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so far I have 3 machines doing this with no explanation at all. I am the system admin and I'm logged in as myself.  I've made 0 changes on the domain and I have no reason for this.  Has anyone seen this before?  I can't even right click on anything or click the start button.  My first thought was a virus but I've reimaged the machine only to have this issue reappear.  Does anyone have any idea what's going on???? These are windows 10 1809.
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Windows 10 ver 1903 windows get stuck on the welcome screen after upgrade to 1903.
1- problem happens every time a new user logs in.
2- problem happens with local admin as well.

Updates were release to domain workstations and laptops via wsus.  
Several calls today. User types password and the welcome screen spins for ever.

Any recommendations would be great
Hi I had two clients call me yesterday and state that their browser was asking for their windows passwords.  I remoted into one and saw what looked like a cheezy rdp session, like mstsc.  The one I connected to, i cleaned spyware and had her change her password.  The other one I called today.

That user said after they entered their user and password, their b of a password popped up on the screen.  I'm having them change all their passwords today.

Question, is this a new kind of spyware thing?  Has anyone else seen this?

Both computers are AV protected, but as usual, the AV's didn't detect a thing.
I unplugged my Windows10 desktop in error.  This error appeared on boot up.  I have tried the fix tools and the condition continues.
Hello all,
At one of my clients they have several computers that are all Windows 10 Pro version 1903.  Each of these computers has 5-6 different user profiles that are used randomly throughout the week..  Yes it connects to an AD server.
The issue is that for no apparent reason Windows Photo Viewer suddenly disappears and I have to reinstall it and re-establish it in the default apps.  There is no other photo program on any of these computers.  
Has anyone run across this and how can you stop this from happening?
kelly W.
I'm trying to install the RSAT tools for windows 10 on my PC, but now with 1903 build, it's supposed to be part of the windows features on or off, but it's not under mine.

How do I install the win 10 admin tools in build 1903?   I'm struggling.

Here's my options
is there a Serious Chrome virus?

Came back to computer after about 2 hours, chrome screen TOTALLY black.

Later, got an error with a red screen, said microsoft was fixing, so I thought obvious virus trying to drag me in further.

Tried to close chrome (Windows 10), close task, disallowed.

Restarted Windows, OK for now.

Using Avast anti Virus.
Before the last few days we had a setting that would go back to the login screen and require the password. I could be sitting here doing nothing and maybe every 10 minutes this event would happen. Now today I left at 4pm and back at 6pm and the system was still on. Who changed the setting and how to prevent it from failing. The computer was not secure today during those 2 hours. I think the setting I had was 10 minutes.

I went into these settings and not seeing it. Windows 10 desktop.

Our users scan to their scan folder from the copiers. And the user can access and open the files they have personally scanned to their scan folder.  
Now here's the problem.  After they have scanned that file to their scan folder they move it to another network storage location for other staff to see. However, the other staff cannot open the file but the person who created the scanned file obviously still can.

I have a windows domain environment and the Document file server is on a server 2016.

kind regards,
I have a client who indicates he had at one time a "Favorites" star on his Windows 10 taskbar. He described it as the Gold Star (depricated Internet Explorer??) he could click on directly and his bookmarks were present.
I was easily able to place the Win10 "Links" on the taskbar, but he indicated that wasn't correct.
I would be most grateful for any assistance on this issue.
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Connecting to my Windows 7 FileZilla FTP server from outside; I get the error: Could not connect to server.

I have a cloud server where I am hosting a website. It is a Windows Server 2012 R2. Recently I noticed a message in my account control panel saying something like this:

"CRITICAL NETWORK - 384 kbit/s received       12.11 MBit/s transfered"

This is the first time I received a message like this. The server has been operating since 2015.
I am not a network administrator so I do not really know how to proceed. So, I will very much appreciate any support/help you can provide to find out what is going on.

I had watched the Network Activity in Task Manager and I am attaching a screenshot just as a reference. Maybe I need to go over log files but I a not sure which ones are the correct to review and how to proceed.

For example, I watched the System log and I see error entries like this:

"A fatal alert was generated and sent to the remote endpoint. This may result in termination of the connection. The TLS protocol defined fatal error code is 10. The Windows SChannel error state is 1203."

I found the error below in the Administrative Events log:

"The RD Session Host server received large number of incomplete connections.  The system may be under attack."

Something I should say is that I use Remote Desktop to connect to my cloud server.

Task Manager Network Activity Screenshot
Jorge Maldonado
We can not get an old Dell system to bootup. Some on screen message saying press the power button or mouse or any key on the keyboard. Nothing.
We need to know if this system is 32 bit or 64 bit.

It's Windows XP Pro
product key: <removed by leew>

We have received a HP laptop that does not turn on properly.

It seems to be a Windows 10 laptop.

I have tested this laptop and what happens is that the laptop powers up fine, goes to login screen fine but after logging in there is only a black screen displayed on laptop screen.

Every 10/ 20 seconds, the login screen loads back and when you click anything on keyboard, the black screen displays again.

Here are some things I found:

- The mouse pointer can be seen over black screen.
- Pressing "Windows key" and "P" brings up Project menu with four options which can be navigated through but not picked
- Ctrl+Alt+Delete does not do anything
- Ctrl+Shift+Esc does not do anything
- After black screen displayed for a few seconds, pressing a key makes the black screen slightly brighter

What should we do to fix this issue?


Some of the printers I've been sharing to my users using GPO are not visible in the 'printer section' of the Control Panel. But I can see them using 'get-printer' in Powershell. And they're visible in the printer dialogue of programs like Word or Excel.

But since they're not visible in the Control Panel I had to use Powershell to make one of them the default printer.

Anyone know why this is happening?

I use WinSCP to transfer files between Windows server and linux, and I accidentally delete a MySQL file in the bin directory using winSCP, any way to recover it except backup ?

any undelete?

accidentally delete a files in MySQL bin folder using WinSCP
There are several updates that will not install because of the update error.  Please advise how to fix it.  This is a W10 Home OS.
I am trying to image one new workstation successfully so I can deploy that image to others. Sysprep has crashed every machine I've touched. Every new machine I run Sysprep on, it no longer boots. It gets a missing Winload.efi error. Should I be disabling Secure Boot before I run Sysprep?

I am running Sysprep from several new Windows 10 machines to get a base image. I patch Windows, install Office then run Sysprep....OOBE - Generalize - Shutdown.

Is there something I'm missing when running Sysprep?
Greetings wise wizards of EE:

I'm helping a friend with an aging Windows 7 desktop PC, that just recently produced the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, and then restarted normally. I remoted in and copied the Minidump file produced by the BSOD from the C:\Windows\Minidump folder, which I attach to this inquiry.

I now am requesting an analysis of the Minidump file. Though I am grateful for any response, I would request a specific analysis of the final, rather than just general or security advice, so that I can tackle the solution directly.

Many thanks in advance,

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- Does anyone have the step by step for doing this upgrade?

I have done a decent amount of reading, but if anyone has a checklist/ what they did I would greatly appreciate you sharing.

Current environment- Windows 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010
Ideally I would like to go to Windows 2019 with Exchange 2019, however I know that will take a 2 step upgrade so I would at least settle to go to Server 2019 with Exchange 2016.

Thanks in advance!
I have a virtualized windows 2012 server running SQL 2014. I am using Veeam to back it up. I keep getting a warning message:

"SQL VSS Writer is missing: databases will be backed up in crash-consistent state"

When I check my services I do not see this service. How can I get this installed?

I'm attempting to remove a partition from a HDD so I only have 1 partition not  2  see pic
Using Xcopy I started to copy the data to another disk this run out of Memory so I'm now using FolderMatch

Xcopy cmd was something like

@ N:\
md Areeya (Drive name to be backed up)

cd Areeya

Xcopy E:\ /s

Open in new window

In widows Explorer I cannot see a folder "Areeya" unless I type "N:\Areeya" in the explorer bar
I can then see all subfolders

Example properties of a subfolder

in a CMD window I get  

File not found - N:\*.*

N:\>attrib Areeya
A  SH                N:\Areeya


Open in new window

I think that means A => Archive S=> System H=> Hidden ??

Any suggestions how to make this folder visible in Windows Explorer? I have Show Hidden files ticked!

I'm hopping once I've copied all the data over I can remove both partitions and convert it back to Basic

I can then copy the data back again
Running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit, my desktop has exhibited a variety of bad behaviors for the past several weeks.  These include applications freezing, black screen, unintended rebooting, and BSOD.  Once, when I tried to run Windows startup repair, the utility could not identify any installed Windows operating system.  I'm suspecting an impending hardware failure, but don't know how to isolate the problem.  I ran the WDC Diagnostic utility on the system HDD, and it passed the Quick Test.

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:      BlueScreen
  OS Version:      6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:      1033

Additional information about the problem:
  BCCode:      1000008e
  BCP1:      C0000005
  BCP2:      845A8885
  BCP3:      CAC53920
  BCP4:      00000000
  OS Version:      6_1_7601
  Service Pack:      1_0
  Product:      256_1

Files that help describe the problem:
I have used Casper several times to clone a HD and never had a problem. This time the clone drive is Blue Screening.  Any ideas?  The system is a Windows 7 Pro and I used Casper 10 "Upgrade/Replace System Drive" to copy this drive to the new drive.  Only differences with this the OS is on a Corsair 240HD and I cloned it to a Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB.
I have HyperV installed and I have a working windows vm.  I need to install SQL 2014 Developers edition but it is not an iso, it is a exe.  How to I install SQL inside the VM?