Windows 8

Windows 8 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems, with an emphasis on improving its user experience on tablets. In particular, these changes included a touch-optimized Windows shell based on Microsoft's "Metro" design language, the Start screen, a new platform for developing apps with an emphasis on touchscreen input, integration with online services, support for USB 3.0, Advanced Format hard drives, near field communications, and cloud computing. Additional security features were introduced, such as built-in antivirus software, integration with Microsoft SmartScreen phishing filtering service and support for UEFI Secure Boot on supported devices with UEFI firmware.

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Hi recently the PC monitor often has a box appearing. it shows memory is less. please see picture attached. the PC never has this kind of thing before even memory occupy almost full. now the PC has this kind of thing pretty often even memory occupy around 80%. Anyone has a suggestion? Thank you
Hi whenever I start google chrome, there are a lot instance occupying Memory. Please see attached screenshot. Any suggestion? Thank you
got a general question.
got a laptop with an external monitor.
when the laptop lid is closed I got monitor working good with 3840*1080 resolution. looks good.
but when I open the laptop lid to extend display, the monitor resolution settings stays same - but physically having a look in monitor is different. Icons are big and fonts are stretched. if I close laptop lid, again all looks good in monitor.

is this how it works? or can I change any settings so monitor stays good even when I open the laptop lid .
Dear Experts!

We are developing a custom Credential Provider for Windows 8 and 10 to log in to the system in a special way. Also would like to customize the password change scenario, when the user press the ALT+CTRL+DEL buttons and enter the Change Password menu. There is a Cancel button on the bottom of this screen (see the attached screenshot) and somehow we need to catch the click event of this button. Unfortunately also in this case none of ICredentialProvider or ICredentialProviderCredential2 interface methods was called, which would be also another approach to detect when the user leaves the Change Password screen.

Do you have any solution how to catch button click events at Credential Provider UI, especially for the button I described? Is there any way to detect the user has been left the Change Password screen?
If you need more information about the problem, please let me know!

Thanks and best regards,

Our customer has a Windows 8 laptop.

On this laptop is an app called Skip Metro Suite which is used to make the Windows 8 laptop have appearance of Windows 7 desktop and skip the app layout screen.

When starting up the laptop, the Windows 7 screen shows as expected but the Skip Metro application shows on bottom taskbar and flashes.

If you click on the application shown on taskbar, the follow error message pops up:

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

[Details]      [Continue]      [Quit]

See the end of this message for details on invoking 
just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

************** Exception Text **************
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at MetroProvider.SearchHelper.QueryByString(List`1 sourceCollection, String szQuery)
   at MetroProvider.IconDB.QueryByMetroApp(MetroApp theMetroApp)
   at MetroProvider.MetroPackageManager.QueryByString(String szQuery, Form1 eventNotifier)
   at MetroProvider.Form1.WndProc(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)

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What is best and fastest way to copy contacts from iPhone 7 to Windows 8 laptop?


I have setup OneDrive on a Windows 10 PC and a Windows 8.1 laptop under Microsoft Office 365 Personal account.

The Windows 10 PC is logged into Microsoft account and Windows 8.1 laptop logged into Gmail account.

There was a problem for the Windows 8.1 laptop as I installed OneDrive on the laptop but when trying to login to OneDrive a message said OneDrive was already installed.

I could not find OneDrive on the laptop aside from one I just installed and it does not appear in File Explorer on the laptop.

I had to setup a shortcut link for OneDrive's website and put the shortcut on laptop desktop in order to use it, where this works okay, the loss of internet connection would make this unusable.

Is there a way to install OneDrive on the Windows 8.1 laptop as an app and if not, how could I find where it is located?


We have a client with a Windows 8.1 laptop.

On start up of their laptop, Google Chrome opens up with Google homepage displayed.

They do not wish for this to open every time laptop started up.

I checked start up programs in Task manager but did not see Google Chrome.

How can I remove Google Chrome as start up program on Windows 8.1 laptop?


We have a client who uses a Gmail application on their Windows 8.1 laptop for accessing their email.

Connected to their laptop via USB cable is a Canon printer.

After the client receives an attachment, which could be a document, in their Gmail, they like to open it and print it using connected printer.

After this is done, they close Gmail using the top right "X" for Gmail which closes the application.

They could be finished with laptop then so would shut down the laptop.

When they go to use the laptop again, they would turn it on and go straight to the Gmail app which opens up their email automatically.

Each time this routine is done, it ends up that the print option page opens up again after opening Gmail app.

What could be the reason for this?

Hi I bought USB - VGA cable, please see the below link , Initially, the cable could work well with 1920 x 1080, but after several days, the monitor cannot get the resolution. and when the cable is plugged into PC, i got error message, which looks like the device is not running in USB 3. I guess this is related with the cable driver, but i can not find the driver, and it maybe not driver issue because it could work initially without installing driver. Anyone has some suggestion? Thank you
What is the reason for patches getting revert back after windows update ? What is the solution and how to fix permanently?

Recently upgraded CR runtime on the server to 13.0.22.  Clients with windows 8 IE 11 are have issue with exporting data from reports. Reports come up in the viewer no problem.

Clients with windows 10 IE 11 are having no issues. The window 10 machines are 64 bit and the Windows 8 are 32 bit. On the server, the CR runtime is 64 bit. Could this be the issue?
I have a windows 8.1 laptop using a windows account to login. I reset the password through windows live and am able to login to the site. My laptop will not accept the password. How can I force the laptop to sync with the new password I set online? Is there some way I can enable the admin account and delete or reset the password?
I am trying to install oracle 10 developer suit on windows 8.1 there is a errorn showing. "please ensure that this directory is writable and has at least 55 mb of disk space"
I had this question after viewing ShellExecute Issue within VB6 on Windows 8.

Sadly we still have to use VB6, we have an application thats over 7 years old and just cant be ported to the new versions of VB, everytime we try we have to go from VB6, to VB8, then to Vb10, then to Vb12 - just a nightmare and the app has some 20 odd bespoke ocx's in it, some 70 forms, and an enormous amount of coding.

The problem we are having, and i know its getting worse, we need to open a file using the associated program.

OpenWithDefault = (ShellExecute(0&, "", FileName, vbNullString, vbNullString, SW_SHOWNORMAL) > 32)

This will work on some windows pcs, not others, some are 64 bit others arn't, some are windows 8 some are windows 10.

Whilst i understand its the UAC - how do i get round it ?

On a windows 10 64 - works no problem, on a windows 8 64 - no probs, on another windows8 64 - wont work but it will open pdfs, word docs, just not TEXT files ?

On windows 7 both 32 & 64 - everything opens

Anyone got any solutions and please dont say just upgrade, i cant upgrade 7 years worth of progamming over night - no chance !

All the new apps, we use the newer versions when we can, but its not an option to upgrade this application.

Any help would truely be appricated.


Can anyone tell me how to interpret the following WER file:
Sig[0].Name=Stack Version
Sig[6].Name=Failure Source
Sig[7].Name=Start State
Sig[8].Name=Target State
Sig[9].Name=Client Id
DynamicSig[1].Name=OS Version
DynamicSig[2].Name=Locale ID
AppName=Windows Modules Installer

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I am getting lots of Critical WER logs for several office users, especially for one in particular who has 6 such new logs just today. In addition to the "Sig[1].Value=Package_for_RollupFix", I have Sig[1].Values for KB3035132, KB3110329, KB3156016, KB3078601, KB3156019, KB3035126. These all appear to be related to Windows Update, but when I go into Windows update I see no failures listed.

What are these WER logs telling me?
I am working on an HP all-in-one that freezes up almost immediately if I browse the we using wifi, but works fine if I use ethernet alone. I've tried updating the wireless adapter driver. I've also uninstalled the wifi adapter and allowed Windows to reinstall it. Any ideas? My customer has been waiting a while already and needs it for his business.

Update: I installed a USB wifi adapter and disabled the internal adapter, and now I have no problems. So something's wrong with the on-board adapter. Easy fix.

We have a computer with Coldfusion on running website on a localhost. I tried to add a new website but by doing this I now cant connect to any local website.

I've clearly done something wrong but I dont know how to fix it.

Can anyone guide me into a repair

Hi we have roaming profiles in our environment with offline file synchronization. A client of our's synchronization keeps failing the conflicts in the sync center state "A file was deleted on this computer and changed on the server while this computer was offline" The sync center provides a path to each of the files, but I cannot locate them. They appear to temporary files of no significance in $recycle.bin. I cannot locate them even if i enable hidden files and folders and enable show protected operating system files.

When i right click on each conflict in the sync center I am given the options to resolve the conflicts or ignore. When I choose ignore nothing happens, when i choose resolve another window appears stating "The details for this conflict could not be opened. The conflict may no longer exist, the device it occurred on is not available or may contain invalid data. The parameter is incorrect"

I tried recreating the clients local profile and network profile but the sync errors still appear. I had the client log into a test machine and we do not get these errors so it appears to be machine related.
I have created my setup in .net and   Windows 8 and its 64 Bit.Gives the error when i open the application it shows Unhandled Exception:"microsoft jet Oledb 4.0 is not registered on the local machine"
I am installing some software for someone on his Asus T100 laptop. Everything runs fine except that I can't get a wireless mouse connected to the computer.
The mouse is a Logitech M185 mouse which is classified as a HID device by the manufacturer. It therefore shouldn't require any additional software for basic functionality which is all that is required. The mouse works perfectly on a Windows 10 laptop but is not recognised at all in Windows 8.1 when the dongle is inserted into the USB port.
The same applies to USB memory sticks: they are not recognised by Windows 8.1 but work fine on other computers.
However, a Western Digital Passport drive (no external power source) is recognised by Windows 8.1 and performs as expected when plugged into same USB port (there is only one USB port on the Asus laptop).
There are no downloadable drivers, probably because it is a HID device. I have tried to disable and then re-enable the device.
The system claims the device is working properly and that the required driver is present and up-to-date.
I would greatly appreciate suggestions that could help me to solve this problem.

On my Windows 8.1 laptop, I have set the lock screen to play  a slideshow of the pictures in my Pictures folder.  It worked just fine for months.

A few days ago, a few pictures that are NOT in my pictures folder crept into the rotation.  Since then, there are more and more.  Kittens, kitchens, head shots of random people, icons and buttons blown up to full screen size, birds, camping gear, coffee cups, furniture, baking recipes, - none of it mine.

At first I thought maybe it was pulling images from a browser cache - like the blown up icons - but some of these look like actual photography, not website images.  And I don't see anything from web pages I know I've visited recently.

So - first question - has anyone seen this happen and have an idea what is going on?

Second - I'd like to delete all these images from wherever they are, but.......

I turned off the router and locked the screen - and the random images continue - so it's not the machine pulling images from the internet in real time.  From reading, it seems that the image used for the lock screen slideshow might be stored in a few different places:

C:\Windows\Web\Screen - contains only 6 standard images

C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper - contains a few folders, like "Flowers", and these each contain only a few images, none of which are being seen in the lockscreen slideshow

More reading lead to a hidden system folder:


but even logged in as …
sir i installed one soft in in windows 8 & create a short cut on desktop when i double click or opeaning this soft i got run time Error 2147217406 (80041002) plz solve my problem as soon as possible thank
I have bitlocker network unlock and working.  It works fine using pc's and surface pro 3's but will not work with surface pro 4's.  Looking in the network unlock log on the server its not even trying to unlock and has the same settings setup as the computers that are working.  Any ideas?
I have a Hexa Spring 8 Windows 10 tablet. I was downloading anniversary update and after it finished, the screen told me that the tablet was offline and to enter the last password, which I did. It tells me "your device is offline. Sign in with the last password used on this device. " 
How can I reset it without a keyboard (no visible poke hole) .

Windows 8

Windows 8 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems, with an emphasis on improving its user experience on tablets. In particular, these changes included a touch-optimized Windows shell based on Microsoft's "Metro" design language, the Start screen, a new platform for developing apps with an emphasis on touchscreen input, integration with online services, support for USB 3.0, Advanced Format hard drives, near field communications, and cloud computing. Additional security features were introduced, such as built-in antivirus software, integration with Microsoft SmartScreen phishing filtering service and support for UEFI Secure Boot on supported devices with UEFI firmware.