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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.

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Does anyone have some thoughts on the how I can implement 2 factor logon on a windows 10 machine but using to new 3rd party credential providers and not using any of the Windows Crendential providers? I want to implement a virtual smart card authentication as the primary authentication and then move to a 3rd party biometric authentication using the device camera but a bespoke CP to perform authentication. When both of these are successfully authenticated move on to a normal opening of windows, authorisation and access.

From what I have read Windows 10 doesnt allow 2 factor without one of the factors being one of the Standard Windows 10 options...........thoughts?

Clearly it must be secure and not compromise any of the underlying security.
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Running Install-WindowsFeature Powershell cmdlet results in 'How do you want to open this file?'

Hi all,

I have a fresh Windows 2016 server build.  I am trying to install some Windows Features via Powershell.

When trying to run the Install-WindowsFeature cmdlet, it pops up with the 'How do you want to open this file?'

Can someone help me resolve this?  Searching around Google, i have only come across a few mentions of other people experiencing this, but without an obvious fix.


This may or may not be significant, but I also noticed that when i press tab (to try and autocomplete the commands) it adds a ."\" to the front of the command.  It also seems to cycle through a list of files as opposed to the expected list of features.

On a test EC2, setup 2012 R2 with shared folder. Remote connection of course works fine, can i net use command from a windows client to access share or what am I missing. The remote desktop uses a assigned ipv4 public address, I made it elastic so its static, i think.

VPN is installed and basic file server services are installed. I dont know how to connect this window 10 home to the AWS instance share.

With NetWorx you can:

    Find out and monitor how fast your Internet connection is and how much Internet traffic you consume.
    Verify whether your ISP charges your Internet usage fairly.
    Detect a suspicious network activity on your computer.
    Perform simple network tests such as ping and trace route.
    Be notified about excessive Internet usage.

Yes I can get notified but can I use the interface to block a suspicious network activity on my computer and keep that program running.
I dont want to have to find the program and shut it down completely
I want to play windows solitare but dont think that the program requires access to the intenet
windows 10
a page that I didnt think was a video becomes a video 5 minutes later

for me it is that page.

I have many browser tabs/windows open and then I need to find the video

I read the article from 2014 but I am looking for windows 10

Is there a program that tells me packets connecting

Not something complex like wireshark

LIke a program saying adobe/apple trying to call home and asking to update.
And I can chose to keep on using program and block internet communication.

Please dont tell me that internet communication is needed and blocking the internet communication of a few programs is dangerous.
To my knowledge; software does not connect to internet.

Windows 10 software requires an email to register.

Before contacting company; I was blocked from using software.

I contacted company and then I could use windows 10 software.

Could company take away access to software.

So I have been getting a couple calls from clients, their Windows 10 computers did the most recent update 1803 & when it comes back up, it is asking about the keyboard layout, if you choose US, then it says ROLLBACK, Windows 10, volume 1 or volume 2, whatever... continue & it NEVER gets past that screen.

One client I was able to PULL drive to get the data, but NOW I am not able to get windows 10 going... it looks like the Windows 10 update 1803 has CRASHED the computer... what the heck... in the last week I have had 4 clients, with same issue...

How do I fix??  What the heck to do??  I hope someone has a fix, please let me know... thank you for your input!
Where can I find popularity per Operating System.   I am surprised some folks never heard of Ubuntu.  Most popular Linux distrubutions I thought.
Please see if someone can find me statistics on OS.   Thank you!!
How can Revo be used to uninstall a program using only its C:\Program Files (86)\ folder location?

This program no longer appears within the Programs and Features List or the Programs list on the Windows 10 computer but continues to run.

The only information I have on it is its program folder location within the C:\Program Files (86)\ folder.

Where do I go within the Revo uninstaller program to enter this program path to have this unwanted program completely uninstalled?
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Windows 10 laptop has upgraded to the April 2018 Update, a week ago.  Not sure if this issue is related to the update.

Cannot set defaults by app.  This laptop was upgraded a week ago and here's what happens:

Start Menu
Default apps
Set defaults by app - Settings window closes

See the attached screen shot from the Windows Reliability monitor.

I decided to try it on my Desktop PC.  Crap, the same thing happens here!

Note, another issue with the laptop. It has had a Windows 7 era Backup & Restore set up to only do an Image backup to a GoFlex external drive.  It has worked for years.  The update to Windows 10 happened well before the official July 29, 2015 end of the free upgrade offer passed.  The backup has been working fine, well past the update from Win7 to Win10 with no modifications required.  Since the April 2018 Update, it will not complete.

There is no problem with the GoFlex, I've looked at it, added files manually, deleted the old Win7 Image Backup files.

Earlier today, a Windows 10 in-place upgrade was performed.  After, the laptop was tested for the Settings issue and it failed again.  And currently, the backup has been running for over an hour and then some, and has been at 95% for over an hour.  The backup is the only thing running and it is churning the hard drive.  There is 148 GB of this 256 GB SSD spoken for, but that includes the …
We have enabled several GPO's in Azure AD however one of them does not seem to be working. The GPO "Turn on Convenience Pin Sign In" is enabled however not working. We also enabled the Windows Hello GPO as well however it doesn't work either. at this point we can't seem to find any additonal information on what is being done incorrectly.

the question is how do we create a GPO in Azure AD that will allow users to create and use pins (or windows hello) ?

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to set up all users to get the default desktop icons (my computer, Recycle bin, Control panel, Network, and username folder)
Ive set all of them up in the group policy management editor however the only one im having issues with is the (username folder) i have tried setting multiple options and i keep getting either (computer name) or i will get (C). Is there anyway to have that reflect the username for who ever logs in?
How to fix this ?
We are creating a kiosk device on Windows 10 Pro and need to pass keyboard input ( credentials ) into an application.  Zero interaction from users is required.
I have researched, python, vbs, batch, powershell scripts.
\\ACCOUNTING runs Windows 10 Pro.  \\WORKSTATION runs Windows 7 Pro.  The Windows 10 computer had the 1803 update installed two nights ago.  Since then, \\ACCOUNTING is not accessible for network shares by \\WORKSTATION.  It can be pinged, but any attempt to access shares (i.e. accounting application that worked without error prior to 1803) no longer work.  Attempts to create other network shares for temporary mapping also fail.  I've paused virus protection and have turned off the firewall with no change in accessibility.  As such, \\WORKSTATION can no longer access \\ACCOUNTING to run accounting app or to access any other shares.

Any ideas?


I have a view in Oracle 12c Windows that is running very poorly.  Lots of full table scans and very costly.  The developer has asked if I could create some indexes.  But I've been unsuccessful in getting the view to use any of the indexes I've tried.

Here is a snippet of the view.  

                  ON      P.PARID = L.PARID AND P.TAXYR = L.TAXYR AND P.CUR = L.CUR
                  ON P.PARID = O.PARID AND P.TAXYR = O.TAXYR      AND P.CUR = O.CUR
            LEFT JOIN IAS.ASMT A2
                   ON P.PARID = A2.PARID AND P.TAXYR = A2.TAXYR AND P.CUR = A2.CUR

The view selected on in the query, "IAS.LEGDATL_VIEW", is basically a "select * from IAS.LEGDAT WHERE CUR="Y";)

All these tables pretty much have 90% of the record with "CUR="Y".   The other 10% is another value. No nulls.

The explain plan shows full scans on the following tables:


I figure if I can get an index working for IAS.OWNDAT, then I can get an index working on the other tables with the same attributes.  so I've been focusing on table IAS.OWNDAT.

So far, I've tried creating …
Access 2013 ".accdb" files dates do not change in Windows File Explorer consistently when the database file is closed. In the old ".mdb" days the file date/time changed without fail, every time the file was opened and then closed.

This change in behavior for Access 2013 files has caused me to load an older version for updating inadvertently multiple times. Needless to say this is very irritating.

Any solutions?

This is my command: vlc --width=1920 --height=1375 --video-x=0 --video-y=1175 video.mp4 --no-video-deco --no-embedded-video

No matter what I change the --width= setting to, it doesn't make any difference. The video window is always the same (very large. Am I missing something? I'm using version VLC 3.0.2 for Windows.
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It appears that a very recent MS W10 update from last week is causing major problems in some systems.  I have now tried to help two neighbors who have both experienced what I would call is a freeze of the OS and some major functions no longer working properly if at all.  For example, in the first case, there is a screen that asks for the keyboard language and then upon selecting US, it appears to try and boot but just cycles thru the same issue asking for the KB language again.  In the second screen, the Windows Icon in the task bar is inoperative as well as other task bar functions.  I've tried using a W10 Recovery CD and that did not help.  I tried fixing with a W10 installation DVD and that doesn't help either.  I ultimately pulled the HDD out of the system, recovered as much data as I could and then regen'd the OS.  Surely, others are experiencing this issue and there must be a better way to roll back the Update or fix this issue so that I don't have to regen.   There is a button to do the rollback but it doesn't fix the doesn't roll back but only brings up the same options screens again.  Trying to use the "fix startup" option does not help either.   Your help is very appreciated.

I am running Windows 10 with Office 2013 on two computers.  I have a customized Outlook task form.  It has an Outlook View Control (Active X control) in the form.

On computer A, it works fine.  On computer B, I get the error "Error Loading Form. Some of the needed controls may not be registered."  Computer A and computer B have identical Office and Outlook updates, so I'm not sure why I get this error on computer B.  Perhaps it's a registry setting?  I don't know a whole lot about how to manipulate registry settings, so....

Thank you for your help in advance,
Is VMware player free still?  I see version 12 require a license.  Anyone has experience with it?
Also, would it take a lot of resources running two OS simutaneosly?
I'm evaluating technical agent software to help me support my end points, right now I'm reviewing ConnectWise. We are a small 50 users company with two locations and many remote users running on Server 2008 and 2012, Exchange 2010, Windows 7 and 10 with M.S. Office, many Autodesk, ESRI and Trimble products. We use WatchGuard firewalls, Silver Peak units. Other software: Newforma and Ajera to help manage, Webroot AV and Malwarebytes suite on all devices.

Any recommendations on support agent/help desk software is appreciated
I have a Small Business Server 2011 standard that is running ShadowProtect SPX for its backups. We are now not getting backups using any backups software (ShadowProtect or Windows backup) and its looking like its due to VSS writers being in a failed state. We have tried to restart the service associated with each writer, but there are obviously some writers that we are unable to restart like this and would have to restart the server itself.
My question is how can we troubleshoot and hopefully resolve this problem with VSS?

I would post some screen shots here, but it would just be nearly every VSS writer in a failed state.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Need advice on moving a VMWare vdmk drive from one Windows server to a replacement server.

We are running VMWare.  I have a file server that is an old Windows 2003 box.  I am replacing it with a new server which will have the same name and ip address, but will be Server 2016.  The data drive, which appears as the second drive, is approximately 1 Tb.  I am hoping that I can remove the vdmk from the original, power the server down, add it to the new server, and rename and ip the new box.  Is it this simple, or am I missing something?  Will the permissions transfer (it's on a domain)?  I think I'll just have to change the share permissions.  


Windows OS





This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.