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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.

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I am trying to upgrade a workstation from Win 7 to Win 10, but every time I attempt to do so, the installer gets stuck. I have tried this installation via Local Admin and Domain Admin, still no luck. I am attempting this installation via the Media Creation Tool. Has anyone else encountered this problem ?
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We are experiencing the following error when attempting to sysprep and capture a machine whilst using the windows deployment tool. I can see in the logs that this seems to be an error with Miracast, I have attempted to copy the Miracast file from the Apprepository in windows.old to the new location, removing the package and adding it but this has not helped, and when i rerun the sysprep/capture i get exactly the same error.

Would anybody have a suggestion on the next step I should take? I've also attached the log file showing the error.
 I have a DELL Inspiron 3847 desktop computer with Windows 10 Pro running.
 All of a sudden, mouse and keyboard stopped responding. On Device manager, both USB keyboard and Mouse have yellow marks.
 So far, I have tried the following:
 (1) Ran BIOS update and rebooted
 (2) Installed new CHIPSET and rebooted
 (3) Uninstalled USB keyboard and mouse multiple times and rebooted.
 (4) Restored the system to 2/22/2016 when the computer worked fine.
 (5) Instead of DELL mouse and keyboard, I tried different brand and mouse.
Currently I am using remote access program to control this DELL computer as USB keyboard and mouse that are directly connected to the computer do not work.

 Any suggestions?
Device Manager
Setting up a new copier in the office next week.  Will network it with a static IP.   Windows 2008 R2 environment.  What do I do on the server side of things so the new copier will auto install on each computer I setup on the domain? (group policy?)  What about computers that are already on the domain, will gpupdate/force work?
DB2 10.5 on Windows

So I am trying to teach myself how to install DB2 and restore a dev database.  So I install DB2 10.5 on windows without issue.  I then run the sample database setup and I can connect to it no problem.

When I copy over the DEV database backup and try to restore it, problem.  I get this.

C:\Windows\system32>db2 restore database DEV FROM X:\dbbackups
SQL1092N  The requested command or operation failed because the user ID does
not have the authority to perform the requested command or operation.  User
ID: "xxx".  SQLSTATE=00000

Now XXX is in the Admin group on the windows server and it is running the DB2 instance service.  It should have full control of the server.  I looked at the sys roles (sysmon, sysadm,sysctrl, and sysmaint group names and set them all to Administrators which is the admin group name on the windows server.  I just don't get it.  What am I missing?


I have a local task built on my Windows 10 machines.  It runs the command shutdown -s -t 30 every night.  It works fine on Windows 7 machines but is not working on my Windows 10 clients.  Can you tell me what could be causing the stoppage?
DB2 10.5 On Windows

I am trying to use CommVault to backup my DB2 databases and am having permission issues.  When I run the backup through CommVault I get the following.

ERROR CODE [59:41]: Browse operation on database [xxx] could not be completed. Error [ ---- error report ---- app. message = db2GetSnapshotSize line = 783 file = Db2Browse.cpp SQLCODE = -1092 SQL1092N The requested command or operation failed because the user ID does not have the authority to perform the requested command or operation. User ID: "CVADMIN". --- end error report --- db2GetSnapshotSize() failed: Exit.]. Please check the database configuration, user privileges and ensure that the product's services are running on client, server, MediaAgent and then resume.

From what I have read, this means that the user CVADMIN does not have SYSMON permissions.  So I did the following.

1. Check that the server has a group defined for SYSMON.  It does.   SYSMON group name     (SYSMON_GROUP) = NAGIOS
2. On windows, I created a group name NAGIOS and added CVADMIN to it.

From what I read, that should grant CVADMIN SYSMON permission but it is not working.  Still get the same error.   Is there a specific GRANT I have to issue?  IBM has a lot of information on this but none of it is clear to me.  

Thank you.

Windows Server 2016 and not being able to download a file from a remote ftp site.  The ftp site given is not an IP address and is domain  I have a script setup to pull the file down, but it never generates.  When I manually run it I can see it connects, but never see it transfer data.

So I decided to temporarily disable Windows firewall, and it ran fine. I enabled the firewall back and opened up both inbound and outbound ports (20 and 21).  However, it does not download data.  Please note we do not host and ftp server and simply want to connect to a remote ftp server.
Hi All,

I want to do a mail merge with the delay in time using outlook 2010 application in windows 10.

To be brief:

when i start a mail merge all the mails are sent one by one simultaneously, but i need a way to slowdown the merging of the mails

i need to be able to set a delivery time in between 2 mails

Hope i am clear, Kindly let me know the solutions please.
I'm setting up a Windows Server 2016  Remote Desktop farm, consisting of 3 RDS hosts, a connection broker and a dedicated server with the web access and gateway role. I have created the server collection and the DNS round robin entries, with the name of my collection pointing to the RDS hosts.

However recently we have noticed when users are connecting to the name of the collection, they are receiving security alerts:
'the certificate is not from a trusted certfying authority;
This is all 3 RDS Hosts.

When the certificate is installed on one of the terminals, the error is then:
The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site

The strange thing is there is never been a certificate attached to:
RD connection broker : Enable single-sign on
RD connection broker: Publishing

Do I need to purchase an SSL certicate that includes:
The farm name, the rds hosts, the connection broker
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Free Tool: Path Explorer

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From our application (.NET) we start Outlook via MAPI. For a customer (on several PCs) we now have the problem
that the mail dialogue only appears after approx. 5s. If the mail is subsequently sent, the Outlook dialog is closed
and our application is not responding anymore. The application is finally closed by Windows.
In the event log, "combase.dll, version: 10.0.16299.15, timestamp: 0x811a4962" is output as a faulty module. The mail itself was sent.

Outlook 2016 Version 1801 Build 9001.2171 / Windows 10 Pro.

Since the problem occurs on multiple PCs, it can not be a local problem. Suggestions what the problem could be?

General question, how can errors be intercepted that occur within unmananged codes (combase.dll) without our application crashing,
and is there a way to start the Outlook mail dialog modal via MAPI, with Thunderbird does this work?

Thank you very much

As I noticed that "Backup and Sync" tools tends to crash several times a day, I did write some companion agent to check presence of process to relaunch.

I had a surprise : sometime google back up and sync icon disapeared but not detected from my companion agent.

I found the reason :
a process called googledrivesync.exe is there but launched from a GOOGLE_DRIVE_UPGRADE_xxxxxx folder in my %temp% folder as if Google had to upgrade but it last a long time (15 minutes) and it tries to upgrade for no reason :

Right now the version located in %temp% is 3.39.8370.7843
The version installed in my program files is already 3.39.8370.7843...

=> why is Google trying to upgrade the same version ?
=> why is this basic process taking 15 minutes ?

This happens several times a day, and this is why "Backup and Sync" seems to crash on my PC.

(I use a windows 10 pro 64 bits PC, but I had the same problem with a windows 8.0 PC)

temporary folder containing "new" version of googledrivesync.exe
Client server failed to login via domain with error prompt.

Each time when tried to login via domain, error prompt " There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request".

However able to login via local build in ID. Able to ping server Domain, dns, and gateway successfully.

When tried to perform nltest query, got reply as RPC server not available.

nltest reset secure channel failed.
OK, so NetBIOS is "going away".....  What does that really mean?  I ask this in the context of the Network display in Windows 10 Windows Explorer.
Lately, the Network display list has been getting flaky.  It's time to illuminate why that is and what to expect in the near future.  Actually, what to expect today.
Now, I am well-experienced with peer-to-peer networks - so that's my focus here.

Regarding the Network list of computers:
I know well the context of NetBIOS and the Master Browser and the historical list of computers in the Network display.
What I don't know is what comes next?
What I don't know is what to expect in the near term with networks of Windows 10 computers.

What I do know is that there has been "flakiness" of the list that's displayed.
What I do know is that lists have changed from 100% NetBIOS to mixed NetBIOS and WSD and now to 100% WSD as the Discovery Method.

And, in the process, the Network list of computers has become flaky.
Some lists are short.
Not all lists, from computer to computer, are the same.
Some lists are long and have but one computer missing (seems like always the same one!).

I have been told numerous times by Experts that NetBIOS "is going away" by 2020. I'm not sure what ALL that means.
Windows 10 continues to display a "NETWORK" list in Windows Explorer doesn't it?
If you elect to show "Discovery Method" as a column in the Network list display, then you will see either NetBIOS or WSD for each computer …
I have a Dell T410 server with Perc s300 raid using RAID 1.  There was a failure of one drive and the other is degraded.  I replaced the failed drive because I only had one spare available.  In the boot utility (Ctrl-R) I configured the new drive as a hot spare.  When I rebooted and hit Ctrl-R again I see that the Virtual disk is listed as degraded but both drives are listed as hot spares.

I can still boot to Windows Server 2008 R2 and in Open Manage Server Administrator the Virtual Disk name says NONE and status says Failed.  The only task available is Delete.

Under Physical Disks 0:0:0 has a state of Degraded with failure predicted YES and 0:0:1 has a state of Online with failure predicted NO.  For both the only tasks available are Blink, Unblink and Unassign Global Hot Spare.

The system is running but there is a bad sector in the middle of my SQL database.  I cannot perform a successful backup using the installed Shadow Protect nor can I get a successful database backup using SQL Server.

Yikes - I've ordered 2 additional drives.  How can I proceed with having Server Administrator recognize my the Virtual Disk so I can initiate a rebuild.  It's unclear whether or not the 2nd physical disk is actually functioning as a hot spare.  I did try booting with only the second drive and that failed.  I'm concerned that if drive 0 fails I'm SOL.

I'm looking for very specific advice applicable to this situation and the details described.  Please no woulda, coulda, …
Hello, i am using the Windows 10 upgrade assisant on my Win 8.1 pro, and it will say downloading windows 10, hit 100% and then start over from 0 and then the same process over and over again. Any thoughts?
Hello Experts,

I am using Windows 10 LTSB 64bit. I made some customizations to the Start menu and removed several unnecessary folders. Every time the system does a Windows update, an empty folder named "Windows Administrative Tools" shows up randomly on the Desktop. I delete it and do another update and it comes back. It's driving me crazy. Any thoughts on this?
Is there any way of blocking a single Windows store app from being installed or run with Group policy? Apparently there is a new one called TouchVPN which bypasses our firewall. I've tried blocking the process (Partner.Client.Universal.Touch.exe) it seems to run in the GP"Prevents Windows from running the programs you specify in this policy setting.
We want to have a batch file open when the user logs on every time.  The batch file has a shortcut to it with admin rights and the shortcut is copied at the startp folder (that is "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup").  Yet, when the PC restart or re-log in, it don't start, all other apps in the startup folder runs, but not the batch file.

Please advice.
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Free Tool: ZipGrep

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Hi Guys

Powershell Problem.

I'm using 'Server Migration Tools' to migrate 'User Personal' data from a Windows Server 2008 Standard to a Windows Server 2012 R2.

Installing the tools and the send and receive connectors on Source and destination servers is fine. But, when I run the 'ServerMigration.psc1' on the 2008 server so that I can run the Send-SmigServerData.... command I get told:

Send-SmigServerData : This cmdlet requires Administrator permissions. Open Windows Powershell with admin privileges.

I cannot right-click the .psc1 file and 'run as' admin so instead I have opened the 'Run' dialog box and run the following:

PowerShell -NoExit “C:\Windows\System32\ServerMigrationTools\DeploymentFolder\SMT_ws08_x86\ServerMigration.psc1”

This runs and opens the script just fine but when running the Send-SmigServerData command again I now get the following error:

The term 'Send-SmigServerData' is not recognised as the name of the cmdlet.

I need to run the ServerMigration.psc1 script as Admin and for the PS Window to stay open so that the Send-SmigServerData command can be run.

In advance thank you for your support.
Good day
I have just started studying Python Version 3.6. 64 bit on Windows 10 Professional. How do I download Qt 5 without showing any errors when I go to cmd prompt to change the .ui file to a .py file after creating the the program in Qt Designer. i have gone to YouTube and tried all the ways that they show you to uninstall and then reinstall there way. I still sit with the same error. 'pyuic5' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.'
File: c:\Qt 5
File: c:\Python36
The Qt download is also 64 bit.
If someone can please give me a step by step guide how to rectify this problem. I have been battling with this for 3 days.
I am about to pull my hair out.
Thanking you
Chrome slow to load (10 sec at least) since last major Windows update (Feb 2018). Once loaded requested web pages appeared quickly, no problem. In the meantime no problem with Edge. Did Microsoft purposely slow down competing browsers!! What can I do to fix this?
Windows 2012
MS Exchange 2013
Had a Certificate everything working great.
Client needed a * certificate for domain and after installing certificate any new user cannot be setup.
Autodiscover does not work and any outlook user that wants to use out of office cannot communicate with the exchange server.
I recently updated a sync computer batch file from xcopy to robocopy.  This resolved some problems but I discovered that robocopy does not copy open files as xcopy did. Does anybody know of a copy routine that can run from a batch file that copies open files. The biggest problem is MS Word keeps files open in the background even after it is closed. It would be great if it has a copy version option (copy newer files to a new version number instead of overwriting the older file) and multi-thread capability. Free or low cost would also be good.

users in my domain are getting the following error when trying to change their password or attempting to log in if the option to change password at first login is selected

' a device attached to the system is not functioning'

this error prevents users from logging onto the  domain which is a mix of windows 10 and windows 8 computers
any ideas  to resolve that makes sense is appreciated

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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.