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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.

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Hi Experts

RDP has stopped working on our Windows 10 VM running on HyperV we get the attached error.

I have checked the event logs and can't see any errors. I've also tried disabling the windows firewall and AV.
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Windows was join samba domain controller.
now client is not possible to login to windows (need to remove it from net and login then put net back to pc). this means is no longer join that domain.
I can see this ps in my active directory under cpmputers and see the user under users.
how to reestablish client to domain
Hi Team,
   can you please guide me on the below scenario on how to porceed the best way.

There is 6 Exchange Servers Running on Version 2013 ( 2 x Edge Server, 2 x CAS Server, 2 x MB Server (5 DB in DAG)).
The Exchnage Servers are running on a Windows Failover Cluster and all are Hyper-V VMs.

We have a new HyperConverged Infra where the HyperVisor is VMware.
I want to move all VMs to VMware and i am planning to use VMWare Vcenter Convertor.

Can you please share your expert views on how to proceed the best way or is there any other ways.
We have windows 2008 Active directory environment.
Architect had planned the DCs as follows:-
2 DCs (i will call them DC1 and DC2) in prod site with one of them (DC2) having the certificate authority on it.
1 live DC (DC3) in DR site.

DR was planned as follows:-
Storage replication configured for prod DC with CA (DC2) on it and it will be powered on during the DR.

We need to do DR test.
We will cut off the prod site completely from network during DR test.
I think the issue with this setup is that once the DC2 is powered on at the DR site and replication happens between the DC2 and DC3 then once we shutdown DC2 replica in DR and bring up the DC2 back in prod site then USN rollback condition can occur.
Architect does not agree with that.

In my thinking there is no need for the DC3 in this scenario if we are going to bring up DC2 in DR scenario.
OR the CA role should be split onto a non Domain controller server.

Please let me know your thoughts.
How can I confirm if an AWS instance is being billed as Windows Base or Windows with SQL?

This is not a question on finding out if SQL is installed; we have instances of Windows Base that we did our own SQL installation. I want to know how it is seen by AWS billing.
How can I lower the Java Security Rules for internal networks only?

Currently our users are needing to manually enter an internal web address in their Java Exception list.  I have been charged with trying to make the process more automatic for our users.  Specifically to allow all URL's for internal web addresses to allow the Java Applet.

I did find a way to create an Exception list for the computer:

but, this option takes away the user's ability to have their own list or to add the web sites that they want and the list will be managed by the local administrator.  Equally important, if I used the above mentioned web page documentation then it will overwrite any Java exception list that the user already created.  We do not want to go that route.

Is there a way to allow internal web addresses to have a lower Java Security level then external web addresses?  TO actually allow Java to be run on those internal web url's.
We have windows 2012 R2 DFS servers.
Someone has disabled a DFS replicated folder's connection from DR site to production site.
So I am getting error that the topology is not fully connected.
What is the best way re-enable that connection (Note: Users only write data to prod site as the referral is only enabled for the prod site).

Also, during DR test we will turn of network connectivity to the prod site.
Would it be best for me to  mark the DR DFS replica as read only during DR test ?
Any other thing I should do before the DR test?
We just upgraded our Windows 2008 r2 server to Windows 2012 r2.  This server is just used as a web server.  After upgrading, our websites were not working.  After going into IIS all the websites were labeled as folders and not applications.  I don't know why the upgrade did not keep them as web applications.  So in IIS I made all the websites applications.  For security I have IUSR and IIS_IUSRS and gave them all permissions, but full ,modify and special.  Some applications work and some don't.  All our applications are classic ASP.  Some web applications use a corporate logon page.  So in ASP we call the corporate logon page with the return url back to my website.  The corporate logon page is retrieved, and I enter my userid and password, but on the return I get an error (500 internal error).  I think this has something to do with App Pooling but not sure.  I say that because one website that has no issue doesn't use the corporate logon.  It was initially getting an error on a redirect that had a parameter.  Once I changed the pooling from defaultAppPool to Classic.Net AppPooling the website worked.  This pooling did not work for those applications that used the corporate logon.  Has anybody come across this issue when upgrading to Windows 2012?
Hi Experts
A (very...) long time ago, I had an ATARI 1040 ST that I used for music production using the (future) Steinberg PRO24 sequencer. Time has flied.... Computer is gone, but I still have a dozen of the 3.5 inch floppy disks with PRO24 music files. They may be unreadable by then, but would like to give it a try and backup their content before it's all gone. Issue is I no longer have the ATARI computer, only the disks. I may buy a spare ATARI 1024st later but that's not the intent today. I have a Windows 10, computer with VMware installed, an external 3.5 Floppy USB drive, various HDD...How can I backup the content of these old floppies? Of course, I plugged in the floppy external reader on USB using Windows 10, but the format of the ATARI disks are unreadable directly in W10. Thanks for your advice
I am working on Windows 7.

I have a database on SQL Server 2016.  Apparently, SSMS 2016 cannot be installed on Windows 7, so I am wondering what problems I will run into trying to run SSMS 2014 against the database?

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I am trying to demote a Windows Server 2008 as DC and uninstall AD/DNS, I have already promoted the WIndows Server 2016 with AD/DNS/DHCP/FSMO Roles
I tried to run the DCPROMO to demote and got an error "DCPROMO was unable to remove DNS Delagations from the Parent Zone...then i went in to Server Manager and remove Roles and tries to uninstall ADS/DNS and it just hangs on Initializing removal and does not process any further.
Any Suggestions appreciated on how to remove these roles, we are demoting the Server and taking it offline
I would like to find a way to see which security protocols/ciphers are being used with IIS 6 on our windows 2008r2 server.
Where is the right place in the registry, or IIS to look for these settings?


We bought a windows server 2019 standard licence with a per core licensing.
I've attached a screenshot of how the RDP license looks in the RD Licensing ManagerRD Licensing Manager
Does this mean there's no need to buy RDP CALs? Would I be able to always open as many RDP connections as I'd like from any desktop in the domain?
If so, is this because we purchased a per core license?

We have a Windows 2016 server that requires migrating from our current Citrix XenServer 6.5 hypervisor setup, to a new VMware esxi 6.7 (upd1) hypervisor.

The IP, Domain, DNS, server name etc can all remain the same.

We tried to export a copy (OVF format) and spin it up but the copy machine would not boot, no bootable disk found.

The reason for a copy was to remove the Xen tools and install the VMware tools before importing into vmware. sadly, being unable to boot the machine the whole process has stopped. The machine is still in production so we didn't want to remove the xen tools from the original in case of an issue, which we now have.

Any ideas on how to properly do this migration from xen 6.5 to vmware 6.7? Are there any useful tools to help or am I just missing the obvious?

Thanks for reading.
Feature Update for Windows 10 successful but Start button unusable

I am searching for a network print driver solution
I have already realized some applications to capture windows printing spooler

I would like to elaborate a network direct printing solution

Thanks in advance


I have a very starnge problem :
Everything was ok and quite ready to use for production on a Windows Server 2019
But some updates happened a week ago, and actually no solutions for this new server...

I Just have "En attente de ..." or  "waiting for server ..."

I just need somme good tips to solve this problem

Thanks in advance

I have a domain network that needs to have a security warning appear just before the user logs onto their computer account.   I have never done this nor have any idea where to start.  It is on a Windows 7 computer, soon to be a Windows 10.  Any directions on how to do this?
I want to send some commands to minecraft on windows 10...specifically to hold down the 'W' key so that my game will move forward for X miliseconds, then release, then send a spacebar to "Jump".  Using sendkeys doesn't work so well for me because they send single keystrokes and I'd like to hold keys down.  How can I do this?  I use 2017.  Thank you!
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Hi all!
i have a customer with a Dell Server
This host has vmware esxi 6.7, and 5 guest server with a Windows 2016 server Active Directory domain
About 7 Dell pc client on lan

All pc start with a wrong time, all server have right time
This cause a problem in time stamp of received email...

Server has right time with external NTP in IDRAC, ESXI, VCENTER APPLIANCE
Server PDC Windows has right time, and secondary domain controller is correctly replicated.

i'm turning around the same setting (about date, time, time zone...)
they are correct, correct, correct
UTC + 01 Rome

please help i'm going mad
Thanks, ask me for details..
I am trying to create Windows domain log on password group policy.
I have Windows 2003 DC, Windows 2008 R2 DC, Windows 2012 R2 DC.
I tried from all of the Domain controllers but can't load group policy management screen. The syste says "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.

We currently upgraded our domain controllers from Windows 2003 to Windows 2012.

I ahve attached
Need to factory reset a HP 250 G7 laptop.  Windows 10 Pro.  When I go into the choose an option screen and click on troubleshoot, I do not see the option for advanced options to reset the computer.  All I get is startup settings and UEFI firmware settings.
I need to send a company-wide notification that we'll be doing some vulnerability testing in our environment and have never done one before or have a template on which to create one...I need assistance with a template for this type of notification.  Is there a location on where I can retrieve this information?
Upgraded a computer from Windows 7/MSOffice 2013 to Windows 10/Office 365, and yes I checked with the vendor for compatibility issues.  However, unknown to me, there was a MSWord macro in use that would find a * placeholder in the real estate closing documents so that they could be easily moved to and highlighted by pressing F6.  This would allow the user to move to the correct spot, input the correct data and delete the placeholder *, with a single key stroke.  I have a copy of the macro, but it will not work in Office 365, it just launches the new Find and Replace function in Office 365.  Does anyone have an idea?  Old macro below.

Sub F6()
' F6 Macro
    With Selection.Find
        .Text = "*"
        .Replacement.Text = ""
        .Forward = True
        .Wrap = wdFindContinue
        .Format = False
        .MatchCase = False
        .MatchWholeWord = False
        .MatchWildcards = False
        .MatchSoundsLike = False
        .MatchAllWordForms = False
    End With
End Sub
the feature in windows 10 find my device does it configured from gpo or just use an microsoft account only?  
or is there any relation between the gpo and this feature shall i allow any feature extrea?