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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Fix broken AD on Domain Controller


Have a domain controller that has not been replicating with the other DC for some time.  It appears


First Impressions of Windows 10


I have been running Windows 8 / 8.1 Professional 64-bit for about a year and a half up to October …

Ransomware - Wannacry/wcry and everything else ...  …

Ransomware - Wannacry/wcry and everything else ...

Ransomware in general is something none of us …

Introducing and Migrating to a Windows Server 2019 Domain Controller

As Microsoft comes out with new, updated versions of their server operating system, it becomes necessary to upgrade the domain controllers in your environment. This document will walk through the process of adding a new domain controller, migrating to it, and decommissioning the old one.
Troubleshooting Solution
Research Solution

optimize the postgreSQL v 9.3.6 for more connection and performace.



This is our postgreSQL v9.3.6 configuration  files and please share what kind of parameter should

Troubleshooting Solution

Multiple Scopes on a DHCP Server


   I need to use a DHCP reservation on a Windows 2019 Standard Server to assign a IP address that

Install Patch 1 Update for PaperPort 14.5

How to install the Patch 1 update for PaperPort 14.5

PaperPort 14.5 Patch 1 update is often not detected or downloaded automatically. This article provides direct download links to solve the problem for retail (non-bundled) versions of the Standard and Professional editions, as well as the Professional edition in Nuance's own OmniPage Ultimate bundle.

The nuances of new age SSDs - Slow performance & Solution

Post purchasing a portable SSD recently, I ran into several performance issues. Namely, the new SSD (SanDisk Xtreme Pro 1TB) having slow speeds on data copy and the files (on disk) taking a lot of disk space. These issues are now sorted but I want to share this for anyone in the same boat.
Troubleshooting Solution

I ordered gig speed from comcast, but cant get the pc to run it.  Router and Modem are both gig and comcast tested with their XMT and speed is gig from the modem.

I ordered gig speed from comcast, but cant get the pc to run it.  Router and Modem are both gig and …
Troubleshooting Solution

Updating Gigabyte bios - need HELP.


Updating Gigabyte bios - need HELP.  Z390 gaming X, Bios v.F7.  Does not have TPM settings to set

Troubleshooting Solution

AD failed logins


I am using windows server AD, and I have thousands of failed logons in just 1 day.

One in particular,


How the smartphone in your pocket might be a cost effective solution for home/remote working.

At times when working from home/remotely is becoming increasingly important, your Samsung Electronics smartphone with DeX or Motorola smartphone with Ready For might be the answer.
Troubleshooting Solution

Diagnosis code xc000021a


I did a system restore to May 12 and after it completed the system would not boot due too issues and

Troubleshooting Solution

App returns to Windows Startup folder when deleted


Hi Experts!

I have an apps that has a executable in the Startup folder.  I delete the file from

Research Solution

Extend Windows 10 C:\ partition by a separate Windows partition




I have this windows 10 empty partition :

want to make use of new partitions, how can I EXTEND the

Troubleshooting Solution

server reboots automatically by itself.


Windows server 2012 R2 keeps rebooting, displaying a sign of "you're about to be signed off in 2

Troubleshooting Solution

Windows Server 2012R2 Lost Network Connection – Event ID 36887 Schannel


I have a Dell PowerEdge T110 II that is running Windows Server 2012 R2.  I was in the middle

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