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Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is the successor to Outlook Express, a discontinued email and news client bundled with several versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003, and available for Windows 95 and Mac OS 9. In Windows Vista, Outlook Express was superseded by Windows Mail, then again by Windows Live Mail as separate software. Outlook Express is a different application from Microsoft Outlook. Beginning with Windows Vista Microsoft included Windows Mail, based on large parts of Outlook Express source code.

I just upgraded a Win 7 account with Live Mail to Win 10 keeping all apps and data.  Now, Live Mail cannot communicate with the Optimum mail server that it had been connecting with to send and receive email.  Everything looks okay, it just doesn't connect.
has a windows 7 pc using windows live mail 2012. has exported the mail rules following the steps from here https://www.lifewire.com/back-up-copy-outlook-mail-1173433
Is there a way to import the rules to Outlook 2013? Attempted to import, error ' the file you are importing had an improper format"
Hello Experts

I'm setting up a new laptop for a client.  Hos old one crashed but the data is all still there.  He was using WLM on the old laptop.  I've recovered the emails but can't run WLM to export.

Everything I've seen to import the files appears to require running Windows Live Mail.  Since I can't do that I'm looking for a converter or something to import the old mail just using Outlook

Any ideas?


I am using Outlook to access my Hotmail. May I know is it possible to sort all deleted mails by delete date?

Good Morning Experts,
I  have just discovered that I can no longer use Outlook's code behind the form that uses vb-script as the underlying programming environment. I have been building custom forms for various people,small offices, and Healthcare companies since code behind the form with vb-script began in 1997. I have been out of the loop for a few years because  of various disabilities. The last time I created forms for an entity was in Outlook 2013. Fast forward six years and I've discovered that even-though the choose/design developer form is still available,it  wont fire off the Item_Open function which is where my vb-script code goes. However I suspect that even if I put code outside of the Item_Open function it still wouldn't work. To prove this, I tried the following code snippet: (I have submitted screen shots of the process)

DevloperTab_Choose_Or_Design_A_ Form
PersonalFormsLibrary - TestDataBase
The Result should have been a simple message that said "helloinside"

You will notice that I kept it simple. I took out the actual code that was supposed to run to test my theory about the Item_Open function simply not firing. Here are some helpful (hopefully) articles that I have researched on the internet ,that speak to the Item_Open Function:

Outlook custom form: Item_Open event not getting fired

KB3203467 KB3191938 KB3191932 stopping the VB script in Outlook Custom Form in 2010/2013/2016/O365
Hello Experts

Here's a strange one!

I have a client with a MOST perplexing problem.  She uses Live Mail on a desktop PC running  Windows 7 Pro.  She has been using it for several years without issue.  Suddenly a few days ago, her credentials stopped working.  She changed passwords and that, too, did not work.  The new credentials work fine on her laptop (also Windows 7 using Live Mail) and on her phone (something from Verizon, not an IPhone).

I created a new profile on her desktop and tried the credentials there.  No go.  She has Office 2007 Pro, so I tried setting it up in Outlook.  Same problem.  But I set it up on a spare machine I have in the shop and it works fine.

So it seems that it works everywhere EXCEPT her desktop PC.

I've never seen anything like this before and I am STUMPED.  I mean it doesn't make any sense.  The credentials are valid, just not on that machine.

Anyone have an idea?


At my office I use Outlook 2010, but several of my customers use Windows Live Mail (WLM), where they have one or more email accounts that work fine.  Recently two of them wanted to add a gmail account, so since I have a gmail account in my Outlook, I figured I could use my same settings in WLM for their accounts, such as inbound, outbound, port settings, and SSL settings, etc.  But no matter what I try, I never can get the customer gmail accounts to work in WLM, always giving me errors saying the password is wrong--even though it is definitely NOT wrong.

So I'm wondering if this might be a misleading error message pointing to a different problem.  For example, I've never known how to know if a gmail account should be set up as POP or IMAP.  On my computer using Outlook I have it set up as POP, and it works great.  

Any ideas what could be going wrong and what to try?  TIA
We have a client using POP email and Windows Live Mail (both obsolete, I know. They don't want to change), and one of their users recently had his user account corrupted due to the DC going offline unexpectedly while the user was logged in. We have his desktop and Documents folders backed up to the server, but there is no sign of his old mail. Does anyone know how we could potentially find the files for that mail?
We have someone that used Windows Live Mail for quite a long time.  The board on the OLD computer DIED however the drive and data is still intact.

We found that the Windows Live Mail store location has GBs of mail inside of it (not on an Exchange or IMAP server).

They are now using a Gmail account with Outlook 2016/2019 (not sure) on their NEW computer.

What is the best (most straightforward, effective, quickest) way do migrate this mail into Outlook/GMail?
A friend just called and recently stayed at a hotel in New Zealand.  he left Friday.  Since then when he sends an email from any of his three accounts, the below verbiage gets attached to all the messages.  
1) I have ran CCleaner, Malwarebytes, Avast Anti-virus, and all are coming out clean.
2) I edited the signature file and  did not see any of the verbiage below
3) I disabled the signature, outbound emails , verbiage still appears
4) I looked for proxy server settings and could only see auto-detect selected.
5) I looked at Nuinet website and did not see any relevant information there.

Here is what appears when a recipient receives his email:
Boutique Motel
Access Code: [          ][Login]
Terms of Service
Terms and Conditions
By using our internet service, you hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that there are significant security, privacy and confidentiality risks inherent in accessing or transmitting information through the internet, whether the connection is facilitated through wired or wireless technology. Security issues include, without limitation, interception of transmissions, loss of data, and the introduction or viruses and other programs that can corrupt or damage your computer.
Accordingly, you agree that the owner and/or provider of this network is NOT liable for any interception or transmissions, computer worms or viruses, loss of data, file corruption, hacking or damage to your computer or other devices that result from the transmission or…
I get emails from TekSystems. They are a staffing firm and send me possible jobs. Their emails really scramble Outlook. The Outlook screen goes completely white. It becomes "not responding" for about two minutes then everything goes back to being fine until I touch that email again. The only thing I have noticed during this two minute fiasco is a reference to a link to a doubleclick site. I am sure they have embedded something in their email for advertising purposes or something that is causing this. Has anyone ever seen this behavior from and email and have any idea how to correct it?
I have a PC running Windows Live Mail.  On a constant basis I get the following error message:
"There was an error when attempting to connect tot he Windows Live Calendar Service.  Check for an upgrade of Windows Live Mail
or contact a service representative".  What causes this error and what should I be doing about it?
I'm using Win 7 with outlook mail. When I open the new message folder,
 it opens way down on the bottom of the page, under the inbox mail.
How can I create more room to create new message.
Hello, i´ve received several emails in my hotmail/outlook account from a gmail account.

It seems like the person that sent me that emails, haven´t provide any name or surname, any data in the account.
I tried to find out a way to reverse search of gmail accounts, but nothing give me any results, as the account seems to be 2 month old, and the owner did nothing with it. The purpose of that account was for mailing me and only me.

I tried several methods of reverse search

- Facebook. Twitter, linkedin, etc
- Headers and ip trace (gmail dont give you senders ip)
- reverse search online services
- google search
- google+ search
- chrome extensions

nothing gives me anything for me to deduct the identity of the sender.

Any ideas guys?
I am at a customer site where they want me to add their gmail account to Windows Live Mail (WLM).  I have a gmail account set up in Outlook 2010 on my laptop, so I used it as a guide, using these settings.  I have only listed those fields that I entered data into, or where I checked the box on the left:



Log in using clear text authentication

My server requires authentication

Outgoing mail 465
This server requires a secure connection
Incoming mail 995
This server requires a secure connection

Every time I try to send/receive on this account, WLM comes back with an error saying "An incorrect password was entered."  Yet I can log in at gmail.com just fine.  

These are the same settings that many sites show online for POP setup, but since that is not working, I removed the account, and this time I started creating it by letting WLM do it automatically.  It chose to set it up as an IMAP account--but I STILL get a password error, using the same password that works great when I log directly on to gmail.com.

It makes me wonder if this is an erroneous message that really means something else...like maybe it's not compatible with WLM (even though many online say it works fine), or something else I'm missing.  Any ideas from someone who has a gmail account working in WLM?  TIA
The customers has a Yahoo email account.  I can log in at yahoo.com with no problem, so I know his password is correct.

Now he wants it set up in Windows Live Mail, but no matter how I set it up, I get an error message saying the password is wrong--even though it is the same password I used five minutes earlier to connect via the website.  It makes me think maybe this is a misleading message.  

Different people online say different things about how to set up a yahoo email account in WLM, such as the server names and port values, etc., both for IMAP and for POP3--and none of them are working for me, as I keep getting this password error message.  I'm hoping someone here at e-e has done it and it works for you, so you would know the correct settings for sure.  TIA
Need to find a way to close this unwanted window. Never seen it before and got it today by trying to go back and forth between Beta and non Beta.

See pink.
Having a terrible time getting Outlook 365 on my laptop to recognize my gmail account. I've tried every configuration, made sure IMAP and POP are enabled, added the totally unintuitive setup of double authentication.

"SOMETHING WENT WRONG" and Outlook couldn't set up your account. Please try again... soooooo irritating
In windows Live Mail message list the text is not wrapping correctly, so I can't read who the message is from. It gets progressively worse as you scroll down the message list. Could this be due to a Windows 10 update? Please help. Tahnks Debbie Perry
Need to get emails off Windows  Live Mail 2011 to Outlook - moving to a different pc... any programs or info on how to do it ?
Whenever I type EHR in Windows Live Mail, it converts to HER.  I have deleted both EHR and HER from my AutoCorrect Options List in Word.  And this problem doesn't occur in Word.  But I can't get it fixed in Live Mail.
One of my friend is working on EML files but due to server issue he lost all his data. Now he wants to switch to some other email client so that he would not face such a situation in future. Kindly suggest him an appropriate conversion software of EML file into Outlook PST.
Client is receivng duplicate emails on mobile. Need a way to sync calendar while having corporate email on mobile

We have a Pop/imap based corporate email account and we'd like to have email and calendar shared across multiple devices. So presently we have imap email forwarding to outlook.com which is attached to the phone and each pc. The iphone has both the email accounts.

Ultimate use case is we want to have both the corporate IMAP mailbox (provided by ISP) available for sending and receiving email, calendar/contacts available on mobile, desktop client.

https://www.slipstick.com/outlook/sync-outlook/syncing-outlook-with-an-android-smartphone/ is sort of the setup we have gone with.

We do have a prroject in place to implement Office 365 but need this working in the interim.

Does anyone know of an iphone email app that allows you to choose whether to sync only mail/ or mail+contacts/calenders from Outlook.com? Ideally we'd just select sync only calender/contacts from outlook.
One of my email accounts is no longer active - the provider changed servers and a new email address was issued.  I removed the old account from Windows LIve Mail.  I can still see the emails from the old account, but they will not open.  How can I make them viewable again?
Hello Experts

I have a client whose old computer died (Windows 10 upgraded from 7).  She was running Windows Live Mail.

I replaced her machine, but I can't find anything that will allow me to import her old .eml files into the Mail program in Windows 10.

She has quite a lot and says she doesn't want to lose them.  I've read that the new mail program uses .eml files, but I haven't found anything that explains how to get the old ones in place.

Any ideas?


Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is the successor to Outlook Express, a discontinued email and news client bundled with several versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003, and available for Windows 95 and Mac OS 9. In Windows Vista, Outlook Express was superseded by Windows Mail, then again by Windows Live Mail as separate software. Outlook Express is a different application from Microsoft Outlook. Beginning with Windows Vista Microsoft included Windows Mail, based on large parts of Outlook Express source code.

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