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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.

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I've been asked to help a visually impaired lady

She has an iPad with an iClooud email address

She would like to be able to read her email on her windows 10 PC using windows mail as she believes it is easier to see

She doesn't want iCloud  for windows
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I recently received the Windows 10 creators update on my laptop computer.  I now get this message...smoni and it indicates "failed to create empty document.  How do I get rid of it and also what caused it?
Dear EE

Please, can someone assist me.

I am in the process of cleaning my RDS servers. Under user profiles, I have a lot of "Account Unknowns". Can these be safely deleted?

I am a bit skeptical to just delete them in case they are linked to an active user's profile.

See attached image.

Thanks in advance.

Just upgraded the memory in a Dell Latitude E6410 from 4GB to 8GB.  The process was simple and the machine recognizes the new memory size in the early stages of power on.  But the O/S (Windows 10) eventually returns an error and offers an F2 or F5 option.  After allegedly trying to repair itself, it will not continue.

If I go back to the original memory (4GB) all is fine causing me to surmise that the problem is :
a) the new memory - bought it from a very reputable shop and they selected it for me based on my machine description, or
b) a configuration setting which I cannot find

Any insights would be much appreciated.   I have studied the process through several on line videos and sites.  They all looked simple BUT they all worked.  Thanks.
we have a Windows Server 2012 R2 with functioning RD Gateway with published apps. It works from everywhere expect one office network location. We have there a SOHO Asus RT-ACRH13  firewall. Computers that can log in from other network locations are unable to login from that location (snapshot attached). We have disabled the firewall feature on it but no luck. Any other ideas what to do?
I have downloaded offline IE 11 setup file from Microsoft website.  MS claims that its offline installer, But while installing it still tries to connect to internet and installation fails.  
Someone please help to know where i can get full offline installer copy of IE 11.   The copy should be tested one.
I am trying to delete files via command line in the c:\users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue\ and I keep geting a "not found" message.   These are the Windows Error Reports and I am trying use sDelete or just regular del from a command line.
I have tried wildcards, full names of the folders in that directory, the RD command,  nothing works.
But I can right-click on them and delete them no problem.  

Looking for a solution so I can run sDelete in a batch file to remove the files and folders in there since they error reports from one application is spilling sensitive data in them when it crashes.    I have about 100 machines to do with numerous profiles on each machine

Thanks in advance
I demoted windows server 2003 in my Ad site, i need to update the DHCP scope.

as my users will be disconnected. what are the steps.
Microsoft updates are getting too large and take too long to download. I work for a school and we have over 250 windows computers that share 100MB internet and they take a long time to update and update at bad times. i am trying to create a wsus server, but keep getting connection errors. we have a xtm525 watchguard firewall and was told there may be a way to prevent the updates at different times. is this correct? Does anyone know how?

thank you
I have a fairly new Dell OptiPlex 3020 PC running Windows 7 professional
- just recently, the PC will not boot. It will come to a Windows blue screen (not the blue screen of death) with a cursor that responds with the mouse. There are no icons on the desktop. we let it run for over 24 hours several times across several days to no avail or change
- this all started two days ago when the user came in and saw all the PC attempting to do a startup repair and it ran for over 24 hours. Attempted several power shutdowns. It would not let you go into normal boot up mode and consistently attempts the start up repair. It will either sit at the start of repair window with a circling cursor and no icons on the screen or the screen would be totally blank
- attempted safe mode boot, same symptoms. Immediately goes into startup repair that never ends
- attempted to boot from a Dell Windows 7 professional CD. The option comes up to go into repair process. I choose the repair process. Then it just spends at a blue screen with no icons and a spinning cursor
- I then attempted to do and install and set up choosing repair and hoping he would give me an option to do an in-place upgrade. Here again, it comes up to a blue window with no icons and says "set up a starting". There is no drive activity. I'll just run it for hours with no progress.
I ran a full Dell diagnostics on the PC including the hard drive. Diagnostics came up clean and found no issues
- my attempt is to get on to the PC …
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Getting windows update error of "80072EFD"

Windows 7 Pro 64 BIT.

See screenshot
I open outlook 2010 and as I go through my day I use the taskbar to open outlook as necessary. I end up with 4 or 5 or more inbox's open. I know this because when I go to hidden icons in the lower right and click on Outlook I get a list to choose which one I want to use. They are all the same. How can I make outlook use the open program instead of opening a new version of inbox?
We have a few VMs that run Windows Server 2008 R2. The disks are constantly getting filled up. They will have let's say 100GB used of 250GB drive. But all of the sudden the disk will be full...or close to it. WinDirStat shows only 100GB used, while the disk level shows 250GB used.

I defrag the machine and it cleans it up, shows 100GB again. A few days later, 250GB again. Any ideas?
On a Lenovo Think Pad Edge, a Win 10 start up will not pass the open screen, and will shutdown before the ID login screen.

Attempts to reboot to safe made can sometimes get to recovery options that show start up repair, or system restore but when those processes are run no start up problems are corrected.

I've made a bootable 1703 USB upgrade that allows me to get to repair but again no improvement when start up repair or system restore is run from that point.  The restore process works for an hour or more but the results are no better.  

I'm trying to avoid the complete factory restore due to no backups available and it's an upgrade from Win 7.

Any other tricks or tools.?

Windows XP Display Settings Multi Monitors loses settings during restart.  Is there a setting in the registry that can be modified so that XP retains these settings rather than resetting each day.  Drivers are up to date.
I am trying to set permission on an application as read/execute only, I can achieve this by using c++ windows SetSecurityDescriptorDacl() function.

But after that admin can change it by right clicking on a file

    properties->security->advanced->Change Permission

But somehow antivirus prevents these charges on their application ..

does not find cached browser videos

shows me many .ts files

I know youtube and other sites have small videos they leave on browser

I dont want to use nirsoft to for each browser to find every video and play each video

is there a FILE EXPLORER command

for finding ADDITIONAL browser cache video

this is more of a windows 7 FILE EXPLORER question because if windows 10 has a gui then it will not be backwards compatible

how can I play .ts files

vlc, windows media player, windows movie
tell me that file is too short or corrupt for every file
I'm kinda of stuck on this one
Trying to get an excel macro to kickoff via powershell script from a windows scheduled task

#requires -version 3

    Automate and schedule execution of excel macros non-interactivley

	Sets excel dcom config to interactive and execute excel macro on worksheet 1

    Mandatory parameter indicating macro to run

.PARAMETER xlsmfile
    Manadatory parameter indicating excel file which is running the macro

	powershell.exe .\ExcelMacro.ps1 -macro "CreateChart" -xlsmfile "C:\fso\Book1.xlsm"

	 Created on:   	6/27/2017 12:43 PM
	 Created by:   	Mauro Cazabonnet
	 Organization: 	InfoHedge Technologies
	 Filename:  ExcelMacro.ps1   	

Param (
	[Parameter(Mandatory = $True, Position = 1)]
	[Parameter(Mandatory = $True, Position = 2)]

#region Set excel macro settings
$version = 0
dir HKLM:\software\Microsoft\Office | %{
	if ($ -match '(\d+)\.')
		if ([int]$matches[1] -gt $version)
			$version = [int]$matches[1]
$Regkey = "HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Office\$version.0\Excel\Security"
Set-ItemProperty -Path $RegKey -Name VBAWarnings -Type Dword -Value 1

#region Set Excel DCOM config 

Open in new window

I need a download of a earlier version of Microsoft office is it safe to download from
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Connect further...control easier

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Dear, I got this error from today morning. All the servers in this network range could not be accessed like attached screenshot.

When I tried to access these servers from the same ISP (which provide this network range to us), the servers COULD be accessed; but when I tried from other 2 ISPs, they COULD NOT be accessed.

The servers are Window Server 2012R2 Standard, have Kaspersky, Firewall but they are configured properly, nothing change (this error started from today morning)

Can you please suggest?
I installed Windows Server 2012 std in HP DL 380 G9 server, but I am having windows 2012 std rock License.  Now i can't Activate windows server. How can i solve this issue.
Every so often my Asus laptop, windows 10 OS gets a blue screen of death. I believe the error message is Windows Stopcode, Watchdog violation. This is accompanied by a loud, annoying sound and the computer then collects some information and reboots.

I Googled it, and updated one of my drivers, supposed to be causing the problem. However, it was some time ago, so I don't remember which driver. The problem occurred again today, however, and I really would like to fix it. I don't have an SSD drive, which is sometimes implicated.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

My current company, let say (1000+ user base) has just acquired new smaller company of just 80-100 users last month.

They've got all on premise:
AD domain controllers - Single Forest domain called
File Servers ~ 12 TB on their office
Exchange server 2010 with email domain,, and [my current email domain is]
35+ Windows Server AD domain joined to
AD user account: [my current AD domain uses]

So how can I integrate them all into my Datacenter with the AD domain and converting all users to be ?

Where to start first so I can allow them to logon to my AD domain using & access email from my new company ?

I will create the separate thread for migrating:

Active Directory
Exchange Server
File Server

to my AD domain.
Not sure if my problem is self inflicted?

I use Avira anti virus.  Additional tools include Avira system speed-up, which optimises 'boot-up-speed/time'

Recently, I booted-up my latop and the avira optimiser appeared. I pressed ok, then made a coffee. Returning I noticed the optimiser was
still running?  stating that 'files were being 'repositioned' to minimise boot-up times'  Never seen this option before, but there was no way of cancelling this action.
I decided to re-boot, unsure of the impact.  On re-boot windows listed -  'critical' updates will be installed.

Opening file explorer I saw 'quick access' which I never use. Also my personal folder - as in 'Roberts Folder' was missing?
I re-set  to 'This PC' which I prefer, and again could not locate my personal folder?

I found my folder located in; Windows - Users.      

'Now I get confused'  ---  This PC - documents, has the same folders as my 'Personal-folder'  a carbon copy?

But the folders in 'My Folder - Users'  contain the most recent 'updated information'

I would like to retreive/ relocate 'My Folder' from 'Users'  to 'This PC'  prefering not to use 'Documents' for my business files.

Questions;  1)  Is the problem through Avira system speed-up?  (Tried restore points - no difference)

                     2)  Is this the Windows 10 layout - Have to live with it...

                    3)  Can I rectify this problem?  -  I could delete files in my documents, copy-paste from My …
Since updating the  certificate o a windows server 20o12 r2 essentials I get the following error while trying   use remote access via the web remote access
has anybody seen this before ?

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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.