertinent part of the script code...   Thank you in advance!

Error message
Option Explicit
Dim objIE, objShell, k, strIETitle, blnFlag

' Set IE display box title. Dashes ("-") are to move the Microsoft title
' appended to the title we specify out of view.
' blnFlag is set to False when the user closes the IE display box.
strIETitle = "On-Line Booking Advice has arrived in POP3 Mailbox" & String(40, "-")
blnFlag = True

Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

' Initialize display box with initial message
InitIE "<CENTER><B><FONT COLOR=WHITE>Reservation at Maui Tradewinds!</B></FONT></CENTER>"

Sub InitIE(ByVal strMsg)
    ' Subroutine to initialize the IE display box and display it on top of any other active windows.
    Dim intWidth, intHeight, 

Open in new window

Good evening experts,
I have a test environment for a small Doctors site. I am only dealing with one Domain Controller and 10 Windows 7 workstations. I would like to share with you the steps that I have already taken to enable my workstations to join the domain. I am just having no luck , and I am probably doing something wrong that a rookie would do. Here are my steps:

1. I added the active directory feature
2. I added the dns feature.

Below you will see an Active Directory domain with an associated DNS.
The next screen shot is me trying to join the domain from one of the office pc's
The next screen shot is the servers IP configuration for the ip, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS.


I hope I haven't missed anything. I would appreciate some feedback as soon as possible and I thank you for your anticipated responses.
I have again the same problem as here:
I have ordered a PS/2 keyboard which will arrive next week. Until then I wanted to try the same solution and it does not work, because our server was upgraded and my username on the working pc is changed.
One PC, from which I write now, is on a domain, the other with problems is not, but is on the same network and I know its IP. I also know the username and password for login from that blocked computer, where I cannot login.
Before I was able to access remotely the problem computer because the username and password was the same on both PCs.
Now I have a different username on the PC that works and even if there is a share folder on the problem PC, I cannot access it.
It seems that works only when I have the same username.
My question: what can I do to access remotely the problem PC, how can I login remotely knowing its IP and login credentials when I have now different username on my working PC?
Minimal research indicates that the free upgrade is still unofficially available.

For example .....
I uninstalled Norton Security on my Windows 7 laptop and yet I still see the app listed in the installed program screen.
How can I totally get rid of every trace of this thing.
And, yes, I said I want to get rid of all settings pertaining to my installation.
Is there any specific reason why an organisation would leave it until the last minute (or even go into an unsupported time period) when a major software product goes out of MS support (e.g. Windows 7), why organisations would leave it to the last minute to upgrade to a supported OS (e.g. Windows 10)? I was just interested why that may be, as obviously everyone has budgets etc to work with there must be some logic behind why people don't upgrade early to avoid have systems out of support.
I have been upgrading all PCs to Windows 10 and I have encountered 2 that would not upgrade to Windows 10. All the PC are the same make and model. But these two recieve the error on the image attached.
In upgrading one of our workstations to Windows 10 Pro, the upgrade failed and did not properly revert and restore Windows 7. Because of some of the programs installed, I am looking for a suggest as to restore the operating system without loosing the existing programs and data.

I am able to boot up from the Windows 7 repair disk.
We have three people who are getting the error message IMSLib not found. Acrobat services will not work.

All on Adobe Standard 2017.

The first system was Windows 7, installing the Adobe Application Manager fixed the issue.

On the second system, which is Windows 10, the installation of Adobe Application Manager and Creative Cloud both failed at 5%. I uninstalled Adobe Standard with the adobe uninstall tool and reinstalled, both with an older version of the installer and a newly downloaded installer.

We have downloaded and replaced the OOBE folder within C:/Program Files x86/Common Files/Adobe

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I know this has been an issue in the past but haven't seen any newer issues creep up in the forums, figured a new thread couldn't hurt.
Windows 7 to 10 problems.

I tried using media creation tool and it went pretty far along but got hung at 48% for a long time on one of the screens and I stopped it believing it stuck. It reversed the entire conversion to that poiint.

I then created a dvd with the tool and booted from it. It displayed a typical 4 frame window and nothing else on the screen for over 4 hours although the activity light on the side of the computer keeps flickering.

Shoul I let the dvd based install continue longer or kill it?

How long should a direct install take and how long should I wait until I abort it.
Hello all,
I have a client that I migrated their computer from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.
No issues there.
The issue is with the HP LaserJet 400 MDP M425dn printer that they have.
It is connected via USB and prints out beautifully.
The trouble is with faxing.  We can fax out fine and receive faxes fine.  When the computer was Windows 7 we ran the Digital Fax Wizard that HP provided and when the faxes were received they would go to a folder on the computer.
With Windows 10 we downloaded the latest full driver and there is no Digital Fax Wizard or HP Assistant (no not the support assistant) installed with the software like with Windows 7.  There is zero options to receive a fax on the computer through the printer.
Did HP do away with this in Windows 10?  Or is there a trick to get it to work?
If HP did do away with this, is there any software that we can use that will do the same thing (once a fax is received it is immediately sent to a folder on the computer and not printed out).
Thank you in advance,
Kelly W.
Hi Experts,

One of my PC's at work started to crash and this is what I have been told by technician.

He advised that there was a 'lost disk error' from the C drive, indicating the drive needs to be replaced.

Dell Optiplex 7020, SN: XXXZZ
-confirmed internal C drive is crashed and failing. need to be replaced ASAP
-Samsung SSD 850 Pro 512G,
-created opportunity

Since I have many programs installed there which not all have replacement installation disks, in addition to many custom settings...

I'm wondering if there is something I can do to fix that error, at least for the time being...?

Windows 7 with SP1 continued from prior question on Gateway

Back again with confirmation that SP1 and MS Security Essentials did install successfully on January 27, 2020 but Malicious Software components fail consistently from Windows Update.  When installing IE11 from the above link, BSOD and after second reboot and attempt, the update to IE11 began and then was stopped stating other items must be installed first.  No Clue which they could be.  Sigh.  Valiant efforts all around.  

When attempting to install the two items that pop up as important prerequisites (but undefined), error 8024605 blocks the installation efforts.  sfc /scannow finds no problems.  Event log full of consistent errors that Microsoft Antimalware cannot update signatures.  That's event code 2001.

Does this merit a new Question?  Or is it a lost cause.

Previous Q is this:  https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/29170641/Vista-to-Windows-10-on-Gateway.html
i am using a billing web application that appears to be based upon adobe flash player, it has the layout of a frame of menu options to the left and whichever you click populates the main area of the page with data. I was hoping to find a way to essentially download the data from the left frame, but there is no obvious was of selecting the text, I assume as its based on flash player. Currently viewing the app on chrome on windows 10, but can you think of any way to select or extract the data on a flash app?

can someone attach the link for a free backup software to backup data in windows 8 please.
Hi Experts,

I'm looking to print several PDF files 4 in a page, like they would be one big file, how can I do it?

How to know what is going on with the BIOS?  We have an HP laptop, it is an Elitebook 8540P.  We recently upgraded Win7Pro to Win10Pro. About a week later we had our first bluescreen. Has done that a couple times, then today went off and shows a problem with the BIOS, but it didn't say what.  We re-booted it and it has run normally since then. It's been about 3 hours now.  Also, this is running 2 external monitors, one through the DP port and one through a USB adapter device.

How do I figure out what is up with BIOS?

I am looking for a way to scrip a check of a file where it will read the first line in the file looking for a word like "Apple" in the text file, once it finds it I would like to change the name of the of the file using the word found in the middle of the file name.

For example, the file name 123_xxxxxxxxx.txt contains text in the first line that has the word Apple and if that word exists I need to change the name of that file to this 123_Apple_xxxxxxxxx.txt.  Now if the word I am looking for is not there then no changes need to be made to the file. Also, I would like to ignore any other files that do not start with 123, say 134 for instance.

I would prefer to run this on Windows as much as possible and I would be running it on Windows 7 but might be moving to Windows 10 in the future.


I have a GPO which I have configured folder redirection in User Configurations.  I login to a Windows 7 computer and I am seeing the attached error.  When I login a Windows 10 computer, folder redirection works, and I am seeing the MY DOCUMENTS folder is being redirected to our profile shared.  

Anyone who knows how to resolve please advise.  

Many thanks.

Windows 7





Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.