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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.

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Interesting problem:  In Outlook 365 the button in the search functionality are not working, for instance, the "From" and "Has Attachments" buttons are greyed out.
OS: Windows 10, I believe version 1803
What was done: Execute Windows Update with updates to other Microsoft products.
2. A sfc  /scannow was executed  since I could not open the  Mail icon in control panel to create a new Outlook profile.

What I should have done: login to the system as myself and see if it happens under my account.
Notes:  The user can still perform searches in Outlook, I was told that rebuilding the i Outlook index did not help. I even notice an entry in Outlook that said Upgrade search.
I was going to perform an online  repair of Office 365 Pro Plus,  but that could take about up to one hour.
I did not check to see what was installed on the system recently, before the problem first happened, but I did collect the application, system and security event viewer logs.
Next steps is uninstall Office 365 with the Microsoft uninstall /re-install tool then re-install office from
The other  thing, I can try is to start Outlook in safe mode, and see if the problem re-occurs and if it does, then I will have to remove the add-ins and add them back one at a time
I suspect that a recent Windows Update caused the problem so I may have to remove them at a time.
I was thinking of a DCOM permission related to the search functionality in Outlook.

What I am looking for help with is what …
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hi folks

i got an interesting issue and haven't figured out any clue to fix it.

a Toshiba laptop (Satellite C855D-S5950) running Windows 10 shuts down its WiFi on its own.

the issue was initially noticed as the user could not press F12 key to switch wireless on or off, then i noticed that actually WiFi and Aeroplane Mode both not worked. WiFi adapter looks fine under Device Manager, and the adapter's Properties look fine as well. no WiFi adapter settings in BIOS.

in Windows 10 Settings > Wireless, WiFi is shown off. if you switch it on, then it will switch off after a short while.

do you have any clue about what's going on there?

Installed RDS on Windows Server 2016. All components installed successfully. Single server.

When I access >Server Manager > Remote Desktop Services Overview > I see a message which states:

"A remote desktop services deployment does not exist in the server pool"

All power shell commands I have tried indicate that the server does not recognize the deployment yet all components are listed as installed.

When I attempt to connect these errors appear:

Remote Desktop Connection Broker Client failed to redirect the user LOCALBRITHOME\administrator.
Error: NULL

Remote Desktop Connection Broker Client failed while getting redirection packet from Connection Broker.
User : LOCALBRITHOME\administrator
Error: Remote Desktop Connection Broker is not ready for RPC communication.
2 Windows 2012 R2 Data Center NLB IIS DFS/R URL Rewrite
2 Windows 2012 R2 Data Center Web Farm IIS DF/R
VMware ESXI 6.5

I can not access my web sites externally.   Internally using the VIP of the NLB servers it works.

When I modify my Meraki router to point to the VIP of the NLB no one can access my two sites.

If I change the meraki router to point to the physical address of one of the Web Farm servers that works also.

I need to be able to access my web farms thru the NLB servers

Thank you

Log File Log File on Jan 18 2019Log File Log File on Dec 7 2018Hi,
I have Microsoft SQL server 2000 running on Windows Server 2003.
As seen on the screenshots, the main TMW_Livedatabase.mdf is 29GB.
On 12/7/2018, No user could log in to the system because hard drive ran out of space. I discovered that Log file was 53GB and I had a technician shrink it to 120MB.
But I just noticed several days ago that this Log file has grown back to 20GB again.
I can go thru the steps to shrink the log file again, but like to find the root cause of this phenomenon.
What process is affecting this Log file? How do I troubleshoot this issue?

Fyi, there are several maintenance related jobs that are running daily:
1. Database integrity runs  at 10:30pm
2. Optimization runs dailyat 1am
3. main Database (.mdf) file backup runs daily at 11:30pm.
4. TRN file backup runs every 30 minutes.
Have just installed Visual Studio 2017. Creating a Windows Form in VBasic I can add items such as a 'button' but when I double click the item to add code it does nothing. I am new to Visual Studio so not sure what to look for.

How do you view the startup programs in window 10?

I'm trying to modify the programs that automatically startup when Windows 10 reboots. A couple of places I found online said to go to the Startup tab in Task Manager. However, my Task Manager window does not include a Startup tab:

I prefer the classic Task Manager so I suspect that's what is preventing my having a Startup tab but I cannot remember what setting or app I originally used to get the classic Task Manager. But either way, it seems like a list of the Startup apps should be independently accessible.

I tried going to msconfig > Startup but as shown here, it simply links me back to the Task Manager:

When a file size is too big, I cannot copy it to a mapped drive which is pointing to SharePoint.
Are there any solutions around this?
Thanks so much.
I have a Windows 7 Home Premium machine that is NOT upgrading to Windows 10.  It goes through all the steps with the Media 1809 upgrade tool and restarts the computer.  Afterwards you can tell it is installing Windows 10.  It gets to 52% before failing.  Then it restores back to Windows 7.  I have updated Windows, checked the hard drive for errors, checked the memory, and updated the drivers.  I'm looking for ANY other ideas to UPGRADE this machine.  I will include the setuperr.log file.
Failure InstallingSYSPREP Failsetuperr.log
Sporadic problem with Outlook client (Outlook 2016 client using O365)

More and more users (and myself) are noticing stripped images in Outlook.  Specifically it says "The Linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed, or deleted. Verify that the link points to the correct file and location."   The internet is pointing me everywhere but the kitchen sink.  I am inclined to think it is NOT Temporary Internet files since it seems to be happening on a lot of different machines for different users; one of which has only been here two weeks so it is doubtful his internet cache would need clearing so soon.  I have seen articles that anti-malware software could be doing it (specifically Malwarebytes) but I am not sure about that either.  There is also a thought that our web based spam filter could be doing it as well (SpamTitan) It DOES seem to be only Windows 10 machines so far though as far as I know but that is not verified just yet...nor  have I heard it happening with our Macs either; either of which if that is the case; would eliminate spamtitan.  Does anyone have any credible suggestions for what could be at issue that would affect multiple users/clients across multiple sites?  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Trying to increase the keyboard input timeout in Windows Explorer under Windows 10.  We have directories with a significant number of files and want to type the filename and have focus position to the appropriate file.  However, if there is more than a 1-2 sec delay in typing the filter process times out.
January 8, 2019—KB4480963 (Security-only update) keep failing.

I do not have anything blocking but its still failing.

all my other update installed but this one
Suddenly and without a reason some of my Windows 7 machines are having issues with IE and Google Chrome.  Suddenly they can't resolve internal websites.  There have been no changes made on the domain.  And strangely everything pings just fine. Trace route works fine too.  It's like a slow progression of PC's.  So far windows 10 isn't having this issue.  Has anyone heard of this?
Hi All,

we have a client that uses ESET anti virus and recently received their Cyber Essentials Plus.  since then one user who uses Windows 10 is having trouble with outlook (2016).  it just says Disconnected at the bottom.  if we do get it working, it will only work until the PC is shutdown, then when they come in the next day its back to being disconnected.  i also tried to create a new outlook profile but it just says "an encryption connection to your mail server is not available".   their mail runs on office 365 and i have been able to set his mail up successfully on my machine which is located out of their office.  it seems to be only for this one windows 10 machine, other machines are windows 7 and work fine.

Any Suggestions would be appreciated.
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit randomly freezes and has to do hard shutdown.  It's not specific to software or any common thing. It could be opening a file or reading an email or just navigating the folders and it just freezes. It doesn't even have the time to do a memory dump.
Moving from Windows to Linux...


I am about to embark in the journey of Java programming and I am seriously considering to do a switch to Linux (Ubuntu ? Zorion ? Centos???etc..).

 I would still need to run few apps on Windows, But I have made peace with this and I will be using VirtualBox VM for those specific apps. I have a powerful Laptop. and enough space.(SSD).

My question is which flavor is best for this ? (Development Platform for JAVA , Groovy, Docker...)
I need something solid and reliable..

I have read a bit and it seems that Ubuntu 18.04 is the latest stable one ... and preferable to 18.10

Please your feedhacks...


I have a proxy server which is windows 2012 server and I route to another webserver using reverse proxy. The webserver is windows 2003 and we have an application installed.
All the functionalities are working fine except when I try to generate excel thru crystal report I am getting bad gateway error.
Dear EE,

We are testing an APP over IPv6 network using windows 10 but we are unable to assign ipv6 address neither through static nor through dynamic (dhcpv6). Please suggest the way forward.

Thanks in advance,

A customer brought in an hp Pavilion dv7-1245dx running windows vista and the issue is that when they start it up nothing will come on the screen for at least 15 minutes or so and then it will boot into windows fine and run fine.  I removed the keyboard, hard drive, wifi card to see if that would make a difference but it is still the same.  I did a bios update but that doesn't seem to help either. I also changed out the memory sticks. Nothing seems to help.  I have not taken the MB out of the laptop yet.  Can someone help me with this?
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I Roger was Installing MS Windows 2000 to my Dell Latitude Laptop. Before the system could restart the installation stopped and showed a error and said call MS windows. The error message is written below.

Error (0x4, 0, 0, 0) ..setup can't start up windows 2000 after installation. I tried to install it again but got the same error message. My Windows 2000 is on a CD copy. I have Windows 98SE on the Dell laptop. Please help me.

Thank you very much
We have Windows KMS Server installed on Server 2012 R2.  We have the Windows 10 Education edition KMS key installed, but recently activation's stopped working.  When I try to manually activate a windows 10 box it claims "he activation server reported that the product key has exceeded its unlock limit.".  When I checked it shows that for some reason it is turning our keys into "windows Professional Workstation Edition" for some reason.  It should be "Windows 10 Education Edition".  Previously it worked correctly and gave us the desired Windows 10 Education activation's.  Any thoughts on why and how to fix this?  

I am running VAMT 3.1 for the manual activation's.  

VAMT 3.1 Console

Whenever I try to download updates from WSUS Server on my PC, It always ends up giving error "We coudn't connect to the update service, We'll try again later, or you can check now. If it still doesn't work, make sure you're connected to internet."

I looked for Windows update error in event log and also checked for possible solutions on internet regarding the details from event log. But getting no success on how to solve this error.

Can someone please help me as soon as possible.

Thank You

surprised this term did not show in a search? My Windows 10 Pro computer fails to start and returns the following "b1initializelibrary failed 0xc0000bb" on boot

Any help would be appreciated

There is a discussion on this issue in experts exchange, but I have not any luck getting a shortcut icon on the desktop.

I cannot believe it’s this hard to get a shortcut on the desktop for a program.

I support Brother ADS-2400n scanners, and I’d like to get a shortcut to control center 4 on the desktop.

From what I’ve gathered surfing the internet is the only way to do this is with a batch file.

The control center 4 icon goes on the systray, and you double click that to start the program, but the users I support would like that on the desktop.
You can drag a shortcut to BrCtrlCntr but nothing happens when you click on it.

I’ve tried dragging the icon in the systray to the bottom shortcut bar for program but no luck; icon does not go over.

I emailed Brother but was told this is a Windows problem.

This is the link to the discussion on experts exchange website. I’m not sure if a discussion has a case number or something like that to identify it with.

Any ideas?
17gb free of 230 gb in C drive on windows10 laptop
i see some slow ness
how much free space ideally i should have to run smoothly
how to see which folder occupying more to delete and move
please advise

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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.