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The Windows operating systems have distinct methodologies for designing and implementing networks, and have specific systems to accomplish various ...

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Troubleshooting Question

Wpad/Pac file - different way of writing the syntax?

Hi guys,

I have a slight issue here. We are putting in Watchguard firewalls and unfortunately our …
Troubleshooting Question

unable to open file explorer

Windows 10 laptop can't open the file explorer folder, it hangs but when we click start and type …
Troubleshooting Question

how do I resolve a domain trust conflict that was previously working?

I have two forests hoya.int and ve.com both had a trust that was created sometime back that has been …
Troubleshooting Question

Cannot map Azure AD drive

Hello everyone,
I am having issues connecting to my Azure AD share from any computer, including ones …
Troubleshooting Question

local clients cant ping domain.local

After getting a new ISP none of the workstations can ping domain.local
The Server is a Windows 2012 …
Troubleshooting Question

Why would IPv6 interfere with pinging an IPv4 address?

I ran into an odd (to me, at least) situation at a client's yesterday and was hoping to understand …
Troubleshooting Question

Win XP box, mapped drive to server, file sometimes come up with wrong version in folder, then reverts to correct version of file

We have some older PC's running XP, say 15 of them. We have to support some legacy product with …
Troubleshooting Question

Workstations lose connection to network shares and need to be rebooted in order to reconnect to shared resources.

I have a situation where workstations will lose the connection to network shares and printers during

Troubleshooting Question

Change script to prompt user for variables instead

I would like to change this script to prompt the user to input the variables instead..  

Troubleshooting Question

When I connect to a mapped drive (mapped via login script) it opens but displays no contents.

I have a client that maps several drives at login. This is isolated to one user and one of her …
Troubleshooting Question


My company has been hit with Ransomware and you all can understand what is going on.  They have made …
Troubleshooting Question

Best method to access SAN

I have a QNAP SAN and wanting to use it to archive quite a bit of stagnant data (multiple …
Troubleshooting Question

SBS 2011 - Network card random issues

byAdam D
I have an old SBS 2011 that has been working for a while without issue.  I restart the machine on a …
Troubleshooting Question

server 2016 essentials dhcp issues following June 2020 updates

Haven't narrowed it to the server yet - was suspicious of the longtime HP managed gigabit switch - …
Troubleshooting Question

Why is MS Edge using ephemeral port range?

I'm seeing Microsoft Edge using the ephemeral port range, however, i'm not able to find an …
Troubleshooting Question

How to disable OpenVPN reconnect?

Hello Experts,

How are you?

I have an OpenVPN server running perfectly, but has only one …
Troubleshooting Question

Adding host to domain behind NAT (overlapping subnets)

I am aware that adding hosts to the domain behind the NAT'ed domain controllers/DNS is not a …
Troubleshooting Question

Windows Firewall - Limiting Connections to a network port to a specific IP

I have an Allworx phone server that relies on a server application to perform backups.  Basically …
Troubleshooting Question

Can UNC by HOSTNAME, Cannot UNC by IP

I can unc to \\hostname\c$
But I cannot to \\\c$

Ping hostname =
IP …

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