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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Identify USB-storage


Hi USB-drive with 2TB capacity. now it has light on it and running sound normally. but when it is


First Impressions of Windows 10


I have been running Windows 8 / 8.1 Professional 64-bit for about a year and a half up to October …

Ransomware - Wannacry/wcry and everything else ...  …

Ransomware - Wannacry/wcry and everything else ...

Ransomware in general is something none of us …
Device usb drive Icon

Detect USB Drive Insertion and Deletion - AutoHotkey Script

This article presents an AutoHotkey (V1) script that detects when a USB drive is inserted or removed. It displays a pop-up dialog and makes a logfile entry in each case. It provides a system tray (notification area) icon with context menu choices to open the logfile or terminate (exit) the script.
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Create Report with Information on All Drives with Letters - AutoHotkey Script

This article presents an AutoHotkey (V1) script that creates a plain text report with information about all drives in a system that have a drive letter, such as C, D, E, etc. The information in the report is Type of drive, Status, Capacity, Free Space, File System, Volume Label, and Serial Number.
Troubleshooting Solution

I ordered gig speed from comcast, but cant get the pc to run it.  Router and Modem are both gig and comcast tested with their XMT and speed is gig from the modem.

I ordered gig speed from comcast, but cant get the pc to run it.  Router and Modem are both gig and …
Research Solution

upgrade to Windows 11 on unsupported windows 10 PC?


I am trying to upgrade my OLD Xeon PC from Windows 10 22H2 to Windows 11 22H2, the following is

Troubleshooting Solution

Need offline registry editor


   I thought I have every utility known to man but :) I seem to be missing an offline registry

Install Patch 1 Update for PaperPort 14.5

How to install the Patch 1 update for PaperPort 14.5

PaperPort 14.5 Patch 1 update is often not detected or downloaded automatically. This article provides direct download links to solve the problem for retail (non-bundled) versions of the Standard and Professional editions, as well as the Professional edition in Nuance's own OmniPage Ultimate bundle.
Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot install Windows 10 Pro upgrade from a Windows 8.1 install


I have a clients computer that has Windows 8.1 and I am trying to upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro.  It

Troubleshooting Solution

Event ID 7 \Device\Harddisk1\DR1 has bad block that cannot be cleared


Trying to fix "Event ID 7 \Device\Harddisk1\DR1 has bad block". 

Assuming \Device\Harddisk1\DR1\ is


Possible Pitfalls of SmartCard Authentication

This short article will list all pitfalls that I see when it comes to using SmartCards for user authentication (“PIV”). I will be looking at both security as well as practical aspects when it comes to handling. My expertise comes from a windows environment, however most of it is applicable all OS’.
Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot see connected hdd in Esxi


Hi ESXi installed in dell R620. For expanding storage, an additional HDD is attaced to the host, but

Troubleshooting Solution

Computers can't see each other on same network


I have two laptops (one running Windows 10 and the other Windows 11) on same wifi network and both

Troubleshooting Solution

SATA Drive cloning to new SSD drive not booting



I have a windows inspiron laptop with Windows 10 and 1TB SATA drive, my drive has been running


Windows DHCP Server Migration

A basic task such as migrating an infrastructure service to a new OS version can be a major challenge or offer opportunities for restructuring and realignment..

It took way to long, but LAPS is finally integrated into …

It took way to long, but LAPS is finally integrated into Windows. The migration path asks for a lot …
Advice Solution

AutoHotkey script: how to know which AutoHotkey scripts I use the most


Hello experts,
I have multiple AutoHotkey scripts in one single file. Please find bellow an exemple: 

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