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Windows Phone

Windows Phone (WP) is a family of mobile operating systems developed for smartphones as the replacement successor to Windows Mobile and Zune. Wind...

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Suggestion for mobile phone

I was in search for a good mobile phone and now stuck at Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro
Windows Phone Theme Colours

Create Windows Phone Colour Palette and Selector using WithEvents

The Windows Phone Theme Colours is a tight, powerful, and well balanced palette. This tiny Access application makes it a snap to select and pick a value. And it doubles as an intro to implementing WithEvents, one of Access' hidden gems.

I had a need for a “colour picker” for the nice original …

I had a need for a “colour picker” for the nice original Windows Phone colour palette. The codes are…
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Windows embeded. Am I right or wrong, Actually what really is it?

Hi guys.
My idea about Windows embedded:
Normal windows is like a mountain climber pack. It has …
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Intellisense Wierdness... Gotta be an obvious answer ?

I downloaded the sdkRawSensorDataVB yesterday and it ran fine on my device.

Copied the Compass …
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windows phone dailer and mic

Could you please tell me why, with headphones with a mic on it ,, I use windows 98 phone dailer and …
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Where are the Date Functions in WP8 SDK

Tried DateAndTime.DateAdd but not there.
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transfer iphone music, video to ipad and Windows phone 7.5

Dear all,

I buy an ipad 3 and I would like to know anyway to transfer all video and music from …
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Remote users unable to connect to the SBS 2003 Exchange server.

I am working on a Windows 2003 SBS server issue with Exchange.

The problem is that remote users …
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How to Set Date/Time  on Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices

We have a lot of Motorola MC9000 Windows Mobile 5.0 devices and we need to automatically set the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Drawing a line along a street in Bing maps


I'd like to find a way to draw a line along a street in Bing Maps based on data from …
Troubleshooting Solution

Table Not found  - SQLITE error

I'm creating a windows phone 8 application.

I'm having some difficulty with my sqlite prepare …

Bring Windows Phone ringtones to iPhone

Many loved their Windows Phone for its superior design. That included the contemporary ringtones. Now, having an iPhone, you are kicked back at square one with a dull variety of ringtones of yesterday. Rejoy, here is how to retrieve the superior Windows Phone ringtones and bring them to your iPhone.
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Visual Studio Express 2010 Add Reference

How to add references in VS2012e ?
Troubleshooting Solution

How secure is the Microsoft Apps store in Windows 8

We all have iPhones and iPads.  We were orientated and within our own research, that prior Apple …
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When will the next version of the Windows Mobile OS be released?

byIT Guy
When will the next version of the Windows Mobile OS be released?
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Windows Phone Async - Calling the same routine more than once

I am writing a windows phone app [total rookie at it, fyi].
I am having difficulty understanding …
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Mobile Applications in Dot Net

Hello Experts,
Recently I have developed an Flight Search Engine... in asp.net,
Now we are planning…
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Is there a place I can request to have my cell phone number removed from a national call list?

I have requested to have my cell phone number removed on a website before and the random sales phone…
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WIndows phone 7 emulator


I am trying to install and run Windows phone emulator 7 on my laptop (Windows 7 ).
I have …

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