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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.

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A customer of mine has two computers - both running windows 7 pro, service pack one and with quickbooks point of sale installed.  
yesterday, the server and the client suddenly stopped working.  The server is working fine now, but I cannot get the client to work.  When I attempt to open point of sale, it starts to open and then stops with everything grayed out.
Since everything is grayed out. I un-installed and re-installed the the program, but that didn't help.
I also set the two computers as a home group and set up a map-drive, but since everything is grayed out when POS is opened up, I can't point it to the file on the server.  Can someone help me with this issue?
I have attached a capture of what it looks like when it stops loading.
It appears that it cannot find the server, but I did a ping both ways and that checks out fine
The computer gave no issue when I set up a map-network drive-that worked fine also.
What does it mean to be "Always On"?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

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The computer is an HP z210 running Windows 7 pro.

Each time I start Windows Media Center , the message;
Windows Media Center has stopped working

I click on the “check online for a solution”  and nothing happens.

What I have done:
- Removed and reinstalled Windows Media Center using appwiz.cpl
- Tried to rebuild the Media center store using

That failed.

Booted the system using the “clean boot” procedure (msconfig).  Windows Media center would not start.

The detailed error message is:
Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:      CLR20r3
  Problem Signature 01:      ehshell.exe
  Problem Signature 02:      6.1.7600.16385
  Problem Signature 03:      4a5bd053
  Problem Signature 04:      mcstore
  Problem Signature 05:
  Problem Signature 06:      4ce7b873
  Problem Signature 07:      1a1
  Problem Signature 08:      146
  Problem Signature 09:      System.InvalidOperationException
  OS Version:      6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:      1033

What do I do now?
I have an old hard drive that use to be my boot up HD (windows 7) and then after I bought a new ssd drive and install windows 10, I slave my old drive for more total capacity. Now I have to make some room and when I try to delete windows, program files and other folders it said I don’t have permission. Is there a tool or command that will delete not only the folders but also subfolders? I’ll appreciate any help.
Hello, whenever I scan a large document using Paperport it has a small window that says "Nuance WIA" and it doesn't allow me to use other programs without jumping to the top. Very irritating when trying to process a word document. I have looked through many settings and can't seem to find a way to remove it. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
I had to reload Windows 7 using the recovery partition.  I've loaded Cisco AnyConnect which connects fine, but when I try to RDC to a machine using it's name it doesn't work; it does work using the IP address.  Everyone else that uses the VPN connection can RDC without issue.  Suggestions?
I have a GPO on a 2012 server for time.  I have the group Authenticated Users as the security filtering but it's not being applied. I tried to create a wmi filtering for all machines but that didn't work either. I used the following for the WMI filtering:
Select * From RSOP_Session Where SOM = 'OU=WEL_COMPUTERS,OU=domain,OU=Facilities,DC=xxx,DC=xxx,DC=xxx'
Now I've created a computer group with all the PC's however, that's going to be hard to keep up with.  How can I get this to work?
We have fluctuating internet speeds. This is a new server install and workstations are all windows 7. AV is installed and all PCs are clean. DNS forwarders set up to ISP DNS not gateway.
Providers have run line checks and reported this:

Packet loss has occurred over the last week as a result of latency being experienced.
On checking the router we can see that the service is being overutilised on the upload and not the download, the only information we can see is that this is SSL traffic which doesn't give us much definitive info as to what type of data is being sent.  this can often be caused by automated back-up software being run amongst other things however we'd recommend a local capture to be setup on site to ascertain what is causing this issue.

We don't have any online back. There are lots of products to capture network traffic but can anyone recommend one that it easy to use - I need to confirm if we have some rogue hardware over this small network of just 8 PCs?
can you provide basic difference between windows 7 and windows 10

how migration works from windows 7 to windows 10

what is admin studio any idea?
Hello All, I need help. Badly!

We have a Mercurial repo that keeps out source code for the last year. Yesterday, and error popped up when compiling one of the solutions (see compile_error.jpg). I then ran other projects from that same solution that did compile, and I get the runtime error seen in the file runtime_error.jpg. I then went back to a repo from September 2016, and I get the exact same compile time and runtime errors.

I have tried this on 4 systems. All four systems are Windows Pro 64 bit. I'm using VS2013 C++.

I don't suspect the code itself nor the repository. I'm thinking a Windows 7 update, or a VS update, or ???

Please help. I need ideas.

Thanks, Brian
I had a printer exported over WiFi on my Windows 7 desktop system so I could print on it from other computers in the house though their WiFi connecton.   Then I changed the Windows 7 internet from Comcast to AT&T.  AT&T gave me a new router with a new WiFi network name and password, so the other computers could no longer find  the printer. I redefined the WiFi connection on the other computers to the AT&T WiFi but  I'm still not prining from the other computers.  it seems the printer on Windows 7 has been exported to the Comcast router, which is dead now.   So how do I export the printer on my Windows 7 system to the new AT&T router.  If I can do that I expect the other computers will see the printer now that their WiFi points to the AT&T WiFi.

Thanks for any help.
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We are facing problem of uploading .PST from user end in current scenario:

User OS: Windows 7 Professional
License: Kiosk
Office: Not installed
In-Place Archive: Enabled (100 GB space available)

We successfully uploaded .PST in In-Place Archive folder using “AzCopy.exe”. For large amount of users it is very difficult task to upload their archived .PSTs.

In Windows 10 "Mail" is available but it didn't shows "In-Place Archive" folder. Means no option available to upload archived .PST

Is there any option available to upload .PST from client end?

Or any free client available to use on systems of Kiosk users?
Hello all,

Is there any command or registry setting to enable clear text type in windows 7?

I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to using Powershell and due to the power the interface places at my fingertips, I tend to use a lot of caution when experimenting with it, so please excuse me if the following seems like dumb things to ask :)

I obtained the following script from here - which as I understand it, should allow me to download "all" of the Free EBooks on offer by Eric Ligman, a Microsoft employee.  They're free and many may come in handy for the future so I figured why not? :)

# Eric Ligmans Amazing Free Microsoft eBook Giveaway 
# Link to download list of eBooks 
# Thanks David Crosby for the template (

Open in new window

I am setting up a windows workgroup (small setup of 10 machines), I want to setup an Admin account along with a user admin account. there is a mixture of windows 7, 8 and 10 computers on the network. I want to know how can I hide the admin account so on boot up they only see the user account, and I don't want the user to be able to change the Main admin password. Is that Possible?

It appears that when you cut and paste a file into a different folder, it keeps its original permissions and does not inherit the permissions of the new folder. If user Ed has permissions in the new folder, he does not get permissions for the pasted file.
If you copy and paste the file from the same old folder into the same different folder, it does inherit the permissions of the new folder.
Is this correct? Is there a way to let a file inherit if you cut and paste it into a different folder?
Hi all

Did a recent Windows update break the search index on Windows PCs?

All of a sudden numerous staff has been complaining that their search is not working.
I have in the past used registry settings on my Windows 7 clients to get them to report to WSUS on 2008 server and all worked fine.  With my new 2012 r2 WSUS server (with same name and ip) they are not listing themselves in the console.  I had to rebuild the 2008 WSUS server once in the past and the clients just showed up after reporting day and time had passed.  I did a detectnow from one machine and it still didn't show in the console.  Any direction for this.
I'm have a number of users having issues with the Outlook 2010 search function. It is very erratic and doesn't really work.

I've tried a number of suggestions online. E.g. rebuilt the email profile, ran a repair on office and recreated the Indexing but still have issues. It can say it's indexing for days on end. I did find a solution that did help which was to remove the "Use Cached Exchange Mode" option. This resolved the issue but I then received complaints that Outlook was preforming very slowing so I had to enable it again.  

Any suggestions?
Hello Experts,
I am trying to install win 7 64bit using VMware 12 Pro, but after installation we got error, please find the error log as attachment

Hwd Confg:-
Dell PowerEdage, X5650 @ 2.67Ghz Dual CPU-24Core, 32Gb of Ram, 300GB HDD
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64bit
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Hi there, I have created  Windows 7 Hosted VPN (PPTP) and it seems to work OK buit file sharing / ping is sporadic. The connection is almost immediate but I often cannot ping the host or access file shares.

So testing ::
I connect and try ping - no response
I disconnect and reconnect - ping has no response
I disconnect and reconnect - ping reply OK and file sharing work fine -nice and fast
I disconnect and reconnect - ping has no response
I disconnect and reconnect - ping reply OK and file sharing work fine -nice and fast
I disconnect and reconnect - ping has no response
I disconnect and reconnect - ping reply OK and file sharing work fine -nice and fast
I disconnect and reconnect - ping has no response
I disconnect and reconnect - ping reply OK and file sharing work fine -nice and fast
I disconnect and reconnect - ping has no response

etc etc etc

Any ideas? I don't want my users to have to connect and disconnect and reconnect to get it to work?
I purchased a used HP z440 workstation to replace an old Dell T3400.  The z440  is running Windows 7 pro.  The Dell ran the same operating system .  

I have a peer-to-peer network composed of 5 computers:  The z440, an HP z230 , an HP z210, an HP 470 laptop and an old HP DX2300.  All are running Windows 7 pro except the DX2300.  It runs Windows XP.

On the Dell I had created  a mapped drive called Kdrive.  It pointed to a share on the z230 .  On the z230 there is a directory called Kdrive.  

On the z440 I assigned drive letter K to the mapped drive Kdrive.

The z440 has 6 external usb drives connected to it.

The z440 had one fixed SATA disk in it.  All was fine until I added a second SATA fixed disk.  Suddenly one of the usb drives was somehow denoted as Kdrive.  Now the mapped drive K is no longer accessible.  It has a red X.  When I click on this drive I now see the contents of the old J drive.  

I cannot delete the mapped drive K.  Windows tells me it doesn't exist.

What must I do now to get rid of the red x on Kdrive and convince Windows drive K is just an ordinary external usb drive?
404 error printing page on IE11.  However, same page prints fine in Firefox.  

Using Windows 7 Professional.
Again when I print a page from IE11, what prints is the 404 error message.  WHen I print same page from Firefox, it prints accurately.
On one of my domain workstations (and the only one of ten with this problem) the user sees errors like "Oops, something went wrong.  Our server team is looking at it."  This does not happen on all websites - in fact, only a couple.

I've tried using Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox (all three have been installed for some time.)  Same problem with all three.
I cleared cookies/cache/etc.  No help
I've tried logging on as an administrator.  No help.

Again, on all the other workstations (Win7 Pro/64) the error does not occur.

'Internet Options' Security Settings are the same on all workstations - internet set to 'Medium-High,' 'Run Protected Mode,' 'TLS settings' are the same.

I'm baffled.  I will say that we experienced a ransomware attack, and a lot of files from that workstation got deleted.  Could there be some core Windows file that got damaged on that workstation, but not others that were also hit by the malware?

I'm not opposed to re-installing Windows on that machine, but if there is a less destructive fix I'd love to hear it.  Thanks
I typically configured my spinning hard drives for the OS and Data files as Raid 1. If something happened then I just swapped out the drive and kept working.

When I got the SSD drive for the OS I could only afford the one drive. Now the prices have come down and I was thinking of again using Raid 1, for availability.

Talking with Samsung Tech Support they said that it would work but that they don't recommend it due to the fact that it would shorten the life of the SSD.

Having just had the drive fail and while waiting for the replacement I am thinking of getting my system up with a new SSD and when the replacement ships putting it in a Raid 1 set.



I had this question after viewing Images and movies.
I awarded points to a windows10 gui solution.
But this question is windows7. I would like to use windows explorer rather than download 3rd party program

How can I search for movies?


do not work

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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.

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