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Windows Phone (WP) is a family of mobile operating systems developed for smartphones as the replacement successor to Windows Mobile and Zune.  Windows Phone features a new user interface derived from Metro design language. Windows 10 Mobile succeeded Windows Phone 8.1 and emphasizes a larger amount of integration and unification with its PC counterpart—including a new, unified application ecosystem, along with an expansion of its scope to include small-screened tablets.

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Our company keeps all our shared contacts in a public folder.  This works really well, we keep notes on each client in the contacts section.  We've been using chapura's pocketmirror to sync these to our windows phone.  However we just upgraded to windows 7, and pocketmirror is no longer compatible.  We've also been looking at possibly upgrading to android phones, but I don't see how they sync public folders either.  I've tried diditbetter's sync software also it seemed pretty buggy (it's been a few years though).  

I know Microsoft's long term strategy is to remove public folders.  I've heard sharepoint is a replacement.   Are sharepoint contacts directly accessible from Outlook?  How do sharepoint contacts sync w/ android or windows mobile?  

In summary: what's the best way to have a central list of contacts accessible to mobile phones.  
I've gotten a new LG Expo phone with WM6.5 installed. It's automatically adding a footer on all messages; "Sent from my LG eXpo, a Windows phone from AT&T". There was no such footer on my previous WM6 phone.

Can this "feature" be disabled?
I need to get a new cell phone and need to be able to remote into a server if need be to make a quick/easy change.  I used to have a Windows Phone, but dont really like the new one by HTC.  

What would be the best phone for me to Remote into Servers???

I have a phone that is probably 18 months old, an HTC phone, branded by T-Mobile (MDA Vario III), running Windows Mobile 6.1.
For the last several months my phone has been turning itself off and when I try and turn it back on, it goes into the soft-reset, and at times, this repeats itself in an endless cycle.
I have tried taking the battery out and leaving it for over 10 minutes.
I have even done a hard reset, which worked for a while, but the problem is back.
There is plenty of memory space on the phone.

Initially it seemed to only occur when I had wifi turned on, but now, it will turn itself off with phone off and wifi off.

Any ideas?
I have "HP Pavilion Entertainment PC" Laptop which have Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (Service Pack 1) Pre-installed.

Also have HTC P3400 Windows Mobile which have Microsoft Windows 5.0 (OS 5.1.422 Build 15633.3.2.0)
Details of HTC are
      ROM Version 1.10.415.2 WWE
      Radio Version: 02.79.90
      CPU - OMAP850
      Speed - 201 MHz
      RAM Size - 64 MB
      Flash Size - 128 MB
      Storage Size - 49.47 MB
      Model No - GENE100

Issue is regarding the Synchronization with my Laptop. Desktop Synchronizing is working by ActiveSync 4.5
But my Laptop doesn't recognize my Windows Mobile. I found that ActiveSync cannot be installed in Laptop having Windows Vista. Instead have another tool already available with Vista.
      But in laptop, Windows Mobile is not get detected in Control Panel - Sync Center. Eventhough it is not detected here, sometimes Mobile folders will be shown in 'My Computer' (If I try 3 times reconnecting, one time Phone folders may get displayed in 'My Computer')
      Since Synchronization is not happening properly, I am not able to sync my contacts, appointments, tasks, emails, etc with Laptop.

Hi Windows Mobile Experts, could you please tell me the solution ?

Hi All,

My HTC P3400 Windows Mobile's Storage Card's Files & Folders sometimes seems to be like corrupted. At that time, programs installed in Storage Card will not work. Also cannot open any files from Storage Card. (Please see the attached screenshot)
One thing I noted is that this happens mostly after a long time of idle (after night at morning)
This can be solved by eject & insert the Storage Card OR
Reset the device.

This is a serious issue so that I can't trust my mobile. eg: I have set an alarm in a software which is installed in Storage Card, it will not work at this case.

Please help

[embed=doc 191844]
I have been using a prepaid cell-phone for a long time. Right now I am getting a Family Plan that is not prepaid, but is a 2-year contractual setup with Verizon or possibly some other service, but most likely Verizon.

One feature I am looking for and I don't know if it exists is the following: I am looking for a system where phone-numbers can be stored on a server opposed to being stored on the phone. This way if a phone is lost, someone else will not come across our phone-numbers and we won't have to add them in again to the new phones, if they get lost. My thought is that it would be a website that is password-protected. So that if someone finds the phone and tries to access our phone-numbers they won't be able to because we'll be able to change the password via the Web. What I'm saying is that all of our data: phone-numbers, messages, emails and/or other data will be all server-side opposed to in the phone. This way if we lose a phone or something else happens to it, it's no problem with regard to data. All I'll need is a new phone.

Is there a company that offers such a service or something close to it? Verizon provides the Chaperone service that is good for keeping track of kids (which I need), which will also be good for locating a missing phone, if it's on. They also have a lock for the phonebook, which is good. But I really like my thought above and if it exists, I'd like to know. So which company or companies have something like I'm describing?

If i were to make a meeting in OWA, it will show up in the Windows Phone but does not show up on entourage 2008.  If i were to make a meeting in Entourage 2008 it will show up in OWA and the Windows Phone.   What do I look at to get all 3 apps/devices (OWA, Entourage 08, and Windows Phone?  
I have:
Palm Treo 700w
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Vista
USB sync cable
Carrier: USA: Verizon Wireless

I want to record some of my voicemail messages off of my phone to my computer.

Here's some ways I can think of that might work but cost money:
1. Connect an audio cable from my Treo headphone jack to the PC mic jack.
2. Subscribe to Skype, Yahoo phone, etc. and call my voicemail from my PC
3. Get a modem and connect it to my land line and dial my voicemail?

Is there a way to do this without having to buy something or subscirbe somewhere?

1. If my Treo is connected with the USB sync cable to my PC, is there a way to play the voicemail through my PC so I can record it?
2. Can I record the voicemail on my Treo and then transfer the file to my PC (I thought I saw some software for this a while back...)?
3. Is there a free service to email voice messages to myself?
4. Holding the Treo's tiny speaker up to my PC headset mic and recording would be too poor quality
I have the Blackberry Curve but I am very limited because of the lack of Flash Player.  From what I understand there is no flash player for Blackberry.  Is this the same for all smartphones?  Is one better than the other as far as internet goes?  I have to go through Verizon (because of my work).  PLEASE HELP!

Thanks in advance!
I am looking into setting up our Exchange 2003 server with the wireless sync that is suppose to be built in. Does anyone know how to do this? I want to push out emails, contacts, etc. to Windows smart phones. Does it work w/ non Windows smart phones?

Please let me know what other info I need. I've heard you can do it for free. That is what I'm looking for. No more than 10-15 users.

We recently deployed Exchange Server 2007 on a Windows Server 2003 x64.

Exchange is working fine apart from when we try and sync a windows phone using activsync.

Does anyone have the correct permissions / configuration for getting this to work in exchange and IIS?
I am using Windows XP Professional and a CRM program called Oncontact.  Oncontact uses the Windows Phone Dialer to allow a user to place an outbound phone call with the click of a button.  The problem is, Windows Phone Dialer is supposed to use the location settings from Phone and Modem settings in control panel.  However, it does not use the prefix I have designated for dialing an outside line on my phone system nor does it use the area code rules I have designated.  Therefore, I have to manually change the phone number before I dial.  This is a pain and not the way things are supposed to work.  Does anyone know of a fix for this issue with Windows Phone Dialer?
Hi Experts,
I'm interested in buying a PDA that does Windows (mobile I guess).. I need it to be WIFI enabled and here's a dumb question for you - if it is WIFI - will it be able to acquire an IP address from my router and communicate over sockets?  Is Windows mobile fairly straightforward?  Is it similar at all to MFC or Win32?  And lastly, can you recommend the best WIFI Windows phone on the market?

Thank you very much!
I have Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 with Outook 2003 Professional Edition with Service Pack 2.

I have installed Active Sync 4.0 and made a partnership with my new Windows Mobile 5 device, then it stopped working with the above error code.

I have upgraded to Activesync 4.1, still doesn't work.

I have tried repairing Office still doesn't work.

I have tried removing firewall and Anti-Virus and removing any outlook script protection in my AV, still doesn't work.

I have also done a hard reset on my phone, still doesn't work.

My old Windows phone running the previos OS synchronises perfectly without a hitch.

Has anyone got any ideas other than uninstall Office 2003 and Activesync and reinstall?

This is such a popular problem, Microsoft have really messed up with this!
Where in Windows' Phone Tools do you enter what prefix to add to fax numbers for dialing? My Phone Tools, which worked fine for a year, has suddenly started adding my own area code to the beginning of numbers I'm trying to send faxes to, causing all sends to fail.
Is there any way to get Windows phone dialer to dial more than 99 numbers at one time.  It seems to stop at 99.  I am trying to autodial through a lengthy system.
We have supplied our client a new PCMCIA 56k (Zonet) modem for use with their Toshiba laptop, running
Windows 95. Their original Psion modem was damaged by a power surge through the phone lines in a recent

Speaking to them over the phone, they appear to have installed it correctly, (removed old modem drivers,
and even re-installed the new ones again). Use of Modem  "diagnostics" finds it OK, I have gone through
all settings with them, all appear fine, but whenever they try to dial, (testing using phone dialler,
foe example) simply a click is heard and the message:

"Windows Telephony was unable to complete an operation requested by phone dialler".

No response to AT commands in Hyperterm. Nothing specific in the Microsoft knowledgebase that I could
find. Any suggestions?
Could you please tell me why, with headphones with a mic on it ,, I use windows 98 phone dailer and I get an answer and I hear the person I called but they can't hear me? But when I go to windows 98 recorder at start button under intertainment then sound recorder, it records my voice just fine. Thanks for your help :)  Paula

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Windows Phone (WP) is a family of mobile operating systems developed for smartphones as the replacement successor to Windows Mobile and Zune.  Windows Phone features a new user interface derived from Metro design language. Windows 10 Mobile succeeded Windows Phone 8.1 and emphasizes a larger amount of integration and unification with its PC counterpart—including a new, unified application ecosystem, along with an expansion of its scope to include small-screened tablets.

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