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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.

My computer tech installed IIS on my Windows 10 PC.
Does that mean IIS 10.0 server is installed ?
If it isn't, whats the best download for a 64 bit machine ?
I do see that InetPub is present.

I have mailbox servers ( exchange 2016) in DAG , there are 2 scripts i need to run:

location of 1st one is under C drive - temp- start-xxx1.ps1 script

the 2nd script is under: E-program files-microsoft-exchangeserver-v15-scripts- xxx2.ps1 script

when i open exchange server, need to open Exchange management shell or powershell script?

can you let me know how to run: once i upon either of these, should i point the prompt to current directory?
i am upgrading a windows 7 pc to windows10 and the procedure ends with rollback to Win 7 and
error code :  0x8007001F-0x20006
i have removed the AV and am retrying the upgrade again
how can i solve this?  please, no guesses, i want to see solutions

if needed, i can post the logs - specify which one you need

i'm planning on using these suggestions, if it fails again :  https://www.thewindowsclub.com/windows-10-update-keeps-failing-0x8007001f-0x20006
I recently migrated data and programs to another laptop, using an application called ZInstall.  Both the original and target notebooks are running Windows 7 Professional SP-1.  The target laptop already had Office 360 installed, which I don't want to use.  

My Office 2007 had an issue with launching configuration when a Word document was opened.  This was corrected with a registry modification:
reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\excel\Options /v NoReReg /t REG_DWORD /d 1

However, the same issue occurs with Excel, and it was not resolved with a similar registry edit.  Running Office Repair did not resolve it, either.  It is not possible to uninstall or reinstall Office 2007, and I think this is a known issue when SP-1 is installed on Windows 7.

If you know of a solution, please advise.  However, to save everyone time, please understand that I don't want to change operating systems or software.  I just want to get Excel 2007 to work, if it is possible.
I have the Windows 10 OS which has IIS 7.5 Express installed.
How can I determine if the PHP Manager has been installed ?
I am legally blind, so make your instruction simple and clear.

I got this error since 3/4/2020 on Server 2016

How do I disable or skip Windows Updates for this driver?  I don't get any updates from Windows if this update failed.  The printer is working without any issue.  I already downloaded the latest driver from HP and installed manually.

HP - Printers - HP LaserJet Pro M402-M403 n-dn PCL 6 - Error 0x80070490

From Event Viewer:
Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80070490: HP - Printers - HP LaserJet Pro M402-M403 n-dn PCL 6.
Thank you!
during W7 to W10 upgrade, i get this screen, saying to uninstall Nero Burning Rom, and Windows Media Center.
wThat's fine - but i do not find them in installed programs - so how do i solve this ? - or what software should i uninstall?
it shows however as NERO 6 in start>programs under ahead > Nero; it even has an uninstall folder, but that wants to remove webmatrix - and does not uninstall anything

Installed programs : see attached doc

What is PKI certificate? Is it like SSL certificate that we install in Windows?

Question about certificate renewal.

  • Let say I have 10 Windows servers with a wildcard certificate.
  • The certificate will expired in 10 days.
  • I'm in the process to renew with my certificate authority (DigiCert)

If get the new certificate renewed for 1 year, is the old certificate will continue to work until 10 days? I mean the fact that I renew it will not force me to change it immediately.

Am I right?

How to check in Windows IIS website which certificate it uses?

Is there a PowerShell or tool that can list all certificates used in Windows web site?

I want to see who will expire.
I am running Windows 10 and Office 365 on my two office laptops (both are pretty new Lenovo laptops).  All of a sudden, Outlook won't open on one of my computers.  If it's already open, it stops getting new emails - and if it's not already open it won't open at all.  I need to reboot the computer, and then everything works fine.  Any idea what's causing this, and how I can fix it?  There aren't any error messages to give me a hint.


How do i attach a blank dvd (iso file) to a vsphere vm

I have a windows 10 vm and I want to make a repair disk. I tried to create a 0-byte file named file1.iso and using my vsphere 6.0 client, attached it to my Windows 10 VM. On the W10 "create a repair disk" panel I get the error:

The disk in the drive is not blank. You must erase the disk before you can use it.
Running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, a duplicate of my  system drive appears in My Computer, with a different drive letter.  This drive does not appear in Disk Management, or DiskPart.  How can I remove it?
Bought a computer with windows 10 pro on it.  Tried to install something and it was in Windows 10 S mode.  How do I get out of S mode and how did this happen.  I have purchased many computers with 10 Pro on it and this is the first time it has happened.
I've not encountered this happening in my best recollection.  What would  cause a Windows 10 Pro workstation to switch from Static IP addressing to "Automatic / DHCP"?
Is this a common occurrence?  
I can imagine but I've just not seen it happen - at least in a very long time!
So, causes are important as this disrupted a number of things on the network.
One might expect foul play if there are few occurrences of this.
We have Windows XP Home Edition version 2002 with product key.
We also have Office XP Professional 2002 but no key. Is the key required or will the installation of the OS request the Office disc.
Windows 10 issue on a HP laptop.
Tried all sorts.. looks like the Windows installation is truly screwed. I get orange and white lines when I set this as the boot after fixing mbr.
Cannot Repair.
Cannot Reset.

sfc / scannow been running for 1 day and says 6 months to go. so had to abandon.
chkdsk runs through.. but still no joy.

Really tried a lot of the usual.

So I fancy making a new partition and installing a new windows .. and then I can view and possibly just recover data.


detail vol shows freespace 31GB (this is true).

However list disk shows 2300MB... I recovered 1GB>

I wanted to resize this volume.

A shrink=desired just tells me the shrink size is to big even on 1GB now.

How can I resize the vol and get 30GB back for a new install.. (THAT MIGHT STAY)?

I get the Disk is saying its full as I have volumes.. but I want to resize this 447GB Disk down. And I KNOW theres 30GB free.

All this is done in a Windows 10 recovery USB boot as I cannot safe mode or anything... I cannot even get to those repair options now after trying to run chkdsk etc..

Please advise.



In Azure  the page file is by default in D: drive and set to: System managed files

Is it better to leave it as is or can we just set to manual?

I saw an application pool has used all memories and the system just assign 2 GB of page file off 15 GB. Why it does assign more???

I just need your opinion and experience.
i want to export the bookmarks from Chrome on a windows 7 PC
however, the procedures i find on the net do not show what i see on my pc
here a view of the top right corner - where the menu button is missing imo
how can i export bookmarks?
Are there any security issue anyone know about with Microsoft QuickAssist?
Is there a security drawback to using QuickAssist that is built into  Windows 10?
What are some ways that I can create a Skype for Business meeting via Outlook 365?
For instance, can you check someone availability via for a meeting via Outlook, then I believe you can then schedule a Skype for Business meeting.
OS: Windows 10 version 1903
Hi Experts,

I recently reinstalled Windows 10 Pro on my computer.  

I don't how it happened, but my User Account (I have Administrator permissions) folder has the wrong user name.

How can I change it?

How can I disable or Hide altogether Window Explorer - Manage - Drive Tools, or at the very least the Format Option for Standard Users.  I have no issue with it appearing for Admins, but why would MS make that display for Standard User accounts?!
I have a laptop windows 10 version 1803.
I want to update to version 1909 using the media creation tool.
I did it last time, but forgot “some activities”.

 When I enable the media creation tool, it starts upgrading… takes a long time; I believe there is a question : “ACCEPT THE LICENSE AGREEMENT .. THEN, KEEP THE FILES” (as if we are installing the windows 10 from FRESH).
OUESTION: That makes me “CONFUSED or NOT SURE”; am I right that I will meet the above question and that is the right way to reach the version 1909?