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Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is the successor to Outlook Express, a discontinued email and news client bundled with several versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003, and available for Windows 95 and Mac OS 9. In Windows Vista, Outlook Express was superseded by Windows Mail, then again by Windows Live Mail as separate software. Outlook Express is a different application from Microsoft Outlook. Beginning with Windows Vista Microsoft included Windows Mail, based on large parts of Outlook Express source code.

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I am using photoshop elements 14.  I would like to send several photos in a manner whereby the receiver can use a slide show feature to look at the photos.  Currently, when I send the photos with Windows Live Mail the receiver is looking at thumbnails and has to open each one individually in order to view the photo.  With 14-15 or more photos this is a fairly tedious process.  How do I do this?
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What does it mean to be "Always On"?

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I have been using the Outlook express for long time but now a days, it seems that I have to switch it to Microsoft Outlook with 10 GB of emails data.  I searched on Google about the solution. There are many paid solution are available. But I want manual solution for this.
As a backup method when a user is out, we share a user's mailbox with another user.  However, now that we are on Outlook365, when it's shared, the whole inbox downloads to the other user desktop within Outlook 2010.

I would like to turn off the downloading of users data to the desktop when sharing an inbox.

I just want the user to logon to the office365 portal to review the shared users inbox.

Can anyone help me with a simple solution for this when sharing out a user inbox within Office365.

Window Live Mail running on Windows 10 seems to have lost a lot of emails.

Specifically, most emails after 2014 have disappeared. Vanished.  

Emails from 2011 to 2014 are all present and correct. But after 2014 vast swathes of email have just disappeared.

Size of stored folder is a paltry 1.5GB.

Here is what has been tried:

All View menus have been set to display all folders and all emails.
Using Control Panel > change program > I repaired Windows Live Mail and restarted but emails are still missing

Anyone know what might have caused this and is there a solution?
Hi - When I send a message through an account in Windows Live Mail 2011 that is setup as IMAP, it is storing the Sent messages under the "Storage Folders" instead of the Sent messages under the IMAP account.  Is there a way to fix this?  I tried changing the properties on the IMAP tab but that didn't seem to help.

People provided this link 

I tried going there, it is not real :(
Hello, I want to export several thousand emails from Windows Live Mail 2012 to Outlook.  I'm trying to use WLM's inbuilt Export to Exchange feature.  There are 1,020 emails in Inbox, and then there are loads of folders within the Inbox, with another 4000, roughly.  The process begins fine, and when reaches email number 684 of the Inbox, out of 1,020 (always the same email), WLM crashes, and the process halted.  I've heard of other people having the same problem as well, and when they try to open the offending email in WLM, they get an error - which suggests corruption in the email.  However I have no idea how they found which email it was that wouldn't open.  How can I tell which email number 684 is, so that I can just delete this and carry on.  I obviously can't open every email in my Inbox.

Any ideas?

I know there are 3rd party paid apps to do the migration for me, but I'd like to see if I can do it this way first.

Windows 10 OS with Windows Live Mail.  The hard drive in this desktop has failed with a bad sector.  The OS will not start.  There is no W10 Recovery DVD or Flash drive.  I've tried several different ways to get the OS to start but have failed.  I've used "Chkdsk" which finds the errors and does move the clusters but that did not allow the OS to start either.  I've run other disk diagnostics that clearly show a bad sector.  Therefore, I am unable to bring up Windows Live Mail in this system so please do not suggest doing the normal process of using WLM to id the files, export mail and contacts etc. since I cannot bring up the system and WLM.

However, I removed the failed drive and installed it in a W7 system and am able to find folders and files some of which are WLM data and have stored same onto a flash drive. Fortunately, this failed HDD was partitioned and it appears the the secondary partition is OK but that doesn't help me with WLM.   Is there a way for me to use what I think are WLM files and folders  to recreate WLM onto a newly created W10 OS and if so, what type of files should I be looking for and how would I go about "hooking" them into a new WLM app.?  Bottom line, I have been able to install WLM on a fresh copy of W10  on a SSD but do not know how to import the folders (Inbox, Sent etc.) and in particular the user named WLM folders.   It seems like there should be a way to do this.  

BTW...if anyone has a magic solution on how to bring up the damaged …
Windows 10 64-bit (v1607) with Live Mail 2012 was working fine up until yesterday.  Now everytime I enter contacts it goes to not responding.  Restart PC has not helped.  Made sure process is not still running after I close process.  E-mail works fine.  I believe I have around 961 contacts.  No new software installed right before problem started.
Dell Inspiron 15 - 3000 Series. OS windows 10.

I have Windows Live Mail (2002) for some years and am happy with it. However one annoying feature: When i open the program the Sign-In Box pops up. I sign in and cick  the 'Remember me and Sign me in Automatically'  box. However it never works. Each time I open the program I am presented with the Sign In Box and have to sign in. I attack a screenshot of the program with the Sign In Box displayed.  How to stop it appearing.
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Windows live mail was working fine, all of a sudden it partly opens or just sits in it's window trying to open. A window tells me

 : Live Mail could not be started.
Closing Windows Live mail.
Your Calendar contains corrupt data that is forcing Live Mail to Close.
( cox8000FFFF)

I can't get to close Windows Live Mail to try and restart it.
Can anyone help?
Hi All Expert,

I would like to check if anyone knows how to solve Windows Live Mail 2012 auto restart issue when doing importing as Microsoft Exchange to outlook 2007, my user mail is more than 7k and upon 3k+ mail when to outlook it will restart and when back to the desktop, I guess is the particular mail having error like pst file always have issue, I would like to check if that's a repair like scanpst for EML format which WLM used? or if anyone has this experience before can assist me on. Using Windows 7.

Hi All Expert,

Good Day.

Does anyone have Windows Live Mail installer can spare me? The official Microsoft website have been removed and the 3rd party one always have an error after installing, I need to try on WLM migrate to outlook 2010 on Windows 7, I can't make mistake on user email so need to try it out myself. Appreciate if anyone can provide me on.

Hello Experts

I have a client whose Windows 7 laptop failed (System board).  I got his new computer (Windows 10) and he can't get email.  Microsoft doesn't offer an email program and Live Mail can no longer be downloaded.

Any ideas how to get that  data onto his new machine and make it usable?

I can access his data on the old hard drive, but I can;t  use an export command as I don't have an email client that will work with Windows Live data.



A customer came to me because he uses Windows Live Mail 2011, for his contacts. He has many groups for distribution purpose, but it seems that many contacts of these groups disappeared.

Any idea from here ?
Hi All Expert,

Good Day.

I would like to check does anyone know how to backup and transfer windows live mail 2012 email and contact to another PC with outlook 2016? I just have livechat with Microsoft and the technical guy knows nothing and gives me some link that is not close to it. I had to google it and didn't find any method. Appreciate if any of the experts have this experience and assist me on.

* Not office 365
* Migrate on outlook 2016 Windows 10

A customer of mine called me this morning and says she has a hard time reading her email messages, dates and the subject lines, ETC and would like to have the fonts bigger and in bold.  Can someone explain how to do this?
I have an older computer with Windows 10 using Windows Live Mail.

I need to bring the folders and messages into Outlook 2010.

When I do an "export", I can select Microsoft Exchange to get toward Outlook.
But it never asks: where should I put the result?
I did set up a new mail profile but I don't ever see a connection and no new .pst file either.

What should I be doing?
My OS is win 10 Prof 64 bit and I have an Office 365 Business essential account, and use Outlook owa.   Lately, some of the buttons, like the "Reply", or "Forward" do not seem to work when I am in an email.  I tried rebooting but to no avail.
My  email is msn the free account.
Maybe I am logging thru the wrong url.  I sometimes use : and have tried also :  But given my above scenario, which is the correct url to login into my account.  My msn email account is installed in the outlook owa.
Thank u for your advise.
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Hello Everyone,

I am helping a friend to fix his email issue. all the sudden it stopped working. How can i troubleshoot this issue please ?
which one will be my first starting point ?

Basically he is using his AT&T email trhu Windows LIve Mail. WIndows Live Mail lately hangs on downloading messages. and I am attaching at pictures of the error messaged he gets.

Can someone help me in troubleshooting and fixing this email issues please ? I am not familiar with Windws Live Mail .

Thank you everyone,
I have many Groups which were all fine until I started with Windows 10 and Windows Live Mail.   I then found that I could only send it to the Group by clicking on 'To; CC or BCC ', finding the Group in a huge drop-down list, clicking on it and then having to hit the '+' sign to get all the names on listed in the Group.  But now for the third time 'Live' has decided to randomly drop many of the names from all of the Groups.  Firstly, how can I retrieve them without having to go through all my contact lists; and 2) How can I stop this from happening again please?
MS shows they discontinued support for it on January 10th, and now I can't find anywhere to download it.  Does anyone know where and how I can still get it for my insistent customer?  Or, if it was one of those where the installer could have been "saved" rather than just "run", maybe someone has a copy of it??  TIA
Windows 10, Dell Inspiron 15.
Windows Live Mail 2012.

When I click on the Windows Live Mail  icon I get a box asking me to SIGN IN.
I sign in  correctly with my Microsoft email and password. The box disappears and I can view my email etc.
However I cannot stop this box from appearing every time I open up Windows Live Mail.
Every time I am asked for my password. I have clicked the option: ‘remember me and sign me in automatically’ . But it makes no difference. Why am I continually asked to Sign In?
I enclose a screenshot of the Sign In Box which won’t go automatic
(One peculiar thing, which may have a bearing: I notice that If I don’t sign in  and simply chose the cancel option the Box disappears and find  I can use the program without any problem, just as if I had signed in).
A client of mine has deleted some folders in Windows Live Mail by mistake. I think the folder was an imported folder called Local & located under Storage Folders with a dozen or so subfoldrs where he's being filing various emails to keep his inbox clean.
I had a look C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail but they aren't there.
They're not in deleted items or the recycle bin.
There are no previous versions to recover when right clicking on the Windows Live Mail folder.
Any suggestions as to how i might recover them?
I'm running a full disk recovery at the moment with File Scavenger so will see how that goes.
He's running Windows 10.
Windows Live Mail is downloading duplicate messages.  There is a ton of stuff on the
internet re this problem and I am not about to try the myriad of suggestions.  In your
experience what is the best way to solve this problem?

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is the successor to Outlook Express, a discontinued email and news client bundled with several versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003, and available for Windows 95 and Mac OS 9. In Windows Vista, Outlook Express was superseded by Windows Mail, then again by Windows Live Mail as separate software. Outlook Express is a different application from Microsoft Outlook. Beginning with Windows Vista Microsoft included Windows Mail, based on large parts of Outlook Express source code.

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