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Windows Server 2003





Windows Server 2003 was based on Windows XP and was released in four editions: Web, Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter. It also had derivative versions for clusters, storage and Microsoft’s Small Business Server. Important upgrades included integrating Internet Information Services (IIS), improvements to Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GP), and the migration to Automated System Recovery (ASR).

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Hello. I am looking for advice on setting up a secondary domain administrator account. We are a small business and I have been doing the IT alone up to this point. We are bringing in someone else to help and I'm not sure how to configure their access so that they aren't a top tier administrator but can still get things done. The might be joining machines to the domain or setting up new users in active directory. We would not want them to edit our NTFS file share permissions.

Is there any way to give someone enough ability to do what they need to do without being able to take over the entire domain?

Thank you.
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I want to know the best way to install a new Dell T333 Windows 2016 Server to replace an old 2008 R2 server.
I plan to install the Active Directory on the new server, (DHCP is on the router), but the new server is on the same LAN domain and similar IP as the old server running active directory.
I've done this before but used a different domain name for the new server so I could create it on the same network.  
Then when everything is ready, (files copied, new mapping, etc.), on the new server, I just change the domain on each of the dozen PCs and do a restart on each.
Is there a better way?
Thank you.
Hi guys,
Recently started managing a small new company.
They using windows 10 as their main computer. And it has raid 1 used.
How do I test/manage or find the health status of disks ??
If it’s windows server, either have server administrator or raid storage manager to check disks, but for windows 10 how do I check the disks health ?

Any help would be great.
Hi guys,

I got a pop3 email in mac outlook. I want to transfer all emails to a office365 outlook profile in my Mac computer. I recently migrated from pop3 to office365. So doing this transfer to have my old emails in office365.

So in outlook, I got both profiles now. Old pop3 email and office365 Email. I can drag and drop each folder email. But there are many sub folders in inbox, which will
Be difficult to crate all folders in new office365 inbox and then doing drag and drop each folder.

Is there any other way to do it in a better way.
Hi guys,
I got sbs 2011 server, and getting ntfs error often- event id57
- the system failed to flush data to the transaction log

I did some research on it. Founds it’s the issue with file system recovery mechanism and suggested me to run this command to fix the eror

Fsutil resource setautoreset true c:\

I just want to know, what exactly will happen if I run this command in my server ??
Hi guys,
Just a general question on website hosting and registering.

I know it’s 2 sepeRate parts. Website registered with one person and hosted in another place.

Where can I find my dns management console ? Will it be with register or hosting side ?
And when I look for name servers, I points to Microssoft name servers. Does it mean it’s Microsoft hosting my website ?
the windows server 2003 functional level is deprecated
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by:Brian B
You should probably ask this as a question: https://www.experts-exchange.com/askQuestion.jsp
How to set up two RDS servers on the same subnet on Windows 2012 R2.

I configured a second RDS server with the exact same configuration as the first one and restarted both servers, the first one dropped all settings after restarting it and users weren't able to log in.  Only one connection broker is allowed across multiple RDS servers?
Hi guys, I got a adsl connection in a remote site. Getting speed around 15download 10 upload mbps
Got vpn configured in windows server 2012(l2tp)
Once I connect to vpn from my laptop which runs windows 10, it’s getting connected- but internet speed drops to less than 1mbps download and upload.  
There is no issues from remote site or remote computer. Because I tested with phone hotspot from different laptop and it’s same issue Happening, the speed drops so bad.

I connect vpn from a windows computer by creating vpn network adapter using wan ip and l2tp protocol

So could you guys help me in finding whAts wrong on server side ? Or any other idea
Hi guys, it could be a simple question, but I am new to exchange server. Just inherited a company and they have exchange 2010.
I need to set calendar permission on user a , so user b has editable permissions on user a calendar. How do I set it up ?
Any easy way in exchange console ?
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I had these specific related questions after viewing Upgrading from WS2003 to WS2016 (AD issues).

It seems there is a consensus that migrating (no in place upgrades) to new a DC/DNS server running WS2016 keeping DFL/FFL at 2003 for the time being, then the legacy fileservers folders can be migrated to new WS2016 servers subsequently, and finally raising DFL/FFL 2008 then 2016 when all legacy systems deprecated.

A. There is a WS2008R2 with ASP.net framework 3.x running a legacy asp.net 2.0 app and MySQL 5.x. Push to ASP4.0 framework and it falls over.

The original strategy was to leave it in place whilst a new version is developped.   There are some references to potential problems with the application and RPC in the proposed new environment.  Has anyone come across this or offer any insights in this scenario ?

B.  There is a SQL Server 2000 running on WS2003 with a DC role, under VMWare.  The same server runs Sun Accounts v4.x.  I know there are potential issues running SQL Server 2000 in the new environment, and am concerned the Sun Accounts system whilst am told it does not directly use AD, may have RPC problems similar to 1. above.

Any feedback or insights greatly appreciated.
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I have a windows 2003 DC (The only DC in the forest) Users have lost access to this DC(File server) and the result of dcdiag.exe is in these two  attached files. I ran utility to compress and regenerate ntds.dit and then copied to c:\windows\NTDS folder after add word OLD to the name of res1.log, res2.log, edb.log, ntds.log. This did not helped and I had to rename it back.
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We Just took on a new client that is running SBS2003 as the DC and they also have a VMware Server Running 4 guests one of them Is the secondary domain controller.
There are around 9 users on the domain, and we would like to know if it will be easier to just create a new Domain or go through the whole process of backing up their profiles and adding them to the new domain. then restoring their profiles.

If we do go with a new Domain what would be the easiest way to setup the Workstations without having to recreate a profile on the workstations. Is there any freeware out there that will help with this issue.
hi guys.

i got difficulties in searching through emails in outlook. got 2013 proff plus and its office 365 emial.
went through indexing and did rebuild, indexing went for couple of days but still goes on slowly, there is some kind of issue in indexing.  
in application event log. got search warnings. 10023 and 10024 - gatherer warning

so i tried removing all items from indexing options. and search working good in outlook. it shows all search items properly.

should i leave indexing options empty ? will that be an issue ? what would happen if outlook is not in the indexing option ?
For some reason on the last three computers I set up, I cannot set the default file association for a .dwg file. We use two dwg viewers, Autodesk Inventor Viewer and eDrawings. The inventor Viewer is for .ipt files and the eDrawings is for .dwg. Autodesk inventor took over both types. Usually no big deal but I have tried using the default apps in windows 10, right-click .dwg and select "always open with" and tried to set the association using command line....nothing changes it. if they right click and select to open with edrawings, it works fine. Just cannot set the default.

I can set any other file type, just cannot change .dwg.  Anyone seen this before?
Have got a clients Server 2003 hard drive returned after drive failed and all files are within to folders called NTFS.
I need to get this booting up again and I've tried creating two new partitions on a new drive and copying all the contents of both NTFS folders to both partitions but I'm not struggling to get the drive to boot from the C: partition.

Any ideas would be most grateful..

We have Ahsay Offsite Backup Server v6 installed on our Windows 2003 server and use this to backup data for our users.

We are no longer backing up data for some of our users and wish to remove their licenses from our Ahsay backup.

What is the best way to disconnect a user and remove their user license from our Ahsay backup?

I have a Windows Server 2003 (due to legacy software; not connected to the internet) machine that is getting a BSOD upon normal boot.  It can boot into Safe Mode, but there is nothing significant showing in Event Viewer or boot logging as far as I can tell.  Here is what the BSOD says:

STOP: 0x00000050 (0x800000D6, 0x00000000, 0x808945CF, 0x00000000)

No recent hardware or software changes.  I have switched motherboards, CPU, power supply, and memory with identical spares and the same symptom continues.  Have found several references to the BSOD, but no solid leads yet.  One suggestion was to run SFC /scannow, but that doesn't work in safe mode.  Not sure if there's another way to run it.  Another suggestion was to do a hotfix to update win32k.sys, but it appears I already have a newer version.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You
HI guys,
I have following issue with my DNS suffixes.
I recieve a domain suffix list from GPO, which looks something like this:


when I do an nslookup to a hostname, my host (win10) will send queries with suffixes only up to mydomain.com, omitting the rest of domain suffixes.
To mitigate it, I needed to push mydomain.com to the bottom.

Is this a bug or some specific GPO setting that I'm missing?

BTW. mydomain.com is not set as the primary suffix.
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Got 2012R2 server as  DNS
in event logs,for every 4 hours i am getting this "netlogon warning" - which says dynamic registration or deregistration of one or more DNS records failed with the following error.
No dns servers configured for local system.

why this warning keeps arrpearing for every4 hours, is it critical problem or can be ignored? , any help would be great.
i have also attached the error pic.

few more details
dns- its the same server ip
forwarders. - got google and few open dns servers
Hi there,

I am running a program on a windows server which generates a file on request into a folder identified for the user requesting the action.

The folder has permissions set correctly for the user, but the owner of the just created file is the administrator userID that services the request.

Using the GUI interface on the server under the admin account that generates the file I can change the owner to that of the requesting user.

However when I use the icalc.exe program
icacls "<path and file name>" /setowner <domain>\<new user>

Open in new window

to change the ownership it fails with the message -

This security ID may not be assigned as the owner of this object.
Successfully processed 0 files; Failed processing 1 files

Open in new window

Questions -

  • Have I specified the wrong parameters on the icacls call?
  • Should instead I use another routine to change owner?
I have a small windows 2000 domain controller and want to install 2003 server (new Virtual Box) to eventually replace old VM. I do not (as manuals explain) want to upgrade 2000 DC, can't I just add the 2003 server to the existing 2000 domain, run both in parallel, then promote 2003 and decommission 2000 DC?

Options I see:
1. Join an existing domain (2003DC joining existing 2000 domain)
2. Create a new Child Domain, new Domain Tree, new forest (This does not look like what I want)
I have a domain with an 03 server and 2012 (r2 I think) server.  The 2012 box is GC and has all the roles, but the 2k3 server is still a member of the domain etc - the domain function level is obv 2003.  Glad the 03 box wasn't decommissioned yet as the 2012 box got hit with ransomware.  Unfortunately their usb backup drive was also encrypted and they had no offsite setup.  I need to reload the OS as I can't get SQL running again - cant uninstall it, cant install it, cant repair...its all kind of jacked.  Whats the best process to get it reloaded and back as the GC of the domain? Do I need to assign the roles to the 03 box first, then dcpromo, then reinstall OS and probably with a different name then before for good measure?
Trying to disco a 2003 sp2 server and getting the following error even though the logged in user is a member of the enterprise admin account.  I get this error when i type in: metadata cleanup: remove selected server

DsRemoveDsServerW error 0x5(Access is denied.)
I have Domain Server 2016 Environment and all workstations are win-10 and some Macs. We have legacy file server 2003 that is quite BIG, we use it for backups and old file-storage. For now we have no option to transfer all files, to big and no budget. But now, some colleagues would like once in a while to access those old files, on the fly.

All Mac users can access those files, no problem.
All Win-10 workstations/laptops, they cannot access them.

Any options? Please.

I have tried this bellow, do not work.

Windows Server 2003





Windows Server 2003 was based on Windows XP and was released in four editions: Web, Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter. It also had derivative versions for clusters, storage and Microsoft’s Small Business Server. Important upgrades included integrating Internet Information Services (IIS), improvements to Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GP), and the migration to Automated System Recovery (ASR).