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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.

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Hello Experts - I've started planning for the year and one thing on my mind is the EoL for Win 7 Pro in Jan of next year.  I counted my PCs up and about half of them are still running Win7.  I'm curious to see if others are in the same boat and have a bunch of machines to get upgraded before next year and how you're planning to go about it.  Most of my machines are Dell Precision series and while I have upgraded a couple of older machines to 10, Dell doesn't always provide good drivers for that OS so the results have been mixed.  So how are you handling the EoL for Win 7?
Active Protection takes the fight to cryptojacking
Active Protection takes the fight to cryptojacking

While there were several headline-grabbing ransomware attacks during in 2017, another big threat started appearing at the same time that didn’t get the same coverage – illicit cryptomining.

Hi Experts,

Suddenly I am having trouble browsing my pc, when i click on my My Computer icon (Win7) It takes forever and nothing shows up, see attached.
Hello Expert's,
Need a batch scripts:-

We have an application which is generated a log file in txt format (d:/OF Top/logs.txt), once application generate new log that happen added to that txt file. It happens so often, txt file have info in the term's of user identity number.
e. g.
11345, TOP, BLACK, TOPIC11, 110067145, DBEN, EXCEL, 11:33:54, LOCK
11345, TOP, BLACK, TOPIC81, 110067155, DBEN, EXCEL, 11:33:54, LOCK
11345, TOP, BLACK, LOGIC00, 110067145, DBEN, EXCEL, 11:33:54, LOCK
11345, TOP, BLACK, MAGIC99, 110067105, DBEN, EXCEL, 11:33:54, LOCK
11345, TOP, BLACK, TOPIC89, 110067110, DBEN, EXCEL, 11:33:54, LOCK
11345, TOP, BLACK, ARPIT67, 110067100, DBEN, EXCEL, 11:33:54, LOCK
11345, TOP, BLACK, MANIS56, 110067110, DBEN, EXCEL, 11:33:54, LOCK
11345, TOP, BLACK, WHITE00, 110067145, DBEN, EXCEL, 11:33:54, LOCK
11345, TOP, BLACK, ACERP23, 110067155, DBEN, EXCEL, 11:33:54, LOCK
11345, TOP, BLACK, TOPIC89, 110067105, DBEN, EXCEL, 11:33:54, LOCK

Column number 5 have user Identification numbers.

There are many such lines store in this file.

Now i want a batch when I run the batch file then batch ask me to place user identity number to grep that particular user identity number and generate a txt file in a prefix location (c:/out. txt)

after that once new entry came to this file it will automatically grep that entry & store (add) in to out.txt file.
I have two Windows 7 systems, acting as File Servers, that I need to migrate to Windows Server 2016. One system is setup (crudly) as the "main" Server; all User Shares are linked to that box. The 2nd system acts as the backup; mirroring of the data is accomplished by a script that utilizes ROBOCOPY that copies all the data from the Storage Array attached to System 1 to the Storage Array attached to System 2. I need to also be able to copy over (retain) ALL the Shares and permissions (ACL). Obvisouly you can't do an IPU from Windows 7 to Server 2016, nor do I think the the FSMT will run on Windows 7.

Since the shares, and files are on a Storage Array attached to the machine(s), if I do a fresh install of Server 2016, will it retain the permissions (ACL) of the shares? I know I'll have to reshare the data to point it to the new machine, but I'm concerned about the ACL for each share. I read this article from Microsoft: Saving and restoring existing Windows shares, and was wondering if this is all I needed to do. Since the data is already on the Storage Arrays attached to the machines, there is nothing to ROBOCOPY over after the new OS install.

Can someone please give me some insite on how I shoud do this?

For some reason, I am not able to do copy and paste on my Windows 10 desktop anymore.  I have tried to run echo off | clip to clear my clip board but it still does not.  

Please advise if someone knows how to fix.  

We have a 1000 windows 7 SP1 clients, some of them X86 and some of them X64. IE9 is currently installed on the clients. We want to update the IE to IE11 because of incompatibility with a new application.
It’s a secure environment with no internet and WSUS is not allowed.  We do not have SCCM also in the environment. Now I need to update IE9 to IE7 on all computers using AD GPO.
I realize that IE for X64 has prerequisites that need ot be installed before IE11. On X86 it can be installed directly.
What could be the most efficient way of installing IE11 in my situation.
We have a Windows 10 computer that runs VSpace Pro 11.0.  We have 4 users that log in using NComputing thin clients.  We previously had Windows 7 computer, and it worked flawlessly.  However, whenever someone logs into this computer, their login takes over the screen.  So, if someone is sitting at the computer logged in and working, the screen of the remote user loads and takes over the screen.  With the old computer, the remote sessions would run in the background undetectable by the local user.  Is there a setting somewhere that can be changed to address this?
Windows 7 Panasonic Toughbook Tablet having BSOD issues once logged into Windows.  I have turned on Diagnostic mode on startup, but the BSOD still happens after logged into Windows.  Safe Mode with Networking works correctly.  There is NO restore points (of course).  From what I have determined, it is an issue somewhere in the registry pointing to a bad driver or program, but I cannot track it down.  I need some assistance 'walking the stack'.  Thank you.
Windows 7 machines not listening to Folder Redirection group policy after a DC migration to Windows 2016.

At present, the old Windows 2012 Essentials server is still in place but a new Windows Server 2016 Standard server has been added. The domain has been migrated across along with the FSMO roles. After having issues with getting machines to pick up the new Group policy settings due to DNS issues, all does appear to be ok - at least, it is for Windows 10 clients. However, although Windows 7 clients can be coaxed into seeing the correct group policy, they are all ignoring the change in Folder Redirection location.

Things I've tried:
1. gpupdate /force
2. ipconfig /flushDNS
3  Several reboots

4. gpresult /v
This is interesting. After clearing the DNS cache, Windows 7 PCs do now pick up their group policy from the new server. However, they are still ignoring the folder redirection and the result of the above command shows:

5. I've tried removing the WMI filter from the redirection policy - no effect.
6. I've tried creating the new GPO and putting the redirection in there. GPRESULT lists the policy, so it's seeing the right stuff, but it still ignores the redirection.

Remember - Windows 10 PCs are working fine. This appears to be just Windows 7 machines.

Any ideas? I'm getting short of them!
This is an XP system with multiple partitions on the system drive.  XP was previously installed and was bootable.  Windows 7 was installed on the drive according to goofled instructions regarding how to install W7 for a multiple-boot system.  W7 installed correctly on the new partitions.  However, there is no multiboot menu at startup; the system goes directly into W7.

Disk management shows that all partitions on the drive are:

XPSystem (Primary partition)
System Reserved (System, Active, Primary)
W7System (Boot, Pagefile, Crash Dump, Primary)

Startup and Recovery under System Properties shows only "Windows 7" as an available O/S.

I do not want to use a non-Microsoft boot loader on this system.

Can this system be brought into the desired dual-boot configuration using the Microsoft boot loader?
The 7 Worst Nightmares of a Sysadmin
The 7 Worst Nightmares of a Sysadmin

Fear not! To defend your business’ IT systems we’re going to shine a light on the seven most sinister terrors that haunt sysadmins. That way you can be sure there’s nothing in your stack waiting to go bump in the night.

How to set what Program you want your PDF file open within CMD?

assoc .pdf=pdffile

ftype pdffile=Architect.exe %1 %*


Start architect with cmd not working

I have some files which I want to compress to a single file and send it to some users.

When users clicked on the compressed file, I want the extract files to be delivered into their DOWNLOAD\APP1 folder - if APP1 does not existed, create one.

Would someone suggest how this can be done?

The user workstations are either WIN7 or WIN10.  

Many thanks...

Is there a way by GPO or PowerShell to remove a specific printer driver package in windows 7 and Windows 10?

Can someone take a look at this minidump and let me know what caused the BSOD.

Is there any recommended software(s) that can be used to airplay a windows 7 pc.
The pc does not have miracast

Microsoft automatically updated Windows 7 PC with the update above on 5 January 2019  and the user can no longer open any .xlsb Excel file as MS Excel 2010 just hangs after opening the file on this Monday.

Uninstall the above update immediately solves the problem. Microsoft has pulled out the update on Microsoft Update Catalog on 5 January 2019 on the same day the update get installed.

How to prevent similar problem from happening again?

We have a need to use the Windows 7 RDP feature to allow one of our field managers to remote into one of our production PCs to use  only one of the applications.
> We only want to allow access to the "one" app.
> The Production PC is running Windows 7 Pro/64 bit SP1.

I have attempted to use "gpedit.msc" to set the "Remote Session Environment"  (Currently I am testing with the "Notepad.exe" program)
> The full path to the gpedit setting is: User Configuration => Administrative Templates => Remote Desktop Services => Remote Desktop Session Host => Remote Session Environment
> When testing if Notepad comes up when I RDP into the box = Fails, acts as if nothing was changed.
> I also noted that when attempting the set the "session disconnected" and 'idle session" limits, these did not work either.

I played around with the "gpedit - Computer Configuration" and the registray "Terminal Services" setting, only to lock up my test PC and having to re-install Windows 7 to recover.

I know there must be a way to do this and it appars that something within Windows 7 Pro that is preventing this from working...

Could use some suggestions here, anyone done this before, or have any input?

Getting ready to migrate a dozen old Dell systems with Win 7 to new Dell systems with Win 10. I've seen a few third party programs that claim to transfer everything including key-coded programs like Microsoft Office. Anyone try some of these and which are the best? Thanks
My workplace recently got hit with a variant of the Emotet trojan and we found that it spread itself over the network via the default admin shares in Windows. As part of the disinfection process, the first thing we do is cut off the admin shares and restart, then clean up the PC.

My question is regarding what other issues we might expect to find after disabling those admin shares?

I know from a tech support standpoint it makes our job in IT a little harder because we can't just open \\pcname\c$ any more. So far, we have one legacy application (Dictaphone) that is throwing file access errors after turning off the shares. Another user says they are unable to scan from their Brother multifunction printer. We have a few hundred PC's on our network and they are all running either Windows 10 or Windows 7.

Since enabling them is a default Windows setting, we are concerned about the long term effects of this like crippling some application functions, etc. I wanted to throw this question out there to the experts to see if you know of background processes or services that utilize the shares and how much more trouble we might be creating for ourselves.
Acronis True Image 2019 just released!
Acronis True Image 2019 just released!

Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

I have two simple workarounds for today's problem, but I am willing to spend an hour looking for a better approach. After that I will give up.

Answers such as "switch from w7/IE8 to w10/IE11" will not be considered.

Our office has a customized windows 7 desktop (named Office1) which is entirely dedicated to running a weekly script named Weekly.au3.

The script uses internet explorer 8 to download hundreds of webpages into a database, so it runs about 8 hours.

Every Saturday morning at home I use my Windows 10 laptop (named MyLaptop) and mstsc to log into the office desktop.  I start the script then go way until Sunday morning when I check for successful completion.

There is one very annoying problem: I must leave the mstsc window opened and maximized on MyLaptop.  

If I minimize the window, or close the window  the Office1 script hangs, and does not resume until I reconnect using mstsc.

I threw in some debugging statements and found that the hang occurs during the _clickIE statment below.   While this code is in AutoIt, I am pretty sure the same problem would occur with AutoHotkey or other scripting tools.

consolewrite(_CurrentTime("-", ":") & "line1"&@CRLF)
consolewrite(_CurrentTime("-", ":") & "line2"&@CRLF)
_ClickIE($WinTitleDownload, "", @OSVersion)
consolewrite(_CurrentTime("-", ":") & "line3"&@CRLF)

My "simple" workaround #1 is to use GotoMyPC to connect instead of MSTSC.
Workaround #2 is to first use …
How to configure TOMCAT to work with SSL with a cert.

I have tried to make my TOMCAT work with SSL on port 8443 and have had no luck.

HTTP://localhost:8080 works
https://localhost:8443 SAYS site This site can’t be reached

The cert works with PUTTY  AND winscp so it is good.

I have to shutdown the server to get a catalina.log

02-Jan-2019 13:52:06.397 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log Server version:        Apache Tomcat/8.5.31
02-Jan-2019 13:52:06.401 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log Server built:          Apr 27 2018 20:24:25 UTC
02-Jan-2019 13:52:06.401 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log Server number:
02-Jan-2019 13:52:06.401 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log OS Name:               Windows 7
02-Jan-2019 13:52:06.402 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log OS Version:            6.1
02-Jan-2019 13:52:06.405 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log Architecture:          amd64
02-Jan-2019 13:52:06.405 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log Java Home:             C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_92\jre
02-Jan-2019 13:52:06.405 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log JVM Version:           1.8.0_92-b14
02-Jan-2019 13:52:06.406 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log JVM …
Windows 7 pro computers in peer-to-peer network.  All computers were accessing shared files well 'until' i ran DELL Support Assist program. Updated BIOS as well as network adapter drivers on all ending in a utility to 'optimize' network connectivity.  Two of the computers ceased to allow access to their shared folders across the network using their Computer name \\johns PC\shared folder. I could use their IP address  \\\shared folder. I get the standard message I do not have Permission to accesss the shares...  i tried 'every' remedy I could find online...ipconfig \flush dns, replaced 'host' file...
 reinstalling network adapter drivers, reset winsock, finally Repair Reinstalled Windows 7...nothing seems to work.  i finally clean reinstsalled Windows 7 on one of the two and that worked...i want to avoid a clean install on the other Windows 7 if possible so here i am.

I have
 found that the 'only' place the problem occurs is when i click 'Map a Network Drive', select "Browse" then attempt to 'select a shared network folder" the + next to the problem computer to see its shares.  Only then do I get the permissions error.  Otherwise i can see this computers shares by typing into the 'Folder' field \\Johns-PC\shares....and click finish..the shares appear! Going the other way this computer has no issue seeing all other shares on the network, just no one can get in using the 'Browse' and 'Select' method. Only by entering the path to the shares appears to work. Even …
I have a windows 7 work-group environment that was utilising a windows 10 PC for file sharing. All windows 7 machines has the file sharing mapped drives. I have just added a  synology disk station DS 218 to take over all the file sharing responsibilities. I can map the shared drives ok, but I'm unable to set the My Documents as the network drive as I keep getting an error stating the network location can not be added as it is not indexed. I have 7 machines and 6 are getting these errors and one connected fine. If I disconnect the one connected PC another will be able to join.  I believe there is a windows patch that I can installed for synology devices but are unable to fine. Any Idea's
Dear expect,
We need do window update monthly for all pc.
One of the notebook cannot on update win7 Nov2018 patch,
it fail after update for a long time.
pls help!
Computer unit: HP ProDesk 60 G3 MT "It's a UPS Store customer Kiosk workstation."
OEM Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Pro (64-Bit) architecture w/ SP1

Problem details: Upgraded OS from W7 Pro x64 to W10 Pro x64, had to revert Windows 10 upgrade back to Windows 7 due to many BSOD crashes and overall system-wide stability issues and had to go back to previous OS due to bad OS upgrade from W7 to W10 x64.
The Microsoft Window 10 downgrade processed made it to the finish line; however, now Microsoft Windows 7 Pro w/ SP1 x64 is stuck on a infinite Reboot-Loop.

Troubleshooting & diagnostic info: I tried using F8 "Advanced Boot Options" and not able to successfully to load W7 OS using Safe Mode, Safe Mode w/ Networking, Last Known working configuration, etc. I've event tried using a USB flash-drive which contains W7 OS w/ SP1 booting into the Recovery Console.

I've tried using Start-Up repair and here is the most recent log info... "Root cause found: Unspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem"
I've tried the usual CHKDSK /F /R, sfc /SCANNOW /OFFBOOTDIR=c:\ /OFFWINDIR=c:\windows "Says there is a pending repair, but there is No Pending.xml located within the WinSxS container, I've event tried DISM /Image:D:\ /Cleanup-Image /RevertPendingActions and No-Dice "Gives errors msg stating to look @ the DISM logs, etc.

Even tried looking at the Updates and try removing using the following but still get DISM error msg and to refer to …

Windows 7





Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.