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Hello Experts,
I am working with Visual c# and windows 10.
I need to show a circle (200 pixels diameter) somewhere in the form.
The circle can be dragged and change position inside the form:

Up until here, I am ok, can do it...

Now the circle has to be divided into four equal parts,
Each part different color.
Each part has to perform a different task when clicked or right click
nad if outside the circle the same event does nothing.

So far I can do everything with rectangles since PictureBox is like that
But how can I have objects with a different form than a rectangle?
Or any ideas on how to do the last with the actual tools?

I am trying to set user permissions on the AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/WinX folder to deny non-admins rights to it; effectively preventing them from accessing the right-click menu when they right-click on the Windows 10 Start button. I am already using the Local Group Policy for Non-Admins for other local GP's.

Is there any way to do this via Local Group Policy or only through AD Group Policy?

The problem is that when I try it through AD Group Policy via Computer Config > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings >File System, it doesn't allow me to use the %username% variable; it forces me to select a username. In the screenshot below, I selected the hidden Default user.

I have been upgrading all PCs to Windows 10 and I have encountered 2 that would not upgrade to Windows 10. All the PC are the same make and model. But these two recieve the error on the image attached.
I have been upgrading all PCs to Windows 10 and I have encountered 2 that would not upgrade to Windows 10. All the PC are the same make and model. But these two recieve the error on the image attached.Win10 Upgrade Error Message
3 x  2012 R2 Servers restarted into recovery mode loop on 20th.


They boot in the recovery environment on every boot, try to repair the problem, restart and continue to attempt the repair again.


Repair attempts


Things that I have done to try and resolve the server not booting normally -  all commands have been run in the.


Command Sfc /scannow –didn’t work initially so I got it to work the following way:
Sfc  /Scannow   /OFFBOOTDIR=C:\   /OFFWINDIR=C:\Windows – completed successfully and didn’t find any corrupt files

Restarted server still booting back into recovery mode


Then I run chkdsk /f -  completed successfully but with error 50 but reason being command is being run from installation media and the bootable drive is read-only and the chkdsk utility cannot document its findings.
Restarted server still booting back into recovery mode


I then run the following commands to see if bootrec would fix the boot.
Bootrec /FixMbr

Bootrec  /FixBoot

Bootrec  /RebuildBcd

Windows installations found “0”
Restarted server still booting back into recovery mode


I then wanted to find out + remove the updates that had completed as a probable cause of this malfunction so I did the following;
DISM /Image:C:\ /Get-Packages > packages.txt to get the list of packages. – export attached


I removed the 2020 updates listed below with the following command even though the State was Install Pending.



dism …
Refer to attached:
I was not able to launch/click on "mobile Hotspot"
despite that my account is a member of local
Administrators group.

Why is this?

I'm following the steps under the section
"Creating WiFi Hotspot in Windows Without Installing Any Software"
of the link below:
Where can I get a full offline installer of
MS .Net Framework 3.5?  The ones I've
downloaded are all attempting to download
further files via Internet but my PC doesnt
have Internet access:

242,743,296 dotnetfx35.exe

What I got above is about 242MB but after
running it, it attempts to download more
files.  I'll need a full package
I am looking for good quality software in order to make a slide show.  I am using Windows 10 as my operating system
The features in Windows 10 photos appear to be very rudimentary and very confusing.
I cannot tell what is causing my Windows 10 computer to reboot every other night at 12 midnight.  We use a 3rd party patch management service (SolarWinds RMM) for updates, but they are not scheduled to install anytime close to 12am each day.  There does not appear to be any setting in Group Policy Mgmt that would cause it to reboot for any reason, either.  I do see a USER32 information event in Event Viewer showing the reboot, but specifies "No reason" for the cause.  How can I track the cause exactly?  Any ideas out there?  Perhaps there's more in the event log that I'm not seeing?  Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!
Windows server 2016 essentials - access anywhere - RDP to server
wants to run the dashboard instead of full RDP session to server.
Need Excel VBA function to set Boolean to true or false if the cursor is visible or not (possibly from CURSORINFO from Windows interface routine).
There are many articles on the web that tell about compatibility mode in Windows, how to enable it, etc. But I was not able to find anywhere, how it actually works, i.e. what specific changes are made by Windows for an executable in compatibility mode.
We just had an instance when one specific exe was crashing in one particular scenario; and we were able to fix it by running it in Vista compatibility mode. So I'm wondering, what specifically changed in the way the exe ran?
Windows 10 update consistently fails at 48%.

I've tried direct update, disk boot based update and iso conversion to directory update.

Where can I find older versions of update than 1909?
Using Windows 10 Pro v1901 PC with a Server 2016 Remote Desktop server I am running into a situation where if I have a program installed on my Win 10 Pro PC but not installed on the Server 2016 RDS, the shortcut to that program on the task bar is removed upon login to the 2016 RDS.  When I log back onto my Windows 10 PC later the shortcut is also removed from my PC’s taskbar.

I found a folder in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar which contains all the shortcuts I have pinned but it does not seem to be valid in Windows 10. In fact shortcuts exist in this folder that are not displayed, some of them are from months or years ago.

I tried turning off System Maintenance hoping that was removing the “broken” shortcut and adding a DWORD entry IsBrokenShortcutsTSEnabled with a value of 0 to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ScheduledDiagnostics\  per   It is intended for Windows 7 but I thought it was worth trying. No luck.

Has anyone noticed a behavior of Win 10 not displaying unavailable program shortcuts? Is there any way to change this behavior.
In upgrading one of our workstations to Windows 10 Pro, the upgrade failed and did not properly revert and restore Windows 7. Because of some of the programs installed, I am looking for a suggest as to restore the operating system without loosing the existing programs and data.

I am able to boot up from the Windows 7 repair disk.
Issue Activating windows 2012 R2 Datacenter.
server was built years ago by a previous engineer and he never activates server. ISO was create with previous expired license key from previous MVLS. now that im trying t o activate with current and different MVLS i get invalid key. troubleshooting get error -
error 0x80070426 on a computer running microsoft windows non-core edition

thank you in advance
I have a windows 2016 server. I get "Security Update for SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2 CU (KB4535706) failure error when I patch the server. The other Windows patches are ok.
Experts out there might have a solution for this. I would appreciate it if you could shed light on this.
I have a Windows(ver. 1903) 10 Dell 9020 desktop.  
1. This computer is part of a domain
2. I have mapped several UNC (to the servers) drives from M to P
3. All of the drives function properly with the exception of the M drive
4. After mapping the M drive ( have tried both with an IP Address and a Computer Name) the drive functions properly.  I can view the contents of the drive.
5. HOWEVER, each time the computer is restarted the M drive is disconnected (I cannot see the drive in Windows explorer).  
6. All the other drives continue to function properly.
7. After the computer has restarted I can map the M drive again and it functions properly until restart.

Notes: a. I click to reconnect on restart
b. The M drive is mapped to a folder that goes to an Accounting program (in other words if the M drive is disconnected the Accounting program does not open.
c. Other computers on the network are able to use the M drive successfully.  It is only one computer.
d. I have used the netuse command "net use x: /delete" followed by "net use x: \\server\share" however the drive does not show in Windows Explorer.
e. I have browsed but the local group policy and the startup folder for anything related to override or disconnect the M drive

Please Advice
Thanks in Advance
Dear Experts,

First of all, hope this message finds you well.

We are currently having an issue with one of our customers using a Dell Optiplex 5060, Windows 10 Pro / winver 1909 - no pending updates. Under Devices and Printers all the printers show status as "Not Connected". One of those printers is a MFP (Sharp MX-5141N) configured through a TCP/IP port.

Just an observation: this printer works perfectly fine in other workstations with the same operating system / winver and latest updates / same drivers package. Also, other printers in a File and Print server are able to be added.

We have tried uninstalling the drivers package and printer from Print Management and tried to reinstall the most recent available driver in sharp website with no success.

We have ran sfc /scannow, DISM and chkdsk /f /r, microsoft troubleshooter, with no success.

When we go to Device Manager, we see Print queues showing only "Root Print Queue". If we go to View - Show hidden devices - we are able to see the SHARP printer grayed out and showing error Code 45.

We know that the printer is not the issue, it is something corrupted in the system but we haven't been able to figure it out.

Something odd is that when we go to Devices and Printers in one of the workstations where the SHARP is working perfectly fine, we select PROPERTIES and under HARDWARE tab we are able to see the DEVICE FUNCTIONS for that device. If we do the same on the workstation with the problem, that same tab …
We have some users that would like to use Windows Hello features that continue to be greyed out or state "Something Went Wrong. Try again later".  Our domain is using Azure AD connect mainly for the purposes of Hybrid Exchange with Office 365 and I'm wondering if there is more to do on the cloud end or if I'm just missing something on the on premises network.  

The policies that are in place are:

Computer configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates
 System\Logon -- Turn on Convenience PIN sign in enabled
Windows Components\Windows Hello for Business
          -----Do not use the following hardware security device TPM1.2 disabled
         ----Use biometrics enabled
         ----use certificate for on-premises authentication enabled
         Use Windows Hello for business\do not start windows hello provisioning after sign-in disabled
Biometrics -- Allow domain users to log on using biometrics enabled
                 ---- Allow the use of biometrics Enabled
                   ------Allow users to log on using biometrics enabled
Biometrics\Facial Features - Configure enhanced anti-spoofing disabled

User configuration
  Windows settings\security settings\public key policies\certificate services client-auto-enrollment settings
 --- Automatic certificate management enabled
          Options- Enroll new certificates, renew expired certificates, process pending certificate requests and remove revoked certificates enabled
                         -- …
Windows 10  Quick Access toolbar, users have asked if we can restore their QAT settings.  Meaning (see attached), they have several custom folders under Quick Access.   I see many options but don't know which is the correct one.    They have a lot of folders under 'Quick Access', we want to backup & restore their settings if need be.  

Can anyone give me suggestions.


I have a Win10 Pro (64bit) WrkStn.  12Gb RAM; 1909 version
When I try to go into the - Settings, Windows Update, Windows Security, and then "any" of the Protection Areas
(ie - Virus & Threat protection; Account Protection; Firewall & Network Protection; etc) the windows opens & then
immediately closes !!!  No matter how I try to access this area - Windows Security - this happens.  I am running, as
Virus Protection, Malwarebytes Premium; and, it tells me I have "NO" infections.  Ideas or suggestions .......

PC is working fine otherwise .......
Anyone has a Quick Start Guide for  GoToMeeting
(both for host as well as participants)?
Hi All

I'm trying to copy newly created .jpg files that start with capt and end in numbers, i.e. capt0468.JPG from a network drive \\\pix using a windows batch file. There are folders within the pix folder ,they look like the below and store jpg files

There are other jpg files that end in SM, MD, i.e. capt0430_MD or capt0430_SM within those folders - these are files I want to ignore.

Below is a windows batch file, I'm not sure where to start - hoping to get support here.

@echo off
set source="\\\pix\*"
set target="C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Images\img"

FOR /F "delims=" %%I IN ('DIR %source%\*.jpg /A:-D /O:-D /B') DO COPY %source%\"%%I" %target% & echo %%I & GOTO :END

Open in new window

I found the windows batch file does not work and I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here. Any help is greatly appreciated.
On our process controller servers we have come across an interesting issue since the server was upgraded to server 2019.  An IIS based web app on the host is instructed to upload a file from the user's local disk, then open it in Excel on the host where it will be parsed into a waiting database.  The same code is working well on several other machines that are running server 2008.  On the 2019 host the file uploads, and successfully writes it to the temp directory. Excel is invoked, but it fails to find the file and open it.  A rather generic windows type error is passed back to the app.
"An unexpected error occurred: Microsoft Excel cannot access the file 'C:\Temp\Test SP_WCETest1_001_Test Meter_20200218040939.AMD.xlsx'. There are several possible reasons: • The file name or path does not exist. • The file is being used by another program. • The workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook."
I have verified the permissions on the file and the folder are open to group 'everyone' with full control.  From the host console the file will open in excel with a double-click. There are no errors in the event logs beyond the one passed back to IIS. (above)
I pulled up procmon on a working host and compared file activity to the temp directory between the working and non-working.  csv files are attached. Ike is the working 2008 server, Phillip is the failing 2019 server.  The only thing that I found of interest is on Phillip, there is some svchost …