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The Windows operating systems have distinct methodologies for designing and implementing networks, and have specific systems to accomplish various networking processes, such as Exchange for email, Sharepoint for shared files and programs, and IIS for delivery of web pages. Microsoft also produces server technologies for networked database use, security and virtualization.

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An nslookup on my domain servers returns a wrong non-authoritative zone.  An nslookup from for returns an incorrect non-authoritative dns server.  The result goes:

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18363.657]
(c) 2019 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Default Server:

Non-authoritative answer:

Any nslookup result is always appended the result with that ""

Any ideas on how to correct the matter would be appreciated
Dear Experts
We are in process of implementing on-premise exchange enterprise server, as our userbase is lesser than 25 we are installing following 1 and 2 roles in same server which is behind the firewall
1.Client Access services -
2.Mailbox services
Now please suggest should we have setup one more windows server in DMZ and install Edge Transport role here.
We have also procured barracuda email security on-site appliance.
Please suggest does the Edge Transport role to be setup in DMZ by retaining above 1 and 2 behind the firewall and in our design barracuda email security appliance exists hence Edge Transport role not required, please help in the design, thanks in advance.
Dear Experts
In windows Active Directory how to set users belonging to group “A” automatically prompt for the password reset  for 45 days and for the users belonging to the group “B” password never expires, please provide the steps to do this. Thanks in advance.
I have used a Windows 10 VPN connection for years and now it's dropping the connection after a short while. The VPN server reports that the disconnecting was by user. The VPN client reports (RasClient in event viewer) reports reason code returned on termination is 829. That error code refers to a failure of the connection but that can't be the problem, I don't think. There are 2 computers of the same type (Surface Pro) both accessing the same VPN server from the same location. One works without difficulty, the other drops the connection. Settings are the same for both client computers except one accesses the internet wirelessly via a router and the other one, the problematic one, is wired to the same router. The only difference I see in the event logs is that on the problematic client the link to the RAS server is established by "user System" and on the one that works the link is established by the actual user name. I have tried everything I can find on the internet.
I have some strangeness happening. Please take a look at the diagram so that you can use as a reference. Maybe once or twice a day the inter goes in and out at building 2 and 3. When it goes out I get some ping request that fail to Edgeswitch3. Edge switch 3 is connected to Edgeswitch2 via ethernet patch cable. I cannot ping edgeswitch 2 at all. Here are my findings and strange things I found. Lets start with Edgeswitch 1

Server resides where Edgeswitch 1 resides

Edgeswitch 1
1) When I log in I connect via
2) When I log in to the legacy interface it says the ip address is (See screenshot)
3) Fiber connects Edgeswitch 1 to Edgeswitch2

Edgeswitch 2
1) Cannot ping this switch, or access the gui as a result. I logged into via serial console (Putty) and confirmed the ip address is
2) I have the running config attached below.
3) Edgeswitch 2 connected to Edgeswitch 3 via ethernet patch cable.
4) This switch has been this way for a few years. It worked so I did not reset it. Someone else configured this switch.

Edgeswitch 3
1) (I can ping it, but when the ping is not 1ms consistently. Sometimes its 64ms, 15ms, all up and down.

I see no errors on the port statistics. on Switch 1 and 3. Im contemplating resetting Edgeswitch 2.

Network DiagramEDGESWITCH 1
Interface Status............................... Up
IP Address.....................................

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Windows networking refuses to accept password - even when copied and pasted after reset!

No server involved. Just one machine sharing a bunch of its files with two others. The share is set up and working for one of the other two.

Set up the local user account for the second machine, using the same password on the host as on the client. From the client, the password was refused. So once I confirmed that it was definitely identical at both ends, I changed the password to SIMPLE, sent a copy back to the client using a "Turbonote" and copied and pasted that into the password field. Even that was rejected.  Tried simple stuff like rebooting both ends but cannot get the "Server" to accept any password from the second client. And yes, it is clearly the password failing, not the connection. The turbonote helps prove you're on the same network but windows login is reasonably specific and distinguishes between failure to find a target and failure to authenticate. In this case, it clearly recognises the target, the share and the username. It's only the password it's refusing to accept and I haven't a clue how to bully it into submission.

Permissions stop working on a file share. A user who was previously able to edit, move or delete files receives a message. "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file it is open in another program
close the folder or file and try again. This happened a about a month ago as well. We need a permanent solution to this issue.
Is it possible to print to a local printer when connected remotely to a server or workstation via the Windows Server Essentials Remote Web Access (aka Anywhere Access) system?  We would like to be able to print locally to a printer in the same location as the remote computer (rather than on the Essentials network).  Is this possible?  If so, what is the simplest method to redirect printed output to the local printer?  Thanks very much.
Hi Experts, I got these question regarding WSUS management

For 1 - yellow warnings at the left: I noticed that some updates have them and some do not have. Should I approve the updates which do not have yellow warnings? Most of them said about the not applicable PCs

For 2 - Percentage of Installed/Not applicable: it is better to have it small or high? And can you suggest for better operation of WSUS?

And 3 - How can I check the update results of all PCs on WSUS server?

Many thanks!
Dear Experts, we are deploying a WSUS in our domain environment and have some questions. Please suggest?

- As you can see here, we have about 350 GB of updates to download to local drive at WSUS server. But will they stay there forever? If so, they will quickly fill up our storage?
- Should we add new group of PC? If so, What is the purpose of creating a new group?
- When the PCs are updated, will they automatically choose their suitable updates (for example: win7 will choose win7's updates, not win8 or win10)?
Just asking because I approved all updates to All Computer group.

- Can you suggest some "best pratices" of managing WSUS?

Many thanks!
Dear Wizards, I have some PCs/laptops which joined our domain, but in those devices, the users already installed several applications before joining domain. (the app was installed manually by users, not GPO)

Now Can we delete those applications via GPO? or some way else ? Our purpose is to prevent users from using those app in domain-joined PCs/laptops.
hi i know to share folder from xp to win10 i need to enable smbv1 in win10 then i can read/write folder from xp. but how to share folder from win10 to winxp?
just a general question
when I try to ping my router from a local computer which is connected with lan cable- ping time is ms<1, ttl is 255
when I ping my server in same lan:
ping time is <1, but ttl is 128

why there is vary in ttl when I ping my sever and router from same local computer . anything I need to worry ??
hi guys,

I got nbn fibre to node . and using telstra router

but I wanted to use my dlink firewall, which has only wan port. no dsl/adsl port.
since it is nbn to node, I need to use my telstra router and then dlink firewall.

here can I put my telstra router in bridge mode ? and connect from telstra lan to dlink firewall wan port. will that be working ?
by making telstra route as bridge mode, I assume I will not have double nat scenario. am I right !???
We are moving to a new Windows domain on the same network. The current DC is also running DHCP. We can setup AD and DNS on the new DC without issue, but we need DHCP to join PCs to the new domain. Can two DHCP servers be configured to run on the same network, Do we need to stop the live, production DHCP service to perform tests with a computer on the new domain?

What is best way to move from an existing DHCP server to a new one with the same scope?

I have a Server 2012 VM setup so that users can remote desktop in and access our software. I have group policies setup so users cannot search the internet, shutdown the server, run updates etc. When a user tries to open a folder I get an error "Server Execution Failed". Administrators can access folders just fine, but not users. I cannot figure out which Group Policy would cause this. Any ideas?

I did no change but now I cannot access Mysql below. Why?
And how to resolve error below?
No printer installed (screenshot attached - noprinter.jpg)noprinter.png

After executing the command, the printer is installed successfully (screenshot np.png)np.png

Now, if we are trying to install the printer using Powershell remotely, it is giving us error:
PS Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::\\EUX-LAB-server1\SPPrints> Enter-PSSession -ComputerName EUX-LAB-Client4


[EUX-LAB-Client4]: PS C:\Users\amtanwar\Documents> Invoke-WmiMethod -ComputerName "EUX-LAB-Client4" -Namespace "root\cimv2" -Class Win32_Printer -Name AddPrinterConnection -ArgumentList \\EUX-LAB-Server3\SamsungLaserPS
Invoke-WmiMethod : Not supported
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (:) [Invoke-WmiMethod], ManagementException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvokeWMIManagementException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.InvokeWmiMethod

This is the PS cmd I am using to install the printer

Invoke-WmiMethod -ComputerName "EUX-LAB-Client4" -Namespace "root\cimv2" -Class Win32_Printer -Name AddPrinterConnection -ArgumentList \\EUX-LAB-Server3\SamsungLaserPS

I have also tried the options mentioned in

The Option 2, worked for installation, but a reboot is required which is not feasible for every user in our environment or any environment to reboot after printer installation.

HOWEVER, if I try to execute this

Hi I would like some advice on how to reset my surface pro 4 and change setting to ensure I am full admin of my lap top and have no one controlling my pc from remote pc as I have concerns that my lap top is being monitered and controlled by someone in my home I have recently downloaded a programme called speccy and it shows that I am actually using a virtual pc I was unawear of this so when I have looked at my services and settings im not 100% but it looks to me like I am being monitored and controlled by someone else which is why I would be gratefull for some professional advice as I have very little understanding on this sort of thing my knowledge is basic but if it possible for someone to help me by checking some settings and giving me advice I would be very grateful
Can you let me know what these settings and services mean
Operating System
      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
      Computer type: Virtual
      Installation Date: 29/07/2019 23:29:02
      Serial Number: (personal information removed)
            Windows Security Center
                  User Account Control (UAC)      Enabled
                  Notify level      2 - Default
                  Firewall      Enabled
            Windows Update
                  AutoUpdate      Not configured
            Windows Defender
                  Windows Defender      Enabled
                  Antivirus      Enabled
                  Display Name      Windows Defender
                  Virus Signature Database      Up to date
            .NET Frameworks installed
                  v4.8 Full
                  v4.8 Client
                  v3.5 SP1
                  v3.0 SP2
                  v2.0 SP2
            Internet Explorer
                  Version      11.356.18362.0
                  Version      …
are on the same cluster network, yet address is not reachable from using UDP on port 3343.
hello Experts
today i am facing serious problems for my two win2k8 R2 servers, after i click windows update and reboot, i found i can't share files on it and can't RDP it, then i noticed the server service stopped and could not up, below is the error while i try to start it manually(see screenshot below), i did the same with other 5 servers without any issue only mentioned two, i did uninstall all update installed but doesn't help, also try search solution on internet but looks none helpful, could you give me some suggestion then?

Hi, I need a Remote connection alternative. We use Logmein, Teamviewer, Splashtop. Does anyone know secure but less expensive one for Servers and workstations? One of my clients wants to change to something else.

So we are trying to get a XP Machine to connect to a Windows 7 shared folder, but we are not able to connect to any shares on the Windows 7 machine.

From a run box if we type \\ThePCName\ the only message we get is :

Server Unavailable, you might not have permission to use this network.

We dont even get the credentials popup box in windows XP. We have put the username and password inv the 'Use Other Credentials' box, but still the same.

There was an issue with the windows firewall not loading on the XP Machine but we fixed that. Disabled the firewall. Uninstalled all antivirus 3rd party software.

Its worth mentioning that the windows 7 machine is a virtual machine as well. But it has other shared folders on it and the XP machine connected to those fine. IT not cant connect to any of them. Other machines are connecting to the windows shares just fine.

Thank you
We are having an issue where one of our users cannot scan to their folder on the server. The setup is that there is a scans folder with a separate folder inside for each user, and their Konica has addresses setup with permissions to the main scans folder. There are several users who can scan to their respective folders with no issue, but there are a few that get an error when they try to scan to their folder (16712685). We have reconfirmed the username and password, removed the scan address and re-added it, and added explicit permissions for the child folder, but have had no success. Thoughts?
Dear All

             How can i use GPO to remove VNC application ? any help would be appreicated


Windows Networking





The Windows operating systems have distinct methodologies for designing and implementing networks, and have specific systems to accomplish various networking processes, such as Exchange for email, Sharepoint for shared files and programs, and IIS for delivery of web pages. Microsoft also produces server technologies for networked database use, security and virtualization.