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The Windows operating systems have distinct methodologies for designing and implementing networks, and have specific systems to accomplish various networking processes, such as Exchange for email, Sharepoint for shared files and programs, and IIS for delivery of web pages. Microsoft also produces server technologies for networked database use, security and virtualization.

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We have had a lot of people in & out of company lately, and can expect a lot more of this over the next month or so, causing my DHCP pool of addresses to be eaten up rather quickly.
I've added more, decreased the lease time from 8 days to 3, but is there a way to revoke(?) any addresses that haven been inactive in the last 3 days?
Also, I had noticed several that had BAD ADDRESS next to them. What's up with that?
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I have a peer-to-peer network with all windows 10 pro and one windows 7 pro workstations. I am pretty sure that prior to the windows 10 1803 update I could go to windows explorer and click on network and see all the computers in the workgroup (they are all members of the same workgroup). Now all that the workstations can see are three of the computers (all see the same three) except for one computer that I have determined is the master browser. It is able to see all the workstations. If I run a net view from the master browser it immediately lists all the computers. However if I run the net view command from any of the other workstations there is a delay and I get one of two error messages - either "system error 1231 has occurred" or "the service has not been started - see help message 2184".
I have made sure that all the workstations are on a private as opposed to public network, I have network discovery and file sharing turned on and I have turned on the windows feature SMB 1.0. I have enabled Netbios over TCP/IP. I have checked all aplloicable services and they are running.

I can ping all the computers and can access them via UNC and add a shortcut to the quick launch. I just cannot see them through explorer. I am baffled and searches show I am not the only one with this problem but I have been unable to find a resolution.

I just did a little more investigation and turned on the column for Discovery Method and see that the three computers that are visible are …
I often need to determine the IP address of printers that are mapped to Windows 10 computer using WSD.

What is the best method for doing this?

Is this IP address stored somewhere within Windows 10 (such as the registry) where it can be looked up?
I have a handful of machines that are unable to connect to a specific database on our domain.   The SQL database uses the end users creds to authenticate.  While troubleshooting the problem I noticed that these machines all have NT Authority listed in the Domain field and have Service listed as a username when trying to re-join the machines to the domain using sysdm.cpl (System Properties control panel).   Normally (and with all the other 1,000 or so machines that are able to connect to the SQL database) these fields show logged in user as the username and our domain name in the domain field.  I'm assuming whatever is causing NT Authority to appear in the Domain field is also causing the machine to not be able to authenticate with the SQL database.   I've tried re-joining the machines back to the domain with the proper username and domain field.  However after rebooting, I'll check it again and it reverts back to Service as the username and NT Authority as the domain.   I added a couple screen shots.  Any suggestions as to what might cause this?  Thanks,

How can I give a user from another local Win10 computer folder permission to a shared folder?  These are individual PCs and not domain joined.
After logging in the users are getting pop recycling bin errors on their redirected folders. Like "the recyclin bin is corrupt on \\server\redirected\videos." and asked if they would like to delete the corrupted recycling bin. It keep recurring.
Hi experts
Shared folders on keep asking for password even with administrator pass
However i can connect remotely to the same server with the same Authentication
I had this question after viewing Unable to start workstation service.

I'm running Windows 10 Pro 1709, and cannot start the Workstation Service, When I try I receive Error 1075 "The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion."

Dependencies from registry key "DependOnService" are: "bowser mrxsmb10 mrxsmb20 nsi".

Any help would surely be most appreciated.

Thank you.
Hi Experts,
We have setup a server farm technology where file is on the local server and users are accessing the file thru the farm.
Now we are experiencing FE file corruption very frequent, not sure if this started immediately after the farm setup but this is now whats happening, and lately it can happens a couple of times a day.
See attached error that users are getting.
As soon I connect to pc and open the file, it asks if want repair, and I say yes, and then everything is fine.
I told users they must close access prior to logging off the farm, and they say this is what they do.
Last night I had only one user on, fixed it and in the morning, still only that user was on and problem happen again..
What can be done?
Thanks in advance.
about INTERNET  NTP vs GPS Ntp which is Better to synchronize to clients.please share  the Documents of Internet NTP
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator
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Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

If I ping my desktop (Connected via LAN cable) from laptop (Connected via Wifi) with Static IPv4 it says Destination host unreachable both computer are windows 7 and connected to the same router (D-Link 2750 U).

Windows firewall is disabled on both machine.

How can I network this two machine one connected via UTP cable (LAN) and other with Wifi ?
This image will help you to understand the network I want to make.
Our network is spread in 5 countries, one of our site we are not able to access any folders on there servers (Windows 2012 / 2008), they cant access folders on other country folders as well . Have tried this link, but it didnt make any difference.
Single Server 2012 R2 network w/40 Win7 PC's.  All "appears to function just fine but continually getting DNS - BPA reports "DNS Servers on Ethernet should include the loopback address, but not as the first entry".

NIC is configured:
Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

I've tried different combinations of these addresses.  Should I have our ISP's DNS server settings as primary?

I confess I'm no DNS expert, nor do I know anything about actively managing an IPv6 network.  I can find my way around IPv4 and basic DNS functions just fine.

Connection has  “Microsoft Network Adaptor Multiplexor Protocol” unchecked.  Unsure if this is a default setting or if done as part of earlier diagnostics.  Will follow best practices.

Unsure if it is related but all workstations on the network are Windows7 Pro.  Most of them show a yellow exclamation mark on the network icon in the task bar and “no Internet” although the Internet connection is just fine.  I disable IPv6 momentarily and the exclamation mark goes away.  I reenable IPv6 and the exclamation mark stays gone until the next reboot.

Any assistance appreciated.
Helping out someone that deleted a big folder from desktop on a stand alone machine.  It warned him 'too big for recycle bin' and he said yes.

It's a windows 10 machine. What's the best app these days to get it back?  It's on a laptop /1 hard drive.  would you take the drive out to slave it in another windows PC to run the app you recommend?  Or are there bootable disks with the app you like?

By the way. what's the story with enabling / disabling / what is the default setting for previous versions and the message 'no previous versions found'. (right click on desktop folder, choose properties, choose 'previous version' tab.

hello experts
i need via command to configure my window 2008 R2 DHCP server option 121, but i got the following error so it not works, could you help on this how to do this correctly?
thank you

C:\Windows\system32>netsh dhcp server scope set optionvalue 121 binary -NetworkAddress -SubnetMask -GatewayAddress

Changed the current scope context to scope.

DHCP Server Scope Set OptionValue failed.

Parameter(s) passed are either incomplete or invalid.
We did a test restore of a VMware image level backup at another location.  Now I want to power it on and connect it into AD without causing any problems.   The original server is powered on and running.  

If I disconnect it from the network in VMware, power it on, change the name and join it to a Workgroup before reconnecting it will this cause any issues when I join it back into the domain under the  new name?
We run a small network with less than 256 devices so we use static IP addressing (IP subnet
We recently expanded our equipment so I changed the subnet to on all existing servers, workstations, printers, switches, routers, etc to accommodate new workstations in the 192.168.1.? range.

Any workstation (new or old) that I change to the 192.168.1.* range has communications problems. Most notably drive mapping on logon and being accessed by remove viewing products like VNC. Each time I change a machine back to the 192.168.0.* range the problems go away.

Any direction on how to troubleshoot this issue would help !
Dear wizards, my server is encrypted to .bip files.

Can we decrypt them?

The original IT people started using the subnet. I am in the process of migrating to a new server. I set up the DHCP Server with the same scope but when I look at a workstation that received a DHCP address it is telling me the subnet mask is which is not correct. It should be but I can't find anywhere in the DHCP server to set the subnet mask it passes out. Can someone clue me in?
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Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Exchange Server

The MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 certification validates your skills in supporting the maintenance and administration of the Exchange servers in an enterprise environment. Learn everything you need to know with this course.

How can I make the Wi-Fi network stay connected while a laptop is plugged into the network with an Ethernet cable within Windows 10?

Some laptops on our network (mostly Microsoft Surfaces) disconnect from the Wi-Fi network whenever they are plugged into the network using an Ethernet network cable.

The Ethernet network connects the laptop to the same network and subnet that the laptops are connected to via Wi-Fi.

I need to make sure that these laptops stay connected to the Wi-Fi network whenever they are connected to the same network using an Ethernet network cable. How can this be done?
under Group Policy Editor for Advanced Audit Policy configuration
i need to edit and make the Audit events sucess or failure for all 100+ workgroup windows 2008 r2

is there any way can export setting of this under system Audit policies from one system and import to other 99 systems?

Attached picture, as im doing manually
MiTech Network Scanner I use to scan networks does not show installed software on Windows 10, never worked for WIN10 but has worked for every operating system prior. What configuration on WIN10 computers do I need to make for this to work?

It's a great tool to create reports on new networks. On networks I fully manage I have RMM services.
related to my previous question

I like zone alarm more than hosts file or looking through logs

There are pop up messages in sys tray telling me that skype is connecting 3 different ways
Do I approve. Yes
And I save that approval.
I will try blocking to see how programs can malfunction.

Due to my skill level; I am looking for another program like zone alarm where I am prompted to allow/deny a program access to network/intenet

With NetWorx you can:

    Find out and monitor how fast your Internet connection is and how much Internet traffic you consume.
    Verify whether your ISP charges your Internet usage fairly.
    Detect a suspicious network activity on your computer.
    Perform simple network tests such as ping and trace route.
    Be notified about excessive Internet usage.

Yes I can get notified but can I use the interface to block a suspicious network activity on my computer and keep that program running.
I dont want to have to find the program and shut it down completely
I want to play windows solitare but dont think that the program requires access to the intenet
\\ACCOUNTING runs Windows 10 Pro.  \\WORKSTATION runs Windows 7 Pro.  The Windows 10 computer had the 1803 update installed two nights ago.  Since then, \\ACCOUNTING is not accessible for network shares by \\WORKSTATION.  It can be pinged, but any attempt to access shares (i.e. accounting application that worked without error prior to 1803) no longer work.  Attempts to create other network shares for temporary mapping also fail.  I've paused virus protection and have turned off the firewall with no change in accessibility.  As such, \\WORKSTATION can no longer access \\ACCOUNTING to run accounting app or to access any other shares.

Any ideas?



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The Windows operating systems have distinct methodologies for designing and implementing networks, and have specific systems to accomplish various networking processes, such as Exchange for email, Sharepoint for shared files and programs, and IIS for delivery of web pages. Microsoft also produces server technologies for networked database use, security and virtualization.