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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.

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I've got a client with a 4 year old Win7 computer.  He's getting an error (just over the past month): "This computer is not running genuine Windows".  

The previous IT person that sold him the computer is not reachable.  I ran Windows Activation and am getting an error about being unable to access slui.exe (which is present).

I went to see what Windows Updates was doing, and it said it couldn't run because the service wasn't running.  Not only wasn't it running, but the service was disabled.  Attempting to run the service results in an error too.

This is all sounding very fishy.  The client is certain that the previous IT person would not have used a cracked operating system, but it sure all seems to be adding up to something suspicious.  Everything I do to resolve this results in an error.

Would you say the chances are good that this is a fraudulent OS install?  Is there a site where you can actually type in a key and have it evaluated?

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I have a Windows 7 Pro x64 where just one user, after about 24 hrs the user loses all entries inside Credential Manager.  This does not occur for other users, and the persistence level is set to "Enterprise" on all entries.  Before the 24 hour mark, the credentials still are there even after a log off, or restarting the Credential Manager service.  This computer is in a SOHO network and is not Domain Joined.
One of my Techs ran a sfc /scannow  and it came back with a bunch of error which I do not have and according to her they were repaired. Once the user rebooted the network adapters disappeared. I ran a few fixes that I found via google but they did not work. The user did a refresh under the network and sharing/adapter settings and it gave this error " The network connections folder is unable to retrieve the list of adapters." Any ideas.... google is failing me today. :(

I did fail to mention they are under device manager though.......
We use a GPO to direct all our workstations to get Windows Updates from a WSUS server.  

There are a lot of active domain workstations which their hostnames are not being seen when I do a search computer from the WSUS server.  

I have checked those workstation windows update history and they are getting updates.  It is just their names are not searchable on the WSUS server.  If I do a "Check for updates" on the workstations, I can search their names on the WSUS server again.

Is there a way to resolve this issue or we have to live with that?

Anyone knows, please advise.  

Thanks in advance.
Hello experts. Just wondering if you already have encountered this particular issue

My goal is to prioritise wired network over the wireless network when both interfaces are connected.

Things I did:


I already went into the wired inteface > select IPv4 > advanced > uncheck the "Automatic metric" > under "interface metric: 5

And then wireless interface select IPv4 > advanced > uncheck the "Automatic metric" > under "interface metric: 100

When I type the command route print. the default routes still using metrics of 200+ on both interface and the wireless interface still the prefered interface over the wired one.


I went to control panel and network connections > pressed ALT > click advanced >  and set the wired interface at the top most order. still not working

3.  re-install wired NIC driver. still not working

4. update the computer then restart. still not working

any other ideas?

Appreciate your help.
I have an HP Envy Model 4-1130us that was given to me with a dead hard drive. Without thinking about it or understanding the existing setup, I pulled the old hard drive, installed a used 500gb SSHD and proceeded to install Windows 7 on it, or so I thought. It turns out that this laptop has a 32gb SSD and that is what I installed Windows 7 on. During the installation process, I deleted all the existing partitions on what I thought was the SSHD, but in reality was the 32gb SSD. The 500gb SSHD is not recognized by Windows. Also, the BIOS is unusual to me in that it does not actually identify the SSD or the SSHD.
My goal is to get this laptop running Windows 7 in the fastest configuration utilizing the 32gb SSD and the 500gb SSHD. I have a bootable Windows 7 installation media on a USB flash drive. I need to know how to setup the BIOS to accomplish this. Also, what additional software do I need to take advantage of the Intel Rapid Start and Intel Smart Connect features if I should be using them?
Attached are pictures of the BIOS screens.
Thank you in advance to anybody willing to help me learn to get this laptop running Windows 7.
I have a user that saves a networked excel spreadsheet using excel 2013. They save it as a 97-2003 workbook. At that point it opens just fine on the 2013 excel but users that have 2007 it only shows a blank page.
I have done the following:
  1. unregistered excel with excel /unregserver
  2. i have unchecked DDE
  3. I have repaired office
  4. I have removed the XLStart folder and let it recreate it
nothing seems to work. Oh and the 2007 system is running the compatability pack and is able to open other excel spreadsheets just fine.
Thanks for your help
This on a Windows7 machine with Outlook 2013 32-bit installed.

The .MSG file opens up fine when double-clicked upon but we need to preview working when browsing folders with Windows Explorer.

I have seen several posts regarding 64-bit Outlook not supporting the preview pane,  but this is 32-bit. It should work.

Check the preview handlers in the Registry, and confirmed that Google Desktop is not installed (from other related posts).

Does anyone have other ideas?
Hi - I'm trying to connect a windows 7 laptop to a Lumia 640 LTE (RM-1072) mobile phone via a usb cable in order to extract a particular photo. The phone is running Windows 8. Unfortunately, The laptop is not able to install a driver. The message is

'Device Driver Software was not successfully installed. Lumia 640 LTE (RM-1072) - no driver found'

I'm not able to locate a driver from the web (either by windows update or manual search).

- Is this simply because the laptop o/s is older than the phone o/s?
- Is there a solution to this or is it simply not possible?
- Do I need to get hold of a Windows 10 laptop and see if this works?

I look forward to hearing from you.

i have a pc windows 7 that will not see the Microsoft Bluetooth surface keyboard. try 4.0 Bluetooth USB adapter still can not see the keyboard.  same keyboard can be pair with laptop on windows 7 and Windows 10.  also check the bluetooth services it is on.  any suggestion would be much appreciated.
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We have a customer who is using Inventor 2018 who has an issue whereby they can open drawings but when they click within the drawing, it all goes blotchy.

The computer is Windows 7 64-Bit
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 virtual)
Catalyst Pro

Not being Inventor proficient, we are looking to see if this is to do with the graphics card ot if we need to tweak any settings in Inventor, and if so, where.
Hi Experts

Could you point a way a Windows7 / 10 user's  login configuration could prevent an user to see network locations at Windows Explorer?

Some files needed to operation remains at network folders , the app needs to read this files during operation but the operator can't access it due security reasons.

Thanks in advance.
Win7 source pc unable to find the WDS server from the Image Capture Wizard.  I receive an error message "network location could not be reached".  I can ping the WDS server (Windows 2008 R2) ip and the source pc non-stop.  The WDS boot-up screen shows up on the source PC so I have to believe that it is communicating with the WDS server.  I've updated the drivers in the capture image and added the registry entry "maximumBlockSize" (set to match the value of the Cisco 2960 switch).

After all that, still can't get the WDS server to capture the image from the source PC.  Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated!
We have a user here for whom I want to see the logon/logoff activity for the past week.  Any solutions? CEO wants to find out if user is really working from home or not.
Now that I created my Win7 Enterprise image, I've ran the sysprep util and the Windows 2008 R2 server that has WDS configured is ready for the image.  I have done this process several times before without a problem but for whatever reason, when I boot the source pc up using network boot, the source pc gets the WDS splash screen.  So I know the source pc is communicating to the WDS server.  However once I enter in the server name for where the image should be stored, I get a network error.

In the error log, I see the connection between source pc and WDS server timed out.  I'm running a constant ping to the source pc so I know it's still communicating but further research showed there may be something with our Cisco 2960 and/or possible vlan configuration.  Where would I check for a setting that would drop the traffic between the two?  Note: all of the network traffic is on the same lan and doesn't go through any routers, just the Cisco switches.

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.  If you need additional information or for me to clarify anything, please let me know.
I have a setup of 2 PC's connected in Master and Slave configuration through a network cable with Windows 7 OS on both PC's. I need to stop a exe program and do a replace of the corrupted files  in a saved location and restart the exe program through vbscript with progress bar.  Can someone help with a vbscript or guidance? I am not a programmer. The progress should be shown on the master

Thanks in advance,
I have a laptop with Windows 7 joined to a domain (Server 2012).   Often times (but not always) when it's off the corporate network and the user connects to the network via a sonicwall vpn and then attempts a RDP connection with their desktop on site (also Win 7) they get the message "There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request".

I found a work around, and that is to login to the remote machine as the local domain administrator and then trying to login again as the regular user - it lets them right on.  I dont even have to let the admin login completely - usually get the warning that another users is connected and will lose their work appears and even clicking cancel and then trying the regular user - still lets them on.

For obvious reasons, I'd love to figure out and resolve rather than having to login as the admin prior to the user logging in.
I have a Windows 7 Pro laptop.  My wife uses it to do her photography hobby.  Yesterday she could no longer log in and had not changed her password.  The login in screen has her name and Icon and is asking for a password.  I set up an Administrator local account password.  However, the login screen will not allow me to log in as another user.  It only has her user on the first page and if I try two switch users it doesn't give me an administrator account option or even the ability to enter the machine name\Administrator.

I used MS DaRT tool to open a command prompt and ran a net user command.  It only returned two accounts.  Administrator and Guest.  I reset both to blank for the password and rebooted.

I am confident that I can now login as the Administrator if I could get a login page that will let me switch to a local account.  However, I can't find a way to do it.  Anyone got any ideas.
Can someone take a look at this memory dump and let me know what they think caused the BSOD.

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How to apply a GPO to log off disconnected sessions on Physical windows 7 PCs after 2 hours, at the moment have one set for RDP sessions but this doesnt work for users logged in locally on a physical PC
I have a failed Windows 7 x64 Professional, that i must recover. Fortunately i have a planned Windows Backup task that stores backups in an external hard disk.
But, when i boot computer with the Recovery Windows CD (which was created by the same backup tool) i receive the following error:

The host is an HP PRO 3500, and the restore operation is being made to the original computer. I precise too, that there was no changes to the BIOS configuration except boot orders

I'd like to know now what i should do to resolve that problem.

Thank you for your help
I have a small business that wants to move entire server to cloud.

I am new to this and wanted to know what are the steps to setup an offsite server?
I may not be using the correct terminology so bear with me.

I have a customer who has 10 windows 7 pro and 5 windows 10 pro machines 3 Network Printers. They use Quickbooks and have their files on the server. This is a single server that does DHCP, DNS, File and Print Services.

I want to setup on Azure a 2012 or 2016 VM where i can make it a DC and setup the shares and move all the customers files and applications on the Azure VM. I want to eliminate their onsite server.
I would setup their firewall as the DHCP Server.

I understand that the internet connection plays a big part but lets assume they have a High Speed Fiber Connection say 100M

Can this be done and what are the cons to doing this.

Recently on our windows 7 machines, LAN disconnects automatically if it sees a wifi connection. We have not made change to our GPO or network. The only thing that has happened that we have patched our machines. I am not sure if there was a patch released in Sept/Oct that will create such behavior. I know the solution to fix, but I need to find the root cause behind it, why all of sudden it started happening.

Thank you in advance!
Running Windows 7, Outlook 2013 with SP1, latest and greatest patches.  User has multiple emails open in Outlook.  Outlook crashes or he closes the program instead of an email; he is back to folders and trying to remember which emails were open when outlook opens again.  I created a desktop shortcut, target points to the Outlook file and added the /restore switch.  It doesn't work.  My Google searches indicate it works great for everyone.  I tried on my machine; same result.  Manually entering into a command prompt; still doesnt work.  Any suggestions?  User had this working in Outlook 2010; which we can not revert to.
Hi All,

I would like to disable Ctrl+C,Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V in Windows explorer so that none of the user can copy,cut and paste any file or folder.
By using Group Policies already right click has been disabled.
This provision disablement required on Windows 7 and Win 10 operating systems.

Could you please help me in achieving this.

Windows 7





Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.