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The Windows operating systems have distinct methodologies for designing and implementing networks, and have specific systems to accomplish various networking processes, such as Exchange for email, Sharepoint for shared files and programs, and IIS for delivery of web pages. Microsoft also produces server technologies for networked database use, security and virtualization.

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Port 25 is open but I've got the following. Any advice?
C:\Users\Administrator>telnet localhost 25
Connecting To localhost...Could not open connection to the host, on port 25: Connect failed
Microsoft Azure 2017
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Microsoft Azure 2017

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I did no change but now I cannot access Mysql below. Why?
And how to resolve error below?
How do you, as an administrator, start to debug a duplicate IP address (screen shot attached)?
I have Oracle 12c server  set up in an Azure VM  .  This need to be accessed by another Azure VM (Both machines are windows 2016 servers)  . I have opened port 1521 and I can do psping to port 1521. But Oracle connection fails
Are there any extra setting to be done with Oracle server  or client
No printer installed (screenshot attached - noprinter.jpg)noprinter.png

After executing the command, the printer is installed successfully (screenshot np.png)np.png

Now, if we are trying to install the printer using Powershell remotely, it is giving us error:
PS Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::\\EUX-LAB-server1\SPPrints> Enter-PSSession -ComputerName EUX-LAB-Client4


[EUX-LAB-Client4]: PS C:\Users\amtanwar\Documents> Invoke-WmiMethod -ComputerName "EUX-LAB-Client4" -Namespace "root\cimv2" -Class Win32_Printer -Name AddPrinterConnection -ArgumentList \\EUX-LAB-Server3\SamsungLaserPS
Invoke-WmiMethod : Not supported
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (:) [Invoke-WmiMethod], ManagementException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvokeWMIManagementException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.InvokeWmiMethod

This is the PS cmd I am using to install the printer

Invoke-WmiMethod -ComputerName "EUX-LAB-Client4" -Namespace "root\cimv2" -Class Win32_Printer -Name AddPrinterConnection -ArgumentList \\EUX-LAB-Server3\SamsungLaserPS

I have also tried the options mentioned in

The Option 2, worked for installation, but a reboot is required which is not feasible for every user in our environment or any environment to reboot after printer installation.

HOWEVER, if I try to execute this

I have synology data storage  that have multiples files and folder shared on it.
how I can  generate a tree graphical for all folders and files on it with the sizes.
I tried with tree command but it's only show files and folders name but not show the sizes.
Hi I would like some advice on how to reset my surface pro 4 and change setting to ensure I am full admin of my lap top and have no one controlling my pc from remote pc as I have concerns that my lap top is being monitered and controlled by someone in my home I have recently downloaded a programme called speccy and it shows that I am actually using a virtual pc I was unawear of this so when I have looked at my services and settings im not 100% but it looks to me like I am being monitored and controlled by someone else which is why I would be gratefull for some professional advice as I have very little understanding on this sort of thing my knowledge is basic but if it possible for someone to help me by checking some settings and giving me advice I would be very grateful
Can you let me know what these settings and services mean
Operating System
      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
      Computer type: Virtual
      Installation Date: 29/07/2019 23:29:02
      Serial Number: (personal information removed)
            Windows Security Center
                  User Account Control (UAC)      Enabled
                  Notify level      2 - Default
                  Firewall      Enabled
            Windows Update
                  AutoUpdate      Not configured
            Windows Defender
                  Windows Defender      Enabled
                  Antivirus      Enabled
                  Display Name      Windows Defender
                  Virus Signature Database      Up to date
            .NET Frameworks installed
                  v4.8 Full
                  v4.8 Client
                  v3.5 SP1
                  v3.0 SP2
                  v2.0 SP2
            Internet Explorer
                  Version      11.356.18362.0
                  Version      …
are on the same cluster network, yet address is not reachable from using UDP on port 3343.
hello Experts
today i am facing serious problems for my two win2k8 R2 servers, after i click windows update and reboot, i found i can't share files on it and can't RDP it, then i noticed the server service stopped and could not up, below is the error while i try to start it manually(see screenshot below), i did the same with other 5 servers without any issue only mentioned two, i did uninstall all update installed but doesn't help, also try search solution on internet but looks none helpful, could you give me some suggestion then?

Hi, I need a Remote connection alternative. We use Logmein, Teamviewer, Splashtop. Does anyone know secure but less expensive one for Servers and workstations? One of my clients wants to change to something else.
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Become a CompTIA Certified Healthcare IT Tech

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So we are trying to get a XP Machine to connect to a Windows 7 shared folder, but we are not able to connect to any shares on the Windows 7 machine.

From a run box if we type \\ThePCName\ the only message we get is :

Server Unavailable, you might not have permission to use this network.

We dont even get the credentials popup box in windows XP. We have put the username and password inv the 'Use Other Credentials' box, but still the same.

There was an issue with the windows firewall not loading on the XP Machine but we fixed that. Disabled the firewall. Uninstalled all antivirus 3rd party software.

Its worth mentioning that the windows 7 machine is a virtual machine as well. But it has other shared folders on it and the XP machine connected to those fine. IT not cant connect to any of them. Other machines are connecting to the windows shares just fine.

Thank you
Have a customer that is experiencing an issue with one of his mapped drives on all his newer computers, Windows 10, version 1809 and later. The client has an application that only works with a live F drive, so this is causing the Line of Business app not to work.

Here are the details.

1. Server 2012 R2
2. All mapped drives set to Update in Group Policy
3. Only one of the drives shows as "Disconnected Network Drive" with a red X, although you can double click into it and see the folders.
4. All other drives map properly.
5. If you reboot, the first time you log in it will map correctly, then subsequent logins show Disconnected Network Drive. Even if it's the same user.
6. Right clicking and trying to disconnect that drive gives "This network connection does not exist".
7. Net Use F: /delete gives "The network connection could not be found".
8. Once it's broken, I can not get it to un-break without a reboot.
9. Group Policy Warning message in event viewer shows "The user 'F:' preference item in the 'Mapped Drives Policy {8EA43EA5-6CF4-40C8-A79E-B415FD764679}' Group Policy Object did not apply because it failed with error code '0x80070055 The local device name is already in use.' This error was suppressed."
10. Windows Firewall is off.
11. Domain Un-Join, Re-Join doesn't resolve it.
12. If you stay logged in the first time after a reboot, it will stick.

Referenced many articles on this issue, including:

Mapped network drive may fail to reconnect in Windows…
I have an MSI package that prompts for UAC after initialized.  How do I stop this using Orca?
I have 2 networks at different locations. They both run active directory with different domain names.

Site A is the main site  ( subnet)
Site B is the network I want to migrate. ( subnet)

I want to move all server hardware from site B to Site A. What is the best way to accomplish this?  I know I will need to create a site to site vpn, and a vlan. What is the best way to go about doing this?

1) The router at Site B will need to become the DHCP server
2) How do I keep all devices that are part of Site B domain on the subnet. They may take a laptop that belongs to Site B and logon to wifi at Site A with Site B policies.
3) When I move Site B server to Site A how will two domains on the same network effect each other? They are both DNS servers... I will need to disable site B dns server and do what with Site A dns server?

Any pointers I can get would help.
We are having an issue where one of our users cannot scan to their folder on the server. The setup is that there is a scans folder with a separate folder inside for each user, and their Konica has addresses setup with permissions to the main scans folder. There are several users who can scan to their respective folders with no issue, but there are a few that get an error when they try to scan to their folder (16712685). We have reconfirmed the username and password, removed the scan address and re-added it, and added explicit permissions for the child folder, but have had no success. Thoughts?
Dear All

             How can i use GPO to remove VNC application ? any help would be appreicated

I am getting following errors on the DFS server replication on the receiving server:-
Log Name: DFS Replication
Source: DFSR
Event ID: 2104
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
The DFS Replication service failed to recover from an internal database error on volume E:. Replication has been stopped for all replicated folders on this volume.

Log Name: DFS Replication
Source: DFSR
Event ID: 2004
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
The DFS Replication service stopped replication on volume E:. This failure can occur because the disk is full, the disk is failing, or a quota limit has been reached. This can also occur if the DFS Replication service encountered errors while attempting to stage files for a replicated folder on this volume.

Volume E has free space in Terrabytes.
To me it looks like the database is corrupted on the receiving server.
How can I resolve this?
hi guys,
i have an question about vlan and access points. got 3 vlans. vlan 1 as untag and vlan2,3 as tag.
in access points. only vlan1 gives out dhcp. for vlan2&3 ssid- am getting 169 ip-not getting valid ip.

i have attached a brief diagram about my setup and configs. please have a loook at and let me know if you guys find any problem.s please also let me knnow if the question is not clear.
got watchguard firewall

switch1   - switch1 config - hp switch
switch2   - switch2 config - dlink switch
access point   - access point config
network diagram   - network diagram
I have a DELL XPS 15 laptop.  I have problem of connecting it via WIFI.  I try to remove driver and reinstall. No luck.  This has been working till I went to hotel and tried to connect and failed.  I then remove drivers and update drivers.  None work. When I use DELL online diagnostics, it does not detect any hardware issue.  So I am still thinking it is a configuration issue.  The network driver seems to start successfully.  I can not get it connected.  It looks as if the WIFI is not present in my system.  What will be a good procedure to troubleshoot the problem?
Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5
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Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5

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This site has a SBS2011, a SharePoint server and a few app servers and MS SQL servers.
We are moving to a new facility. The move will take a few phases - so some computers will be moved first but still need to access the domain network in the current site. The two sites can be connected via VPN without a problem.

What should we do to make the computers in the new site still have access to the current site without interrupting server resource access and app running?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

One of our clients has a user who normally hyperlinks files (normally PDFs) into an Excel calendar they have set up for multiple users to access.

They recently had some of their share drives changed over to a DFS setup on a new server. I checked and this seems to be set up correctly and the new drive is mapped correctly (eg. N: drive is mapped to \\\sharedfolder) for the user. However, now when she creates a hyperlink to most files on the new share drive, it does not work correctly.

At first the link is created and can be clicked to open the file without issue, but, once the excel file is saved, closed, and reopened, the link always fails to open and she receives an error message indicating that the file can't be found.

Regardless of whether the file is linked from the N: drive or the file path directly, after failing to find the file, it always displays the file path. For example, whether the file is linked from N:\filename.pdf or from \\domainname\sharedfolder\filename.pdf, after it fails to find the file it always displays the latter path.

Also, when the file is hyperlinked by path initially (\\domainname\sharedfolder\filename.pdf) it seems that the file is inaccessible even before saving, closing, and reopening the file. Is there anything that can be done to resolve this for her?
I have
A PC at my home office
A PC at my work (Don't use laptops, when I am finished at 5:30pm, I'm finished)
A subscription dropbox account, 2TB I think, 18% used.
I voluntarily video quite a few football matches for a local amateur club, and the size of each video can be huge. I forget, maybe 20GB after I edit and export them to MP4 for youtube.

My problem is that I have videos all over the place and I want to organise them so that I will have one copy locally and a 2nd copy on the net with Dropbox.

My work PC has 2 x large internal HDD;s and they ae almost full.
My home PC's HDD is almost full.

Its time to put a solid, accessible, fault-tolerant solution in place.

I want to buy something like:

1. That will become my primary solution long term, 5+ years
2. An external set up disks, external from my PC.
3. That will be very fault tolerant, a few disks and one of the versions of RAID, maybe.
4. That I can access from home PC, office PC, LAN, Android (& maybe iPhones) mobile phone, also accessible via our work LAN, so I am not sure if these means an internal networking software, or a web server, or FTP, or something else, whatever the more modern/useful solutions are, also secure and easy to access.
5. Maybe it needs to have some media management software, I don't know. Currently, I just use the raw file/folder system that comes with windows 10. But maybe as the number of files grows it may become hard to find things.
6. Large, or expandable. EG: …
Dear Experts,

I have two desktops running Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, PC1 and PC2.

Is there anyway to access the folders of PC2 from PC1 despite they are not in a domain but workgroup MSHOME?

My Windows login credential is using pin number.

I have tried to edit the permission but somehow I am not getting it right.

I can see the shared folders but I cannot access further from the shared folder, like I can see Users and the each individual user folders, but I cannot access further.
I added a new server 2016 enterprise about 8 months ago and thought I had migrated everything but cannot disconnect the old 2012 machine from the network without losing the ability to see MOST workstations and NAS's. With it (old) off-net I see 3-4, with it on I see all `12 - have had "expert" try to fix and all I got was an upgrade to Server 2019, some duplicates in the list appearing my workstation and aggravation. Anyway - Have DNS on both and no one has been able to figure out why need an old server or cannot find most AD computers on workstations - Can see all devices (under Network) on New server without old server on the system but same not true for workstations on the domain.  Want to get the old machine out of loop and office but no one seems to have the answer.
Two weeks ago I replaced the GPO default password policy with a new one, and since then the other locations cannot connect to folders on my file server. There is a tunnel between locations and this is how I give them access to files on my domain (there are different domains on each locations)
When I go to check the folder access this is what I see instead of their user names (see attached)
Any ideas?

Windows Networking





The Windows operating systems have distinct methodologies for designing and implementing networks, and have specific systems to accomplish various networking processes, such as Exchange for email, Sharepoint for shared files and programs, and IIS for delivery of web pages. Microsoft also produces server technologies for networked database use, security and virtualization.