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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.

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Office 2016 (32bit) on Windows 7 will not update.  Windows Update will not install Office Updates and there is not a option in the Account settings on Office to run them either (the option is missing).  I have seen some solutions of a registry setting but the paths is the solutions don't exist.  Anyone come across this or have a solution.  I am running a Volume License of Office 2016 Standard.
Newly released Acronis True Image 2019
Newly released Acronis True Image 2019

In announcing the release of the 15th Anniversary Edition of Acronis True Image 2019, the company revealed that its artificial intelligence-based anti-ransomware technology – stopped more than 200,000 ransomware attacks on 150,000 customers last year.

I'm trying to install install project 2016 professional and I'm getting this message.
I'm running Windows 7   64 bit.


I have python installed on my windows 7 machine. is there any way i can go back to the previous command i typed on python, normally on powershell or cmd you press the up button.

We are soon being requested to migrate our team data from one file share to another, albeit on the same windows 2012 file server. The drive mappings for users will stay the same (Y:\) as part of the login script, and our infrastructure team claim the migration if data will be 'effortless' with no impact on end users!

Currently, our area on the file server It is essentially a team directory full of office documents, e.g. docx, xlsx, and a few access databases. I need to try and assess everything that could break with such a move of all our data from one share to another. I know in some of the teams word documents are hyperlinks to other documents, which use UNC paths, so whereas a hyperlink e.g. \\server\currentshare\team\dir1\word.docx will break when we move the data to \\server\newshare\team\dir1\word.docx - hyperlinks was just one area I had thought of as a possible trouble spot. Can you think of any more that we need to factor into plans.
I have several PCs running Windows 7 Pro and I will be upgrading them to Windows 10 Enterprise within the next month or so.  I would also like to upgrade the memory in these PCs.  What would be your recommendation for the amount of memory to have installed on these PCs.  The PCs currently have 4 GB Ram - they are 64-bit OS and the processor is Intel i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20 GHz.  Any input is appreciated.  These PCs are used to run standard business applications (O365) and other business related apps (mostly hosted applications).  Any input is appreciated.  Thank you.
I have a netbook (remember those!?).  It's a Toshiba with an Atom N280 processor, 2GB ram and a 160GB platter hard drive (Im only using 35GB of it).  It's running win 7 STARTER

IT 'works' but whatever you need to do on it just takes soooo long.

That's the max amount of ram it can take.  Any way to tell what replacing the drive with an SSD would do?  And maybe use some of the drive as RAM / swap file, etc?  Would that make a difference?  Or the boat anchor processor will kill it anyway?

damn, makes my skin crawl looking at what I am playing with

hundreds?!  When 'normal' chips are thousands!?
Our Windows 7 workstations are not authentication wirelessly. When we ask users to hardwire in they connect fine.
Windows 8 and Windows 10 are fine.

My teammate confirm certificate is not expired and from what we were told by another group no changes were made to Group Policies for WIndows 7 OU

Please see logs I am seeing on Windows 7 PC
Skipping: Eap method DLL path validation failed. Error: typeId=25, authorId=9, vendorId=0, vendorType=0
Skipping: Eap method DLL path validation failed. Error: typeId=17, authorId=9, vendorId=0, vendorType=0
Skipping: Eap method DLL path validation failed. Error: typeId=43, authorId=9, vendorId=0, vendorType=0

On the Raduis Server

Client Machine:
      Security ID:                  NULL SID
      Account Name:                  -
      Fully Qualified Account Name:      -
      OS-Version:                  -
      Called Station Identifier:            8A-15-14-8C-60-B0: test_wireless
      Calling Station Identifier:            18-5E-0F-A6-5C-A2

      NAS IPv4 Address:  
      NAS IPv6 Address:            -
      NAS Identifier:                  -
      NAS Port-Type:                  Wireless - IEEE 802.11
      NAS Port:                  5

RADIUS Client:
      Client Friendly Name:  
      Client IP Address:        

Authentication Details:
      Connection Request Policy Name:      Use Windows authentication for all users
      Network Policy Name:            wireless
      Authentication Provider:            Windows
      Authentication Server:  
      Authentication Type:            PEAP
      EAP Type:                  -
      Account Session Identifier:            34323537373032463445343838424242
      Logging Results:      …
Hi Experts,

I have a database that is working for years, but lately users are getting "unrecognized format" message on the back end file, this happens while doing certain operations in the front end, like adding some entries to the table...

See attached errors.

Users have Access 2007.
Server :       Windows 7 Pro – 64 Bit SP1
Uesrs PC:    Windows 10 Pro – 64 Bit
I am at a user site trying to set up a new PC.  They have a user named 'Copier' on their Win7 PC that allows their multifunction printer to send in scans.  They do not know the password for this user, and can't find anyone that does know.  So I need to find a utility that can reveal the password for the 'Copier' user, so I can set it up properly on the new PC.  

Is there a legit, easy to use product I can purchase for this purpose?  TIA
Looking for suggestions, or a good article for an answer to that age-old question 'Why is my computer running slow?'
10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware
10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

Did you know that ransomware is the most widespread, destructive malware in the world today? It accounts for 39% of all security breaches, with ransomware gangsters projected to make $11.5B in profits from online extortion by 2019.

Hi Experts,

in the past it was possible to upgrade a WIN7 machine to WIN10.
Now I have some issues with it.
Can you confirm this, its still possible to do an inplace upgrade for free ?
I have files that I burn to DVD with a player application added to the disk as one of the files.  

When I insert the DVD after burning I open the player and then its always only opening 1 file despite it saying there are 2 files on the disk. These are .DAV files  (using DVD +)

I am using windows 7  and have tried it using the windows CD/DVD burning software and also the program called CD Burner XP and get the same result.   Some one said to me that it probably not finishing off the burning properly so I selected prevent further changes (finalise) on CD burner and still get the same.

I have noticed although not being a DVD RW I am still able to add files to it afterwards .
I try exactly the same procedure with a  CD and it burns and plays properly.   I having use DVD's cos of the file sizes.

Any Ideas?
Dell Inspiron 15 laptop, running 64 bit Win 7 Pro, and there were no recent hardware or software changes.
When starting up, I'm getting the message 'Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. Yada, yada, yada...', then gives the option to start normally (which will bring me right back here), or Launch Startup Repair.
Launching startup repair just takes me to a black screen, like the one I’ve currently been staring  at for about an hour. Now when I say black screen, it's not black like its off, it’s lit, just never gets to any progress bar, etc.
I tried booting from a Win 7 DVD, which will give me the ‘windows is loading files…’ screen, then go to the ‘Starting Windows’ screen, then it will go to a blank (black) screen, with an oversized cursor (arrow) that will move with the trackpad or a mouse.
I have stared at that screen for close to an hour, as well.
I have also run the diagnostics & everything checks out fine.
What’s my next best move?
Here's a fun one!  This user reported no issues but space prior to us replacing the hard drive with a larger one. During the install of Windows 7 updates I saw the drop down flicker, it's like it gets stuck opening the drop down and it flips open/shut over and over and nothing can be selected, you also can't click anything on that screen.  I finished the updates and it went away, I chalked it up to a bad update along the way.  The user had the system for about 3 weeks and this started again.  I thought perhaps there was an issue with the OS install so I began again.  This time the drop down mambo started when selecting the timezone, it's pretty much impossible to do anything with any window that has a drop down.  Its a laptop so I have tried to put the display on an external monitor, same issue.  I have run every PC Doctor scan and it passes everything except a Video Memory Check that says it was "cancelled".  Has anyone seen this or have a resolution?  Thank you!
Recently our Buffalo Linkstation NAS drive is showing empty folders after PC restart, the only fix seems to be to disconnect then re-map the network shares.

Buffalo has suggested using the IP instead of host name but the hasn't helped.

Issue occurs on Windows 7 and 10, began about 2 weeks ago. No prompt to enter username/password or error message.

Any suggestions most welcome.
Is there any free tool that can migrate profile from Window 7 to Window 10 ? Any additional things that we should be aware of for the migration ?


Each time I start Thunderbird, the question pops up: use  Thunderbird as the default client .... and I says yes.
What is more, at Default Programs, Thunderbird has all rights.
But still it doesn't work.

I use Windows 7, Thunderbird 60.0

If I click on a link to send a mail, Internet Explorer pop up with : "Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed"

What should I do?
Thank you!
For several days, one user in the office arrives in the morning to find all his desktop icons missing (Windows 7). A reboot restores the icons. Why is this happening?

More information: All workstations in the office are Active Directory Domain members with redirected Desktops. The A/D server program on the Domain Controller is stopped at 12:00AM daily to do a full system backup, which takes about 1/2 hour, after which the A/D server is restarted. I'm suspecting this is when this user's desktop icons disappear. Oddly, no other users are affected by this problem. Restarting the AD/DC does not cause anyone else's Desktop icons to disappear. There is no apparent reason this started happening, it just started at the end of last week, so probably the last 5 business days.

How do I track this down and fix it?
Hi Experts,

I have this question after resolving the following

How can I modify the command to

1- Ignore all headers
2- include only files created in specific date range
3- include only files with specific names, like "*PatSched* and "*PatChanges*"

Thanks in advance.
Python 3 Fundamentals
LVL 12
Python 3 Fundamentals

This course will teach participants about installing and configuring Python, syntax, importing, statements, types, strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions, functions, and classes.

I'm running code in MS Access 360 on a Windows 7 machine to do website captures... The code was developed and originally run on an XP machine using IE 8.

The new machine is Windows 7 and uses IE 11.

When the code gets to the line:

 Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

I get the following error message:

Automation error
Unspecified error

In the MS Access references, I have selected Microsoft Internet Controls.  It is pointing at ieframe.dll in the SysWOW64 folder
I'm sure this code worked at one point on this machine.  I have no idea what changed.
We have a number of Windows 7 computers on our domain that get stuck on a "Please wait" screen for hours, and I have isolated it to a hung up GPO that has already been disabled, then deleted. The GPO previously installed, then removed, the Barracuda WSA client.

On one PC I tested this morning, the client was already gone as well as the GPO when I ran "gpresult" but in the System Error Log it still showed it as failed. I have to use Dameware to manually kill msiexec and then the Please Wait goes away, but this keeps happening. Any ideas?
Hi! I have a user who has an issue with the context menu in Windows 7 when right clicking a file/icon/etc. The text for the "Open" option in the drop down menu is garbled into random special characters. It looks like #^*#(. Now the option still functions as it should, it opens the file/icon/etc as expected. The text is just not "Open" anymore. Virus scanning has all come up clear. I cannot find any options where this text even can be modified. Does anyone know where I can go to edit this text or just reset the drop down menu to default somehow? Thanks!
In a recent conversation, I was led to believe that there are still some unsupported websites that provide Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade at no charge.  What I mean to say is that the campaign (push) that Microsoft did in the past to get people to upgrade to 10 from 7 may still be out there, just not advertised.    Is this true?  Does anyone have a link to one of these sites?
DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer A using any of the configured protocols; requested by PID     2ab4 (C:\Windows\system32\mmc.exe).
I am trying to  run Tableau 1.5. I get the error api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing. I have tried a number of fixes and nothing has worked.
I am running Windows 7 home edition 64 bits.

Windows 7





Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. Features include multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, referred to as the Superbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements.