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Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is the successor to Outlook Express, a discontinued email and news client bundled with several versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003, and available for Windows 95 and Mac OS 9. In Windows Vista, Outlook Express was superseded by Windows Mail, then again by Windows Live Mail as separate software. Outlook Express is a different application from Microsoft Outlook. Beginning with Windows Vista Microsoft included Windows Mail, based on large parts of Outlook Express source code.

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Hello, i´ve received several emails in my hotmail/outlook account from a gmail account.

It seems like the person that sent me that emails, haven´t provide any name or surname, any data in the account.
I tried to find out a way to reverse search of gmail accounts, but nothing give me any results, as the account seems to be 2 month old, and the owner did nothing with it. The purpose of that account was for mailing me and only me.

I tried several methods of reverse search

- Facebook. Twitter, linkedin, etc
- Headers and ip trace (gmail dont give you senders ip)
- reverse search online services
- google search
- google+ search
- chrome extensions

nothing gives me anything for me to deduct the identity of the sender.

Any ideas guys?
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I am at a customer site where they want me to add their gmail account to Windows Live Mail (WLM).  I have a gmail account set up in Outlook 2010 on my laptop, so I used it as a guide, using these settings.  I have only listed those fields that I entered data into, or where I checked the box on the left:



Log in using clear text authentication

My server requires authentication

Outgoing mail 465
This server requires a secure connection
Incoming mail 995
This server requires a secure connection

Every time I try to send/receive on this account, WLM comes back with an error saying "An incorrect password was entered."  Yet I can log in at gmail.com just fine.  

These are the same settings that many sites show online for POP setup, but since that is not working, I removed the account, and this time I started creating it by letting WLM do it automatically.  It chose to set it up as an IMAP account--but I STILL get a password error, using the same password that works great when I log directly on to gmail.com.

It makes me wonder if this is an erroneous message that really means something else...like maybe it's not compatible with WLM (even though many online say it works fine), or something else I'm missing.  Any ideas from someone who has a gmail account working in WLM?  TIA
The customers has a Yahoo email account.  I can log in at yahoo.com with no problem, so I know his password is correct.

Now he wants it set up in Windows Live Mail, but no matter how I set it up, I get an error message saying the password is wrong--even though it is the same password I used five minutes earlier to connect via the website.  It makes me think maybe this is a misleading message.  

Different people online say different things about how to set up a yahoo email account in WLM, such as the server names and port values, etc., both for IMAP and for POP3--and none of them are working for me, as I keep getting this password error message.  I'm hoping someone here at e-e has done it and it works for you, so you would know the correct settings for sure.  TIA
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by:Andrew Leniart
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Great freeware that works as advertised. Endorsed!
Need to find a way to close this unwanted window. Never seen it before and got it today by trying to go back and forth between Beta and non Beta.

See pink.
Having a terrible time getting Outlook 365 on my laptop to recognize my gmail account. I've tried every configuration, made sure IMAP and POP are enabled, added the totally unintuitive setup of double authentication.

"SOMETHING WENT WRONG" and Outlook couldn't set up your account. Please try again... soooooo irritating
In windows Live Mail message list the text is not wrapping correctly, so I can't read who the message is from. It gets progressively worse as you scroll down the message list. Could this be due to a Windows 10 update? Please help. Tahnks Debbie Perry
Need to get emails off Windows  Live Mail 2011 to Outlook - moving to a different pc... any programs or info on how to do it ?
Whenever I type EHR in Windows Live Mail, it converts to HER.  I have deleted both EHR and HER from my AutoCorrect Options List in Word.  And this problem doesn't occur in Word.  But I can't get it fixed in Live Mail.
One of my friend is working on EML files but due to server issue he lost all his data. Now he wants to switch to some other email client so that he would not face such a situation in future. Kindly suggest him an appropriate conversion software of EML file into Outlook PST.
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Client is receivng duplicate emails on mobile. Need a way to sync calendar while having corporate email on mobile

We have a Pop/imap based corporate email account and we'd like to have email and calendar shared across multiple devices. So presently we have imap email forwarding to outlook.com which is attached to the phone and each pc. The iphone has both the email accounts.

Ultimate use case is we want to have both the corporate IMAP mailbox (provided by ISP) available for sending and receiving email, calendar/contacts available on mobile, desktop client.

https://www.slipstick.com/outlook/sync-outlook/syncing-outlook-with-an-android-smartphone/ is sort of the setup we have gone with.

We do have a prroject in place to implement Office 365 but need this working in the interim.

Does anyone know of an iphone email app that allows you to choose whether to sync only mail/ or mail+contacts/calenders from Outlook.com? Ideally we'd just select sync only calender/contacts from outlook.
One of my email accounts is no longer active - the provider changed servers and a new email address was issued.  I removed the old account from Windows LIve Mail.  I can still see the emails from the old account, but they will not open.  How can I make them viewable again?
Hello Experts

I have a client whose old computer died (Windows 10 upgraded from 7).  She was running Windows Live Mail.

I replaced her machine, but I can't find anything that will allow me to import her old .eml files into the Mail program in Windows 10.

She has quite a lot and says she doesn't want to lose them.  I've read that the new mail program uses .eml files, but I haven't found anything that explains how to get the old ones in place.

Any ideas?

We have a client that has been using Windows Live Mail 2012 on a WIndows 7 Pro computer.  WLM will start but freezes when trying to read messages.  If the process is killed in Task Manager, the program will not restart until the system is rebooted.  Searching for a solution, most sites recommend removing and reinstalling the software but most suggestions were dated prior to 2017.  But this is not possible because the installer tries to connect to Microsoft for updates and fails.

When the program fails, we see these items when selecting details in Task Manager:
Problem Event Name:  AppHangB1
Hang signature:  eca7
Hang type: 2305

The event viewer shows Event ID:  1530 with message "Windows detected your registry file is still in use by other applications or services.  The file will be unloaded now..."

The client is considering moving to Outlook but prefers WLM.  

Our questions:
Has anyone successfully resolved this or similar issues with WLM?
Could the issue be OS related instead of WLM?
Can anyone recommend a free mail client that would be a replacement for WLM?  They did not like Thunderbird.  Any experience with Evolution or SeaMonkey email clients?

Thanks for any suggestions or trouble shooting assistance.
My computor upgrade in tomorrow after, outlook express can not be started,  because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized.
Error code: 0x80040154,  14007.   Please help me to solve the promblem.   Thank you very much!
I have a Dell laptop on which I'm running Windows 10. I'd like to use Windows Mail to manage my IMAP account. When I click on More, a list of all folders is displayed.

However, when I click on any one of those folders, they are empty!

It does not appear as though Windows Mail has synchronized the content of the mail folders in my IMAP account. When I use Outlook to manage that same account, the content of the mail folders are mirrored locally. Is it presumptuous of me to expect Windows Mail to behave the same? I would appreciate it if someone would tell me what I need to do to get Windows Mail to synchronize the mail folders in my IMAP account.
We have a customer that was using Windows Live Mail as the default email program with Windows 7.  After the O/S was upgraded to Windows 10, WLM stopped working with a corrupt calendar error.  Rather than having to delete or rename the Calendar folder on a daily basis, the customer switched to Outlook 2013.  However, when the Share option is selected to email the document in Word 2013, WLM is selected to send the file instead of Outlook.  Sharing a file via email with Excel also selects WLM.  Outlook is the default program for email in Windows 10 Settings.

Is there another setting or configuration location that should be changed to allow Word to Share using Outlook as the email program?  
If WLM is uninstalled, should WIndows 10 become the default program for Sharing file via email?  

Although the customer has been shown how to open Outlook and attach the file, they prefer to use the Share option.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.
I trying to add my gmail account to Outlook and Windows Live Mail.  I have no issue with the server settings, but neither will recognize my password.  I log into gmail from a browser with no problem and change to a new password.  That password is not recognized when I try to add the gmail account.  I've been through that iteration several times without success.  What's the problem???

I have a user having an Outlook Express folder that reached 2,097,093 and he cannot open it anymore.

Actually, when pressing on that folder, O.E. freeze.

Do you know methods or tools to help me solve this problem?

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I have a Windows PC on which is Windows Live Mail. The PC is to be replaced by a Windows 10 machine accessing Outlook.com.
How can I migrate the emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook.com?
system  windows 10 (upgraded from win 7) does not start up -  spent a week with different methods
i switched the user over to a new laptop - all ok
problem : Mail - it turns out she used live Mail - which does not exist since januari
so i'm looking for a way to install her mail client, and have access to mail and contacts
but the OLD disk is accessable, and  i can see the mails

suggestions how to do best the transfer to a new mail client
Q :
1- which mail client?
2- post exact steps to move/import / export mails and contacts
I am running out of space in hotmail. I can use one drive but I don't like how I have to search for older emails. Is there something else I can go to with out worrying about space?
I have a client...most of them are seniors...who uses Windows Live Mail.
All of the sudden he can no longer create an event in his calendar...it is grayed out. I tried a repair which did not resolve the situation.

I know this program is almost obsolete but he would like to use it.

Any ideas on how to fix it?
Hello there.  

I was having big problems with my Windows 7 computer and it was because a rather nasty Trojan or something was starting to eat up the system.  I was able to save the Windows Live Mail file in the Program Files and it contains all my email accounts and emails received over the last couple of years.  I would like to be able to get the inbox and sent emails back for the respective email accounts which are now in Outlook 13.  I cannot export any7thing as the old computer has had it, but can I still copy the files across to Outlook 13, so they appear there?
Four days before I purchased new Dell PC with latest Windows 10 OS and Installed Outlook as mail client. But in my old pc windows live mail installed. Now I want to import my old emails into Outlook. Kindly suggest me to safe method that does not require windows live mail for conversion.

Thanks and Regard
Roman Amrose

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is the successor to Outlook Express, a discontinued email and news client bundled with several versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003, and available for Windows 95 and Mac OS 9. In Windows Vista, Outlook Express was superseded by Windows Mail, then again by Windows Live Mail as separate software. Outlook Express is a different application from Microsoft Outlook. Beginning with Windows Vista Microsoft included Windows Mail, based on large parts of Outlook Express source code.

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