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The Windows operating systems have distinct methodologies for designing and implementing networks, and have specific systems to accomplish various ...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server SP2

Network Connectivity issue. I can ping the DC which is the SBS 2003 Server by Name and IP Address …

Test IP Addresses with PING

An Experts Exchange member requires a utility that accepts a file with a list of IP addresses and PINGs each of the addresses in the list. If there are any failures, the utility sends an email containing the IP addresses and error messages of all the failed PINGs. This article presents a solution.

With the recent shift in focus from traditional educational …

With the recent shift in focus from traditional educational structure to a more open one, online …
Troubleshooting Solution

Date when Server 2012R2 will no longer be supported

byIT Guy

On what date will Windows Server 2012R2 no longer be supported?

Troubleshooting Solution

Why can't ping a certain server in our domain?



I can't ping or connect to a certain server in our Windows domain.  All other servers, I can ping

Troubleshooting Solution

Sometimes no DHCP reply > switch problem ?


Weird problem here ... some of my machines, at times, don't immediately get an IP address …
Troubleshooting Solution

Why would IPv6 interfere with pinging an IPv4 address?

I ran into an odd (to me, at least) situation at a client's yesterday and was hoping to understand …
Troubleshooting Solution

OpenSSH and SFTP issue



When OpenSSH to set up, and to further setup SFTP well on Win 2019 server?

Troubleshooting Solution

AD Password Policy requiring 4 out of 4 Categories instead of 3 out of 4.


Hello everyone,

I just had the help desk supervisor inform me that, about a week ago the password

Troubleshooting Solution

Windows 7 Pro - Network Identifying but has access to network folders and Internet.

All computers run a program off a network drive but ar random, all computers on the network randomly…
Troubleshooting Solution

Unable to copy file directly via UNC, but I can if I go through a different PC

Confusing enough title?  Hopefully my explanation will be clearer.

There is a scheduled task that …
Troubleshooting Solution

Linksys 4 port wireless router

byAnn K
I connect 3 computers through cat 5 wires to linksys router. Problem is that I can't access the wifi…

Help for the Helpdesk! - Tips & Tricks for increased efficiency

Are you one of those front-line IT Service Desk staff fielding calls, replying to emails, all-the-while working to resolve end-user technological nightmares? I am! That's why I have put together this brief overview of tools and techniques I use in order to make my day a little more efficient.
Troubleshooting Solution

*** HELP! - Windows 2000 Advanced Server Error ***

Windows 2000 Advanced Server won't start up.  Every time I reboot I get this same error message.

Troubleshooting Solution

Home wireless computer has no Internet after adding new SonicWall SOHO wireless-n router

2nd home wireless computer is connected to Sonicwall SOHO wireless -n, but has no internet

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