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Windows Phone (WP) is a family of mobile operating systems developed for smartphones as the replacement successor to Windows Mobile and Zune.  Windows Phone features a new user interface derived from Metro design language. Windows 10 Mobile succeeded Windows Phone 8.1 and emphasizes a larger amount of integration and unification with its PC counterpart—including a new, unified application ecosystem, along with an expansion of its scope to include small-screened tablets.

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We are looking to migrate from exchange 2007 on premise to O365 exchange online. We need to add a 3rd party ssl cert so that we can start the migration. When the ssl is installed and assigned the roles we find that windows phones stop email syncing, we have found that removing the email account and re-adding has worked but due to the large number of users this is not something that is not an option.

Has anyone else had this issue and how have they got around it?

any help would be appreicated.

I'm a noob on xamarin
I'm creating a little app which simply sends latitude, longitude, speed and direction/heading to a server over TCP every 30 secs

The heading/direction is causing me some confusion
I'm expecting to get a result between 0 and 360 (degrees) which is indicative of the direction you are travelling (think north east south west)

However, I'm a little confused what sensors I need to enable as there seems to be:

firstly i'm trying to get android working on Xamarin, but I also want iOS and Windows phone

Can anyone help me in choosing which one is "the one" or if there are many which "order of preference" i should use based on the phones supported hardware

Also, Is there a cross platform option that I'll need to use on Xamarin for iOS Android and windows?

I'm a little confused about Windows 10 OS and Windows mobile phones. Do they run the same OS, or is Windows 10 for laptops different from Windows 10 for Mobile? Sometimes, I'm hearing that this is a "unified" OS, other times I'm hearing that some apps work on the laptop/desktop version but not the mobile.

My Lumia 950 has the latest Windows 10 Mobile update (version 1511, build 10.0.10586.164) installed and the following issues:

The phone app has disappeared from the start screen. When I want to pin it from the all apps menu, it is grayed out, so meaning it's already pinned there. I have not moved it by accident into a group folder, it is just gone.
In the info center, 2 of my 4 email accounts disapperad, and also What's App. Meaning I do not see the preview of new messages in the info center. They were there a few days ago.

Any idea?



We have Windows Lumia 640 mobile phones with the Lync 2013 app installed. We have a hosted Lync service. The problem is all users are reporting that the mobile app seems to disconnect at random times which then stops calls being transferred to them.
The app does not sign out and internet connection is not lost.
The hosted provider is looking into it but so far have not come up with any answers.
I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar?
I attach one of the logs from the phones in case it helps?
Thanks in advance for any help...

good day.  i am having installation issues and need some help, please.

I have developed an in-house application for windows phone 8.1 using visual studio 2015.  within visual studio, the application deploys to the phone.  it runs perfectly.  i then un-register the phone using developer phone registration.

i have purchased a semantec certificate following the microsoft/semantec instructions - the cert is on my system and is valid.

i package the application using "makeappx" - makeappx pack /d e:\projectFolder /p e:\myproject.appx.  it packages the application without issues.

next, i created my aet using aetgenerator.  it seems to have worked fine.  it returns my enterprise ID and i have installed it on my phone.  unfortunately, the phone doesn't really provide feedback if it works or not, but i'm assuming it did.

next, i signed my appx file using signtool.  signtool sign /fd sha256 /a /f e:\mycert.pfx /p mypassword e:\myproject.appx.  it signs without a problem.

i place the signed app on my web server and navigate my phone to it.  it downloads it and displays the "tap to open" "zip" file.  once i tap it, it displays:  there's a problem that we can't solve right now... very informative error message!

any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hello Experts -

I'm just getting stated with a Lumia 735 running Windows Phone 8.

I'm told that I can view the files in my Lumia by connecting the cell phone to my PC with a USB cable. Okay, I can do that. I can see the Windows Phone and its directories.

But, when I try to view the files in these directories (Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, etc.) I can't see anything. They're all empty.

Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on here?


I've just go Windows Phone Emulator running in Hyper V. I'm making a call to a WCF service, nothing appears in Wireshark.
I can see browser/http traffic using the emulator's browser + see the WCF call if I make it in a console app (not in emulator), but not thru the emulator code.....don't know how to diagnose....
PS the call is not to localhost, its going www.
Can the HP 2140 fax machine be installed on a VOIP phone system?
How?  What procedural steps to do this?
Except for the various Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones,
are there any smartphones available, with a built-slot for a stylus?
Can you anyone tell me or direct me where I can get a software or any other means to centrally manage Samsung Galaxy phones our company gives to its workers? For instance, I want to be setup email account on the unit without physically having the unit. I know Blackberry does have something of that sort and was wondering if I can get something like for samsung galaxy phones.
I have a windows phone that every time I open Internet Explorer pop ups porn and ads come up
I have tried deleting history etc but they still come up
How can I fix this without resetting phone and loosing data

We are currently running Blackberry for our corporate phone estate and Good for Enterprise for our BYOD (iOS/Android)

I'm curious if anyone has any experience with Microsoft's mobility platform. We looked at Intune but it required Mobile Device Management which we don't want for BYOD, also seemed to be heavily cloud based.

Does anyone know/ have experience?
Today I run my own PBX , one is 3CX and the other is TrixBox(Asterisk)
I cannot find softphone for my mobile who can connect to those PBX, 3CX is not bulding softphone for Windows mobile, only for Android and Iphone.

Is there anything I can do ?
Hi, first this is not a question of if we should create an app for Windows phone. What I need help with is how to get the app on the device to test.

I hired a developer and he has Visual Basic and all the software required to create the app. That part is fine. But I am being told for me to test the app as a tester I need to purchase Visual Basic and from their I can install the app on my hardware device.

I find that hard to believe. Apple allows a simple testing program where I can upload the app to a server then let authorized users download. Android does it about the same way with APK files. How as a tester do I test a Windows phone app without having to buy un-needed software?

I would like to know if Windows mobile OS popularity is increasing or decreasing today. I think it is decreasing but I need a very recent reference if possible.

Thanks a lot

I used to have a Galaxy 3 Sprint phone and had PDAnet/Foxfi on the phone to connect to the internet through a wired connection, I switched my phone to an IPhone 5s and since then, I've not been able to connect to the internet through my laptop.  What solutions are available for me to connect my new phone, IPhone 5s, to the internet.  I would prefer a FREE solution, but at this point any would do.
I need to know how to “Never play Spotify (app) over cellular”.  It eats up my data so fast.  It will start off on WiFi but flip over to cellular.   I have to walk over to my phone every ten minutes to make sure it has not flipped on me.  I have it plugged into my big speaker system and its very inconvenient to keep checking.  

I know I could simply turn off cellular on my phone but then I would not get phone calls.  I am supposed to be at work instead of cleaning my pool so I cannot do that.

Side question: How the heck do I post a question on Spotify Community?  I see all kinds of posts and replies, but nowhere I can post.  I am signed in.
Next silly question. I'm not sure how this works -- I need a new phone. I want a Windows phone (I like the Windows phone platform). But I do not want to lease a phone -- for example, I do not want to enter into a two-year lease with Verizon or AT&T or some such corporation.

My questions:

Can I purchase a Windows Phone, perhaps from the Microsoft web site? Something like one of these?

Can I then contact a mobile service provider, such as Verizon or AT&T, and tell them: I have the phone; can you service my existing mobile phone number?

I've never done this before. Thank you for any advice.

How can we save configuration in text file on windows phone?
how to view the saved config file on phone?
how to access file at location 'C:\Data\Users\DefApps\APPDATA\Local\Packages\'
on windows phone?
Using Windows Mobile 6.5.  Looking for Messaging Apps.

Search results lead me to Apps, such as Line & What's APP.  

Reading the descriptions they all seem sketchy: though I searched for Windows Mobile "6" results I'm led to seem to be for Windows 8, or higher.  Or, they seem like sort of after-market / jury-rigged versions of software for Windows 6.  Or, just abandoned web pages - where the many thousands of downloads and "happy" installs listed all occurred years ago.

Really don't want to import anything that's either un-sanctioned by the App developer (thinking it may have malware) nor something that's too high for my phone, nor something that's been abandoned by the developer entirely, or disavowed.

Do any of you good experts out there know of messaging apps that are legit and that can be installed on Windows Mobile 6.x?  Lots of the leading apps, such as Line, WhatsApp were out when WM 6.x was the latest version.

In particular, I'm looking for a safe place to download from.  Anywhere you have successfully downloaded from, installed and run.  Really want to find somebody who is using a 6 phone and using one of the Apps.


I am sure it's just me, but I'm completely confused by MS's Windows strategy now. Things were easy when they had XP for the desktop, Server 2003 for servers and Windows Mobile for phones :)

I understand that we have Server 2012 for Servers, so that's ok - but are they unifying the smartphone, Surface and laptop/desktop OS into one? Does that start with Windows 8? Or Windows 10?

For example, a Surface runs Windows 8.1. What do the smartphones running Windows use? Windows Phone 8 is the same as Windows 8? Or different? For example, if an application worked on Windows 8/Windows 8.1, does that mean it should work on Windows Phone 8 too?
Hi Experts,

I have just purchased a subscription to Office 365 Home. It installed on my laptop without any bother but I am having trouble getting it on my WinPhone 8.1. I click the Office tile select Office 365 and setup. It then asks me for email and password which I assume is my Microsoft passport details that I signed up to Office 365 with. I enter my details and hit the sign in button and it tells me 'Something's wrong. We encountered a problem and couldn't complete this task'. What should I do?
I have a Dell 9020 minitower with an intel i5 cpu, 16GB of ram, and a 225 gb ssd running Windows 7 Pro.  I’m an IT consultant and this is my work computer.  Ooma is my phone system and I have a home and business phone on it.

I can hear so much better hands free on Skpe.  I’m wondering how I can integrate my phone system into my computer, calling out and receiving calls on my existing phone numbers.  

I have a PCI port on the 9020. Can I put in an old PCI modem and connect to the phone system that way?  Do I have to?  It seems silly because my Ooma comes in digital in the first place. What I’d really like would be to be able to use either a bluetooth ear piece or my speakers and microphone on my logitech webcam and be able to dial on my computer also.  How can I do this?

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Windows Phone (WP) is a family of mobile operating systems developed for smartphones as the replacement successor to Windows Mobile and Zune.  Windows Phone features a new user interface derived from Metro design language. Windows 10 Mobile succeeded Windows Phone 8.1 and emphasizes a larger amount of integration and unification with its PC counterpart—including a new, unified application ecosystem, along with an expansion of its scope to include small-screened tablets.

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