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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.

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forgot windows 10  laptop password on old laptop to get into laptop. How do i reset or get into this old laptop. please advise
Flexible connectivity for any environment
Flexible connectivity for any environment

The KE6900 series can extend and deploy computers with high definition displays across multiple stations in a variety of applications that suit any environment. Expand computer use to stations across multiple rooms with dynamic access.

Is there a way to merge 2 cells in a certain row in a flexgrid control in vb6.  please look at the example
Virtual Environment 4.3-10/7230e60f
Virtual Machine 103 ('adserver' ) on node 'clsrvvm2'
INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 103 --mailto --storage backup_server2 --quiet 1 --mode snapshot --mailnotification always --compress lzo
INFO: Starting Backup of VM 103 (qemu)
INFO: status = running
INFO: update VM 103: -lock backup
INFO: VM Name: adserver
INFO: include disk 'ide0' 'local:103/vm-103-disk-1.qcow2'
INFO: backup mode: snapshot
INFO: ionice priority: 7
INFO: creating archive '/mnt/pve/backup_server2/dump/vzdump-qemu-103-2017_08_17-18_30_02.vma.lzo'
INFO: started backup task '886d0077-6835-4baa-bb96-6f7ea94b5a05'
INFO: status: 0% (350093312/53687091200), sparse 0% (5844992), duration 3, 116/114 MB/s
INFO: status: 1% (562561024/53687091200), sparse 0% (8937472), duration 6, 70/69 MB/s
INFO: status: 2% (1159725056/53687091200), sparse 0% (20103168), duration 26, 29/29 MB/s
INFO: status: 3% (1694367744/53687091200), sparse 0% (24412160), duration 32, 89/88 MB/s
INFO: status: 4% (2174222336/53687091200), sparse 0% (31268864), duration 37, 95/94 MB/s
INFO: status: 5% (2759589888/53687091200), sparse 0% (37707776), duration 42, 117/115 MB/s
ERROR: VM 103 not running
INFO: aborting backup job
ERROR: VM 103 not running
ERROR: Backup of VM 103 failed - VM 103 not running
INFO: Backup job finished with errors
TASK ERROR: job errors
I had this question after viewing anti virus software protecting against ransom ware.

Is this for a single computer or network of them?  

The best and cheapest protection is a solid regular backup of your system. Windows 10 has built in backup utilities.

I am looking for a product I can put on 4 personal computers windows 10,8,7 so I can defend my new and old computers
Not for business use
I'm having an issue that I've seen on numerous forums but I've yet to figure out...

I cannot connect new or refreshed PCs to the domain. All PCs on the network are Windows 10, our server is Windows Server 2012. I am using an ethernet connection on the network.

When trying to connect to the domain from the local account I'm advised: "That domain couldn't be found. Check the domain name and try again."
I've tried both just the name and also the name.local

I've tried disabling the firewall and IPv6 but I CANNOT get this or any new computer connected to the domain..

Any assistance would be appreciated!
Need to export users from google g-suite and import into AD DC2016.  Powershell script or other tool?

Anyone done that?
A customer of ours has expressed interest in buying screen-monitoring software, so that they can watch what employees are doing on their PCs in real time.  However, there are dozens of employees they want to watch at once, so whichever solution we select needs to be able to present many employee screens on the monitoring screen at the same time, in a realtime "thumbnailed" fashion.  Apple has a remote administration tool that does this (among other things):  

We'd prefer a product that works on both PCs and Macs, and doesn't advertise its presence too much once installed.  Have you heard of or used any products like this?
This is a non-Windows AD network.  Mixed environment.

Is there a good tool to scan and list all the available hostnames on the network?
Same for the DNS.  Can I search local DNS and compile all the hostnames registered there?

Thanks in advance.
Hello to all computer experts,

If I have a Windows 7 computer running a Powerpoint representation. What is the best way to mirror the image of the powerpoint presentation without hard wired between the computer and the TV. The computer offers wireless connection.

Can I use Chromecast to do this job ??

Please kindly advise ASAP.
Hi Team,

I just opened an Azure account in order to use the Storage Account for the Cloud witness option that is now build into Windows Server 2016 Clustering. Since I'm new to Azure, I'm not too familiar with pricing and I'm running on a 30 day trial. Any ideas how much this will cost per month to keep after the trial expires?
The type of storage created for this purpose uses standard performance and LRS replication.

Thank you.
ATEN's HDBaseT Presentation at InfoComm 2017
ATEN's HDBaseT Presentation at InfoComm 2017

Hear ATEN Product Manager YT Liang review HDBaseT technology, highlighting ATEN’s latest solutions as they relate to real-world applications during her presentation at the HDBaseT booth at InfoComm 2017.

I have new Windows 2012 R2 NPS member server that was setup for the purpose of Wireless Authentication via RADIUS.  
I have successfully connect when logged into the computer and the Windows Groups that are allowed are Domain Users or Domain Computers.  If I remove the Domain Users group from the NPS Policy and only have the Domain Computer I am not able to authenticate and I get event id 5632 on the client computer.

EAP Root Cause String : Network authentication failed due to a problem with the user account.

This is a trusted computer (At least I think so).  I am not sure why it cannot authenticate
When my domain users log into My Citrix servers they are able to see the network icon to see all the servers on the network etc.

I believe I need to create a policy to stop this on the server.

The Citrix servers are Windows Server 2012 virtual servers.
I only want the regular domain users to be restricted.

Where would i go to create this?
We are converting our databases from mysql to sql on a windows server. I am slowly figuring out the small changes in php coding but can't get it to pull date or time fields.

If I have a simple "Select PName from info" and echo $PName it works. but once I add in "Select PName, SCHTM, SDate from info" and try to echo $PName - $SCHTM - $SDate I get a blank page. SCHTM is a time(7) field with data like 12:45:00 and the SDate field is a date field with things like 2017-08-17    

During the conversion process the SCHTM field now shows 12:45:00.0000000 instead of just 12:45:00
I installed the free downloadable 2016 HyperV, created a VM using Powershell, started the VM, but I can't connect to it with my laptop (win10 pro) running the HyperV Manager. It just doesn't find it when I give either the name of the VM or the IP. I tried installing W2016 at the DOS prompt, but it just did a physical install.

I'm missing some switch or something but the documentation from MS is not very helpful. Thanks in advance for  your help!
Hello experts we are getting the following error in windows event viewer: Event 10006, DistributedCOM
DCOM got error "2147944122" from computer XYZ when attempting to activate server:

I've browsed the registry to find this located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Clases\CLSID\
   pla.dll / plasrv.exe --> did some research these are tried to Performance Logs & Alerts.

Current Config involving 2 2008 r2 servers, one AD & one Applications
I've also browsed to Componet Services \Computers\My Computer PLA is there, not plasrv, I'm guessing DCOM only displays .dll?

any help is appreciated.

I have a folder named "Credentials" on our Windows 2012 R2 file server that I disabled inheritance on.  

This removed all security permissions from that folder and now I cannot get access to that same folder.

I ended up doing a restore from backup and I put that restored folder in the same location with a different name.  The restored folder works fine; but, I still cannot remove the original folder from that location because I have no security permissions.

I even tried to push a restore to overwrite the existing folder; but since the security rights were removed the backup software could not replace that folder.  I tried to access the same folder with DOS and I could not.  Any suggestions regarding how I can remove that 'credentials' folder?
When I plug in my Logitech G800 wireless dongle or the dongle for my G930, Windows 8.1 recognizes the devices, but won't send all the audio to those devices.  Instead, I get two audio discrete audio devices.  3

If I click on the headphones, I see a few applications that will send audio to my headphones, if I click on the system speakers, I see applications that will send audio to my system speakers.  How do I move these applications around to different audio devices?

I am facing another issue after connecting all subnets via brigded on vmware workstation. when i deployed VDS switch from vcenter, i can not ping NSX manager (linux based) VM  but i can ping or access VM which are windows based like win svr 2012 or win 7 in same VDS switch. here only tested using one subnet ( plz suggest
I think someone has disabled my print spooler service in group policy windows 2012R2 and unless I find out how they will probably not be truthful about what they did
Get real performance insights from real users
Get real performance insights from real users

Key features:
- Total Pages Views and Load times
- Top Pages Viewed and Load Times
- Real Time Site Page Build Performance
- Users’ Browser and Platform Performance
- Geographic User Breakdown
- And more

Server Details and Setup:
Running a Lenovo Server TD340
Running VMWare ESX 5.5 Build 2068190
Running Windows Server 2012 R2
Running Veeam 9.5 Backup and Replication to a NAS.
Shadow Copy set to run at 7AM and 12PM

We frequently receive the event that the device is not ready for access yet. Typically, this happens during the snapshot and removal process of the backup when veeam completes a backup of the VM.

We recently received this alert in the middle of the day when no backups are running.  I've reviewed all sorts of forums (VMWare, MS) and cannot find anything direct on any troubleshoot or solution steps.  This alert was generated by our RMM but couldn't find the alert anywhere in relation to it.

I've reviewed all Event logs in both Windows and ESX (both vSphere and ESXi shell) but cannot tie any other errors to it.

I'm also having a difficult time determine if this is the actual HDD in the server OR the VMDK.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
How can I get Dragon to dictate on my AOL Email? I should also note that after the update there are numerous times I can't get on the internet.
Hello -

I'm looking to implement a (somewhat) cheap but reliable and secure VPN solution in a small organization. No more than 20 users at a time to connect to the main location for file sharing. It is a Windows environment(servers, laptops). I was looking into Direct Access but it seems like an overkill for such small organization (Licenses and servers). Ideally staff would use their AD credentials in order to authenticate.

Thank you very much!
Hi all,

I have a customer who has an issue with their Office 2007 applications.

Whenever you right click any cells to bring up the properties window, it appears then disappears after 2 seconds - even with the cursor still over it (even when attempting to click on an option).

This is also happening with any property or settings windows when selecting them from the top ribbon (including the windows icon that drops down the file save and print options etc.).

It is as if you have clicked away from the properties window (at which point you would expect it to close), but the cursor does not move?

I have connected remotely (so not on site), and have had the user remove the Keyboard & Mouse Nano USB adaptor (to eliminate the keyboard, mouse, batteries or adaptor), but the problem still remains.

I have also switched off the print spooler in case it was causing an issue?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I ran a Nessus scan on a PC and I found the attached vulnerability: Microsoft XML parser (MSXML) and XML Core Services Unsupported.

The solution provided by NEssus is to upgrade the sw package responsible for the unsupported DLL versions or upgrade to a supported version of Windows. Alternatively, Uninstall the outdated MSXML or XML Core Services.

Can you help me find out:

A. What is using MSXML? (What software?)
B. How do yo uninstall MSXML?
C. How do you upgrade it?

Thank you.
I have used Bitlocker on various computers.  Some that are TPM and others that are not.  The one I am having an issue with is. The problem when I set it up I save the key it encrypts but each time I restart it wants the entire key (which is a pain) to log in.  I tried setting it up with gpedit and enable password but still no option to set it when I turn off BitLocker and back on. Only the key is different. What am I missing?

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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.