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Windows Batch

Batch files are text files containing a script of commands that are executed by the command interpreter on DOS, OS/2 and Windows systems. Most comm...

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Any vbs or batch script that can be sent to each machine to find and delete any Mp3's. The machine names are in a txt file.


Any vbs or batch script that can be sent to each machine to find and delete any Mp3's. The …

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Powershell

One of the most heavily touted new features of Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7 has been …
Troubleshooting Solution

Modify .csv file via script

Not sure possible or not but worth a try.  I have a file 'source.csv'.  It's a ^ delimited file.  I …
Troubleshooting Solution

Batch script to HTA script

I have a batch script that I use that works well, but I am wanting to convert it into a HTA script …
Troubleshooting Solution

Windows "Copy" command not working

byBalu G

Hello, I have the following batch file that copies a file called "1_Capacity-workload.xlsm" from

Troubleshooting Solution

Batch with echo alignment text in column evenly.


Hi Experts,

Need your help to align text to display evenly in column at certain spaces with batch

Advice Solution

PowerShell&Windows Batch&AutoHotkey: how to protect my computer from someone that plug a USB or an External hard drive in my computer


Hello experts,


Sometimes when I go to a restaurant (example: PF Chang's or to a coffee shop

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I avoid the 'Is Destination a File or Directory' prompt when running Xcopy

I have a batch file which runs a backup routine on the local machne. It runs ok except that it will …
Troubleshooting Solution

Windows Batch File Not Executing


I have the following windows batch file to COPY folders from one location to another, but it is not

Troubleshooting Solution

Batch file to check the first 200 lines of files for a string.

I have a folder with approximately 40,000+ files. These files have header information with a part …
AutoHotkey logo

AutoHotkey - Getting Started

AutoHotkey is an excellent, free, open source programming/scripting language for Windows. It started out as a keyboard/mouse macros product, but has expanded into a robust language. This article provides an introduction to it, with links to additional resources for EE members who want to learn more.
Troubleshooting Solution

Programming in outdated windows batch file.


I am trying to ping a host and verify before connecting with ssh using a plain old DOS Batch file. I

Troubleshooting Solution

Script to execute a hot fix on remote machines.958644


the hotfix is in the below link.
Troubleshooting Solution

window script-winscp

bySh M

I have written a script which downloads files from server to folders based on file name. It is …
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Windows Batch File with Dialog Box that has OK and Cancel Buttons


I have the following windows batch file, I have a user prompt, but wanted to know if there is a way

Troubleshooting Solution

Batch Log File

Hello Everyone,

Once in a while I get an "The system cannot find the path specified."
Troubleshooting Solution

Scheduled batch file not running correclt

I have a batch file that starts an executable when ran.
This works fine, but if I put create a task…
Troubleshooting Solution

Scheduling a .bat file

.bat file:

:: Get FTP files ECHO OFF CLS rem ECHO Getting FTP files... rem "C:\Program …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to copu batch file to a network location

I have a table with these fields

document_id, document_source_patch, document_destination …

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