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The Windows operating systems have distinct methodologies for designing and implementing networks, and have specific systems to accomplish various networking processes, such as Exchange for email, Sharepoint for shared files and programs, and IIS for delivery of web pages. Microsoft also produces server technologies for networked database use, security and virtualization.

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We would like to deploy a Windows Server 2016 machine (which will run SQL 2016) on a domain that is currently all 2008 R2 servers.   The domain controllers are 2008 R2.

Are there any issues, if we want the 2016 server to be part of the domain?

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Each time I attempt to open an address to my NAS in Edge I get this error:

 The connection to the website was reset.

I type in http://192.168.x.x and get that error.
We are having some "unspecified network issues" between a Windows Vista and Windows 10 computer.  

As we are trying to eliminate causes one by one.  The ping times between these two wired computers will go from less than 1ms up to 15ms with 90%+ of the them being single digits or below 1ms.  

Is this normal?
It's wired by ethernet right beside he router

Win 10

Two iPads and iPhone all fine on wireless - getting 80 meg fast broadband

PC - Every few days www speed start to crawl for unknown reasons

Can't change the router Dns so I changed the pc Dns to google and that fixed it one day .... now problem back and customer on the phone again

It's been scanned with Microsoft Sec Ess and super anti spy and probably malware bytes I think also

What to do next / what to try ?

Should I consider adding a new network card or updating driver on present one ?

The pc itself is fast enough on applications but www speeds are so bad occasionally when other clients are ok

Home setup with 80 meg connection ....
Hi, I have see one software, here is showing some error massage like "server refused" that time i make a ping to server & see when TTL=64 showing error massage but when TTL=128 that time no error.

Anyone have any idea?
When i go to another VLAN with my laptop, It will not get the connection from network or we can say it will take some time to get IP from new VLAN from old VLAN. If i connect the laptop from Wireless it shows connected.
I want the suggestions that i would be able to connect on diffrent VLANs with my laptop and with my netwrok.
I have disabled the Windows Firewall of my Windows 2012 R2 server, When I telnet to localhost 445, it is ok, but when I tenet to the actual IP 445, it fails.

Anyone have idea of why?

I need the tcp/445 for remote log pulling from a SIEM connector.

Good Afternoon,

We have a share on our network (Windows 2012R2) that a specific department has access to.

Occasionally the users of this department will accidentally delete files from this share. Usually we can recover the file from shadow copy or tape, but sometimes we are unable to.

I have attempted to modify the security of this share by denying delete and allowing everything else. While this does the trick, the user is also denied from renaming the file, which is not going to work.

The user must be able to do everything within this folder except delete files.

Kindly advise how I can accomplish this without the need of a third-party software.

We have a Windows server folder structure similar to the following:


I would like to prevent users from being able to delete or move folders at levels A and B.  However, users need full modify access (create, modify, and delete) for level C under all folders.  I have been able to set permissions that prevent users from deleting or renaming a folder, but for some reason they are still able to move the folder.  Is this possible or am I banging my head against an impenetrable wall?  Thanks in advance!
Hi all,

We have a router on and our main server has 2 NIC's one has the IP address of which is the main IP address but the other NIC's IP address is as this is a target NIC for an iSCSI NAS drive.
We're geting issues logging onto the router as it keep timing out but i've noticed that when i try to ping the router on i get a few "reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=255" (this is fine)  entries followed by "reply from destination host unreachable" which i suspect is why the connection to the router is not working but i can't figure out why this is  ?
Anyone think why this is ?
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my brother shares with me the same wifi. he told me he can know all websites i am opening and maybe more.i noticed from what he said that he can do this through ports.well i am a beginner.i tried to close all the ports but he still can know.he just has a phone.what can i do to protect my privacy?
I need steps for adding a member server to a domain.
We're rolling out Windows 10 Pro for our users and I'm having an issue with printer(s) re-installing after deleting the roaming profile. Profiles are stored on a windows server 2012 R2 file server and our laptop has windows 10 pro OS.

It's been our practice that when a user gets a corrupt profile we delete/renamed (old_profile.v6) the profile on the server and on the local client so when a user login to a client it will create a fresh profile on the server and locally in the client.

With Windows 7 Pro when I delete the profile (server and client) nothing is retain everything is fresh and with windows 10 Pro after I delete the profile (server and client) the printer installed on the user profile come back.

Is there a setting or something that I need to change in windows 10 pro so when I delete the user profile on the server and client nothing is retained and the profile created is a fresh copy?

Thanks in advance for the help.
Icons are missingI am trying to do a lab for an on line class , I want to  create a USER , but I am missing all the icons here . what does this mean , is there something not connected or not installed ?

thanks !!!!!!!
We have a Synology NAS is our environment, and as of about a week ago we are no longer able to access it by its name -- only via its IP address.  The network is a Windows Server 2012 AD domain.  All the NAS functionality is still there, and nothing else on the network is behaving this way.  Nothing has changed on the NAS (other than the regular Synology DSM updates).  We have tried rebooting the NAS, as well as, the DNS server; removing the DNS entry for the NAS; adding a static DNS entry for the NAS -- none of which helped.
The following error has occured while joining to the domain xyz. the network path not found
I am getting this error while joining the windows 10 to windows server 2008 r2.
All the computers on the DC are working fine except when we disjoin and join new computers, we are getting this error.
Checked DNS-
DC is a single domain .
If I were to install two network interfaces in a Windows Server box, how could I direct traffic from specific applications to each respective NIC?
I just got a general question :
If there is a company with 2 Managed switches(Dlink) and all computers and servers are connected to the switches. And has a dlink router.
If a user complains, accessing files to the server is slow from my computer .
How do i troubleshoot? from where do i start? is there any specific tools/softwares to troubleshoot.
I AM just new in networking career. so sorry guys if its a simple question.
Our network was hit with a virus and I was forced to remove all of our network policy files under our network location \\server\share\path... etc.  Now our group policy is fragmented and now our network is being effected with those policies gone.  How would I "reinstall" or add those policies back to the network.

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Hi everyone,

This issue did not exist last week, and nothing has changed on our network that I know of.  I'm the sole I.T. employee with access to make changes.

Here is our basic LAN:

*Internal Network -> Split into multiple subnets as shown below:

Primary Location: Main network -> AAA.AAA.118.0/24  (DNS servers located with Domain Controllers)
                                WiFi network -> AAA.AAA.119.0/24   (DNS server is provided by Virtual Linux server)

Remote location 1: Main Network -> BBB.BBB.0.0/24 (DNS servers located with Domain Controllers)

Remote location 2: Main Network -> BBB.BBB.1.0/24 (DNS servers located with Domain Controllers)

1. The primary location and both remote locations are communicating between each other just fine.  
2. Both remote locations can access the External company website just fine.  
3. The Wifi network at our Primary Location can access the external company website just fine.
4. No other issues with external websites at our Primary location, just issue accessing company website.

Company website is:

When accessed via our Primary locations's Main Subnet, we get this browser error:  "This site can't be reached.  The connection was reset"

Any suggestions as to where to look for the cause of this issue would be greatly appreciated!
We have a Windows Server 2008 with 3 Virtual Servers

We use Comcast and have about 30 PC's on the network with Netgear switches.

We got hit with a Backdoor Virus

We will be replacing Malware Bytes Premium  with their Anti-Exploit program.

Servers are virus free.

I have notice pinging the Servers within the office has slowed - Should always be a response of 1ms. I am getting timeouts and pining comes back with 25-30ms replies, but occasionally times out - Even pinging the primary Servers, etc occasionally times out.

DO I have a bad switch? I notice lots of collisions on the switches - blinking constantly - Ethernet does that - not sure where to look. It is ok occasionally, but then everything slows down to a crawl. instead of pings from office computers getting 1ms responses it will come back as 1ms and then 20ms, and have timeout.

Not sure where to start looking. Waiting on anti-exploit program to replace Malwarebyte Premium which was not means for Servers.

Everything was fine earlier, but had to reboot because Routing and Remote Service could not be stopped. It hung on stopping. I had to reboot Primary Server. It is now slow with slow pings.

No Virus currently present but network is slow in both pings to the primary Servers and pinging the internet.

I need to find out why our network is so slow. Pinging a local server and having it time out sometimes is obviously a problem. Pinging gets good replies sometimes but …
I'm trying to share files and folders between a Windows 10 and Windows 7 PC, but I'm having the following problems.  I'm not sure how to share permissions or what kind of network to select to do what I want (ie, Home, Work, Public):

*Computer A and Computer B want to be able to see one another's Public folders and shared subfolders under their User directory, but are able to see the entire user folder and all subfolders instead.

*Connecting from a Windows 7 PC to a Windows 10 PC says the user account "has been disabled;" is there a way to get it to prompt for a password instead?

*There is no domain, so should I connect using the full ComputerName\UserAccount?  Would having the same user account and password as the target computer help?

Hello EE,
We have a GPO that is to disable all windows firewall since we have a corporate solution.
My question is if I look all but the home/work networks are disabled, but I can't determine what is missing to get the home/work to also be disabled.  It is currently on for all Windows 7 clients.
Hello Experts,
This is a small LAN with three computers.
Two HP all in one (core i3)
and one laptop hp celeron
They all share files.

the thing is we get this " Error reading " constantly.
I close apps and restart the app and all is ok again

all pcs are set never sleep... is it possible there are other parameters ?
Also is it possible the modem is disconnecting.?

How can I test the LAN in order to see why is it disconnecting ?

I have setup Windows Home Server with an X510 Data Vault for a desktop PC and a laptop.
There is a separate user account for each computer and the back up function works overnight as configured.

1. The Homeserver computer shows up in Network under Computers on the laptop but not on the desktop.
2. When I attempt to Restore or View files from a backup from the desktop, the Opening backup: stalls at 79%.

1. to be able to view Homeserver in Network under computers.
2. To be able to Restore or View files from a backup on the desktop.


Windows Networking





The Windows operating systems have distinct methodologies for designing and implementing networks, and have specific systems to accomplish various networking processes, such as Exchange for email, Sharepoint for shared files and programs, and IIS for delivery of web pages. Microsoft also produces server technologies for networked database use, security and virtualization.