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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.

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I have a user who would like to run the current Windows 10 operating system running on his Lenovo laptop as a VMware virtual machine within the Mac operating system.

We will purchase a Windows 10 Pro license to activate Windows 10 running as the Mac virtual operating system.

What is the process for doing this?
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I am running Windows Media Services on Windows 2003 but now I want to switch to Windows 2016.
What service shall I use on Windows 2016 instead of  Windows Media Services ?
We are planning to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and currently analysis the hardening procedures and guidelines. Our management and security team would like to follow the recommendation from the Security baseline for Windows 10 v1607  and Windows Server 2016 with URL link:

After gone through the the recommendation documentation (In Excel format), we notice that high percentage of the "Policy Items" are "Blank" or "Not configured". Would anyone has any experience does it mean Microsoft has no recommendation on those area/items or kind give us further direction what can we do to due with those items ?

We are new to Windows Server security hardening exercise and your kind advice is much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
The computer is an HP z210 running Windows 7 pro.

Each time I start Windows Media Center , the message;
Windows Media Center has stopped working

I click on the “check online for a solution”  and nothing happens.

What I have done:
- Removed and reinstalled Windows Media Center using appwiz.cpl
- Tried to rebuild the Media center store using

That failed.

Booted the system using the “clean boot” procedure (msconfig).  Windows Media center would not start.

The detailed error message is:
Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:      CLR20r3
  Problem Signature 01:      ehshell.exe
  Problem Signature 02:      6.1.7600.16385
  Problem Signature 03:      4a5bd053
  Problem Signature 04:      mcstore
  Problem Signature 05:
  Problem Signature 06:      4ce7b873
  Problem Signature 07:      1a1
  Problem Signature 08:      146
  Problem Signature 09:      System.InvalidOperationException
  OS Version:      6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:      1033

What do I do now?
I have an old hard drive that use to be my boot up HD (windows 7) and then after I bought a new ssd drive and install windows 10, I slave my old drive for more total capacity. Now I have to make some room and when I try to delete windows, program files and other folders it said I don’t have permission. Is there a tool or command that will delete not only the folders but also subfolders? I’ll appreciate any help.
I have a logon_script.bat and created a GPO to apply it. But It doesn't run and I'm running out of idea why it's not working.

GPO name: Record Logon history
script path: \\fileserver1\scripts\logon\Logonhistory.bat , testing user has read/write permission to the network folder.
logon script configured in user configuration/policies/windows settings/scripts/logon.
GPO is applied correctly to OU where the user belongs to.
GPO security filtering is configured so that authenticated users group was removed and the testing user was added.

I checked GPO version in both AD and SYSVOL, all same on all DCs.

I ran gpupdate /force on the computer. I didn't resolve the problem.
I ran gpresult /SCOPE USER /V, it  show the GPO not  applied.
I ran RSOP through GPMC, it shows the GPO not applied.

I ran out of idea.
Hi Experts,

We have a folder 1 in a network drive.And folder 2 containing 15 different folders say f1 to f15.
Some third party sources put in files which may be upto 150 in number in a day into folder 1.
Each file is named such a way that it had destination folder name within uts name like f1p1data.csv, f3p2data.csv, f1p2data.csv etc.
Here f denotes which folder the file is to put and p denotes priority to be picked in p1 to be picked up first and so on.There is this vbs ript code that runs this logic of putting files one by one into subfolders.The vbscript is present in my local.When ever a file gets picked up into subfolder say f1 for already existing file say available.txt in f1 folder changes into assigned.txt.A separate process which is scheduled, processes the file in f1(basically moves the file into my local drive and processes) and at last renames the assigned.txt to available.txt.And the process continues.Problem 1: since its  drive, moving file into subfolders is slow
Problem2: since files keep arriving in folder 1, the vbscript seems to be becoming slow in finding the priority file
Please suggest a better way of doing this and combatting the latency.Also suggest a alternate way of looping through as ..files are still getting copied into folder 1 when the vbscript is looping through to find top priority file from one iteration through all files present jn a given time.
I have a Windows 8 Enterprise PC (that is my primary PC).  I want to upgrade to Win10; but, was told that I could NOT.  Recently, I was told that I could upgrade to Win10 Enterprise; but, no-one knows about the upgrade process.  I have even called Microsoft support and they just tell me that, in order to up grade I have to have Win 8 or 8.1, not Enterprise (they do not understand my question).
My question is w/r to the actual upgrade process - is it an in place upgrade (keeping my files and applications) or is it a clean install (removing/clearing all existing files and applications).
I am told (in many Microsoft sites) to go to the Microsoft VLS site and download the Win10Enterprise.iso; but, I cannot find it anywhere !!!
So, right now I feel like I am near to a solution w/r to upgrading my primary PC (finally); but, not quite there .....  any help ?????
What is the process to change the Server 2016 policy to allow users to logon even when domain controller can't be contacted?

All computers within this organization are attached to the domain and we need to make sure that the users are able to logon with their domain accounts even when the domain controller can't be contacted.
I am working on a powershell script to take this command.

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32Reg_AddRemovePrograms | Select-String -Pattern "exchange"

and if it equals this:

\\A01344\root\cimv2:Win32Reg_AddRemovePrograms.ProdID="Microsoft Exchange v14"

Then do nothing.

But if it does not equal that then run a reg file.

I am new at this please assist. Thank you in advance.
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I have been using this power shell command to create a text files that lists the currently installed programs on Windows 10 computers:

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product | Select-Object -Property Name > C:\PCapps.txt

Open in new window

The problem is that this command lists only the names of the installed programs.

I would like to run a command that will display the complete list of everything that is displayed within the Programs and Features applet: Software name, publisher, installed on, size, & version.

What is the correct syntax of a command that will display all this information?
I have setup Storage Spaces with 4 disks,  Two way Mirror,  formatted REFS, worked fine in both O/S's Updated S2K16, now it says Storage Space drive needs formatting.. Drive is perfectly readable in Windows 10 1703.  All I can do is move the files off of SS drive in W10

SS 4 x WD 4TB Drives

Such a pain to have to keep moving 8TB
Have lot of quickbooks files and have no issue opening but 1 file. the same file can be opened by other users. what can be the issue. this screen pops up
SnipImage.JPGwindows 10, quickbooks 2016, the files are on server 2008
Hello Everyone,

In our quest to learn, we are interested in knowing if the XMediusFax Boardless, T.38 Fax Over IP server  application supported by the vendor Sagemcom can have Windows Updates applied the Windows 2012 R2 Server it resides on. I've tried to do a general search online and the Sagemcom website, but was unable to locate any information. I appreciate everyone's feedback.
I have disabled the Windows Firewall of my Windows 2012 R2 server, When I telnet to localhost 445, it is ok, but when I tenet to the actual IP 445, it fails.

Anyone have idea of why?

I need the tcp/445 for remote log pulling from a SIEM connector.

i recently installed java jre1.8.0.141 in a firefox 32 bit browser (version 54.0.1(32 bit)):
download was:jdk-8u141-windows-i586 and installed it.
  However, when i launch the web intranet application i get:
   java enabled: false (java plug-in is required to launch native applications).  
when i check plug-in, i don't have java plug-ins to enable.

before i launch the application i have to vpn to our internal network.  
Please help
Dear All,

I tried to login in aix system in tsm from my windows web browser. When i tried to login for backup it was returning ANS2619S The client Acceptor Daemon was unable to start.
I tried to find a lot of topics to help me resolve this issue,but nothing helped me to resolve my problem.

If  someone has the knowledge i would appreciate it.

M.error printscreen
We are in the process of moving users out of Windows 7 / Office 2010 latpops and into laptops running Windows 10 / Office 365.
We are exporting / importing favorites and cookies, etc... but one issue we run into is we cannot seem to find a way to save, and move, users saved website passwords for Internet Explorer/Google Chrome  AND recent file lists from Excel and Word so that they appear on the new laptops when a user opens Excel 2016 or Word 2016 ....or goes to a website that had their credentials saved (and they do not know what they are!!)  

I never realized how dependent users are on recent file lists until I began this project....or saved website passwords!!

Any help/suggestions/advice is, as always, greatly appreciated!

We have an internal windows active directory domain called We also have an external website called the same but it is hosted on an external cloud provider.

We have created a website on the cloud called This uses dynamic DNS.

I want to forward all DNS queries for to an external DNS server.

How do I do this?

We are using windows server 2008 (but the domain functional level is windows 2003)

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Hello - we have a Windows Server 2012 that has 2 NICs that are bonded into a Team Nic connection.  It was working for a short time, where it was successfully able to access the Internet and network resources, but then a yellow exclamation mark appeared on the NIC icon in the service tray and it stopped getting out to the Internet.   I was also not able to RDP to it (strangely however, my cohort was able to remote to it).  so I went on to the machine's console and "Diagnosed" it.  it wanted to remove the NIC teaming and when both adapters are separated, it works - meaning I am able to assign static addresses to the adapters and it connects fine.  I forgot to mention that at first, when I diagnosed the Team connection, it wanted to switch it to DHCP and then the yellow mark went away.  I was not able to make it a STATIC IP assigned - it only takes DHCP.  But now that the NICs are separated again, I can assign static IPs. Looking for some insight.
I have an SCCM 2007 environment with over 100 DPs running Windows 2008R2. I have a disk space problem whereby my C drive is getting full and now need to send more packages to the DPs. I want to add an additional TB drive to the DPs and mount it. The next step would be to move the SMSPKG and SMSPKGC$ folders(as in the attached file) to the 1TB drive (mount drive called Tier2Data)  to create more space on C.

1. How can I achieve this so that the move is "global", ie the folders are moved to the mounted drive across all the DPs in the environment?
2. What impact if any could arise if I do this?
3. Can I make this the default setup for the folders going forward for the new DP s to be added in the environment?


I use the following code to dynamically edit a SQL table in a Windows Form DataGridView.
Most of the time things work but around one out of every 5 times I get the error shown in the image below.
Why would this be? Is there a better way to dynamically update a SQL table based on changes made by the user?

    Sub oDynamic_SQL_Save()

            Dim builder As New SqlCommandBuilder(dbadp2)

            builder.QuotePrefix = "["
            builder.QuoteSuffix = "]"

            dbadp2.UpdateCommand = builder.GetUpdateCommand()


        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox(Err.Description & " mmm")
        End Try
    End Sub

Open in new window


we have mulitple machines running Windows 8.1 , those machines are their respective OUs in AD and there was a policy created for them to point towards our WSUS server onsite to get their updates, up until this month the machines were receiving them correctly, this month however multiple machines are stuck on 99% in WSUS,  once we check the details of the updates we see that the same 3 updates for the windows 8.1 machines will not install, we have marked them for removal and set a specific deadline but the deadline passed and still the machines status do not change and remain at 99%, can anyone please advise?

the three updates -

Our company has developed a Windows Forms Application that we sell as a building tool to our customers.
We want to demonstrate the use of it by a 'click-and-play walkthrough tutorial', comparable to something like this and this.
I'm having trouble searching for a tool that's meant to create tutorials for explaining the use of a Windows Forms application. (Google shows me tutorials for creating the applications instead of applications to create the tutorials :) )

I guess I need something different than the mainstream options, that only apply to the explanation of online applications (HTML).

Hope I can get some tips or advice here!

I am the new IT Engineer at a small company and I've recently had some issues with Backup Exec 2012. The issue is fixed however and backups are running as they should. To prepare myself for the need to restore files in the future I decided to have a test run. I highlighted the server I wanted to restore files from and selected Restore button then selected File and folder backups. However the list of backup I can see on this page are from last month. I did run a couple of successful backups this week (one of the backups were definitely on the tape I currently have inserted) but nothing up to date is showing. Am I missing something here?

It's a physical server running Windows Server 2011, Symantec Backup Exec 2012 and we're using tape as the media. Thanks in advance!

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This topic area includes legacy versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000: Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions including Windows Mobile.