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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.

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I have python installed on my windows 7 machine. is there any way i can go back to the previous command i typed on python, normally on powershell or cmd you press the up button.

Newly released Acronis True Image 2019
Newly released Acronis True Image 2019

In announcing the release of the 15th Anniversary Edition of Acronis True Image 2019, the company revealed that its artificial intelligence-based anti-ransomware technology – stopped more than 200,000 ransomware attacks on 150,000 customers last year.

We are soon being requested to migrate our team data from one file share to another, albeit on the same windows 2012 file server. The drive mappings for users will stay the same (Y:\) as part of the login script, and our infrastructure team claim the migration if data will be 'effortless' with no impact on end users!

Currently, our area on the file server It is essentially a team directory full of office documents, e.g. docx, xlsx, and a few access databases. I need to try and assess everything that could break with such a move of all our data from one share to another. I know in some of the teams word documents are hyperlinks to other documents, which use UNC paths, so whereas a hyperlink e.g. \\server\currentshare\team\dir1\word.docx will break when we move the data to \\server\newshare\team\dir1\word.docx - hyperlinks was just one area I had thought of as a possible trouble spot. Can you think of any more that we need to factor into plans.
Hi All,

I am currently running windows server 2008 R2 as DC managing my Group policies.

My requirement is to restrict print screen button in my client workstations running with windows 7, 8, 8.1 and win 10. Can some one guide me to accomplish this using group policy.

Thank you in advance..
Windows updates are failing.   I have tried to install them one at a time but they still fail.  I have attached the logs.   These are both Win 7 and Win 10.
Hi Experts,

I have a database that is working for years, but lately users are getting "unrecognized format" message on the back end file, this happens while doing certain operations in the front end, like adding some entries to the table...

See attached errors.

Users have Access 2007.
Server :       Windows 7 Pro – 64 Bit SP1
Uesrs PC:    Windows 10 Pro – 64 Bit
Well I had 8 different useraccounts in Windows 7. I decided to delete 1 of them... I selected "Keep files" and "Delete user". Now Windows deleted the account INCLUDING the files (on the desktop). Is there a way to restore them? Thank you
Looking for suggestions, or a good article for an answer to that age-old question 'Why is my computer running slow?'
I'm trying to install Office Plus 2016 on a new machine which never has any Office installed. Whenever I run the installation file, it would get this error message and the installation is aborted.

"The following product(s) can't be installed at the same time:

I have tried suggestions from the following thread without any success. Does any one has another idea?

Thank you!
Server 2012 folder redirection is not working. Workstations both Windows 7 and 10 pro. On the workstation when I run gpupdate /force I get this error "The group policy client side extension folder redirection was unable to apply one or more settings because the change must be processed.

I have tried this on a completely different network yesterday and got the same exact thing.
Complete Error
We are centralising departmental data from local file servers across Europe into a new File Server in Azure in view of GDPR.

We've locked down Azure disks with Encryption (KeyVault), BitLocker etc. and we have enabled the following settings on the Azure File Server for user access to Shares;
  • Enable access-based enumeration
  • Allow caching of share
  • Enable BranchCache on the file share
  • and Encryp
t data access

We have successfully migrated some data and presented users with a 'Drive Map' via Group Policy, and locked down access as you do with AD Security Groups.

The issue we have is that Windows 10 users are fine, but none of the Windows 7 Users are able to receive the Mapped Drive, and we cannot manually map the drive without getting the 'Access Denied' message.

I have found out though that when the 'Encrypt data access' setting is disabled (unticked) on the Azure File Server we don't get the 'Access Denied' message and can map drives.

However, this setting needs to be enabled (GDPR) and the reason for it not working is because Windows 7 uses SMB version 2.1 and the Azure (2016) server uses SMB version 3.0 as a minimum for SMB Encryption.

We have around 1,000 users on Windows 7 so without upgrading those users to Windows 10 right now how can we get round this issue ensuring the 'Encrypt data access' option is enabled and Windows 7 users can access the data?
In advance thank you for your support.
10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware
10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

Did you know that ransomware is the most widespread, destructive malware in the world today? It accounts for 39% of all security breaches, with ransomware gangsters projected to make $11.5B in profits from online extortion by 2019.

Win7Pro/64. Firefox latest version. Friend was copying some data from my machine and using Firefox. Next day, the Firefox screen was in the middle of my dual monitor setup, 1/3 on one side of bezels, rest on the other. I've read about this problem on single monitors where only a third or half of the FF screen comes up. I tired all the suggestions - deleting the two files always mentioned, looking for something in the FF profile that might affect this. I can grab and move the screen, but the position will not stick after FF shutdown and restart - only half the window shows, or in my case, window split between two monitors. Again, I've tried all the Mozilla forum suggestions save a reset/refresh. This does not happen with any other program.
Laptop with Windows 7 Pro. I am trying to connect to a wireless network that I have connected to in the past. The SSID shows up in the list of networks long with several others in range. When I try to connect I continually get the message that Windows Cannot connect to this network. I have reset the wireless adapter, updated the drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled it, updated the BIOS and even tried a different wireless card (a USB dongle). I have also run to netsh commands to reset winsock and the catalog. I also removed the network from the list and tried entering it manually. Nothing has solved the problem. I can connect another laptop (same model, same O/S) to this SSID, as well as my cell phone and tablet. Please advise.

Thgank you!


I am having trouble understanding how to use Whitelisting apps with AppLocker.

Here is the bit I don't get from what I can see you Create Default rules first. Then you create other rules. But the default rules will let everything through under those paths unless you create deny rules. Which sort of defeats the purpose of whitelisting everything.

Can somebody please clarify how this works so I can better understand it.

I suspect there is something I am missing here :)


Hello experts,
We are rolling out Office 365, and part of our roadmap is to introduce the Office client from Office 365 “aka Office ProPlus/Office 2016” on our client machines - VDI and some regular desktop. My question is how did your companies dealt.doing with the legacy Office (eg we currently have Office 2010)  on users desktops and VDIs, so users would move to the newest version? Any insights would be helpful!

i am running windows 7.
i have a central store setup for admx files.
i need to allow editing group policy for windows 10.
can i just copy the admx files into the central store and that is all i need to do?
windows 7 group policy keeps working?
Why Should I do Clean Boot or Start in Safe Mode.

I have read articles about troubleshooting of windows performance, and they recommend Clean Boot or start in safe mode.
However I do not understand how would this help troubleshooting if the performance issue happens  when the system is running with its services and drivers loaded can you pinpoint which driver or service that's causing the performance issue..if you are logged to the system with safe mode or clean boot ?

Thank you

We recently upgraded to Windows 10, users logon is much slower than Windows 7. Users are on roaming profile, so is there anything that we need to take care of it...

How can we make roaming profile cache on local machine for laptop users?

A recent edge device failure caused strange issues with opening office files on the local network.  Some open actions resulted in immediate error message ("there was a problem sending the command to the program") while some other files opened without issue.  Web search pointed to disabling the DDE feature in office apps.  We have local file server and local dns. What’s going on?
I have a Windows Server 2016 running RDS. The RDS is running on a 2012R2 hypervisor. It worked great for the past week, when I deployed it... I am using it to deploy two very simple apps- one is a greenscreen emulator and the other is a heavier-duty interface to the same data- both run as windows programs under RemoteApp. I have had up to 45 users without incident, then this week profiles started corrupting. When I click Details, I can see the login screen loading, but it never loads the splash screen for the apps- it just hangs. Until I have the user log off, then rename the profile folder and have the user log in again, then it works fine. We have these aps deployed on two unrelated 2008R2 RDS servers where they run without incident. All three servers reboot daily, but the server reboot does not fix the corrupted profiles. In desperation, I have striped this RDS down to as close to 2008 functionality as I can, having even turned off user profile disks etc. The storage is on a IBM Storwize SAN, with plenty of space... and all storage is in VHD's anyway so there should be no issue there. the hypervisor is connected directly with FO cables to the SAN, and there are only two other guest OS's running on 16 cores- We have other similar setups doing more with less. Nothing in the even log points to a source of the corrupted profiles- the main symptom is the RemoteApps not working. Since they are running as RemoteApps, there is no notable profile data that is lost- the problem is …
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Windows 7 with Outlook 2016.
This is a VERY remote user that POPs email.

Out of nowhere, Outlook stopped receiving email.
Outlook will send just fine.  The strange part is that Outlook logs into the POP server just fine.  
I know this because it passes the send/receive test on initial setup. And, I can log into the account online, move all of the new messages out of the inbox, and Outlook completes the send/receive.  It only gets stuck when it is trying to download a message.

I have changed ports, tried SSL, created a new email address, created a new data file, created a new profile, turned anti virus off.

Please help.
I have an application project in windows 7, some days ago they migrate form windows 7 to windows 10 and the application project resolution doesn't look well, please would you suggest me the reason for the resolution change, I migrate form the application to the new version but the problem persist. I attached the image of the application in windows 7 an 10.
Citrix Receiver 4.9 is not performing well for PS 4.5 IE App (Dual hop) inside Citrix XAXD 7.15 Win7 (XA7.6 VDA) VDI
Citrix Environment: Citrix XD 7.15 LTSR CU1
Provisioning technology:  It is static VDI (Windows 7 using 7.6 LTSR VDA) assignment no PVS/MCS.
Profile type: Microsoft User experience virtualization (UEV)
Hypervisor: VMWARE ESXi 6.5
- are all users affected? Yes
--Problem Statement:
We have VDIs running with VDA 7.6 and Citrix receiver 4.9 cu2.
We have an IE based app which is published on presentation server 4.5 rollup 4, win 2003 R2 sp2 standard edition, web interface 4.5 and running on Citrix secure gateway. I know it is very old and unsupported but that is what we have got, unfortunately..
The user logs in to the VDI using a Citrix SF URL and from the VDI the user then clicks on the PS 4.5 published IE and goes to another Citrix secure gateway URL.
To launch the IE-based app. This is the legacy PS 4.5 farm.
When the user connects to this app user experience poor screen refresh rate and latency in the overall VDI session. If the user closes The IE app the VDI functions normally.
This issue started when we rolled out received 4.9 LTSR cu2 on to the VDIs. The IE-based app works perfectly fine on receiver 4.1. So we definitely know it is the compatibility issue between receiver 4.9 and presentation server/web interface 4.5.
We can’t roll back the receiver from 4.9 to 4.1, because we have to align with LTSR components in 7.15 LTSR environment.
Enumerating user sessions to generate filter pools failed.

      (HRESULT : 0x80040210) (0x80040210)
DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer A using any of the configured protocols; requested by PID     2ab4 (C:\Windows\system32\mmc.exe).
Hi All...

I am using Horizon 7 and I tried deploying an Instant clone desktop pool with Windows 7 master image for which I have customized master image with Vmware OS optimization tool and installed view agent. But after the deployment of Instant clone pool, the below error is popping out after the master image cp-template is created and then provision stops.

Error during provisioning: Initial publish failed: Fault type is UNKNOWN_FAULT_FATAL -Internal Template: VM-57 customization appears to not have succeeded. State = error

Windows 7





Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.